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SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS GENERAL, Recognize safety information This is the safety alert The focus of this manual is to provide basic. symbol When you see this symbol on the unit and information on service procedures safety. in instructions or manuals be alert to the potential for troubleshooting cleaning and component. personal injury replacement for service technicians. Understand these signal words DANGER It is intended for use only by HVAC service. WARNING and CAUTION These words are used technicians who have successfully completed. with the safety alert symbol DANGER identifies the instruction and received Type I Certification from the. most serious hazards which will result in severe U S Environmental Protection Agency The. personal injury or death WARNING signifies hazards instructions in this manual are general in nature and. which could result in personal injury or death are not to be substituted for installation and service. CAUTION is used to identify unsafe practices which instructions shipped with the unit No attempt to. may result in minor personal injury or product and install operate adjust repair or dismantle any. property damage NOTE is used to highlight equipment should be made until the manufacturer s. suggestions which will result in enhanced instructions are read and thoroughly understood by. installation reliability or operation the service technician Even equipment that seems. familiar may have specific model differences from,year to year Always review manufacturer s. instructions, WARNING Gree GA series packaged terminal air conditioner. PERSONAL INJURY AND OR PROPERTY DAMAGE PTAC and heat pump units are self contained for. HAZARD installation through the wall for individual room. Failure to follow this warning could result in personal injury heating and cooling The PTAC polymer and metal. death and or property damage, sleeves are permanently fastened to the wall the unit. For your safety the information in this manual must be chassis slides out of the sleeve to allow the service. followed to minimize the risk of fire or explosion electric. shock or to prevent property damage personal injury or loss technician easy access Many accessories are offered. of life to complement the unit s performance and comfort. This unit must be properly installed in accordance control. with the Installation Instructions before it is used Before beginning any service procedure it is. Immediately repair or replace all electric service important to check the unit model number See. cords that have become frayed or otherwise Figure 1 and 2 Units that seem similar may have. subtledifferences that could affect serviceprocedures. Unplug or disconnect the unit at the fuse box or The following units are covered in this manual. circuit breaker before making any repairs,GAE 60 Hz cooling with electric heat units.
GAA 60 Hz heat pump with electric heat units, NOTE We strongly recommend that any servicing Knowing which model is being serviced will help. be performed by a qualified individual determine if the unit is performing at optimum levels. The model number is located on the data information. plate behind the front panel of the unit See Figure 1. The data information plate also lists voltage ranges. and other important electrical information about the. DESIGN PRESSURE LOWSIDE 300 P S I HISIDE 500 P S I COOLING ELECTRIC HEATING HEATING Energy. RATED VOLTS 265 1 PHASE 60Hz BTU HR 12000 BTU HR 17060 10236 6824 BTU HR 10700. Performance,GREE ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Rendement,Energetique. INC OF ZHUHAI EER 10 7 COP 3 1 R410A 35 98 OZ AMPS 4 8 AMPS 21 5 13 2 8 9 AMPS 4 5. MODEL PTAC GAA12AB P MFG DATE WATTS 1120 WATTS 5000 3000 2000 WATTS 1010 PACKAGED TERMINAL AIR CONDITIONER. SERIAL 3504Z88741 Warning Use on Single Outlet Circuit Only Also Verified In Accordance With Energy Standards DOE Test Procedure. 63229919466 10 CFR Part 430 App F Issued 01 01 and CAN CSA C368 1 M90. Fig 1 Sample Data Information Plate A07229,PRODUCT CATALOG NUMBER NOMENCLATURE. PTAC GA E 12 AB D CP,Series Designation None Standard Protection. PTAC Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner CP Corrosion Protection. Electrical Data,D 208 v 60HZ,D 230 v 60Hz,Performance Series P 265 v 60 Hz.
E Cooling with Electric Heat,A Heat Pump,AB Major Minor Revsions. Cooling Capacity nominal,07 7 000 Btuh,09 9 000 Btuh. 12 12 000 Btuh,15 15 000 Btuh,Fig 2 Catalog Number Nomenclature. ACCESSORY POWER CORD REQUIRED CATALOG NUMBER,PWRCORD 230v 20A. Kit Description,PWRCORD Power Cord,Power Cord,for 208 230v.
15A 15 Amps,20A 20 Amps,30A 30 Amps,230v 208 230 v 60 Hz. 265v 265 v 60 Hz,A07636 Power Cord,for 265v A07637. UNIT DIS ASSEMBLY, This section includes common procedures for dis assembly and re assembly of unit. IMPORTANT Follow manufacturer s instructions when disassembling and reassembling a unit for. cleaning maintenance or part replacement When disassembling wiring it is strongly recommended that. numbered stickers be attached to identify leads and terminals to aid in the re assembly process Always. review safety procedures prior to the start of a job. TOOLS NEEDED, WARNING The following field supplied items are recommended. ELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARD for general dis assembly of the unit. Failure to follow this warning could result in personal Phillips head screw driver. injury or death 10 mm open wrench, Prior to servicing electrical equipment disconnect all power Safety glasses.
to avoid electric shock,Tag all disconnects, Never alter cord or plug and DO NOT use extension cords. A Remove Front Panel DISCONNECT POWER FOR, 1 Grasp the front panel firmly at the center of the PERMANENTLY CONNECTED. top and bottom of the panel HARDWIRED UNITS, 2 Remove the front panel by pulling it out at the 1 Use power button on keypad or wall thermostat. bottom to release it then lift up to clear the rail to turn unit OFF. along the unit top See Fig 3 2 Open the disconnect switch at main power. 3 Remove junction box cover by removing three,screws from front Remove junction box by. taking out top rear and side screws See Fig 4,4 Pull out the plug assembly and disconnect See.
Unit connector,Fig 3 Removal of Front Panel,B Disconnect Power for Cord Connected Unit. Junction box cover Junction box,WARNING A07058,Fig 4 Removal of Junction Box Cover. ELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARD, Failure to follow this warning could result in personal. injury or death, Disconnect all power to unit to avoid possible electrical TERMINAL. shock during service or installation,1 Use power button on keypad or wall thermostat.
RECEPTACLE,to turn unit OFF,2 Open the disconnect switch at main power. supply Use proper lockout and tag procedures POWER. 3 Unplug the unit service cord,Fig 5 Plug Assembly on Hardwire Units. C Remove Unit From The Wall Sleeve VARIOUS ATTACHMENT. 1 Remove the four mounting screws that secure,HOLE LOCATIONS. the PTAC unit to the wall sleeve 2 screws per,side See Fig 6 and Fig 7. 2 Grasp sides of unit and slide it from the sleeve. AMANA TRANE SLEEVE,SLOTTED HOLES,HOLES WALL,SLEEVE HOLES.
PERSONAL INJURY HAZARD GREE CARRIER AND,BRYANT WALL SLEEVE. Failure to follow this warning could result in personal injury HOLES. Chassis weighs up to 150 pounds 68 0 kg Seek help when. lifting unit, Lift unit by holding unit basepan The basepan may contain. water Tilt the unit back slightly when removing it from the. sleeve to drain some of the water into the sleeve A08516. Fig 6 PTAC Unit to Wall Sleeve Mounting Screws,Fig 7 Location of Wall Sleeve Screws. ACCESSING COMPONENTS,ACCESSING INDOOR AIR COMPONENTS. Remove the Gussets,1 Remove the 2 screws on each side that secure.
the gussets to the partition,2 Remove the 2 screws that secure the gussets to. the outdoor fan shroud See Fig 8,3 Lift gussets from the unit. SCREW SCREW,Fig 10 Removing Top Plate from Unit,Removal of Controls Keypad. The controls keypad must be removed to gain access. to 2 screws that secure the electrical box to the,SCREW SCREW. 1 Locate and remove the screw that attaches, Fig 8 Location of Gusset Screws controls keypad to electrical box and remove.
See Fig 11, Remove the Top Plate 2 Push keypad toward partition to release from. 1 Locate 7 screws that secure top plate to partition plastic tabs underneath then lift up to remove. and remove See Fig 9 keypad,2 Once all 7 screws have been removed lift the. top plate up and away from the unit See Fig,Removal of Discharge Screen. 1 Once the top plate has been removed locate and,remove 3 screws that secure discharge screen to. fan assembly See Fig 9,2 After the screws have been removed the.
discharge screen can be lifted from the unit,Keypad Screw. Fig 11 Keypad Screw Location,Fig 9 Removal of Screws from Top Plate. Remove Electrical Box Removing Indoor Fan Electric Heat Assembly. 1 Locate and remove the 5 screws that fix the Once the top plate and electrical box have been. electrical box to the rest of the unit See Fig removed the indoor fan electric heat assembly is. 12 accessible, 2 At this point the heater limits black electric 1 Locate and remove the screws that secure the. heat large white and indoor fan motor small assembly to the partition There are 2 screws. white plugs need to be disconnected See Fig located on the fan motor side and 2 screws. 13 located on the opposite side See Fig 14 and, 3 To remove the electrical box firmly grasp and Fig 15. lift box up and away from the 2 tabs located 2 There are a total of 5 screws that secure the. behind the box indoor fan electric heat assembly to the indoor. coil that must be removed 2 screws one on,each side are located at the top of the coil The.
SCREW remaining screws are found along the sides of. the coil 1 screw will be on the fan motor side,and the other 2 at the opposite end See Fig 14. and Fig 15, SCREW 3 Once all screws have been removed separate. the assembly from the partition to release it See,4 The assembly can then be lifted up and away. from the unit for removal, Fig 12 Remove 5 Screws from Electrical Box PARTITION. TOP OF COIL SCREW,COIL SCREW,INDOOR FAN,HEAT ASSEMBLY.
Fig 14 Location of Fan Assy Screws on Fan Motor Side. INDOOR FAN PLUG ELECTRIC HEAT PLUG HEATER LIMIT PLUG. A08525 SCREW, Fig 13 Heater Limits Electric Heat and Indoor Fan Motor TOP OF COIL SCREW. Plugs SIDE OF COIL SCREW,SIDE OF COIL SCREW, Fig 15 Location of Fan Assembly Screws on Opposite Side. Accessing Electric Heat Assembly,1 Once the indoor fan assembly has been. PARTITION removed the electric heat assembly is,accessible. 2 To detach heat assembly from indoor fan,assembly locate and remove 3 screws on each.
INDOOR FAN ASSEMBLY end of heat assembly See Fig 17 and Fig 18. ELECTRIC HEAT,SCREW INDOOR FAN, Fig 16 Separate Indoor Fan Assembly from Partition. Fig 17 Location of Heater Assembly Screws,Fan Motor Side. DRAIN VALVE SCREWS,Fig 18 Location of Heater Assembly Screws. Opposite Side,ACCESSING CONTROL COMPONENTS,Removal of Controls Keypad. The controls keypad must be removed to access,unit mounted interaface and display board The.
controls keypad should also be removed if additional. room is required to access components in the control. 1 Locate and remove the screw that attaches the,controls keypad to the electrical box See Fig. 2 Push keypad toward partition to release from,plastic tabs underneath then lift up to remove. Fig 21 Side Cover Removed, The control components will be accessible when the. panel has been removed The control component,layout is shown in Fig 22. Keypad Screw,COMPRESSOR,Fig 19 Keypad Screw Location.
Accessing Control Box Wiring Capacitors or to PLUG. Check Voltages CONNECTOR, To remove the side cover for access to control box. 1 Remove nine 9 screws as shown in Fig 20, from side cover Fig 21 shows the side cover RELAY BOARD. INDOOR FAN CAPACITOR,removed LOGIC BOARD,JUNCTION BOX. OUTDOOR FAN,Fig 22 Location of Components Inside Control Box. Fig 20 Screw Location,Access or Remove Control Boards.
Remove the control box side access cover as shown,in previous section. To remove the front control box cover,1 Remove the two 2 screws that hold the bottom. cover in place as shown in Fig 23,2 Remove cover See Fig 24. 3 Remove the five 5 remaining screws from the,front cover as shown in Fig 25. 4 Remove two 2 additional screws that hold the,control board to the control box as shown in.
Fig 26 Location of Screws Holding Control Board to. Control Box,5 Gently pull the front cover of control box away. from the bottom See Fig 27 and Fig 28,Fig 23 Location of Control Box Cover Screws. Fig 27 Pull Control Box Away From Bottom,Fig 24 Control Box Cover Removed. Fig 28 Control Box Pulled Away From Bottom,Fig 25 Screw Location in Front Cover. ACCESSING OUTDOOR AIR COMPONENTS,Remove Gussets UPPER CONDENSER SHROUD.
Refer to Remove Gussets section in Accessing,Indoor Air Section Components page 6. Remove Upper Condenser Shroud,1 Locate and remove 2 screws that join condenser. shroud to outdoor coil Also remove 2 screws SCREW, that attach condenser shroud to fan bracket See SCREW. Fig 29 OUTDOOR FAN MOTOR BRACKET,2 Locate and remove the 4 connecting screws 2. information on service procedures safety troubleshooting cleaning and component replacement for service technicians It is intended for use only by HVAC service technicians who have successfully completed instructionand receivedTypeICertification fromthe U S Environmental Protection Agency The instructions in this manual are general in

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