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Page 2 BULLETIN 100 20,FEATURES AND BENEFITS, Step motor operated for Unique built in sightglass. precise control indicates valve operation,moisture levels and refrigerant. High resolution drive assembly,quality SERI SEHI only. Solenoid tight seating,Compatible with HCFC and HFC. Corrosion resistant materials refrigerants and oils in addition. used throughout to subcritical CO2, Field proven reliability Self lubricating materials used.
for long life,Low power consumption,less than 4 watts High linear force output. The SER SERI and SEHI are Electronically Operated Step Motor flow control valves intended for. the precise control of liquid refrigerant flow Synchronized signals to the motor provide discrete angular. movement which translate into precise linear positioning of the valve piston Valve pistons and ports are. uniquely characterized providing extraordinary flow resolution and performance The SER SERI and SEHI. valves are easily interfaced with microprocessor based controllers including Sporlan supplied controllers. THE VALVES, Sporlan Electric Expansion Valves EEVs now rated at full stroke 100 open with no reserve. capacity are currently available in nominal R 22 capacities from 2 5 to 434 tons 8 2 to 1424 kW and can. control refrigerant flow down to 10 of rated capacity Therefore they are applicable on all. the same types of systems found in the air conditioning and refrigeration industries as thermostatic. expansion valves Sporlan electric valves are designed for compatibility with all current. halocarbon refrigerants HCFCs and HFCs including R 410A in addition to subcritical CO2 System conditions. will dictate which product is necessary to control the application Specific details can be reviewed with your Sporlan. Sales Engineer,WARNING USER RESPONSIBILITY, Failure or improper selection or improper use of the products described herein or related items can cause death personal injury and property damage. This document and other information from Parker Hannifin Corporation its subsidiaries and authorized distributors provide product or system options for further investigation. by users having technical expertise, The user through its own analysis and testing is solely responsible for making the final selection of the system and components and assuring that all performance endurance. maintenance safety and warning requirements of the application are met The user must analyze all aspects of the application follow applicable industry standards and. follow the information concerning the product in the current product catalog and in any other materials provided from Parker or its subsidiaries or authorized distributors. To the extent that Parker or its subsidiaries or authorized distributors provide component or system options based upon data or specifications provided by the user. the user is responsible for determining that such data and specifications are suitable and sufficient for all applications and reasonably foreseeable uses of the components. or systems, FOR USE ON REFRIGERATION and or AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS ONLY.
For more information about our products visit us at www sporlan com. Bulletin 100 20 April 2018 supersedes Bulletin 100 20 January 2012 and all prior publications. BULLETIN 100 20 Page 3, ELECTRIC VALVE BASICS for small reliable and inexpensive step motors increased. In current designs the electronics controlling the valve are dramatically Step motors permitted the repeatable precision. separate from the valve itself The correct term to describe movement needed for high speed printers and computerized. the valves is therefore electronically controlled electric engine management In the 1980s Sporlan began research. valves For convenience the balance of this discussion will into step motor technology and production step motor valves. use the term electric valve Since electric valves are assigned were offered in the early 1990s. their function in the system by the software in the controller. an electric valve can be used anywhere in the system as STEP MOTOR THEORY. an expansion valve discharge gas bypass valve evaporator Unlike traditional motors that will rotate as long as the proper. control valve heat reclaim valve head pressure control power is supplied step motors rotate a known amount of arc. valve or crankcase pressure control valve Certain design and then stop When power is removed and then reapplied. characteristics may indicate or restrict application to certain the step motor will rotate another fixed amount or step and. system conditions but the fundamental operation of a Sporlan again stop This cycle may be repeated indefinitely within. electric valve is consistent The balance of this bulletin will mechanical limits in either direction While seemingly. focus on application as an Electric Expansion Valve EEV complex this start stop motion is mechanically simpler than. induction or commutated motors Step motors like almost. TYPES OF ELECTRONICALLY all motors are based on the magnetic principal that opposite. poles attract and like poles repel These poles are called North. CONTROLLED VALVES N and South S, Four basic types of electric valves have historically been. offered to the marketplace solenoid or pulse analog heat. motor and step motor Step motor valves as shown in Figure. 1 are the most sophisticated design In this type of valve a. small motor is used to open or close the valve port The motor N S N S N S. that is used does not rotate continuously but instead rotates a. fraction of a revolution for each signal sent by the controller. These discrete steps give the motor its name The number. of step signals sent by the controller is remembered and If the center magnet above is free to rotate then the orientation. the controller can return the valve to any previous position at shown will always occur If electromagnets are used then. any time This repeatability is almost absolute and extremely a pivoted magnet or rotor can be made to align with the. fine control can be obtained The digital circuitry used by magnetic fields created when the electromagnets are energized. step motor controllers can respond quickly and accurately. Sporlan step motors can be run at 200 steps second using. a voltage driver L R Other step rates should be fully. qualified to ensure valve performance and no loss of steps N. Sporlan Electric Expansion Valves are designed for 2500 or S. 6386 steps so extraordinary resolution and control of flow is. If power is left on the magnetic poles will align and no. Figure 1 further motion will take place,STEP MOTOR TYPE CONTROLS. IN FINE INCREMENTS N S N S, STEP MOTORS If multiple groups of electromagnets are placed around a. Step motors have existed for many years but were traditionally freely rotating permanent magnet rotor and each is energized. limited to very specialized and often expensive applications in series then the rotor will step to each alignment position. When the personal computer industry expanded and and a step motor is created. automobiles became more electronically controlled the need. Page 4 BULLETIN 100 20, is threaded onto the shaft but prevented from turning by.
keyways or specially shaped guides Since the drive nut. cannot turn it must move forward or backward depending on. the rotation of the threaded shaft,RESOLUTION, Resolution is defined as the ability of the valve to meet. S N flow requirements accurately In a pulse type valve only two. stages of resolution are possible fully open or fully closed. Theoretically if a valve needs to meet a 50 load then it. may remain closed for half the time and be fully open for. half the time The control of temperature and superheat will. fluctuate as the valve alternately saturate and starves the. evaporator If the swings are 6 we say the resolution is. 3 An Analog Electric Valve or TEV has better resolution. because it opens and closes smoothly In both valves however. The above is a simple example In reality step motors may there is hysteresis. have 24 to 100 virtual electromagnets arranged around the rotor. Simple arithmetic shows these motors to have 15 to 3 6 step Hysteresis is the internal friction of any system In a TEV. angles or increments of rotation it takes more force or pressure to deform the diaphragm. in the opening direction than in the closing direction This. There are two general types of step motors unipolar and bipolar hysteresis has an effect on the resolution of the TEV and limits. In a unipolar style current flows in only one direction In a its ability to precisely meter refrigerant over widely changing. typical example one lead is always at 12 volts DC and head pressure and evaporator load conditions Balanced. each of the other four leads is in turn connected to a ground ported TEVs like Sporlan BF and O series valves have a. Drive circuitry is simpler but torque and efficiency are lower much greater ability to follow load than conventional TEVs. than bipolar designs However unipolar motors have found but still not to the extent that EEVs can. acceptance in small capacity systems within certain application. limits A bipolar motor such as used in Sporlan electric valves The resolution of an Electric Expansion Valve EEV is. is powered by signals that change polarity For the first step governed by the stroke and number of steps in that stroke. the black lead may be negative while the white is positive but Sporlan offers nine standard Electric Expansion Valves to. for the second step the black becomes positive while the white cover the full nominal capacity range from 2 5 to 434 tons. becomes negative This push pull increases torque and efficiency 8 2 to 1424 kW using R 22 All valves currently offer 2500. for motor size and power input by utilizing the entire motor steps of stroke except for the two largest valves which have. winding at all times Bipolar is the predominant style of choice 6386 steps The piston or pin moves the same linear distance. in the industry for larger step motor valves for each step For Sporlan EEVs this distance ranges from. 0 00008 to 0 00012 0 002mm to 0 003mm This extremely. small change in the distance the pin moves away from the seat. DIGITAL LINEAR ACTUATORS DLAs, is reflected in a minute amount of refrigerant flow increase or. Small increments of rotation may be useful in print head. decrease Pulse type valves with only open and shut capabili. drives or for signaling purposes but often a linear movement. ties have inferior resolution A simple analogy is comparing. is more desirable In the case of electric refrigerant con. an on off light switch which has only two steps of resolution. trol valves not only is linear motion needed but sig. and a dimmer switch which may have thousands You may be. nificant linear force is also needed, exposed to the same amount of light by setting the dimmer. Figure 6 to close a port against high pressure The. to 50 or by flickering the light on and off rapidly but the. solution to both these needs is a Digital,impact to the room is very different. Linear Actuator or DLA Figure 6,DLAs are used to convert rotation to.
a push pull often with a large increase CONTROL HARDWARE. in output force The force increase Actual control hardware for the valves may take a variety of. is derived from a simple gear train forms The most complex and expensive utilizes discrete or. and may account for a fivefold increase individual transistors for each switching function This design. in mechanical advantage This torque requires the use of eight transistors labeled Q1 through Q8. increase is used to turn a drive screw or connected as shown in the schematic Figure 7. threaded shaft A drive nut or coupling,BULLETIN 100 20 Page 5. voltage be removed from the motor when not actively stepping. to minimize heat and power consumption Over 130 pounds. of force 578 newtons are needed to cause the motor to. Motor turn when not powered This is not possible in any proper. application of the valve, Q1 Q2 Q5 Q6 The valves with their motors and wiring and the controllers. with their transistors and microprocessors are grouped together. as Hardware To make the hardware perform a function a set. Q3 Q4 Q7 Q8, of instructions must be given to the microprocessor This set of. instructions is called Software and certain routines must be. incorporated to make valve control possible, Transistors are simply solid state switches Solid state means. they are fabricated from a solid chip of silicon and have no Most step motor valves are designed without internal intelligence. moving parts They act as switches or relays by using a small or feedback that is they move only in response to controller. electrical signal to turn a large signal off and on In the symbol signals The valves maintain their position when no signals. above the small signal enters the base lead and allows are received and valve position is stored in controller memory. flow from emitter to collector The microprocessor When the valve is given a signal to change position the. or small computer used in the controller has the ability controller keeps track of the change however the controller. to sequence signals to the base of each transistor does not directly know whether the valve has changed. This sequence of signals turn the transistors on and position To make this form of control effective two control. off in pairs to step the valve open or shut Transistors are avail routines must be implemented initialization and feedback loops. Electric Expansion Valves SER SERI SEHI April 2018 Bulletin 100 20 Page 2 BULLETIN 100 20 The SER SERI and SEHI are Electronically Operated Step Motor flow control valves intended for the precise control of liquid refrigerant flow Synchronized signals to the motor provide discrete angular movement which translate into precise linear positioning of the valve piston Valve pistons and

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