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g SENTENCE,CORRECTION,Verbal Preparation Guide, This essential guide takes the guesswork out of grammar. by presenting every major grammatical principle and. minor grammatical point tested on the GMAT Don t be. caught relying only on your ear master the rules for cor. recting every GMAT sentence, Sentence Correction GMAT Preparation Guide 2007 Edition. 10 digit International Standard Book Number 0 9790175 7 2. 13 digit International Standard Book Number 978 0 9790175 7 5. Copyright 2007 MG Prep Inc, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED No part of this work may be reproduced or used in any. form or by any means graphic electronic or mechanical including photocopying. recording taping Web distribution without the prior written permission of the pub. lisher MG Prep Inc, Note GMAT Graduate Management Admission Test Graduate Management. Admission Council and GMAC are all registered trademarks of the Graduate. Management Admission Council which neither sponsors nor is affiliated in any way. with this product,8 GUIDE INSTRUCTIONAL SERIES,g Math GMAT Preparation Guides.
Number Properties ISBN 978 0 9790175 0 6, Fractions Decimals Percents ISBN 978 0 9790175 1 3. Equations Inequalities VIC s ISBN 978 0 9790175 2 0. Word Translations ISBN 978 0 9790175 3 7,Geometry ISBN 978 0 9790175 4 4. Verbal GMAT Preparation Guides,Critical Reasoning ISBN 978 0 9790175 5 1. Reading Comprehension ISBN 978 0 9790175 6 8,Sentence Correction ISBN 978 0 9790175 7 5. HOW OUR GMAT PREP BOOKS ARE DIFFERENT, One of our core beliefs at Manhattan GMAT is that a curriculum should be more than just a guidebook.
of tricks and tips Scoring well on the GMAT requires a curriculum that builds true content knowledge. and understanding Skim through this guide and this is what you will see. You will not find page after page of guessing techniques. Instead you will find a highly organized and structured guide that actually teaches you the content you. need to know to do well on the GMAT, You will find many more pages per topic than in all in one tomes. Each chapter covers one specific topic area in depth explaining key concepts detailing in depth strate. gies and building specific skills through Manhattan GMAT s In Action problem sets with comprehen. sive explanations Why are there 8 guides Each of the 8 books 5 Math 3 Verbal covers a major. content area in extensive depth allowing you to delve into each topic in great detail In addition you. may purchase only those guides that pertain to those areas in which you need to improve. This guide is challenging it asks you to do more not less. It starts with the fundamental skills but does not end there it also includes the most advanced content. that many other prep books ignore As the average GMAT score required to gain admission to top busi. ness schools continues to rise this guide together with the 6 computer adaptive online practice exams. and bonus question bank included with your purchase provides test takers with the depth and volume. of advanced material essential for achieving the highest scores given the GMAT s computer adaptive. This guide is ambitious developing mastery is its goal. Developed by Manhattan GMAT s staff of REAL teachers all of whom have 99th percentile official. GMAT scores our ambitious curriculum seeks to provide test takers of all levels with an in depth and. carefully tailored approach that enables our students to achieve mastery If you are looking to learn. more than just the process of elimination and if you want to develop skills strategies and a confident. approach to any problem that you may see on the GMAT then our sophisticated preparation guides are. the tools to get you there,ManhattanGMAT Prep,the new standard. 1 INTRODUCTION THE 3 C S 11,In Action Problems Solutions 19. Official Guide Problem Set 23,2 SUBJECT VERB AGREEMENT 25. In Action Problems Solutions 35,Official Guide Problem Set 39.
3 VERB TENSE MOOD VOICE 41,In Action Problems Solutions 53. Official Guide Problem Set 57,4 PRONOUNS 59,In Action Problems Solutions 65. Official Guide Problem Set 69,5 MODIFIERS 71,In Action Problems Solutions 79. TABLE OF CONTENTS,Official Guide Problem Set 83,6 PARALLELISM 85. In Action Problems Solutions 91,Official Guide Problem Set 95.
7 COMPARISONS 97,In Action Problems Solutions 101,Official Guide Problem Set 105. 8 IDIOMS 107,In Action Problems Solutions 113,Official Guide Problem Set 117. 9 ODDS ENDS 119,Official Guide Problem Set 125,10 OFFICIAL GUIDE LIST MATRIX 127. Problem List 128,Problem Matrix 129,g Chapter 1,SENTENCE CORRECTION. INTRODUCTION,In This Chapter,Correctness A Closer Look.
Concision A Closer Look,Concision Continued Avoid Redundancy. Clarity A Closer Look,Clarity of Meaning Word Placement. Clarity of Meaning Known vs Unknown,Clarity of Meaning Words with Multiple Meanings. Clarity of Meaning Such As vs Like,THE 3 C s STRATEGY Chapter 1. THE 3 C s OF SENTENCE CORRECTION, Sentence Correction appears on the GMAT because business schools want reassurance.
that their admitted applicants grasp the 3 C s of good business writing. 1 Correctness,2 Concision, Correctness refers to grammar does the sentence adhere to the rules of Standard. Written English SWE Much of the language that one hears in everyday speech. actually violates one rule or another The GMAT tests your ability to distinguish Even though a sentence. between good and bad grammar even when the bad grammar seems natural may sound natural it. may not be grammati, For example Does everyone have their book This may sound fine but only because cally correct according. you hear similar things all the time The sentence actually violates the rules of SWE it to the rules of Standard. should be Does everyone have his or her book Written English. Concision refers to brevity is the sentence written as economically as possible The. GMAT does not like to waste words If an idea expressed in ten words can be expressed. grammatically in eight the GMAT prefers the eight, Clarity refers to intelligibility is the meaning of the sentence obvious and unambigu. ous Confusing writing is bad writing If you have to read a sentence more than once. to figure out what the author is saying or if the sentence lends itself to multiple inter. pretations it is not a good sentence, In this book you will see examples of unclear ambiguous sentences You will learn to. spot the type of imprecise language the GMAT tries to slip past you. Correctness A Closer Look, This book will steer you through the major points of SWE on the GMAT Each chapter.
will present a major grammatical topic in depth and provide you with exercises to hone. your skills in that topic You ll learn the difference between what is truly grammatical. and what just seems so by dint of familiarity, This book presents you with the major grammatical issues tested on the exam subject. verb agreement verb tense voice and mood pronouns modifiers parallelism compar. isons and idioms You will learn both the overarching principles of each grammatical. topic and the nitty gritty details that will help you differentiate correct grammar from. poor grammar, Grammatical correctness is the major focus of this book. ManhattanGMAT Prep,the new standard 13,Chapter 1 THE 3 C s STRATEGY. Concision A Closer Look, Almost every Sentence Correction problem will involve concision to some degree. Usually two or three of the wrong answers are wrong not only because they contain. grammatical mistakes but also because they are not written as succinctly as possible If. two choices are grammatically correct but one is more concise than the other then. choose the shorter one,Let s look at an example, Wordy Tom and his boss have differences over the way in which the.
company should invest its money, When stuck between Better Tom and his boss differ over how the company should make. two grammatically cor investments,rect answer choices. choose the shorter one The first sentence is easily understood but still poorly written The phrases have dif. ferences over the way in which and invest its money are all wordy They can be. replaced with more concise phrases as in the second sentence. Generally the GMAT frowns upon using a phrase where a single word will do For. example the phrase have differences means the same as the word differ so why use. the phrase,Let s look at another example, Wordy Jane made an attempt not to see her new job as ideal. Better Jane tried not to idealize her new job, Here made an attempt and to see as ideal can be replaced by single words tried. and idealize,Concision Continued Avoid Redundancy, Another aspect of concision is redundancy Each word in the correct choice must be.
necessary to the meaning of the sentence If a word can be removed without distorting. the meaning of the sentence it is redundant and should be eliminated. Wordy Past experience reveals that cancer patients rarely ever exhibit the. exact same symptoms, Better Experience reveals that cancer patients rarely exhibit the same. The first sentence may seem fine at first glance but it is poorly written The word past. for example is implicit in experience and can be eliminated The words ever and exact. are used only for emphasis a practice the GMAT does not condone and can be elimi. nated Notice that the second version is more streamlined. ManhattanGMAT Prep,14 the new standard,THE 3 C s STRATEGY Chapter 1. A common redundancy trap on the GMAT is the use of words with the same meaning. Wordy The value of the stock rose by a 10 increase. Better The value of the stock increased by 10 OR,The value of the stock rose by 10. Since rose and increase both imply growth only one is needed to convey the correct. Wordy The three prices sum to a total of 11 56,Can you find and. Better The three prices sum to 11 56 OR locate the words in. The three prices total 11 56 this sentence that are. redundant Hint, Since sum and total convey the same meaning only one is needed Don t look too hard.
Wordy Being excited about her upcoming graduation Kelsey could barely. focus on her final exams, Better Excited about her upcoming graduation Kelsey could barely focus. on her final exams, Here being does not add to the meaning of the sentence so it should be eliminated In. fact being almost always signals redundancy on the GMAT You should avoid it when. ever possible,Clarity A Closer Look, Clarity is less common than correctness or concision as an issue in Sentence Correction. Generally the meaning of GMAT sentences is clear the first time you read them When. clarity becomes an issue it is usually because the original meaning or intent of the. sentence has become warped in the answer choices Thus the original intent is no. longer clear, Your task in Sentence Correction is to correct grammar and style without changing the. original meaning of the sentence If an answer choice alters the original meaning it is. Most instances of altered meaning fall into one of four major categories. 1 Word Placement,2 Known vs Unknown,3 Multiple Meanings.
4 Such As vs Like,ManhattanGMAT Prep,the new standard 15. Chapter 1 THE 3 C s STRATEGY,Clarity of Meaning Word Placement. Beware of words that move from one position to another the placement of a single. word can alter the meaning of a sentence For example. All the children are covered with mud,The children are all covered with mud. In these sentences changing the placement of all shifts the focus from the number of. children covered with mud to the extent to which the children are covered with it. Sometimes a change in,Let s look at another example. the position of a single, word can alter the Only the council votes on Thursdays.
meaning of an entire,sentence The council only votes on Thursdays. The council votes only on Thursdays, Note that the meaning of the sentence changes as only shifts from one position to anoth. In the first sentence the placement of only indicates that the council alone votes on. Thursdays as opposed to the board perhaps which votes on Mondays and Fridays. In the second sentence the placement of only indicates that the council s sole activity. on Thursdays is to vote as opposed to Wednesdays perhaps when the council engages. in several activities, In the third sentence the placement of only indicates that the council does not vote on. any day but Thursday as opposed to voting on Mondays or Tuesdays for example. Consider this example, Following the rules will lead to success on the GMAT. The following rules will lead to success on the GMAT. In this case shifting the position of following changes the meaning of the sentence. because it changes the meaning of following itself In the first sentence following acts. as a gerund a verb acting as a noun with the meaning Adherence to the rules will. lead to In the second sentence however following acts as an adjective with the. meaning The rules listed below will lead to, If a word changes its position in the answer choices you must consider whether the.
change has an impact on the meaning of the sentence. ManhattanGMAT Prep,16 the new standard,THE 3 C s STRATEGY Chapter 1. Clarity of Meaning Known vs Unknown, This category includes those questions where the original sentence is certain about an. sentence has become warped in the answer choices Thus the original intent is no longer clear Your task in Sentence Correction is to correct grammar and style without changing the original meaning of the sentence If an answer choice alters the original meaning it is incorrect Most instances of altered meaningfall into one of four major

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