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Message from the Ministers, By world standards Melbourne is a great city The Bracks Government is committed to maintaining. Melbourne s reputation as a liveable city and an attractive investment destination The Government has. developed a Metropolitan Strategy to set a clear vision for Melbourne s future liveability and prosperity. and importantly its long term sustainability, The preparation of the Metropolitan Strategy has drawn on inputs from a wide range of sources It is. vital that the strategy has a sound research and information basis It is also especially vital that. community aspirations for the city s future be well understood The key inputs to the strategy therefore. include both a wide ranging public consultation program as well as a series of research or technical. papers on issues that may have an impact on Melbourne s future. The Bracks Government has given an undertaking to make as much of this background information as. possible widely available to stimulate discussion about the future of Melbourne. This report is one of the technical reports commissioned by the Department of Infrastructure DOI. which we hope will stimulate feedback Its content and recommendations are the views of its authors. and not necessarily the views of the Government, We encourage you to read this and the other technical reports and should you wish to make your views. known about the future of Melbourne by,Telephone 1800 191 012. Email metroplan doi vic gov au,Or write to,Metropolitan Strategy Project.
GPO Box 2797Y,Melbourne 3001,Mary Delahunty MP Peter Batchelor MP. Minister for Planning Minister for Transport, This technical report entitled Sense of Place urban design principles for the metropolitan strategy October 2002 has. been prepared by Planisphere for the Department of Infrastructure. A summary of this technical report is also available For a copy of this summary or for information on other technical. reports and summaries please visit the project web site at www doi vic gov au metroplan or telephone 1800 191 012. Copies of the technical reports or their summaries are available for perusal at the Department of Infrastructure library. and all Victorian municipal and university libraries A copy of each report may be purchased from the Information. Victoria Bookshop located at 365 Collins Street Melbourne Price 33 00 inc GST. ISBN 0 7311 8741 5,INTRODUCTION,PROJECT TEAM FOREWORD. Sense of Place In November 2000 I facilitated a workshop for the. Metropolitan Strategy team attended by many of the. urban design principles for the metropolitan strategy. Planisphere,288 Brunswick Street, leading urban designers in Victoria The purpose of the. workshop was to scope the kinds of urban design issues. that should be addressed in the Metropolitan Strategy. Fitzroy Victoria 3065 The workshop was a success Many ideas were. presented about a design agenda for the Strategy and. Mike Scott project manager and main author there was widespread enthusiasm for taking these issues. Julia Niemann strategic planning assistant further Perhaps the single most important message was. Lisa Riddle implementation adviser Make sure the strategy includes urban design as a. fundamental not as an add on once the major policies. have been arrived at, Just over a year since that workshop Planisphere was.
Sub consultants commissioned to prepare a report on the urban design. John Curtis Pty Ltd agenda for the Metropolitan Strategy This is indeed a. privileged commission and one that carries the challenge. 117A Flemington Road of meeting the expectations of urban designers. North Melbourne Victoria 3051 throughout the state We hope very much that at least. some of these expectations are fulfilled by this report. John Curtis urban designer and main team member, The work has been undertaken over a very short period. City Projects of time and during the Christmas January period when. many practitioners are on holiday For this reason the. team has had to work without the benefit of workshopping. City of Melbourne, the ideas with other practitioners Considerable use has. 5th floor 225 Bourke Street, been made of secondary sources in some chapters and. Melbourne 3000, these have tended to be those readily at hand there. wasn t time to conduct wider research Illustrations have. Rob Adams case studies and initial input to contents. been taken from existing mainly government sources. Chris Peck case study presentation, We would love to have had the time and budget to take.
photographs specifically for this project,Department of Infrastructure. We see this report as setting out a detailed and,Dora Kouremenos contributor to workshops. challenging agenda of principles that should govern the. Larysa Ischenko assisted with the early stages of the project. continuing evolution of the central region s urban. structure We hope that many urban designers planning. Jai Yianni and development industry professionals community. members politicians and others will have the opportunity. Graphic Design to be involved in refining and implementing them Here is. a framework to start from We hope a wide cross section. Acknowledgments of professional and community groups can be involved in. refining developing and implementing it,Sally Vivian Steve Thorne Jim Papadimetriou Rudy. Kohut Cathy Wilkinson and other members of the,Metropolitan Strategy team. Mike Scott, Urban designers who attended the Department of Planisphere.
Infrastructure workshop on urban design input to the February 2002. Metropolitan Strategy in November 2001,Geoff Falk for the before and after sketches of. a typical activity centre,INTRODUCTION,INTRODUCTION 1. 01 URBAN DESIGN,AND SENSE OF PLACE 9,02 LANDSCAPE CHARACTER 17. 03 TOWNS AND CITIES,IN THE CENTRAL REGION 35,04 THE MELBOURNE METROPOLIS 45. 05 ACTIVITY CENTRES 59,06 RESIDENTIAL AREAS,AND NEIGHBOURHOOD CHARACTER 80.
07 TRANSPORT CORRIDORS 91,08 DEVELOPMENT,OF NEW COMMUNITIES 101. APPENDICES 109,INTRODUCTION,EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 02,Landscape Character. WHY IS LANDSCAPE CHARACTER IMPORTANT,Urban Design and Sense of Place. The Central Victoria region comprises a large number of. WHY ARE URBAN DESIGN AND SENSE OF distinct landscape character types Many of these. PLACE IMPORTANT landscape types intersect in the Melbourne metropolitan. area and most parts of the region are located close to. Urban design is one of the principal means available to the border of at least two types of landscape Residents. ensure that future urban environments maintain a sense of the region therefore have access to a wide range of. of place Technical Report 9 Culture and the Metropolis scenic environments for living working and recreation. expresses well the significance to people in the At the same time the underlying landscape character of. community of Sense of Place This report suggests how an area is fundamental to its sense of place even where. sense of place can be better reflected in planning policies substantial urban development has occurred Future. in the Metropolitan Strategy It also suggests how the development should therefore assist with expressing the. application of sound principles of urban design can character of these different landscape types The ways. provide better quality more functional and more this can occur are outlined in this chapter. sustainable urban development in the study area,WHAT SHOULD THE METROPOLITAN. WHAT SHOULD THE METROPOLITAN STRATEGY SAY,STRATEGY SAY.
The Metropolitan Strategy should make reference to the. The Metropolitan Strategy should include principles importance of landscape character and use the map and. for strengthening the characteristics that differentiate principles to underpin its development related policies. a particular local environment or place as follows Reproducing the map of character types and suitable photos. would help to give the document a greater sense of place. Respond to and reveal express or highlight the following The climate design principles should be used as inputs to. aspects of the area sustainable building siting and design policies. Underlying natural landscape character,Cultural heritage WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN NEXT. Valued existing built form context, 1 The principles should be developed into State policy. Respond to or express the values needs and aspirations for inclusion in the State section of the VPPs. of groups in the community for whom the place is being. designed and make it welcoming to them 2 An Advisory Note should be prepared providing. guidance on relating development to landscape types. Assist in making the area more legible easy to find to assist Councils. your way around in,3 Threats and opportunities posed by both urban. Provide opportunities for individual and community development and rural land management practices. expression and identity eg roadside management location of powerlines and. wind farms should be addressed,WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN NEXT. Note that Chapter 8 contains principles for managing the. 1 Urban design should be treated as an integral and urban rural edge of Melbourne in each of the landscape. fundamental component of future stages in the character types that adjoin the metropolis. development of the Metropolitan Strategy, 2 The sense of place principles contained in the following.
chapters of the report relating to landscape character. urban and neighbourhood character activity centres transport. corridors and development of new communities should be. refined and elaborated into firm implementation programs. INTRODUCTION, Towns and Cities in the Central Region The Melbourne Metropolis. WHY ARE THE TOWNS AND CITIES IN THE WHY IS THE MELBOURNE METROPOLIS. CENTRAL REGION IMPORTANT IMPORTANT, The urban form of each town and city in the Central In trying to establish a sound approach to urban design in. Victoria region represents an accumulated community metropolitan Melbourne it is first useful to establish the. memory of the origins and development of the state real factors that distinguish Melbourne from other world. Future development should respect and add to this cities and from other state capitals within Australia. layering of community memory and history This will. enhance the image and sense of place of these towns The Melbourne metropolis has developed in a largely. and cities and result in better quality more respectful consistent pattern for most of its existence a pattern that. design of new development is described in the sections that follow This pattern has. considerable merits form a town planning and urban design. WHAT SHOULD THE METROPOLITAN perspective Some of its essential attributes and benefits. STRATEGY SAY have been diluted and undermined in recent decades It. is important to understand how and why the metropolitan. The Metropolitan Strategy should endorse the importance area developed as it did and the implications of these. of urban character to the image and sense of place of lessons for its future structure. Victorians refer to the categories of urban character that. exist in the study area and summarise the principles that WHAT SHOULD THE METROPOLITAN. are contained in this chapter STRATEGY SAY, WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN NEXT The Metropolitan Strategy should place Melbourne. accurately in its world and Australian context and. 1 The principles should be developed into State policy build on the structuring attributes that have shaped. for inclusion in the State section of the VPPs the metropolis over the past 150 years in the ways. suggested in this and subsequent chapters,2 An Advisory Note should be prepared providing. guidance on relating development to urban area types WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN NEXT. to assist Councils,1 An urban structure plan should be prepared for.
metropolitan Melbourne based on the analysis in,this chapter. 2 The principles should be developed into State policy. using a map and words for inclusion in the State,section of the VPPs. INTRODUCTION,Activity Centres Residential Areas and. WHY ARE ACTIVITY CENTRES IMPORTANT Neighbourhood Character. WHY ARE RESIDENTIAL AREAS AND, Activity centres are or should be the focal points of the local NEIGHBOURHOOD CHARACTER IMPORTANT. community and they are essential to local identity They. should be the places in which local services are concentrated. Residential areas need to continue to make a contribution. Their design and appearance should express public and. to urban consolidation and sustainability policies but in a. civic values Their proper planning is the key to reducing. more planned and measured way than hitherto Despite. car dependence in Melbourne and other urban centres. the importance attached to livability and neighbourhood. character of the region s residential areas they warrant. WHAT SHOULD THE METROPOLITAN greater attention in useful policy specific ways in the. STRATEGY SAY Metropolitan Strategy or VPPs within the framework. established by ResCode, The Metropolitan Strategy should include the following.
succinct principles that should apply to the design of WHAT SHOULD THE METROPOLITAN. every Activity Centre STRATEGY SAY,Safe perceived safety actual safety. The Metropolitan Strategy should make more specific. Compact walkable, reference to the role of existing residential areas in. Integrate activities into a single connected place entity. Urban design is one of the principal means available to ensure that future urban environments maintain a sense of place Technical Report 9 Culture and the Metropolis expresses well the significance to people in the community of Sense of Place This report suggests how sense of place can be better reflected in planning policies

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