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People can self harm for different reasons It may be to deal with. difficult feelings1 or to give someone release or escape 2 Some. may find the physical pain of self harm distracts them from the. emotional pain they are feeling 3 For some they may need to self. harm to let other people know how they are feeling 4 Others may. feel it is the only way to feel in control of their body 5 or to punish. themselves because they feel guilty, Learning of different ways to cope with these feelings can help in. stopping the urge to self harm 6, Beating the urge to self harm can be an uphill struggle You may. have to work hard to start using different ways of dealing with. difficult feelings 7 But doing this is an important step towards. Some people may find distraction or coping techniques one way to. help delay or avoid self harm You need to find out what coping. strategies work for you You will need to have a few different. strategies you can use depending on how you are feeling The. same technique may not work for every time, It may be helpful to match your coping strategy with how you are. feeling For example you may want to do something that. comforts you if you feel low or release energy if you feel angry. This booklet goes through some different things you can try to. help cope with the urge to self harm It goes through how to. distract yourself how to do something that makes you feel better. or give yourself strength, This is not a therapy book and doesn t replace treatment But it. may be useful for you to put some alternatives to self harming in. place There are treatments available for self harming so talk to. your doctor if you want to find out more about these. www rethink org Rethink 2014 5,How to distract yourself from how you are feeling.
You can try and distract yourself because it will give you some time to think about. what you want to do or how you are feeling 8 9 10,Draw on the area you would like Wax your legs. to self harm with a red pen or use Put warm candle wax on. fake blood or food colouring to yourself and then peel rub. simulate self harm or scratch it off,Bite into a chilli. Make a lot of noise such as, Put an elastic band or several playing the drums playing music. elastic bands around your wrist loudly or banging pots together. and ping them to cause a stinging Splash cold water on your face. sensation Cut into fruit such as a grapefruit,Put red food dye in ice cubes. and then grip them to cause,numbness and have red dye.
4 www rethink org Rethink 2014,Release energy or Be creative. tension If you feel low empty or lost you may,find doing something creative can help. If you feel angry or upset you may,by distracting you and by doing. find it useful to do something that something that you enjoy 12. will release energy 11, Kick a football or throw a ball at Create something that is like. a wall how you are feeling you can,draw paint or use clay to do.
Do exercise such as go to the,gym go for a walk or run. Write a poem song joke or,Smash a watermelon or an ice. play about how you feel,cube off the wall,Take some photos of things that. Hit a pillow or punch bag as,hard as you can,Create your own cartoon. Squeeze a stress ball,characters,Play loud music and dance a lot.
Sing to music or play instruments,Tear up paperwork fabric. Make beaded bracelets,material or phone books,or other jewellery. Scream as loud as you can,Write a blog or an online journal. into an empty room or pillow,Sew knit or cross stitch. Make a play doh model of you can get tutorials,yourself or of something online.
else and then smash it up Change your room or home. Do yoga or tai chi around paint rooms or move,furniture into different positions. Play a computer game such as, the Wii fit or Play Station Write in a diary or journal. Pop bubble wrap Get a box and fill it with things, Write all over a magazine or that make you good these. photos could be photos music notes,cards trinkets,Stick pins in a pin cushion. Draw faces of people you are Write a different ending to your. angry with on balloons and pop favourite film,them Write out what you want to say.
to someone then rip it up into,tiny pieces,Rethink 2014 www rethink org 5. Talk about how you feel13 Things to make you feel more. Call a helpline comforted and relaxed,Call a friend. Have a bath or shower,Call your support networks,Have a massage. Use online support,Paint your nails or have,Work out how you feel and then your hair done. let it go Hold toys or pets in your arms, Write words about how you feel Buy yourself something special.
over and over again to release it,Eat something you really like. Imagine a colour or shape,Watch your favourite film just. that is like how you feel then,not a tear jerker,try to turn this into a different. colour or shape Have a nap,Make yourself something nice. Make a list of things you to eat,feel are happy with or.
pleased about Wrap up in blankets, Write a list of pros and cons of Listen to your favourite feel. self harm how it helps you and good songs, why you don t want to do it Buy or make a recovery. anymore bracelet,Mediate or use relaxation,When you feel in a good place Light some incense. write a list or a letter about Sit in the park or outside and. what is good about you read it pay attention to nature listen to. when you feel like self harming the sounds really look at. plants or flowers look at the,Write a list of things you are clouds. proud of in your life this,month this day,Ask yourself What am I feeling.
and then Why,6 www rethink org Rethink 2014,Start a task or do something. Go out to see someone Listen to jokes or comedy,you like Write yourself a to do list. Clean your room or house Cook something you have, Go online to a chat room or blog not cooked before. Watch TV Research something you don t,Read a book know much about. Listen to a podcast such as,Play a game on your phone.
No Such Thing as a Fish,such as Candy Crush,Answer Me This or Oh No. Learn something new from a Ross and Carrie,local centre or using online. tutorials such as origami Do some gardening, Make a paper chain and add Skateboard or rollerblade. a new chain each time you Go shopping,don t self harm Wash your car. Go for a day out such as the Have a spring clean and give. zoo the park museums etc things you don t want to charity. Go for a swim walk or drive Read an inspirational blog. Make a t shirt using transfers Make a list about what positive. or patches,changes you have made in your,Give yourself time.
When you feel like self harming give When the feeling. yourself a bit of time before you do it wears off I feel. This will allow you a chance to not act,impulsively For example. Keep things you harm yourself I self harm because it makes me feel. with in a locked cupboard or in a calmer for a while. box with Sellotape around it When the feeling wears off I feel. When you are taking the tape off worried because I have gone too far. you have time between wanting to Below are some of the things you. self harm and doing it could be feeling, Phone Rethink Gloucestershire I ve managed for two weeks. Self harm Helpline Come up without harming I don t want to. with some strategies about start again, how to not self harm Agree to Once I start it s difficult to stop. call them in an hour or two and It doesn t help in the long run I. tell them how it went can self harm now but I ll need to. do it again in a couple of days,All the suggestions we. I don t want to end up in hospital,already discussed can be.
If I can hang on the need to self,useful to delay self harm sometimes passes. harming There may be consequences I, Wait 10 or 15 minutes to decide don t want e g brain damage. if your urge to self harm is still paralysis, as strong You can decide what I will feel bad if I self harm now. to do at this point,Reasoning with yourself,When you re not feeling like self. harming write out why you self,harm and why you don t want to.
self harm This list will be different,for each person it s whatever. makes sense to you It may be,helpful to look at the list when you. feel like self harming Answer the,questions below,I self harm because it makes me. feel for a,Rethink 2014 www rethink org 10,Making yourself safe Rewarding yourself for. Try to work out situations that not self harming, make you feel like self harming Keep a chart add a star for.
Once you ve done this you can each day or hour you have not. try and avoid them or prepare self harmed If you do self harm. for them just leave a space and start again, Try avoiding things that you Call a helpline or a friend and. might use to harm yourself talk about positive times where. Stay with a friend you have managed to not self, Ask your GP to give you a harm This stops the focus from. weekly prescriptions or pick up always being on the negative. medication for two days at a,time from the chemist. Don t buy lots of tablets if,you notice this is happening. flush them away or give,them to someone to hold for.
you until you feel better,11 Rethink 2014 www rethink org. Questions to ask before you self harm, If you can recognise the triggers or thoughts involved in the build up. to self harm you may be able to use alternative coping strategies. before the urge gets too strong,Try asking yourself the following questions. Why do I feel I need to hurt myself What has happened that I feel. Have I felt like this before How did I come out the other side. the last time Can I do that again now, Is there anything else I can do to get rid of this feeling that doesn t. mean I will hurt myself, How does self harming make you feel If it makes you feel in.
control think of things you could do to get the same feeling but without. hurting yourself,Things to do before you self harm. Remind yourself, I ve been though painful situations before and I survived. I am strong enough to get through this,This is a horrible feeling but it will go away. Write down things you like about yourself and why you want to stop. self harming so you can review it at times you re feeling low. The 15 minute rule if you re feeling the urge to self harm give yourself. 15 minutes before you do Distract yourself by going for a run or writing. down your feelings When the time s up see if you can extend it by. another 15 minutes Try to keep going until the urge subsides. Visualisation try to picture the urge as an emotional wave you can surf. Imagine it reaching a crescendo then breaking as you successfully. resist its force,Rethink 2014 www rethink org 13,Other useful Relaxation albums. techniques There are all different types of,relaxation albums Some have nice.
Deep breathing sounds such as the sound of the sea. Lots of people don t realise how Others have someone talking in a. useful deep breathing until they ve calm and reassuring way You could. tried it If you learn how to do deep find it useful to listen to one of these. breathing it can be really helpful Sit You can download a lot of these to. straight on a chair and put one hand MP3,gently on your chest and one hand. gently on your stomach Slowly Muscle relaxation, breathe in feeling the air expanding If you are feeling tense you can use. your lungs Your stomach should something called progressive. muscle relaxation This is when you,move outwards as the air fills you. tense your body and then relax it It,Hold the breath for a moment then. can help to be aware of how tense, breathe out as deeply as possible you feel and let go of it You can.
This can help to calm you down in download guides to help you do this. situations when you feel panicked or watch tutorials online. You can get free guided breathing,exercises online such as on Practice mindfulness. YouTube Mindfulness is a process of making,sure you and your thoughts are in the. Safe place imagery,here and now and staying grounded. What is your happiest memory,Mastering this technique can be useful. It might have been a holiday or day trip,if you have a lot of painful thoughts.
you had it might have been a birthday,from the past which can trigger self. party or a day at school Think about,harm xiv Below is one example of a. this time Think about all the things you,mindfulness exercise Really learning. liked about it how you felt what,this can take a long time so don t give. actually happened Try to remember in,up if you don t feel you re getting it at.
great detail When you ve done this,the start it will come. you can close your eyes and really,concentrate on this place and this. should help your upset angry feelings,to leave you You can listen to guided. imagery meditations for free online until,you get the hang of it. 14 Rethink 2014 www rethink org,Rethink 2014 www rethink org.
Sit in a quiet space in a chair with your,feet on the floor Hold something in. Re framing,your hand Look at the object notice,how it feels in your hand. Re framing a situation is where you,try to turn a situation which you first. How heavy is it see as negative as a positive or, What temperature is it different This can help you feel less. Self harm Coping strategies Gloucestershire Self Harm Helpline 2 People can self harm for different reasons It may be to deal with difficult feelings 1 or to give someone release or escape 2 Some may find the physical pain of self harm distracts them from the emotional pain they are feeling 3 For some they may need to self harm to let other people know how they are feeling 4 Others

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