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First Published Bengali New Year 14th April 2016, Copyright Moumita Dutta Maitreyi Dutta M S Bhagya Ratna Gems. Jewellers Kolkata, All rights reserved No part of this study material may be shared reproduced. stored in retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic. mechanical photocopying or otherwise without the prior written permission of. the publisher failing which it shall be deemed as criminal offence punishable in a. competent court of law as per the prevailing Copyright Act. Disclaimer, This video course and the study material herein describe techniques and information which have. been used throughout the orient for many years These techniques and information are to be. used by the users solely at their own discretion liability and risks The use of the material offered. in this video course and study material is totally at the user s own responsibility and the. producers author and the director of this course are not responsible or liable in any manner. whatsoever Actions taken by the users through this video course and study material are solely at. their own risk liability discretion peril and responsibility. Publishers M S Bhagya Ratna Gems and Jewellery,Mrs Moumita Dutta. Contact bhagyaratnakolkata gmail com,bhagyaratnakolkata yahoo com.
91 977 7285 175,Website www kpastrologylearning com. Case Contribution Dr Andrew Dutta Sri Indrajit, www kpastrologeronline com www birthtimecorrection org. This study material is not to be sold separately without the educational DVDs accompanying this. video study course,About the Author 05,Author s Note 07. I An Introductory Article on Gemstones 11,II Understanding Karma with Astrology 17. III 4 Layers of Karma 22,IV Karma Destiny and Free Will in Human Life 26.
V 3 Qualities of Karma in Astrological Analysis 27. VI Types of Karma as Curses in Horoscope 30,VII Bhobitavya and Purushakar in Astrology 35. VIII Types of Astrological Remedial Solutions 37, IX Astrological Solutions in Indian Spiritual Literature and Astrology 41. X Well Known personalities and Gems 45,XI Wrong methods of Gem selection 46. Anukul and Pratikul theories,XII Nature of Ratna Samadhan Gem Solutions 53. XIII Principles of Gem Selection Grahabalabal Method 59. XIV Principles of Gem Combination Grahabalabal Method 76. XV Gem Solutions for Rahu and Ketu Special Rules Apply 83. XVI Practical Application of Grahabalabal Method 25 Case Studies 89. XVII How to Choose Astrological Grade Natural Gemstones 140. 5 Yellow Sapphire,7 Blue Sapphire,8 Hessonite,9 Cat s Eye.
XVIII Purification of Gems Ratna Shodhan 176,XIX Activation of Gems Ratna Jagaran 181. XX Wearing of Gems Ratna Dharan 183,This page has been intentionally kept blank. About Dr Andrew Dutta Sri Indrajit, J yotishya Mahamahopadhyaya Sothida Mannan Dr Andrew Dutta is popularly known in the. field of astrology and among his innumerable clients as Sri Indrajit He was born on 7th. September 1975 in Calcutta now Kolkata in a family that is continuing astrological practice for. more than 200 years, Andrew s maternal great grandfather was Sri Surendranath Jyotir Vachaspati of Khulna in. Bangladesh who handed down the lineage to Andrew s mother Srimati Deblina an eminent and. illustrious astrologer of Kolkata Even though he was initiated in to the field of astrology by his. mother Andrew was extensively trained and groomed by Kolkata s famous astrologer Jyotiryogi. Andrew was very fortunate to be the only disciple of Jyotiryogi who not only groomed and. trained Andrew in the field of astrology but also taught him and shared with him all the. experiential knowledge that Jyotiryogi gained in his 40 years of experience. While staying in Hyderabad India from 2002 to 2008 Andrew got an opportunity to be. personally trained by late P V K Punneswara Rao of Hyderabad who himself was the disciple of. the direct student of K S Krishnamurti late V B N Sarma ji of Warangal As a result his. knowledge in astrology is something that goes many miles beyond the textbooks and is rich with. the Guru Shishya Parampara of Indian culture, Andrew is one of the all India record holders by scoring 99 in the Indian Secondary Council.
Examination New Delhi 1994 in the paper Structure of Commerce He graduated from the St. Xavier s College Calcutta with a First Class in Accountancy in 1997 and completed his post. graduation in Business Finance from the University of Calcutta in 1999 Andrew was awarded a. Gold Medal by the University of Calcutta for academic excellence and ranking First in First Class. in the University, He completed his MTP from IIMT in 2004 in the field of Human Resource Management and is. trained as a researcher He was a Visiting Research Scholar to Bentley University Massachusetts. during 2004 2005 where he developed his PhD thesis in Management. Before joining industry and then later into academics he used to professionally consult in. Kolkata and was a strong voice against the rationalists denigrating astrology Andrew s first book. Jyotish Shastrer Biagnanic Vitti written in Bengali is a very popular book amongst the. astrologers and general public Andrew was awarded the title of Jyotish Bibhakar and Jyotish. Vidya Ratna by the Krishnamurti Institute Of Astrology India in 2001. Then in January 2008 Andrew launched his first video course Home Video Course in English. Birth Time Rectification through Krishnamurti Paddhati which sold thousands of copies and is. still one of the largest selling KP astrology learning product in the world Due to heavy demand. from his large followers and learners Bhagya Ratna Gems and Jewellers Kolkata launched his. second video course titled Professional Video Course Practical Applications of Ruling Planets. in Krishnamurti Paddhati on September 2012 Due to overwhelming response to such a unique. video course BRGJ Kolkata launched the complete KP video course in three levels titled. Professional Video Course Accurate Predictions with KP Astrology in May 2013 In June 29th. 2014 after the sad demise of Srimati Deblina the founder of BRGJ and Dr Dutta s mother the. Professional Video Course Prashna Astrology with Krishnamurti Paddhati was launched. with 100 case studies, To provide voice to many unsung astrology authors researchers and practitioners Dr Andrew. became the honorary Editor of the Journal for Advancement of Stellar Astrology JASA which. started in July 2011 and is today the biggest and widely read online journal of astrology from. Today Dr Andrew Dutta Sri Indrajit is one of the most respected names in the field of Indian. astrology both in India and abroad for truth knowledge and correct prediction He has published. numerous articles and research papers in astrology in various reputed journals and magazines. These are also available in his websites www kpastrologeronline com. www birthtimecorrection org www astrologyprediction org. In January 2014 Dr Andrew Dutta Sri Indrajit received his Membership from the world s. prestigious astrological association American Federation of Astrologers AFA and in August. 2014 he was awarded the highest title in Indian astrology Jyotishya Mahamahopadhayaya. by the Universal Research Institute of Astrology and Occult Sciences Hyderabad In May 2015. after successfully completing a KP astrology workshop at the invitation of the Malaysian. Astrological Society Kuala Lumpur Dr Andrew Dutta was given the highest KP astrology honor. with the title Sothida Mannan 3rd May 2015 from the same society which conferred the title. to the inventor of KP astrology KSK in the year 1972. Email andrewdutta yahoo co in,Author s Note,Dear valued reader. This unique video course is something of very high value that you are possessing It. is a portion of our family heritage in changing people s lives for the better through. astrological gem solutions which we are practicing for the last 219 years since the. days of my maternal great grandfather late Sri Surendranath Jyotir Vachaspati. After my four video courses that are running very well since 2007 due to God s. blessing and readers love there was a huge demand for taking out a video course. on gem remedies based on Hindu or Vedic astrology I have lost the count of. people who have requested me time and again to launch this video course but my. personal commitments to other work was not permitting me to devote time for. this course, Finally this course which I named as Secrets of Astrological Gem Solutions. Ratna Samdhan saw the light of the day I specifically avoided the term. remedies because it is too short a word to convey the deep meaning associated. with the philosophy of the Indian word Samadhan which closely means. solution Prescribing the correct gemstone and combinations of gemstones is not. a commercial business for the astrologer That is for an astrologer providing gems. to his clients would mean that he is effecting a change in the life past present. and future of his client It is a big task for the astrologer However in today s. context I can see that many astrologers provide gem stones as a means of. commercial activity Yes gems are costly and there is a premium on the price of. astrological grade gems but many astrologers are prescribing gems to take their. commission cut from the jewelers Unfortunately a large majority of such. astrologers depend on books purchased of the shelf and now online to augment. their knowledge There is no formal Guru Shishya Parampara followed to ingress. the true knowledge nor are they interested in seeking the truth from people who. have long standing family heritage Of course there are few genuine knowledge. seekers who want to master the technique of astrological gems solutions and this. course is for those knowledge seekers who have faith in experience and the results. of the Sadhana of astrologers of yesteryears, So I felt the need to reveal some of our family s closely held secrets and.
methods of providing gem solutions based on horoscopes made out of accurate. birth time Like all astrological endeavors prescribing gemstones also require. correct birth time Horary chart or Prashna charts have never been used in our. family for prescribing gemstones As gemstones alter your Karma as you will be. enlightened in this course time charts or horary charts cannot provide the full. depth of Prarabddha Karma as does your birth horoscope Yes I am speaking out of. 219 years of our family experience, This course is intended for professional astrologers as well as beginners and. laymen who have just the basic knowledge about astrology and its basic charts and. tabulations The principles revealed in this course cannot be found in any book. because they solely belong to our family although it is possible that similar. methods are followed by other astrological families too The principles. enumeration by my maternal great grandfather are based on age old Parashari. techniques of Shadbala and Bhavabala but the modus operandi has been. developed and applied by him which we are meticulously following since his days. and have seen many lives saved and changed This course is also meant for. demystifying wrong notions of gem prescriptions such as Anukul and Pratikul vad. theories which are based out of perceptions and not any astrological logic These. theories are opposing to each other and lopsided and they do not integrate the. favorable bhavas and Dusthanas Maraka and Badhaka bhavas As you will see in. my course gems solutions can be and need to be provided for the entire. horoscope based on the requirement of your client and you cannot say I will not. give you the gem of the 11th lord because you are Chara Lagna and the 11th lord is. your Badhaka lord Such statements are absurd and show the shallowness of your. astrological knowledge Would not the same so called Badhaka lord also. responsible for success of your life being the 11th lord This course of mine will. show you how to reconcile the paradox, This entire video course is based upon the Indian Vedic system of astrology. which is also known as the Hindu system of astrology However I have also shown. how beautifully the KP System can also get the benefited of the principles. revealed in this course Krishnamurti Paddhati s inventor late K S Krishnamurti ji. clearly said that the planet is the source of the result but almost all KP. astrologers have never fully understood what is the heavy meaning associated with. this statement I am fortunate that K S Krishnamurti ji s own elder son K Ganapati. ji explained me this statement way back in 2007 when he used to reside in his. daughter s house in CCMB quarters at Nacharam in Hyderabad I have explained it. in my video lectures, Scores of people on the internet have misinterpreted and provided. distorted meaning to the lessons written by late KSK in his Readers and Astrology. and Athrista Magazine simply because they personally either don t believe in. astrological remedial solutions or they have scanty knowledge on how to alter. Karma And the easiest recourse they take is using late KSK s statements. distortedly to show on the internet that KSK disbelieved remedial actions of. astrology Worse sometimes they interpret KSK s writings according to their own. I am very sure that this course will be such a course that you have never. done before and probably will not get another one but except this course. on gem remedies based on Hindu or Vedic astrology I have lost the count of people who have requested me time and again to launch this video course but my personal commitments to other work was not permitting me to devote time for this course Finally this course which I named as Secrets of Astrological Gem Solutions

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