Secretary Albright Finding the Path to Lasting Peace in Bosnia

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creating a crisis that America could not ignore Dayton has also put Bosnia on the road to. and that U S forces could not contain without recovery Eighteen months ago that nation was. grave risk in splinters Three armies were dug in along. So the promise of Dayton is that when our mine filled lines of battle Of the pre war. forces depart Bosnia they will be able to do so population one in 10 had been wounded or. without the fear that renewed violence threat killed Of the survivors five in 10 had been. ening U S interests might one day require them displaced from their homes eight in 10 were. to return relying on the UN for food and nine in 10 were. The fulfillment of Dayton would also serve unemployed. America s interest in a unified Europe by Since then our initial security goals have. making possible the full integration of Bosnia been achieved The fighting has ended forces. into European institutions including the have been separated and reduced in size and. Partnership for Peace It would contribute to confidence building measures have been. regional prosperity in which our implemented All heavy weapons have been. own economy has a stake and placed in cantonment And the U S led train. Today we have sustain momentum toward the,democratic values that we cherish It. and equip program is stabilizing the long term,security environment by marginalizing extrem. the opportunity would make Americans safer by ist influences strengthening security relation. helping to prevent the area in and ships and giving the Federation the means for. to build around Bosnia from serving as a self defense. base for transnational crime and by In addition SFOR and Special Forces. a Europe without dampening the revival of the Balkan trainers have cooperated through the Bosnia. route for smuggling drugs It would demining program to create a capacity for. walls wholly at contribute to our security by addressing this urgent and massive problem. creating a further bar to meddling Landmines are a terrible and unwanted legacy. peace by Iran And it would serve our of war that will remain a challenge for Bosnians. and fully free interest in the rule of law by,establishing a precedent setting. well into the next century but we have at least,given them a way to begin meeting that. model for resolving ethnic differ challenge, ences on the basis of justice and respect for All this has made possible the start of a.
human rights transition in Bosnia from war zone to enterprise. To suggest as some have that America has zone especially within the Federation that. no stake in the future of Bosnia is to propose joins the Bosniac and Bosnian Croat communi. that America abdicate its leadership role in ties, Europe As Secretary of State and I know I Here the rebuilding of damaged infrastruc. speak for President Clinton Secretary Cohen ture is underway Key roads rail links and. and General Shali let me affirm America will bridges are being restored Houses are being. never abdicate that role To do so would shake repaired Places of worship are being rebuilt. the faith of allies betray our responsibilities Basic services such as water and power are. and ignore the lessons learned at priceless being reestablished The Sarajevo airport is. cost in blood and treasure of this century open More than 100 million in business loans. Let us not forget that Dayton is a post Cold have been made Unemployment has been cut. War watershed Because of President Clinton s in half Wages are up Economic growth last. decision that America would act to negotiate year was at 35 And inflation is being con. and enforce peace U S leadership was under tained This reflects an extraordinary interna. lined within a reenergized NATO in a Europe tional effort with the U S Agency for Interna. that is coming together tional Development playing a lead role and. There is historic importance to this Today involving contributions from four dozen. virtually all of Europe has joined forces to bring countries and almost a dozen multilateral and. stability to a region that has in the past rent private voluntary organizations. Europe asunder In addition to NATO each of Politically the process of democratic. the participating countries from Russia to the integration has begun Peaceful national. Baltics to the Central European states to others elections have been held Competing political. around the world will deserve credit for what parties have formed And institutions in which. IFOR and SFOR achieve Each has gained all three communities are represented includ. valuable military experience working shoulder ing a joint presidency council of ministers. to shoulder with the alliance And each will and legislative assembly have been formed. depart from the operation with a broader sense Not surprisingly given the situation 18. of what national interests entail months ago there remain important areas. 2 U S Department of State Dispatch May 1997, where progress has been slow With a few Next week in Portugal I will be meeting. exceptions Bosnia s leaders have not embraced with my counterparts to discuss steps we can. true political and social integration take together to re energize the Dayton process. As a result freedom of movement within Immediately thereafter I will travel to Sarajevo. Bosnia has been constrained The return of Brcko Banja Luka and other locations in the. refugees and the displaced to areas in which region with the message that President Clinton. they would be an ethnic minority has been has approved a series of measures to encourage. resisted Cooperation with the War Crimes further and more rapid progress toward the. Tribunal has lagged badly And the tripartite core goals of Dayton Those goals include. political institutions have barely begun to reach,1 Promoting a stable military situation to. their potential,minimize prospects for renewed fighting. Having taken stock of where we are the,2 Improving the ability of local law.
question now arises of where we go from here,enforcement authorities to provide public. Some suggest that we abandon the unifying,vision of Dayton and acquiesce in the division. 3 Advancing the development of demo,of Bosnia like ancient Gaul into three parts. cratic institutions that govern in accordance,Closer to home we face critics who are so. with the rule of law,impatient with the intransigence of the parties.
4 Securing the safe return of more refugees,that they are ready to declare the patient dead. and displaced persons to their homes and,But Dayton prescribes long term rehabilita. enabling Bosnians to move freely throughout,tion not an instant cure To abandon it now. their country,would be to rewind the tape of recent history. 5 Bringing to justice more of the persons,and set the stage for renewed killing of predict.
who have been indicted for war crimes and,able savagery and unpredictable scope and. other atrocities and,consequences That is the path for the cynical. 6 Enhancing economic reconstruction and,and the weary but it is a path that promises. inter entity commerce,even greater dangers and costs than the. admittedly difficult road to an enduring peace Overall our goal is a democratic and. I am reminded of something that Senator united Bosnia within a democratic and united. Arthur Vandenberg said during Senate debate Europe To build that Bosnia we will need the. on the Marshall Plan 49 years ago He said continued leadership and help of our allies in. The greatest nation on earth either justifies or Europe and our friends from around the world. surrenders its leadership We are entirely We will need to maintain our own cohesion and. surrounded by calculated risks I profoundly move ahead on diplomatic security and. believe that the pending program is the best of economic fronts simultaneously. those risks I have no quarrel with those who We will need the cooperation of all parties. disagree because we are dealing with impon to Dayton including the governments of Serbia. derables But I cannot say to those who and Croatia Experience tells us that such. disagree that they have escaped to safety by cooperation will not come easy or without use. rejecting or subverting this plan They have of economic and political leverage The currents. simply fled to other risks and I fear far greater,of extremism that fueled the Balkans war.
ones For myself I can only say that I prefer, my choice of responsibilities remain strong both in Belgrade and Zagreb. To these two governments the message, Tonight as Secretary of State I can only say from the United States is clear If you build real. that compared to the risks of failing to lead the democracy respect human and minority. Clinton Administration prefers the risks and rights those of Albanians in Kosovo as well as. responsibilities of leadership in Bosnia Serbs in Croatia respect international law and. Today and in days to come we will be fulfill the obligations of Dayton including the. rededicating ourselves to the goal of imple obligation to comply fully with the War Crimes. menting the Dayton Accords and to a single Tribunal you will be welcomed into Western. Bosnian state with two multi ethnic entities We economic and political institutions But if you. affirm that our commitment to Bosnia s future fail to cooperate with Dayton you will remain. is long term and will continue well after SFOR outside the mainstream No movement will be. departs possible on outer wall sanctions on Serbia. As an initial symbol of that commitment I Zagreb will face increasing opposition to. am announcing today that the United States further integration into Euro Atlantic institu. soon will be opening branch offices in Mostar tions. and Banja Luka giving us an expanded Within Bosnia we will move ahead with. diplomatic presence throughout Bosnia renewed energy to assist those who want our. Herzegovina help in enabling their country to have the full. attributes of a single national community,May 1997 U S Department of State Dispatch 3. For example while SFOR will remain One city where it is especially critical that. principally focused on enforcing the military residents work for unity and peace is Brcko. aspects of the Dayton Accords it will build on Because of its strategic location and the terrible. its accomplishments by actively supporting ethnic cleansing that occurred there a peaceful. crucial civil implementation tasks within its multi ethnic Brcko would be a powerful symbol. mandate and capabilities These include to the rest of Bosnia and a springboard toward. helping to create a secure environment for success for the entire Dayton process. managed refugee returns and the installation of Our goal in Brcko as in Bosnia more. elected officials in targeted areas and specific generally is to reconnect what has been. economic reconstruction projects which could disconnected to restore the flow of transporta. include inter entity telecommunications and tion communication commerce and social. restoring civil aviation interaction among the various ethnic communi. Full implementation must be our goal in all ties within the country. sectors and the parties cannot pick and choose Although there are those who resist this. those elements that they prefer at the expense of surgery they offer no viable alternative to it. others If they are not complying on key We believe that more and more Bosnians are. implementation tasks it will not be business as coming to accept that restoring the natural. usual for their politicians or their military circulation of things and people within their. leaders For example if the parties do not country will benefit all segments of the popula. comply with arms control obligations SFOR tion and that this is the only I repeat the. will have the option to restrict military move only means by which they may build a decent. ments and training future for themselves and for their families. Obviously the international community A nation cannot be a democracy without. cannot impose cooperation in Bosnia We free expression And the absence of free. cannot make every city village and person expression has made it much harder for Bosnia. embrace the concept of a unified Bosnia But to be a nation The virus of intolerance thrives. those who reject that concept will not receive in an environment in which information is. our help Nor will they see their vision of a controlled and the party line is the only line. separatist future fulfilled There is no alterna most people ever hear Since Dayton despite. tive to Dayton Bosnians should either join the Dayton officially controlled media have. effort to make it work or get out of the way The spewed forth misinformation designed to fuel. only aid we will provide or support for Bosnia hate Meanwhile independent journalists have. is aid that helps build a unified country or that been brutalized and harassed. helps people who are helping Dayton succeed This is unacceptable To help reverse the. The initiatives for moving forward on the core tide the U S will be expanding broadcasts of. purposes of Dayton that I will discuss tonight RFE and VOA programming in Bosnia through. were conceived with precisely this principle in partnership agreements with local stations And. mind we will continue to support the emergence of, For example our new Open Cities Support independent television and radio facilities Our. Project provides assistance to communities goal which I am announcing today is to ensure. Secretary Albright Finding the Path to Lasting Peace in Bosnia May 22 1997 Address at annual Fleet Week Gala New York City Thank you General Shali I am deeply honored to receive the Intrepid Freedom Award I am not sure what I have done that qualifies for the adjective intrepid unless it was throwing out the first pitch of the baseball season but I am very grateful just the same

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