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For this event I create one specific chapter called Christmas Event. Go to Christmas Event, Christmas event 23 scenes 145 pictures 3 bad endings 1 good ending. Shantrel 1 animation sex,Lala 1 animation sex,1 animation hm oh BDSM. New outfits,Several hidden buttons,Shantrel 3 animations bedroom morning 69. 2 animations bedroom Fuck night,Several hidden buttons. Brenda 2 animations start from college need 40 nerd and pass secret place Event Brenda gambler. Shantrel 1 scene rework morning bedroom V 0 9 starts with this scene. 2 situations extended and up,Final in the bathroom.
2 animations Several hidden buttons,Brenda secret place. Event is probably difficult but the save load is working. 1 animations Several hidden buttons, Shantrel 2 animations the route starts from the 0 4 content no need to start a new game Several hidden buttons. Ella Jenny 1 animnation 2 short animations Several hidden buttons. Brenda peeking, Jula new outfit Moira private lessons Same link of Shantrel. Lala Laura in the episode 1 animation 2 hidden button. Jenny 3 sex animation 3 hidden buttons, Shantrel 3 animations 3 hidden buttons The Lick her scenario was expanded there are 2 ways to finish it one is short the. other one is a little longer, Shantrel 3 scenarios updated Added Shantrel s dream on Wednesday Continued the NerdKing route strict mom 2 sex.
animations hidden buttons, Maya 2 routes slacker shorter and faster and nerd Visuals don t differ too much both routes can be done 1 sex animation 1. hidden button,Lala 3 sex animations 2 hidden buttons. Brenda 1 sex animation 6 hidden buttons,Shantrel 1 sex animations 2 hidden buttons Added. an alternative way for a one WEEK absence from the College strict mom. Starts from the story of the 0 3 version but tied to a very old button. the development after passing the story of 0 4, Bedroom kitchen small sex scene beach further scenes. One secret place the scene continued, 6 hidden buttons accessible after completing the secret places.
These hidden buttons do not affect the passage,1 hidden buttons do not affect the passage. Scene in bathroom,3 hidden buttons do not affect the passage. 2 sex scenes,Dress shop,1 hidden buttons do not affect the passage. 3 sex scenes 1 sex scene hard for sarch to not random good luck. Finals is marked in the game,New translate intro beach kitchen. If you do not attend college all week a big penalty to your academic performance you can use to reduce your academic. performance if necessary, Studying with Brenda is considered as a lesson in college.
A new situation the final is marked in the game, Continuation of the scene the final menu of 3 options. The scene is expanded the final the choice joke do not. Lala The stage of fitting is continued the final is marked in the game. The beach sex final is marked in the game,Brenda no sex The final is marked in the game. The scene of the third flower for Laura is slightly changed. Added schedule for the characters,The office sex final is marked in the game. Bedroom Shantrel s about sex a little longer the final is marked in the game. Bath Shantrel short tits the final is marked in the game. Kitchen Shantrel evening the final reconciled is marked in the game. Lala s bedroom not sex only fan The final is marked in the game replayable. Continuation after Laura s bedroom the final is marked in the game. Classmate not sex only fan the final is marked in the game. Laura s friend the final is marked in the game,Brenda s house does not work. Night penetration into the bedroom of Laura sex is long the final and so can be seen. Shantreli s bedroom about sex is long the final is Handjob. Kitchen Shantrel morning tits final menu 3 choices. Tv porn the final took off her robe,Bath Shantrel short final very short.
Volleyball final cafe and boobs on the rock,Coffee shop long click final finger. Lala s bedroom lessons not sex final menu 2 3 choices. Shantrel Moira and Julia Walkthrough, 1 Give Shantrel much money you can specially at the beginning of the game Shantrel Friday and Sunday. evening is out for shopping at work station meet her give her money 1000 all times If you don t meet her leave work. station and enter again until you meet her Time does not flow so you can try free. 2 Education level you can earn 11 13 point in a week but you lose 6 point at weekend The education levels are 6 Slacker. below 0 D Student you start here Student 15 Nerd 25 King Nerd 50 cheater 90 When you will unlock Brenda. the teacher private lesson you can gain more point. 3 Choose one day a week preferably Sunday day time to earn impudence click hot spot on armchair in. your room You can also increase your impudence going to Laura s room at night when she s drunk. 4 Open computer and hit SFX to see where Shantrel is all week Click X to exit Check this more time because it change. with your progress in the game From the pc you can also buy some games to increase smartass. 5 To open Shantrel and Laura room at night when possible and the. bathroom when someone is inside you need find door locks Laura and door locks bathroom to find these you must go to. work at workshop until you find them When you get them both you can stop working there Requisite to find both keys. are 9 smartass and 15 experience point at workshop you gain 0 5 point each time you work there. 6 When you have to choose between more options and you are unsure what to do save game and try all. 7 In this game there are multiple very important Hotspot Hotspot means a clickable word visible only if you move on with. the mouse Hotspot are sometime very important to go on with the storyline and sometime less important helpfull only to. see the end of some sequence, 8 Sunday morning go to bathroom and repair it If Lala Laura spawn answer No all times You will gain 1 point in. manuality helpful for lock picking, 9 The first hotspot you will meet is Tickle at Shantrel shin under table during breakfast alone with her. When you click it Shantrel move his legs The most important hotspot I will tell you where and when they spawn. 10 MC Main Character the name you give your Hero, 11 Sometime during dialog you will see a heart with a bra or the word End or a inside Bra means start event.
means ongoing event but answer can be correct or not end event end. 12 You can start work Workshop Office only on Saturday Sunday so the first week you can t work You can also work. Saturday and Sunday if you want, 13 School level The school level are 6 Slacker below 0 point D Student as you start Student 15 Nerd 25. NerdKing 50 Cheater 90 Recently a counter was added from developer to see your status. 14 Money you can carry with you until 4995 bucks if you carry more one thief show up and steal all your money but 50. bucks First 2 3 week in game you need to be robbed at least 1 time to meet the policewoman. 15 Smartass level grow up automatically with your school level If you need increase it yourself can read some books or. buy games with your pc, 16 Beware the daytime play each days is divided in 4 time period 6 hours each starting from Night Morning Day Evening. so if I tell you to go Shantrel bedroom Tuesday night means Monday past Evening. 17 Do Not use cheat to exaggeratedly increase your stat this game have a cheat detector that stop the game and fuck all. your saves files, 18 You can give Shantrel money evening time all days of the week normally 200. Let s go start play, First main event triggle when Shantrel refuses to give you a kiss Monday evening kitchen and MC says I will ignore her for a week. To trigger this event you need have given Shantrel 10 000 touch boobs 15 5 UP dress and 5 Grope boobs. 1 week Monday morning go Shant room go breakfast Day time go school Evening time go kitchen give money get your first. Heart Start, exit house go work station go Store look for Hotspot buy up.
the cup buy more coffee you can max 5 exit go home Hit Wait you are now Tuesday night time go Shantrel bedroom. hit Talk nonsense hit Don t sleep option see the scene Mc touching Shantrel boobs If you don t take coffee before. you fall asleep, Tuesday morning go hall skeep Lala go kitchen for breakfast hit Tickle hotspot see hint 9 nothing important happen for. now but segue doing this all times You will see the progress. This is how this game work repeating some actions you can have progress or unlock new menu unlock new quest or end. Go to school back home go bathroom hit Knock give money to Shantrel go your room hit Read this means read some. random books sometime you can read Playboy or books to pass time or books that increase your smartass Sleep. Wednesday morning all Wednesday morning Shantrel come to clean your room go hall Kitchen and Breakfast go school. back home Hit Let s talk money Yeah your room sleep. Thursday morning hall kitchen breakfast school evening go beach meet Shantrel give her money. hit Move get one Heart Start,Back home your room sleep. Friday morning hall kitchen breakfast school evening meet Shantrell at workstation if she s not there Leave and reenter. until you meet her time don t flow give her 1000 Leave go home your room Read Sleep. Saturday morning Hall Bathroom repair go workstation hit Workshop hit Get the job answer Maybe it s not so bad. Leave go home your room sleep First day at work, Sunday morning that s my moment to increase impudence but you can choose any day you prefer just 1 time at week Go. work but leave at evening to meet Shantrel and give her 1000 Do this back to work until night. Ok first week is done from now on play yourself your daily path must be Breakfast School money to Shantrel work sleep. Remember Tuesday night go sleep with Shantrel Thursday evening beach with Shantrel choose Pretend to be asleep to touch her. boobs Friday and Sunday evening meet Shantrel and give her 1000. Wednesday and Saturday Home Hall evening choose Let s Talk Money Yes and watch TV with Shantrel Try all options. Tuesday evening bathroom Look for hotspot panties on the floor pick them and try both the. option you will have, When you reach impudence 11 you will see on Monday evening kitchen Shantrel dressed with a red dress bottom dress hotspot. UP press Up you need 5, At breakfast alone with Shantrel you now have 2 options hit Tits.
From now on Friday and Sunday evening you will find Shantrel at the kitchen hit UP hotspot again. Breakfast alone with Shantrel now after the 2 option and tits you can have random 3 new option chose Grope you need 5. When you are sure to be done with 5 UP dress start to give Shantrel money in the kitchen. After a while she becomes angry and stop kiss you continue give her money until look image. Now start avoid her stay in your room read go only school at day no work no breakfast don t give her money Ignore them. Wednesday and Saturday sleep in your room for a week better two because a week in this game is Sunday Sunday Afther this on. Monday evening kitchen go give money to Shantrel and look image. Next morning she call you her room, Now we will prepare for the second event 2 weeks row without go to school hard because you will lose impudence and education. level so study hard and never forget add impudence This second event don t have any warning you have to do this when you notice. that can t do any progress in any place with Shantrel Take in mind this with 35 impudence and 30 Smartass you can do all the game. until this version 0 6 When you do the second event you will lose about 2 education level and 8 10 impudence. Ok back to play now Do the same routine breakfast school money to Shantrel and go to bed with her as much is possible Try to. advance in all scenes repeat them until you can t advance more. When you wake up in Shantrel bed and she s not there with you next 2 times. choose Sleep option until look image, Next Tuesday night go Shantrel room choose Sleep and Look image. Next step is to buy Shantrel a new swimsuit on Saturday at the dressing store with 3500 bucks The dressing store is up the coffee. store on the right just hit the BADGIRL lighted sign Give it to Shantrel Thursday at the beach and develop all the relative scenes. When you go to Shantrel room Tuesday night you have now 2 options try both but the most important is Bad Dream. Shantrel now on the Monday evening kitchen wear the old black white dress. Go on until you have 35 impudence 30 smartass school Cheater and be sure all the scenes are blocked no more. progress Now stay in your room 2 weeks start from Monday morning no school no nothing first week on Monday. evening Shantrel come to your room beat you and go away get heart start Stay home another week next Monday. Shantrel come again and beat you but at the end bring you on the chair and make peace. You lose about 6 impudence and several school points so back to school and do the normal things. When you reach about 30 31 impudence now Friday Sunday evening kitchen hitting UP hotspot you must have 3. options try them all, We are searching now for the most important hotspot in this game so far Hotspot Tickle on. Monday morning breakfast Do all the Bad Dream options Tuesday night Shantrel bedroom at least 3 time each. Kitchen evening Friday and Sunday until Shantrel give you a semi BJ Develop all the TV scenes Wednesday and. Saturday Done all this you are blocked again Stay 1 week without go to school again Monday evening Shantrell come. to your room and look image choose NO make peace again and go back to school. SECOND HAPPINESS by VNorth Until version 1 2 Mirenzo s personal walkthrough V0 8 Shantrel 2 animations the route starts from the 0 4 content no need to start a new game Several hidden buttons Ella Jenny 1 animnation 2 short animations Several hidden buttons Brenda peeking Jula new outfit Moira private lessons Same link of Shantrel V 0 7 Lala Laura in the episode 1

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