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SEC Syllabus 2019 Arabic,Arabic SEC 02 Not available in September. Syllabus Paper I Aural Oral 1 hrs Paper II 1hr 50, The aims of a course in ARABIC leading to the award of a SEC Certificate should be. a To develop the ability to use the language effectively for purposes of practical communication. b To develop the ability of learning to learn and to evaluate one s learning. c To offer insights into culture and civilisation intercultural awareness and notions of human. universal values, d To contribute to the cognitive and affective development of the student. e To provide enjoyment and intellectual stimulation. ASSESSMENT OBJECTIVES,SPEAKING A2 Candidates must show ability. a To give descriptions of aspects related to everyday affairs and conditions. b To exchange relevant information on familiar and social matters. c To discuss practical issues,D To express personal opinions on common problems.
e To make simple transactions in social situations. f To receive required information,g To respond adequately in a direct interview. LISTENING A2 Candidates must show ability, a To understand short concrete texts in standard speech. b To identify the main point s of short clear texts. c To extrapolate essential ideas from short texts of concrete type and familiar topics. READING A2 B1 Candidates must show an ability, a To read short simple texts on common concrete topics. b To elicit overall meaning of short texts containing some unfamiliar words. This implies reading with understanding letters faxes advertisements prospectuses menus lists. notices signs brochures short newspaper articles,c To identify specific information. d To understand direct regulations simple instructions and short descriptions. e To read Arabic Naskh script with accuracy,WRITING A2 B1 Candidates must show an ability.
a To describe common events and experiences, b To write simple narratives including action and circumstances. c To express ideas opinions and emotions in letters notes and messages. d to write Arabic Naskh script with good accuracy,SEC Syllabus 2019 Arabic. SUBJECT CONTENT, Candidates will be assessed on their communicative language competence which has the following. components, Sociolinguistic Competences include the listening and speaking skills These topics are to be covered and. candidates will be expected to know the following, 1 Personal Identification morning and evening greetings getting acquainted with others asking.
about one s state, 2 The Family introducing and talking about members of the family talking about one s likes and. dislikes talking about one s profession, 3 Nationality identifying and meeting people from different countries asking and giving. information about country of origin and country of residence. 4 Residence where does one live describing one s house in a particular street in a city or town. 5 Location asking and giving information about the neighbourhood street and city activities. 6 Means of Transport travelling in the city by different means of transport at the Bus station. taking a taxi on the ferry boat using a private car. 7 Numbers and Time asking and giving the time describing daily activities at different times. such as waking going to school or to work taking meals travelling asking how much or how. 8 Seasons and weather likes and dislikes weather preferences describing inside and outside. activities on different seasons, 9 Months and days of the week giving information about particular major feasts or activities in. certain months planning what to do during the week or in the forthcoming months describing. one s activities or routine during the week, 10 A telephone conversation calling someone asking what and when giving information about. what where and when regarding an appointment an activity or an event or to set up an. informal meeting, 11 Colours describing one s hair eyes favourite colours personal items colour of rooms or.
furniture in the house school or place of work, 12 Shopping bargaining and buying expressions at the greengrocer at the butcher at the. fishmonger at the clothes shop at the confectionery at the bookshop at the computer shop at the. sports shop, 13 Down Town holding a conversation and or describing events that take place at the bank at the. post office at the Internet Caf at the cinema in the public garden in the library. 14 Eating Out at the restaurant at the school canteen at the coffee shop or bar ordering a meal or. a drink or a snack likes and dislikes for types of food food allergies. SEC Syllabus 2019 Arabic, 15 Sports types of sports preferred type of sports in the sports ground watching a match either. live or on TV, 16 Favourite Hobbies and Pets types of pastimes describing one s favourite hobby pets in the. house describing one s favourite pet how one takes care of it and spends time with it. 17 The Human Body naming external parts of the body at the doctor s clinic visiting a patient at. the hospital in the pharmacy phoning for an ambulance in an emergency. 18 Travelling Abroad at the travel agent at the Consular office for visa application at the airport. at the railway station at the passport control and the customs. 19 In a Foreign Country at the hotel renting an apartment visiting historical sites visiting. places of interest at the national museum at the souvenir shop sending a post card home. 20 Handling a Problem at the police station reporting a theft reporting a lost passport reporting a. lost suitcase reporting a car accident requesting directions when lost. Linguistic Competences include the writing skills which comprise the grammatical lexical semantic. phonological orthographic competences, Candidates are expected to know the following grammatical rules and concepts.
The Alphabet in Naskhi style the sun and the moon letters. Use of Hamza initial medial final position the ta marbuta shadda madda and other standard. orthographic devices, Knowledge of vowelling such as nunation and all the short vowels to assist in comprehension of. spoken and written text,The Definite and indefinite article. Nouns in the three cases nominative accusative and genitive. Definite and indefinite,Masculine and feminine,Singular dual and plural. Common broken plurals, Also notable exceptions to the prevalent rule e g Non human plurals are. grammatically feminine singular,of place and time,Of instrument.
Pronouns personal demonstrative attached relative and interrogative. Adjectives formation of and their placing, in the three cases nominative accusative genitive agreement in gender. number and use including use of before names of relatives nisba. Of colours and defects,Prepositions their proper usage. The possessive and construct state idafa, Nominal sentences subject and predicate in equational sentences. Sentences with kana and its common sisters and with inna and. its common sisters,SEC Syllabus 2019 Arabic, The Verbs formation and use of common trilateral and some examples of. Quadrilateral verbs,the perfect tense,the imperfect and imperative tenses.
basic rules of the subjunctive and the jussive,essential weak verbs e g. essential doubled verbs eg,essential hamzated verbs eg. the Passive voice, Verbal sentences word order verb subject direct object. Pronoun suffixes and the verb,Negative sentences all forms. Adverbs of Time and Place and their usage,Conjunctions Comparative and superlative.
Proper nouns names of countries Arab and non Arab,nationalities. familiar personal Arab names, The calendar months of the Christian and Muslim years. Numbers Cardinal and ordinal numbers fractions expressions of time date. age telephone numbers prices weights measures, Pragmatic competence comprises functional thematic development coherence and cultural competences. Candidates are expected to know the following for the cultural section in Paper 2. 1 Proverbs Candidates are expected to know all the Arabic proverbs listed in Book. Three page 136 of Qari Kitba Konverzazzjoni u Grammatika R Dijaf. PEG Malta 1986, 2 Knowledge on the Arab world Refer to Table 1 With regards to personalities. candidates are expected to know a brief biography about them. SEC Syllabus 2019 Arabic,SCHEME OF ASSESSMENT, Candidates will be required to take two papers of two hours duration each.
Paper 1 This paper is to be taken by all candidates It is designed to test aural oral skills the active. control of the usage of Arabic spoken fluency and the ability to extract information. Part One of Paper 1 consists of the Listening Comprehension and the Dictation. Part Two of Paper 1 consists of One to one Conversation and a reading comprehension answering. questions orally, Paper II There will be two versions of this paper Paper 2A and Paper 2B Candidates are required to. indicate on the registration form which paper they wish to sit for No change in the choice of paper will be. allowed after the registration period Paper 2A will contain questions that are more demanding than those. in Paper 2B This paper is designed to test the ability to write a passage of continuous prose in Arabic the. ability to read understand and interpret a text and the ability to translate into and from Arabic. Paper 2A consists of an essay two short passages for translation one passage Arabic into English and the. other English into Arabic grammar exercise for vocalisation and the culture part. Paper 2B consists of a short essay message one passage for translation from Arabic into English a. grammar exercise and the culture part which is common like that of paper 2A. Reception LISTENING Listening comprehension which 60 mins. 35 15 requires 30 mins,Dictation this requires another 30. mins 15 mins from LISTENING,and 15 mins from WRITING since. this task makes use of both skills,The Listening Comprehension and. the Dictation altogether will,comprise between 350 and 600.
READING Reading comprehension which 20 mins,20 requires 20 mins Reading aloud. and answering the questions orally,The reading text will comprise. between 250 and 300 words, Production SPEAKING Conversation one to one 10 mins. WRITING Language use 150 mins,50 Essay writing task grammar and. The Essay and the Writing Tasks,altogether must have the following.
word limits,200 270 Paper IIA,150 220 Paper IIB,Weighting Tasks Time distribution. 100 240 mins,Divided equally,between Paper 1 and,SEC Syllabus 2019 Arabic. Paper I Paper IIB should be pegged at level A2 CEF and candidates sitting for Paper I and Paper IIB. may qualify for a grade not higher than 4 i e grades 4 5 6 7 the results of candidates who do not obtain. at least a Grade 7 shall remain Unclassified U, Paper I Paper IIA should be pegged at levels A2 and B1 CEF and candidates sitting for Paper I Paper. IIA may qualify for a grade within the range 1 to 5 i e 1 2 3 4 5 the results of candidates who do not. obtain a Grade 5 shall remain Unclassified U,GRADE DESCRIPTIONS. Candidates who obtain Grades 1 2 and 3 will be assumed to have reached level B1. The results of candidates who obtain Grades 4 and 5 will indicate level A2 CEF in the language. The results of candidates who obtain Grades 6 and 7 will indicate a level below A2. Grade 1 means that candidates have a sufficient range of language to describe unpredictable situations. explain the main points in an idea or problem with reasonable precision and express thoughts on abstract or. cultural topics B1, Grade 5 means that candidates have a repertoire of basic language which enables him her to deal with.
everyday situations with predictable content though they will generally have to compromise the message. and search for words A2, Grade 7 means that candidates show only limited control of a few grammatical structures and sentence. patterns in a learnt repertoire A1, ARABIC SPEAKING CAPITAL POLITCAL SYSTEM FAMOUS PEOPLE from Literature Sport Music History. COUNTRIES CITIES, Nawal El Moutawakel Olympic athlete Ibn Batutah explorer traveler. Morocco Rabat Monarchy,Ibn Rushd philosopher physician. Mauritania Nouakchott Republic, Algeria Algiers Republic Abdel Qadir patriotic leader Djebar Assia novelist Morceli Noureddine footballer.
Tunisia Tunis Republic Ibn Khaldun sociologist Moufida Tlatli film director. Libya Tripoli Jamahiriya Omar al Mukhtar patriot Salam Al Barudi poet Ibrahim Alkouni short story writer. Egypt Cairo Republic Yussef Shahin Najib Mahfouz Nawal al Sadawi Umm Kulthum Amr Diab. Sudan Khartoum Republic Ibrahim Ishaq Ibrahim novelist Al Tijani Yusuf Bashir poet. Djibouti Djibouti Republic, Palestine East Jerusalem Authority Samira Azzam short story writer Ghassan Kanafani journalist prose writer. Jordan Amman Monarchy Ghaleb Halassa short story writer. SEC Syllabus 2018 Arabic, Lebanon Beirut Republic Khalil Gibran prose writer and poet Feyrouz singer. Syria Damascus Republic Jabir Ibn Hayyan an alchemist Yussef al Udzma patriotic leader. Iraq Baghdad Republic Abu Nuwas poet Yaq b ibn Is q al Kind philosopher scientist. Kuwait Kuwait Emirate Hanan S Kanaan author, Saudi Arabia Riyad Monarchy Mohamed Al Bisatie novelist. United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Emirate,Oman Muscat Monarchy. Yemen Sana a Republic Mohammed Ahmed Abdul Wali novelist Abd al Aziz al Maqalih scholar. Bahrain Manama Constitutional monarchy Tarafa ibn Al Abd poet Ahmad Bin Majid 15th century navigator and writer. SEC Syllabus 2019 Arabic 3 SUBJECT CONTENT Candidates will be assessed on their communicative language competence which has the following components Sociolinguistic Competences include the listening and speaking skills These topics are to be covered and candidates will be expected to know the following 1 Personal Identification morning and evening greetings getting acquainted with

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