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Ve g a s P B S A M e s s a g e f r o m t h e,M a n a g e m e n t Te a m. General Manager,General Manager,Tom Axtell Vegas PBS. Educational Media Services Director,Niki Bates,Production Services Director. Kareem Hatcher,Communications and Brand Management Director. Shauna Lemieux,Individual Giving Director,Kelly McCarthy.
Business Manager Public Media Public Safety,Brandon Merrill. Engineering IT Emergency Response Director very year millions of visitors attend a convention in Las Vegas Two of the. George Molnar city s largest conventions the International Consumer Electronics Show. Content Director CES and the National Association of Broadcasters Show NAB. Cyndy Robbins, combined with the annual PBS Technology Conference make Las Vegas a. Workforce Training Economic Development Director, Debra Solt national hub for technology conventions Vegas PBS has leveraged these. Corporate Partnerships Director conventions by offering to demonstrate and experiment with promising new technology. Bruce Spotleson and in the process became a national leader in public safety and educational technology. Southern Nevada Public Television Board of Directors applications. Executive Director For example datacasting the broadcasting of data to computers within a TV. Tom Axtell Vegas PBS, signal was developed by Vegas PBS as an emergency communications service When. President disasters hit state emergency management officials can tap into our public television. Bill Curran Ballard Spahr LLP, transmitter to deliver messages to the public and first responders when cellular.
Vice President, Nancy Brune Guinn Center for Policy Priorities networks are overwhelmed by customer calls and texts Vegas PBS was the first. station to make bandwidth available to emergency responders during crises and to. Treasurer and Chair Planned Giving Council, Mark Dreschler Premier Trust of Nevada provide them with preselected multimedia data in the form of blueprints photos key. Chair Community Council personnel and emergency plans. Charlotte Hill Carlisle Collection In the event of a public safety incident Vegas PBS can securely transmit critical. Chair Desert Meadows AHEC Council information hidden in our broadcast signal directly to the Clark County School. Loretta Moses Clark County Medical Society of Nevada District police the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department or the Southern Nevada. CCSD Liaison to SNPT Board Counter Terrorism Center Vegas PBS systems were recently utilized by emergency. Carolyn Edwards Clark County School District Trustee managers during a mercury contamination at a local public school and during the. Board Members Carpenter 1 Fire on Mount Charleston. Linda Ammons Community Volunteer In part due to the success of this lifesaving application first created at Vegas PBS. Tracy Bower National Security Technologies LLC, the national PBS network is currently included in a proposal that would make all PBS. Cheri Colbus US Bank, Mo Denis Nevada State Senator stations part of the new FirstNet public safety communications system for first responders. Dema Guinn Community Volunteer In addition to the emergency alerts you hear on Channel 10 Vegas PBS also uses. Sandi Herrera Got Core Values our television signal to send backup public safety messages to mobile cellular devices. Albert Z Kovacs Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck LLP. Lori Lea AECIndustryPro com, during extreme weather conditions or AMBER alerts The grant funded PBS Warning.
Nora Luna Nathan Adelson Hospice Alert and Response Network WARN is used by public television stations across the. Marydean Martin Marydean Associates country to broadcast geo targeted wireless emergency alert messages directly to cell. John Restrepo RCG Economics LLC, phone towers making public television a potentially lifesaving resource even for people. Irene Vogel Community Volunteer,who might never turn on a television. Contact Vegas PBS with comments and suggestions The public service impact of public television goes far beyond the high quality enter. Vegas PBS Southern Nevada Public Television, 3050 E Flamingo Road Las Vegas Nevada 89121 taining and educational broadcast television programs your membership supports The. 702 799 1010 Fax 702 799 2806 less visible public safety technology applications are a critical part of our mission as a. VegasPBS org email slemieux VegasPBS org, Vegas PBS Source Volume No 4 2017 nonprofit public service media organization The broadcast technology infrastructure. we use to transmit your favorite television programs also helps emergency management. Vegas PBS Source Art Director, Anton Tielemans agencies first responders and law enforcement keep our community safe April is.
Disaster Preparedness Month and through your support Vegas PBS is prepared to. keep you and your loved ones safe,To m A x t e l l. This magazine,is printed on,recycled paper,APRIL 2017 5. April 2017,Cover Story,8 Call the Midwife Season 6. This phenomenal British drama returns for an all new. sixth season Based on the best selling memoirs of, Jennifer Worth the series follows the lives of a group. of midwives working in the poverty stricken East End. Departments,5 Message to Our Members,Letter from General Manager Tom Axtell.
14 Upcoming Member Events,20 A Message from the Volunteer Specialist. 10 History War and Peace,Special In Celebration of Passover. Science Nature Think Wednesday,15 Special Primal Grill with Steven Raichlen. 18 The Arts Art and Soul Great Performances at,the Met Romeo et Juliette and much more. 32 2017 Science Bowl Quiz,33 Jesus of Rome,34 Queen Victoria and the Crippled Kaiser.
35 Remembering the Holocaust,37 Vegas PBS Rewind Worldview Jackpot. Program Menu,21 Weekdays Children s Lineup,24 Primetime Programming. 32 Weekend Daytime Programming,36 Vegas PBS Create Programming. Vegas PBS Channels,38 Vegas PBS Sponsors,APRIL 2017 7. COVER STORY,Dorothea Lange, Charlotte Ritchie Helen George and Emerald Fennell.
Call the Midwife Season 6,Sundays at 8 p m in April. With brand new seasons of our critically acclaimed dramas along with encore. presentations of several popular series we have something you are sure to love. on Sunday evenings Why go anywhere else, This phenomenal British drama returns When the rather austere Sister Ursula is before while continuing to address complex. for an all new sixth season Based on the appointed the new head of Nonnatus House medical and personal dilemmas on their mid. best selling memoirs of Jennifer Worth the Sister Julienne finds herself demoted and wifery and district nursing rounds. series follows the lives of a group of midwives working alongside the midwives as an ordi Call the Midwife. working in the poverty stricken East End of nary member of the staff She is not the only. Season 5 Marathon,one to face challenges closer to home As. Sunday April 2 from noon to 8 p m, Season 6 begins in 1962 and it is evident they strive to help mothers and families cope. We have all been looking forward to a, how times are changing from increased lib with the demands of childbearing disability.
brand new season of this touching series To, eration for women to the shadow of infamous disease and social prejudice the beloved. help get you ready we are airing the entirety, gangsters to the introduction of new govern medics must make choices and fight battles. of Season 5 in an all day marathon It s, ment policies In Poplar the sisters return of their own. 1961 and Poplar is beginning to feel the, from their journey to South Africa where This season the midwives laugh together. winds of social change along with improve, they worked to save a clinic in jeopardy cry together and support each other as never.
ments in housing sanitation and healthcare, This season the midwives laugh together cry Among the complex and challenging cases. the nurses and midwives face are two babies, together and support each other as never before born with severe deformities. 8 VEGAS PBS SOURCE,Home Fires on Masterpiece,Sundays at 9 p m. Samantha Bond Downton Abbey and,Francesca Annis Reckless head an extraor. dinary cast in a moving drama about women,in an English village facing the onset of.
World War II The new season opens in June,1940 when Great Britain faces the threat of. imminent invasion standing alone against,German forces The Battle of Britain rages in. the skies overhead and with daily air raids,the threat of invasion and defeat is palpable. For some of Great Paxford s women the war,throws off peacetime limitations allowing. them to flourish in unexpected ways As Claire Goose and Matt. Britain finds itself increasingly beleaguered Bardock in The Coroner. the tightknit community will be tested as,never before.
Wolf Hall on Masterpiece,Sundays at 10 p m,Internationally acclaimed actor Mark. Rylance stars as Thomas Cromwell in this,adaptation of Hilary Mantel s Booker Prize. winning novels The drama presents an inti,mate and provocative portrait of Thomas. Cromwell the brilliant and enigmatic con,sigliere to King Henry VIII as he maneuvers. the corridors of power at the Tudor court A,brutal blacksmith s son Cromwell rises from.
the ashes of personal disaster and deftly,picks his way through a court where man is. wolf to man Damian Lewis Homeland is,King Henry VIII haunted by his brother s. premature death and obsessed with protect, ing the Tudor dynasty by securing his succes Kris Marshall in Death in Paradise. sion with a male heir to the throne,And don t miss our Saturday night lineup of drama. Midsomer Murders at 7 30 p m new episodes all month. Homicide blackmail greed and betrayal just a taste of what goes on behind the well. trimmed hedges of the wealthy isolated English county of Midsomer in this deliciously. sinister series,sometimes he can t,Death in Paradise at 9 p m.
Teresa Fenchurch,Set in a beautiful island of the Caribbean. help but fall into more,in Home Fires, on Masterpiece British detectives work alongside the local worldly habits as he. Saint Marie police team to solve murders solves murders. The Coroner at 10 p m new episodes all month, Crime investigations against a stunning seaside backdrop are at the heart of this enter. taining drama series following a high flying solicitor who returns to live and work in the. small town she escaped as a teenager,Masterpiece Mystery Grantchester at 11 p m. James Norton Happy Valley stars as the handsome jazz loving vicar Sidney Chambers. Although Sidney lives the life of a clergyman sometimes he can t help but fall into more. worldly habits as he solves murders in the bucolic village of Grantchester. APRIL 2017 9,War and Peace,Throughout the Month, Learn the stories behind some of the events that have changed the world.
Jesus of Rome this special tells the rich and com, Tuesday April 4 at 8 p m plex story of World War I through. The final week of Jesus life known as the voices of nurses journalists. Joseph Stalin Harry S Truman and Winston, Holy Week stands at the very center of aviators and the American troops who came Churchill in WWII Behind Closed Doors. Christianity But what do we know about to be known as doughboys The series. what happened in the prevailing months explores the experiences of African American tension between technological achievement. New evidence gathered from archaeology and Latino soldiers suffragists Native and environmental impact hangs over the. Roman historians Jewish texts and insights American code talkers and others whose project s legacy Repeats Sunday April 23 at. into the Gospels suggest Roman politics led participation in the war to make the world 10 a m. to the series of events that resulted in the safe for democracy has been largely forgot. WWII Behind Closed Doors, crucifixion Based on The Lost Gospel by ten Repeats Sunday April 16 from 1 p m. Sunday April 23 from 3 p m, investigative journalist Simcha Jacobovici to 7 p m. and Professor Barrie Wilson this two hour Grand Coulee Dam Joseph Stalin the supreme leader of the. drama documentary will present new insights American Experience Soviet Union was a tyrant responsible for. into the iconic Easter events and uncover the Tuesday April 18 at 8 p m the death of millions Yet he also had some. Roman power politics that ultimately led to During the darkest days of the Depression unlikely relationships during the Second. the last days of Jesus Repeats Sunday April when construction was started on Grand World War not just with leaders of the great. 9 at noon Coulee Dam it was to be the salvation of the democracies like Winston Churchill and. The Great War common man a dam and irrigation project Franklin Roosevelt but also with Hitler and. American Experience that would make the desert bloom Featuring the Nazis This ambitious series lifts the lid. Monday through Wednesday the men and women who lived and worked at on these relationships to reveal the true. April 10 12 at 9 p m Grand Coulee and the Native people whose nature of the three leaders and how their. Drawing on the latest scholarship includ lives were changed alongside historians and meetings and the decisions they made. ing unpublished diaries memoirs and letters engineers this film explores how the crucial shaped the world today. Season 6 begins in 1962 and it is evident how times are changing from increased lib eration for women to the shadow of infamous gangsters to the introduction of new govern ment policies In Poplar the sisters return from their journey to South Africa where they worked to save a clinic in jeopardy When the rather austere Sister Ursula is

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