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IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS, When using electrical appliances basic safety precautions should always be followed. including the following,1 READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE. 2 Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product. 3 Unplug this product from wall outlet when not in use and before cleaning. Do not immerse appliance in water or other liquid Use a soft sponge and mild. detergent when cleaning the inside of the pan or kneading blade The cabinet may. be cleaned with a cloth dampened with a mild soap and water solution. 4 Do not touch hot surfaces Use mitts when handling hot materials and allow metal. parts to cool before cleaning, 5 Close supervision is necessary when any appliance is used near children. 6 Do not allow anything to rest on power cord Do not plug in cord where persons. may walk on or trip over it, 7 Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug Refer servicing of. appliance to an authorized Panasonic service center if the unit should malfunction or. be damaged in any manner, 8 This appliance is not intended for commercial use It is for household use only.
9 The use of attachments not recommended by manufacturer may cause damage or. 10 Avoid contacting moving parts, 11 Do not use outdoors Do not use appliance for other than intended use. 12 Do not let cord hang over edge of table or counter or touch hot surfaces. 13 Do not place on or near a hot gas or electric burner or in a heated oven. 14 To disconnect grip plug and pull from wall outlet Never pull on cord. 15 The unit may vibrate or move during the kneading process Do NOT place the. unit near the edge of a countertop Place the unit securely where movement of the. unit will not cause it to fall off the countertop,SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. A A short power supply cord is provided to reduce the risk resulting from becoming. entangled in or tripping over a longer cord, B Extension cords are available and may be used if care is exercised in their use. C If extension cord is used, 1 the marked electrical rating of the extension cord should be at least as great as. the electrical rating of the appliance, 2 the longer cord should be arranged so that it will not drape over the countertop or.
tabletop where it can be pulled on by children or tripped over unintentionally. D This appliance has a polarized plug one blade is wider than the other As a safety. feature this plug will fit in a polarized outlet only one way If the plug does not fit fully. in the outlet reverse the plug If it still does not fit contact a qualified electrician. Do not attempt to defeat this safety feature,Table of Contents. Basic principles when baking with 3,Basic features 3. Baking programs 4,Parts identification 5,Control panel display functions 6. How to use 7 12,To use the timer for baking loaves only. with the BAKE option 10,Using the BAKE RAPID option 10.
Using the DOUGH option 11,Using the BAKE ONLY program 11 12. How to clean 12,Slicing and storing the bread 13, Leakage of bread ingredients from the bread pan 13. Specifications 13,Display indications for abnormal conditions 14. Before calling for service 15 16,Ingredients 17 18. Other ingredients used for flavored loaves 19,Tips for baking whole wheat multigrain breads 19.
Differences in baking results 20,Recipes 21 33,Basic recipes 21 23. Whole wheat recipes 24 25,Multigrain recipes 26,French recipes 27. Dough recipes 28 30,Pizza dough recipes 31,Bake only recipes 32 33. Warranty 34,Basic Principles when baking with,Basic Features. MENU Bread programs available, BASIC For producing loaves of bread using strong wheat flour bread flour.
WHOLE WHEAT For loaves using whole wheat flour as the main ingredient. MULTIGRAIN For breads with cereals grains such as rye millet soy corn etc mainly using. wholemeal strong flour, FRENCH For loaves with crisp crust and open texture The taste is crisp because sugar is. not included in the ingredients, PIZZA A rapid dough program for pizza focaccia and other Italian breads. BAKE ONLY A program for baking cakes only,SELECT Baking options available. BAKE The unit automatically mixes ingredients kneads the dough rises it and bakes it. BAKE RAPID The unit mixes ingredients kneads the dough rises it and automatically bakes it faster. than the standard BAKE option, BAKE SANDWICH The unit automatically makes a medium size loaf of bread with a soft crust suitable for. sandwich slices, BAKE RAISIN The unit automatically makes bread as in the BAKE option A beeper sounds to let you.
know when to add dried fruits such as raisins This is to prevent them from being. crushed during the kneading process, DOUGH The unit automatically prepares dough for pizzas dinner rolls donuts croissants etc. DOUGH RAISIN The unit automatically prepares dough as in the DOUGH option A beeper sounds to. let you know when to add dried fruits as in the BAKE RAISIN option. A 13 hour timer allows you to prepare everything the night before and wake up to the aroma of freshly. baked bread Certain BAKE options only The result may differ when the timer is used. The beep sounds eight times when baking on the BAKE option or rising of dough on the DOUGH option is. The beep also sounds in the BAKE RAISIN and DOUGH RAISIN option when the machine pauses for 1. minute during the kneading process to add the raisins chopped dried fruits and or nuts. SIZE and CRUST Choices, The choice of size and crust color is possible for the following options. If not selected the will automatically select XL size with a medium crust. Size Selection Crust Colour Selection,basic BAKE,basic BAKE RAPID. basic BAKE RAISIN,whole wheat BAKE,whole wheat BAKE RAPID. whole wheat BAKE RAISIN,Baking programs,BAKE options.
Whole Wheat,Basic Bake, Basic Basic Whole Wheat Whole Wheat Whole Wheat French Bake Bake Only. Basic Bake Bake Rapid Bake Raisin Bake Sandwich Bake Rapid Bake Raisin. Multigrain,P 30 60 30 60 60 90 15 min 60 90 40 min. Rest min min min min 1 hr 55 min,o Knead 15 30 15 20 15 30 15 25 15 25 15 25 10 20. c min min min min min min min, e Rise 1 hr 50 min approx 1 hr 50 min 2 hr 20 min approx 2 hr 20 min 2 hr 55 min. s 2 hr 20 min 1 hour 2 hr 20 min 2 hr 50 min 1 hr 40 min 2 hr 50 min 4 hr 10 min. s Bake 50 min 35 min 50 min 50 min 45 min 50 min 55 min 30 90 min. Total 4 hours 1 hr 55min 4 hours 5 hours 3 hours 5 hours 6 hours 30 90 min. DOUGH options,Whole Wheat,Basic Dough,Whole Wheat French Dough Pizza Dough.
Basic Dough Dough Raisin,Multigrain,30 50 55 75 40 min. Rest min min 1 hr 35 min,15 30 15 25 10 20 10 15,r Knead min min min min. c Rise 1 hr 10 min 1 hr 40 min 1 hr 45 min 10 15,1 hr 30 min 2 hours 2 hr 40 min min. s Knead Approx,Rise Approx,Total 2 hr 20 min 3 hr 15 min 3 hr 35 min 45 min. Parts identification,Bread pan Yeast dispenser, Slide in the pan to the correct position in Located on the top of the lid.
Twist slightly counter clockwise to remove,Kneading blade. mounting shaft,Control panel,Accessories,Measuring spoon. Use to measure sugar salt etc,Tablespoon approx 1 2 fl oz 15 mR. Teaspoon approx 1 6 fl oz 5 mR Cord,Measuring cup,Use to measure liquids. 1 cup 8 fl oz 240 mR,Control panel display functions.
Be sure you understand the function of each pad before using the. NOTE The unit has a protective film overlay on the control panel to prevent scratching or marring. during shipping,You may peel this film off and discard it. Display window, All modes and indications are shown here for reference. Press to select the type of bread basic whole wheat. multigrain french pizza or bake only,It is not necessary to press this pad for basic. Each time the pad is pressed the display will,change accordingly. Press to choose the bake option BAKE BAKE,SD YD250 RAPID BAKE SANDWICH BAKE RAISIN.
DOUGH or DOUGH RAISIN,It is not necessary to press this pad for BAKE. Each time the pad is pressed the display will,change accordingly. DARK LIGHT Press this pad to select the size of the loaf for. BASIC BAKE BAKE RAPID BAKE RAISIN options of,TEMP REST basic and wholewheat bread. WHOLE WHEAT,MULTIGRAIN,RAISIN FRENCH CRUST, BAKE DOUGH Press this pad to select the color of the crust. RAPID ALERT PIZZA for BAKE BAKE RAPID BAKE RAISIN options. SANDWICH BAKE ONLY of basic bread, SELECT MENU Press this pad to set the timer and to set the.
baking time for the bake only option, The time will advance 10 minutes each time this pad. is pressed 1 minute for the bake only option, SIZE CRUST The timer setting will change rapidly if constant. pressure is applied to the pad,Indicator light,The red light will be lit when in operation. TIMER It will flash when the bread baking or the dough. making is completed,It will also flash in a different frequency when. operated in abnormal conditions,STOP START STOP, Press this pad to start operation or begin the timer.
Press this pad to stop operation or cancel the timer setting. To stop operation the pad must be pressed and,held for 1 second. How to use,Steps Notes,1 Remove the bread pan from the unit. Twist slightly counter clockwise and pull,up using the handle. Mount the kneading blade on the shaft The kneading blade is designed. to fit loosely on the shaft with, Make sure that the kneading blade and the some room for turning. kneading shaft are free of bread crumbs,2 Place all the ingredients except the.
liquids and dry yeast inside the bread pan,RAISIN modes only. See recipes on P 21 33,Flour dry milk salt sugar,butter etc first. You may place dried fruits later when,the beeper sounds to prevent them from. being crushed see step 10,3 Pour water and other liquids if any into. the bread pan,4 Place the bread pan inside the body.
Be sure the bread pan contacts the,bottom of the unit. Wipe off any moisture or,foreign matter from the outside. of the bread pan before,placing it in the unit, Turn the handle down If the bread pan is not placed. correctly the dough will not be,kneaded properly,5 Yeast dispenser lid Close the top lid. Fill the yeast dispenser with the correct,amount of dry yeast.
If any moisture remains on,the dispenser the yeast. may not drop completely,After START STOP is pressed the. yeast will automatically drop into the,bread pan at the proper time. Close the yeast dispenser lid,6 Close the top lid,Plug into a 120 volt outlet. Position the unit away from,edge of the table or counter.
The unit may vibrate or move, DO NOT press START at this stage The during the kneading process. machine will default to an extra large basic Place the unit where it will not. bread with medium crust if START is fall off should the unit move. pressed now Select your program first during the kneading process. Steps Notes,BAKE DOUGH,WHOLE WHEAT,MULTIGRAIN,Press select to choose the type of bread. indicated on the right of display,Keep pressing the pad to move the. arrow down the list of bread types,See P 3 for choice of bread. RAPID ALERT PIZZA, SANDWICH BAKE ONLY For basic it is not necessary to press.
XL L M this pad,SELECT MENU For bake only program,refer to P 11 12 for instructions. TEMP REST BASIC,WHOLE WHEAT,MULTIGRAIN,BAKE DOUGH FRENCH. Press SELECT to choose BAKE RAPID,BAKE SANDWICH BAKE RAISIN. DOUGH or DOUGH RAISIN,See P 3 for choice of baking. The option you require will flash,PIZZA SELECT MENU.
RAPID ALERT,SANDWICH BAKE ONLY,For BAKE it is not necessary to press. SIZE Select size CRUST Select crust color See availability of size and. color selection on P 3,When TEMP blinks see P 14,There will be no mixing action. during resting,A clicking noise may be heard,DARK LIGHT during operation This is not a. TEMP REST BASIC,WHOLE WHEAT,malfunction,MULTIGRAIN For information of the process. BAKE DOUGH FRENCH,of each option see P 4,RAPID ALERT.
SANDWICH BAKE ONLY The time required for each of,XL L M the steps will vary according. The above display is to factors such as voltage,for basic BAKE fluctuation and room. XL size medium colour temperature,RAISIN options only. In the last part of kneading there will be The raisin beep will sound. two sessions of beep sound RAISIN on For basic 42 72 minutes from. DARK LIGHT display will blink and kneading will stop Start. TEMP REST BASIC for 3 minutes,For whole wheat 72 102 minutes. WHOLE WHEAT, MULTIGRAIN Add the dried fruits during this period to from Start.
RAISIN prevent them from being crushed, BAKE DOUGH FRENCH Do not put your finger in the dough. RAPID ALERT PIZZA or touch the bread pan while adding. SANDWICH BAKE ONLY Close the lid and leave the unit the dried fruits. When 3 minutes have passed kneading, will begin again and the RAISIN will During operation do not remove. The above display stop blinking the pan nor unplug the power cord. is for basic BAKE,RAISIN XL size The timer cannot be used. light color for this option,Steps Notes,Beep The beeper will sound eight times and. the indicating light will flash when the,bread is baked or the dough is.
12 Press START STOP,Promptly open the lid and remove the. bread pan using oven gloves,Note If the START STOP is not pressed. SD YD250 For help or advice using your new please call 1 800 211 PANA Monday to Friday 9 a m to 9 p m Eastern time Saturday and Sunday 9 a m to 7 p m Eastern time IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS When using electrical appliances basic safety precautions should always be followed including the following 1 READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE 2 Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the

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