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Contents Safety Instructions Please make sure to follow these instructions. In order to prevent accidents or injuries to the user other people and damage to property please follow the instructions. Before Use below, Safety Instructions 3 These instructions are for two different. Accessories Parts Identification 6 Bread Maker models The following charts indicate the degree of damage caused by wrong operation. Bread making Ingredients 8,How to Use,Warning Indicates. serious injury or,Caution Indicates risk of injury or. property damage, List of Bread Types and Baking Options 10 The symbols are classified and explained as follows. Baking Bread 12 Raisin nut dispenser, When adding extra ingredients 14 This symbol indicates prohibition.
This symbol indicates requirement that must be,Baking Brioche 15 followed. Before Use,Making Dough 16,Making Brioche Dough 17. Baking Cakes 18,Making Jam 19,Making Compote 20, Recipes Do not use the appliance if the power cord or power plug is damaged or the power. Recipe Contents 21 plug is loosely connected to the power outlet. It may cause an electric shock or fire due to short circuit. Recipes 22 41, If using dried fruit such as raisins nuts or seeds these are If the supply cord is damaged it must be replaced by the manufacturer its service agent or similarly qualified. added automatically P 14 person in order to avoid a hazard. How to Clean Do not damage the power cord or power plug. Care Cleaning 42 SD 2500 It may cause an electric shock or fire due to short circuit. Additional ingredients should be added manually when the Following actions are strictly prohibited Modifying placing near heating elements bending twisting pulling. To Protect the Non stick Finish beep sounds P 14 putting heavy objects on top and bundling the cord. To protect the non stick finish 43, Do not plug or unplug the power cord with wet hands.
It may cause an electric shock,Troubleshooting, Troubleshooting 44 Do not exceed voltage on the outlet and do not use alternate current other than. listed on the appliance,It may cause an electric shock or fire. Make sure the voltage supplied to the appliance is the same as your local supply. The photographs and illustrations in this manual are of the. SD 2501 model, Plugging other devices into the same outlet may cause an electric overheating. Insert the power plug firmly, Otherwise it may cause an electric shock and fire caused by the heat that may generate around the plug. Clean the power plug regularly, A soiled power plug may cause insufficient insulation due to the moisture and lint build up which may cause a.
Unplug the power plug and wipe with the dry cloth,Safety Instructions. Warning Caution, Discontinue using the appliance immediately and unplug in the unlikely event that Do not use the appliance on following places. this appliance stops working properly Position the Bread Maker on a firm dry clean flat heatproof worktop at least. It may cause smoking fire electric shock or burn 10 cm 4 inches from the edge of the worktop. e g for abnormal or breaking down It may cause the appliance to slip and fall from the worktop. The power plug and the power cord become abnormally hot. Do not place on unstable surfaces on electrical appliances such as a refrigerator. The power cord is damaged or power failure, The main body is deformed or is abnormally hot on materials such as tablecloths or on carpet etc. The appliance makes abnormal turning noise during use It may cause falling or a fire. Unplug the appliance immediately and consult a Panasonic dealer and have it serviced by an authorized technician During baking the unit heats up The Bread Maker should be placed at least 5 cm. Before Use,2 inches from adjacent walls and other objects. Do not touch block or cover the steam vent holes during use It may cause a discoloration or deformation. It may cause a burn, Especially pay attention for children Do not touch hot area such as bread pan inside of unit heating element or inside.
of the lid while the appliance is in use or after cooking. Do not disassemble repair or modify this appliance The temperature of accessible surfaces may be high when the appliance is. It may cause a fire electric shock or injury operating. Consult a Panasonic dealer and have it serviced by an authorized technician It may cause a burn. To avoid burns always use oven gloves when removing the bread pan or the finished bread. Do not immerse the appliance in water or splash it with water Do not use wet oven gloves. It may cause an electric shock or catch a fire due to short circuit Also take care when removing the finished bread or kneading blade. This appliance is not intended for use by persons including children with reduced. physical sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge. unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the. appliance by a person responsible for their safety Children should be supervised. to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. Important Information Heating element, Do not use the appliance outdoors in the immediate vicinity of heat sources. It may cause a burn injury or electric shock or in rooms of high humidity. It may cause a malfunction or deformation Temperature sensor. Do not use excessive force on the parts as is illustrated on the right. It may cause a malfunction or deformation,Inside of the lid. This appliance is not intended to be operated by means of an external timer or separate remote control system. Make sure to hold the power plug when unplugging the power plug. Otherwise it may cause an electric shock or fire due to short circuit. Electrical Requirement, Unplug the power plug when the appliance is not in use. FOR YOUR SAFETY PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TEXT CAREFULLY. Otherwise it may cause an electric shock or fire due to electric leakage This appliance is supplied with a moulded three pin mains plug for your safety and convenience. A 13 amp fuse is fitted in this plug, Please unplug and allow the appliance to cool down before cleaning it Should the fuse need to be replaced please ensure that the replacement fuse has a rating of 13 amps and that it is approved by ASTA or BSI to. It may cause a burn BS1362, Check for the ASTA mark or the BSI mark on the body of the fuse.
Do not allow the power cord to hang over the edge of the table or touch a hot If the plug contains a removable fuse cover you must ensure that it is refitted when the fuse is replaced. surface If you lose the fuse cover the plug must not be used until a replacement cover is obtained. It may cause a burn or injury A replacement fuse cover can be purchased from your local Panasonic Dealer. IF THE FITTED MOULDED PLUG IS UNSUITABLE FOR THE SOCKET OUTLET IN YOUR HOME THEN THE FUSE SHOULD BE REMOVED. Do not remove the bread pan or unplug the Bread Maker during use AND THE PLUG CUT OFF AND DISPOSED OF SAFELY. THERE IS A DANGER OF SEVERE ELECTRICAL SHOCK IF THE CUT OFF PLUG IS INSERTED INTO ANY 13 AMP SOCKET. It may cause a burn or injury, Accessories Parts Identification Main Unit Control Panel. Operation status, Raisin nut dispenser SD 2501 only displayed for the current stage of the program Ingredients are being regulated on the. Rest stage before kneading, The ingredients placed in the raisin nut dispenser will drop into the displayed when there has been an interruption in the power supply. bread pan automatically upon selecting SD 2501 displayed when adding ingredients manually on menu 11 and 23. the menu with raisin 03 06 14 17 19 SD 2500 displayed when the menu with extra ingredients are added manually is. Turn to P 14 for ingredients which Time remaining until program finished. may be placed in the raisin nut dispenser Raisin nut dispenser Lid Also when adding ingredients manually display will. Before Use, Never operate the Bread Maker without the flap show the time until adding extra ingredients in the. dispenser being in place program,SD 2501 only,Dispenser lid.
Kneading blade,SD 2501 only,Kneading blade,wheat bread and. gluten and wheat,free bread,Size Crust Start, Handle Press this pad to choose Press this pad to The start light will. size See P 10 for choose crust colour flash during program. available menu See P 10 for available selection Press the start. menu pad when programming,Bread pan XL,is completed. When the start pad is,Control panel L pressed the start light. Medium will stop flashing and,M become constant,Accessories Menu Timer Stop.
Press this pad to choose menu Menu number will Set delay timer time until bread is If you wish to change the. Measuring cup Measuring spoon display and each time this pad is pressed menu ready or set the baking cooking program you must stop the. To measure out liquids To measure out sugar salt yeast. etc number will change to the next choice time for menu 15 26 and 27 operation by holding down the. 15 mL 5 mL, Hold the pad to advance more quickly SD 2500 14 24 and 25 stop pad for more than 1 second. See P 10 and 11 for menu number Press this pad to increase the The start light will go off Then. max 310 mL time re program accordingly,Press this pad to decrease. Tablespoon Teaspoon,10 mL increments 1 2 marking 1 4 1 2 3 4. This picture shows all words and symbols but during operation only those relevant will be displayed. Bread making Ingredients,Water Main Flours Used in Bread. Flour Use normal tap water,Use tepid water if using menu 02 05 07 12 or 20.
Strong flour is milled from hard wheat and has a high content of protein which is necessary for the development of gluten Carbon dioxide. produced during fermentation is trapped within the elastic network of gluten thus making the dough rise. Main ingredient of bread The protein in flour SD 2500 02 05 or 11 in a cold room. forms gluten during kneading Gluten provides Use chilled water if using menu 07 08 11 13 14. White flour, structure and texture and helps the bread to Made by grinding wheat kernel excluding bran and germ Used in e g menu 01 08 16 or 21 SD 2500 01 07 15 or 19. 20 21 23 24 or 25 SD 2500 07 10 12 13 19, Always use strong flour when using the recipes in this book. rise 21 22 or 23 in a hot room, Do NOT use plain or self raising flour as a substitute for bread flour. Use strong bread flour only Always measure out liquids using the measuring cup. Flour must be weighed on scales provided Wholemeal flour. Made by grinding entire wheat kernel including bran and germ. Salt Makes bread rich in minerals but lower in height and denser than bread baked with white flour because the gluten strands are cut by the edges. of bran flakes and germ,Before Use,Improves the flavour and strengthens Rye flour. gluten to help the bread rise Contains some proteins but these do not produce as much gluten as wheat flour. The bread may lose size flavour if measuring Makes dense heavy bread with a flat or slightly sunken top crust use in menu 07 or 20 SD 2501 only. is inaccurate Do not use more than stated quantity 100 g maximum rye out of 500 g flour in SD 2500. Spelt flour, In the wheat family but is a completely different species genetically.
Although it contains gluten some gluten intolerant people can digest it Consult your doctor. Makes loaves with a flat slightly sunken crust, Spelt wholegrain flour bread becomes low height and dense compare with spelt white flour bread. Dairy We will recommend spelt white flour to be used more than the half of the entire flour. There is Spelt Triticum spelta suitable for baking bread and Einkorm wheat Triticum monococcum also it is called small spelt which is not. suitable for baking bread are sold as spelt Please use spelt use in menu 13 14 24 or 25 SD 2500 12 13 22 or 23. Products Brown flour 10 15 of wheat grain removed during milling. Add flavour and,nutritional value,Fat Softgrain flour. Adds flavour and softness to the Strong white flour with wheat and rye grains added Provides extra fibre texture and flavour. If you use milk instead of water the nutritional, bread Do not use with Timer option grains can absorb water and swell up spoiling texture of loaf. value of the bread will be higher but do not,Use butter margarine or oil 2 tbsps. use in timer setting as it may not keep fresh Granary or Malted Grain flour. oil are equivalent to 25 g butter, overnight Has crushed wheat or rye grains added together with malted whole wheat.
Reduce the amount of water proportionally Makes brown bread coarser and moister with nuttier flavour. to the amount of milk Do not use more than stated quantity could damage the bread pan s non stick finish. Sugar granulated sugar brown sugar honey treacle etc Stoneground flour. Adds softness and gives crust colour Grains are crushed between two large millstones rather than with steel rollers. Do not use more than stated quantity could damage the bread pan s non stick finish or overload motor. Other flour, Yeast Products milled from other grains i e corn meal rice millet soy oat buckwheat barley flours. Enables the bread to rise You can make your bread taste better by adding other Do not use more than stated quantity hinders rising and texture. Yeast which has Easy ingredients Should not be used as substitute for bread flour. Blend Fast Action or Gluten Free see P 28, Eggs Improve the nutritional value and colouring of the bread. Easy Bake written on the Coarse ingredients such as flours with whole grains or the addition of nuts and seeds may damage the bread pan s non stick finish. Model No SD 2501 SD 2500 Thank you for purchasing this Panasonic product Please read these instructions carefully before using this product and save this manual for future use These operating instructions are intended to be used for two different models The explanations inside mainly focus on the SD 2501 model See P 2 for the differences in functions between the two This product is

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