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C o n f e r ence Chairman,Franco Bonollo DTG Universit di Padova Italy. S c i e n t i fic Committee, Diran Apelian WPI USA Roberto Molina Teksid Aluminum Italy. Lars Arnberg NTNU University of Trondheim Norway Amelia Montedoro F O M T Italy. Marcello Badiali Brabant Alucast Italy Claudio Mus AIM Italy. Franco Bonollo DTG Universit di Padova Italy Adel Nofal CMRDI Egypt. Carlos Caceres Brisbane University Australia Piero Parona Enginsoft Italy. Lorella Ceschini Universit di Bologna Italy Aldo Peli Consultant Italy. Gianluigi Chiarmetta Consultant Italy Michel Rappaz S wiss Federal Institute of Technology Switzerland. Mario Conserva Edimet Italy Farhad R za Aria Ecole des Mines France. Marisa Di Sabatino NTNU University of Trondheim Norway Roberto Roberti Universit degli Studi di Brescia Italy. Enrico Evangelista U niversit Politecnica delle Marche Ancona Italy Didier Rollez Grillo Werke Aktiengesellschaft Germany. Gian Luca Garagnani Universit di Ferrara Italy Mario Rosso Politecnico di Torino Italy. Elisabetta Gariboldi Politecnico di Milano Italy Ingvar L Svensson S chool of Engineering Joenkoeping University Sweden. John Jorstad JLJ Technologies USA Giulio Timelli DTG Universit di Padova Italy. Lothar Kallien University of Aalen Germany Alberto Tiziani DTG Universit di Padova Italy. Plato Kapranos The University of Sheffield UK Daniele Ugues Politecnico di Torino Italy. Wilfried Kurz S wiss Federal Institute of Technology Switzerland Maurizio Vedani Politecnico di Milano Italy. O r g a n i sing Committee, Federica Bassani Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia Italy Piero Parona Enginsoft Italy. Franco Bonollo DTG Universit di Padova Italy Giulio Timelli DTG Universit di Padova Italy. Throughout the years the High Tech Die Casting Conference whose first. meeting was held in Vicenza in 2002 has become a key event for the international. industrial and academic community involved in casting processes of light alloys. HTDC has grown steadily through the following Conferences organised in 2004. 2006 and 2008, Now due to the radical changes in the industrial scenario induced by a critical. economic situation it is clear that only the capability of integrating and applying. a wide range of information and technologies will offer light alloys foundries the. opportunity to be successful in a competition dominated international arena. To sustain the development of this capability HTDC 2012 intends to offer foundries. suppliers and end user a comprehensive overview on the innovations from. alloys to processes from design to applications which are available to face the. increasing demand for competitiveness efficiency high performance. The scientific and technical program of HTDC 2012 was elaborated by a Scientific. Committee representing the most esteemed International Technical Associations. involved in Die Casting and related technologies HTDC 2012 will confirm itself. as an exhaustive Conference concerning scientific technical and management. innovations in the field of Pressure DieCasting including low and high pressure as. well as squeeze and semi solid technologies, Papers and contributions will be presented by a very qualified panel of experts both.
academic and industrial,Presentatio n,February 9 2012. program 9 30 Opening Ceremonies,9 45 Opening Lecture. Thixoforming A201 aluminium alloy is there a future in aerospace applications. P Kapranos The University of Sheffield Sheffield UK. 10 30 Overview of Poster Session, SESSION I EVALUATING THE POTENTIAL OF DIECASTING ALLOYS. Chairman Gian Luca Garagnani,10 45 Keynote, State of the art characterization tools for Al foundry alloys. M Di Sabatino S Akhtar L Arnberg Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU Trondheim Norway. 11 10 he synthesis of die castable nano particle reinforced aluminum matrix composite materials by in situ. gas liquid reactions, C Borgonovo M M Makhlouf Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester USA.
11 30 Influence of natural ageing on the artificial ageing response of Al Si casting alloys. E Sj lander S Seifeddine J nk ping University School of Engineering J nk ping Sweden. 11 50 Creep behaviour of deep cryogenic treated AZ91 magnesium alloy. E Gariboldi Q Ge N Lecis Politecnico di Milano Milano Italy. S Spigarelli M El Mehtedi Universit Politecnica delle Marche Ancona Italy. 12 10 Evaluation of anisotropic mechanical properties of die cast Zamak5. A Pola R Roberti Universit degli Studi di Brescia Brescia Italy. D Rollez Grillo Werke Aktiengesellschaft Duisburg Germany. 12 30 Welcome buffet,SESSION II ADVANCED HPDC TOOLING AND EQUIPMENTS. Chairman Piero Parona,14 00 Keynote, High thermal conductivity tool steels for die casting. I Valls A Hamasaiid Rovalma S A Terrassa Spain,H Eibisch R Heid AUDI AG Ingolstadt Germany. D Casellas S Molas CTM Technological Centre Manresa Spain. 14 25 Heat treatment and surface treatments for die casting aluminum dies. A Magnacca Bodycote Italia Gorgonzola Italy, 14 45 The tool steel producer s contribution to successful die casting of structural components. I Schruff Kind Co Wiehl Germany, 15 05 Shot sleeve and plunger technology Strategic choice for production of high quality castings.
A Peli AR Consult di Peli Aldo C Manerba del Garda Italy. D Brondolin Brondolin Cassano Magnago Italy,15 25 Coffee break. 16 00 ox OL 4200 S HPDC structural components machine injection characteristics and process control features. R Boni Idra Group Travagliato Italy, 16 20 Optimization of die venting design through analytical calculations. A Panvini Universit di Brescia Brescia Italy,C Gislon Co Stamp Sirone Italy. 16 40 he ultimate die cast tooling system plungers and shot sleeves in the high quality die casting with vacuum. F Miglierina Omina Tecno Gallarate Italy, 17 00 HPDC simulation for the right machine Less pressure less force less energy less cost. L Valente Ecotre Brescia Italy, 17 20 he automation for the production of structural and complex geometry castings different solutions.
in die and gravity casting Current constraints and future opportunities. E Codenotti Gauss Automazione Rodengo Saiano Italy. A Locati Italpresse Capriano del Colle Italy,20 00 Conference Dinner 5. February 10 2012,9 00 Opening Lecture, Production of hollow components in HPDC through the use of ceramic lost cores. R Molina Teksid Aluminum Carmagnola Italy,R Moschini MAPROF Bologna Italy. SESSION III FOUNDRY OF THE FUTURE,Chairman Lars Arnberg. 9 45 Keynote, High pressure die casting contradictions and challenges.
F Bonollo G Timelli Universit di Padova DTG Vicenza Italy. N Gramegna Enginsoft Padova Italy, 10 10 he use of metal treatment to control the quality of an aluminium casting produced by the high pressure. diecasting process,R Kendrick Foseco Europe Tamworth England. G Muneratti S Consoli Vesuvius Foundry Division Vermezzo Italy. F Voltazza Saen Brugine Italy,10 30 Coffee break, 11 00 How to reduce the flash formation deformation analysis about a LPDC mold in a thermal steady state. D Bianchi L Pirola Fonderie Mario Mazzucconi Ambivere Italy. 11 20 The scrap reduction in diecasting through automatic optimization analysis. A Garlet Ferroli Alano di Piave Italy,G Scarpa N Gramegna Enginsoft Padova Italy. 11 40 Innovative solutions for HPDC of aluminium alloys. N Basile V Ilotte Fonderie 2A Santena Italy, 12 00 Advancements on the rheocasting route toward thin and thick automotive parts.
M Rosso I Peter Politecnico di Torino Torino Italy. G Chiarmetta Consultant Torino Italy,I Gattelli ATS Lugo Ravenna Italy. 12 20 Lunch,SESSION IV DIECASTINGS WITH ENGINEERED SURFACES. Chairman Mario Rosso,13 45 Keynote, Relation between die surface temperature and paint adhesion a case history. F Cecchetto C Raone S Salini Motultech Baraldi Castel San Pietro Italy. 14 10 Performance of plasma electroxidation coatings for light alloys. R Bayon A Igartua Tekniker ik4 Guip zcoa Spain, 14 30 The new italian standard on painted aluminium diecastings guidelines and examples. R Boi Qualital Novara Italy, 14 50 Influence of injection parameters on the final surface quality of Al Si Cu die cast components.
D Casari M Merlin G L Garagnani Universit di Ferrara Ferrara Italy. 15 10 Cold spray technology for maintenance and repair of aluminium alloys aeronautical components. S Vezz S Rech A Trentin Associazione CIVEN Marghera Italy. 15 30 BEST POSTER AWARD AND CLOSING OF THE CONFERENCE. Effect of Al 3Ti 0 15C grain refiner and Al 10Sr modifier New approach for the synthesis of Al based cellular. on A356 alloy slurry cast by RSF process materials. A Sharma Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur S Vezz S Rech A Trentin Associazione CIVEN Marghera. India Italy,F Bonollo Universit di Padova DTG Vicenza Italy. poster session,Bee colony algorithm in robot automation. of metalcasting foundry Computed tomography as a promising solution. R S Wadhwa T Lien NTNU Trondheim Norway for industrial quality control how accurate is it. S Carmignato Universit di Padova DTG Vicenza Italy. Iron foundry automation, R S Wadhwa NTNU Trondheim Norway Design and realization of a experimental cold crucible. levitation melting system for light alloys, Structural components with vacuum tecnology in HPDC G Timelli G Chitarin A Tiziani F Bonollo Universit. LPDC and gravity die casting di Padova DTG Vicenza Italy. L Valente Ecotre Brescia Italy,Prediction of tensile properties of cast Al Si Mg.
Micromechanical analysis of residual thermal stresses automotive components. in an uni directional composite An Morri L Ceschini Al Morri SMETEC Dept of Metallurgy. M Khaldi University of Mascara Mascara Algeria Bologna Italy. Z Sereier University of Science and Technology Mohamed I Todaro DIEM Dept of Mechanical Engineering Constructions. Boudiaf Oran Algeria Bologna Italy, Aluminium based components with enhanced Advances in the determination of hydrogen. characteristics through advances squeeze casting concentrations in aluminium alloys. process G Muneratti Vesuvius Foundry Division Vermezzo Italy. M Rosso I Peter Politecnico di Torino Torino Italy. R Molina Teksid Aluminum Carmagnola Italy Friction stir processing for localized strengthening. A Montedoro G Tonno F O M T Grugliasco Italy of die cast components. P Claus Tecnopres Chieri Italy N Sun D Apelian Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester USA. Optimization of a step casting die geometry to evaluate Automatic working cells with two platen diecasting. the potential mechanical performance of AM60B machines advantages and technological innovations. magnesium alloys to produce automotive structural safety complex. N Facchinelli G Timelli Universit di Padova DTG Vicenza Italy geometry and large castings. 8 L Trevisan EnginSoft Padova Italy A Albertini A Benini Italpresse Capriano del Colle Italy. CONFERENCE VENUE Conference Registration fees include admit FF Students will have to provide valid proof. The conference will be held at University of tance to technical sessions Conference bag of student status Student registration fee includes. Padova buildings in Vicenza Viale Margher with CD Rom proceedings coffee breaks admittance to technical sessions Conference bag. ita 87 Vicenza Italy welcome buffet 9 February lunch 10 Feb with CD Rom proceedings coffee breaks welcome. ruary and Conference dinner 9 February buffet 9 February and lunch 10 February It. general information, LANGUAGE For non members the fee includes AIM does not include the Conference dinner. English will be the official Conference lan Membership for the year 2012 Cumulative. guage A simultaneous translation service registrations for over 3 delegates from the ADVANCED REGISTRATION. English Italian will be provided same company will entitle to a discount of If you plan to attend please fill in the reg. 15 of the total amount Cumulative regis istration form on the conference website. PROCEEDINGS tration forms should be sent together www aimnet it htdc2012 htm or the en. The proceedings will be published on CD closed registration form and send in to the. Rom and issued to delegates on arrival at F Speakers are required to register and pay Conference Secretariat at your earliest con. the Conference the Conference registration fee not later than 15 venience but not later than January 13. December 2011 Otherwise their paper will be re 2012 Please use a separate form for each. REGISTRATION INFORMATION moved from the programme and the proceedings delegate Photocopies can be used Please. contact the Conference Secretariat by e, Registration Fees BEFORE January 13 2012 mail info aim aimnet it if possible. Standard Rates Aim Members Rates,Delegates Eur 460 Eur 380 PAYMENT AND REMITTANCE. Speakers F Academics by non transferable bank draft or cheque. Chairmen of the Session Eur 410 Eur 330 negotiable in Italy to the order of Associ. Students FF Eur 250 Free azione Italiana di Metallurgia AIM. by bank transfer to the order of Associazi, Revenue Stamp Included one Italiana di Metallurgia AIM at Banca.
Popolare Commercio e Industria Branch,Registration Fees After January 13 2012. no 2 Milano Account no 000000022325, Standard Rates Aim Members Rates Code ABI 05048 CAB 01602 CIN L. Delegates Eur 560 Eur 480 IBAN IT92L0504801602000000022325. Speakers F Academics swift code POCIITM1002 The transfer or. Chairmen of the Session Eur 510 Eur 430 der must specify the name of the delegate. Scientific Committee Diran Apelian WPI USA Lars Arnberg NTNU University of Trondheim Norway Marcello Badiali Brabant Alucast Italy Franco Bonollo DTG Universit di Padova Italy Carlos Caceres Brisbane University Australia Lorella Ceschini Universit di Bologna Italy Gianluigi Chiarmetta Consultant Italy Mario Conserva Edimet Italy

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