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Developed and published under contract with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction by. Data Recognition Corporation 13490 Bass Lake Road Maple Grove MN 55311 Copyright 2017. by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction All rights reserved Only State of Wisconsin. educators and citizens may copy download and or print the document located online at. https dpi wi gov assessment forward sample items Any other use or reproduction of this document. in whole or in part requires written permission of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction does not discriminate on the basis of sex race. color religion creed age national origin ancestry pregnancy marital status or parental status. sexual orientation or disability,Grade 4 Science Item Sampler ii. TABLE OF CONTENTS,SCIENCE ITEM SAMPLER OVERVIEW 1,Overview 1. Connection to the Standards 1,How Do I Use This Book 1. Professional Development 1,Improving Instruction 1. Student Practice 1,Test Preparation 2,Depth of Knowledge 3.
Item Types 4,Selected Response SR Items 4,Technology Enhanced TE Items 5. Text Dependent Analysis TDA Items 6,SCIENCE ITEMS SESSION 1 8. Scenario 1 8,Scenario 2 14,SCIENCE ITEMS SESSION 2 20. Scenario 1 20,Standalone Items 24,SCIENCE APPENDIX 28. Summary Data 28,Grade 4 Science Item Sampler iii,THIS PAGE IS.
INTENTIONALLY BLANK,Grade 4 Science Item Sampler iv. SCIENCE ITEM SAMPLER OVERVIEW, This document contains samples of scenarios and test items similar to those on the Wisconsin Forward. Science Exam Each sample test item has been through a rigorous review process by DRC Wisconsin. Educators and a third party to ensure alignment with the Wisconsin Academic Standards These items will. not be used on the state assessment and may therefore be used in Wisconsin for professional development. and student practice The items in this document illustrate a sample of the content and types of items that. students will encounter on the Forward Exam A Summary Data table in the Appendix section identifies the. alignment standard measured answer key depth of knowledge and annotations for each item. CONNECTION TO THE STANDARDS, Wisconsin Academic Standards for Science are available on the DPI webpage Test items require students to. prove their knowledge and abilities as stated in the standards. HOW DO I USE THIS BOOK,Professional Development, Sample items are useful as educators engage in conversations about what students are expected to know. and be able to do to demonstrate proficiency on the state assessments relative to the Wisconsin Academic. Standards Sample items can inform discussions about state and local standards curriculum instruction and. assessment,Improving Instruction, Teachers may use sample items in classroom activities that help students understand how to.
review key vocabulary,solve problems, determine which answer choices are correct which are incorrect and why. approach long and or multistep tasks,use good test taking strategies. Student Practice, Students may perform better and with less anxiety if they are familiar with the format of the test and with. the types of items they will be required to answer The Forward Exam is an online assessment students will. benefit from the use of the Online Tools Training in order to work within the system interface to answer items. as they will appear on the assessment as well as utilize the tools available to them in the online system. Note A student s score on the practice test cannot be converted to a scale score used to predict. performance on the Forward Exam or used to make inferences about the student s learning. Grade 4 Science Item Sampler 1,SCIENCE ITEM SAMPLER OVERVIEW. Test Preparation, While using the Item Sampler for test preparation care should be taken that this is done in a balanced manner.
and one that helps to enhance student knowledge of subject matter as well as test performance Please. note that test preparation is only useful to the extent that it is also teaching content area knowledge and. skills Therefore the use of this resource for test preparation is of limited value to students due to the narrow. opportunity for content learning It is very important to ensure that teachers are teaching to the curriculum. and not to the test as teaching to the test narrows the focus of instruction to only that content covered by the. Grade 4 Science Item Sampler 2, Hess Cognitive Rigor Matrix Curricular Examples Applying Webb s Depth of Knowledge Levels to Bloom s Cognitive Process Dimensions M Sci. Revised Bloom s Webb s DOK Level 1 Webb s DOK Level 2 Webb s DOK Level 3 Webb s DOK Level 4. Taxonomy Recall Reproduction Skills Concepts Strategic Thinking Reasoning Extended Thinking. Remember o Recall observe recognize, Retrieve knowledge from facts principles properties. long term memory recognize o Recall identify conversions. recall locate identify among representations or,numbers e g customary and. metric measures, Understand o Evaluate an expression o Specify and explain relationships o Use concepts to solve non routine o Relate mathematical or. Construct meaning clarify o Locate points on a grid or e g non examples examples problems scientific concepts to other. Grade 4 Science Item Sampler, paraphrase represent number line cause effect o Explain generalize or connect ideas content areas other domains.
translate illustrate give o Solve a one step problem o Make and record observations using supporting evidence or other concepts. examples classify categorize o Represent math relationships in o Explain steps followed o Make and justify conjectures o Develop generalizations of the. DEPTH OF KNOWLEDGE, summarize generalize infer a words pictures or symbols o Summarize results or concepts o Explain thinking when more than one results obtained and the. logical conclusion such as o Read write compare decimals o Make basic inferences or logical response is possible strategies used from. from examples given predict in scientific notation predictions from data observations o Explain phenomena in terms of investigation or readings and. compare contrast match like o Use models diagrams to represent concepts apply them to new problem. ideas explain construct or explain mathematical concepts situations. models o Make and explain estimates, Apply o Follow simple procedures o Select a procedure according to o Design investigation for a specific o Select or devise approach. Carry out or use a procedure recipe type directions criteria and perform it purpose or research question among many alternatives to. in a given situation carry out o Calculate measure apply a rule o Solve routine problem applying o Conduct a designed investigation solve a problem. apply to a familiar task or e g rounding multiple concepts or decision points o Use concepts to solve non routine o Conduct a project that. use apply to an unfamiliar o Apply algorithm or formula e g o Retrieve information from a table problems specifies a problem identifies. task area perimeter graph or figure and use it to solve a o Use show reasoning planning solution paths solves the. o Solve linear equations problem requiring multiple steps and evidence problem and reports results. o Make conversions among o Translate between tables graphs o Translate between problem. representations or numbers or words and symbolic notations e g symbolic notation when not a direct. within and between customary graph data from a table translation. and metric measures o Construct models given criteria. Analyze o Retrieve information from a table o Categorize classify materials data o Compare information within or o Analyze multiple sources of. Break into constituent parts or graph to answer a question figures based on characteristics across data sets or texts evidence. determine how parts relate o Identify whether specific o Organize or order data o Analyze and draw conclusions from o Analyze complex abstract. differentiate between information is contained in o Compare contrast figures or data data citing evidence themes. relevant irrelevant graphic representations e g o Select appropriate graph and o Generalize a pattern o Gather analyze and evaluate. distinguish focus select table graph T chart diagram organize display data o Interpret data from complex graph information. organize outline find o Identify a pattern trend o Interpret data from a simple graph o Analyze similarities differences. coherence deconstruct o Extend a pattern between procedures or solutions. SCIENCE ITEM SAMPLER OVERVIEW, Evaluate o Cite evidence and develop a logical o Gather analyze evaluate. Make judgments based on argument for concepts or solutions information to draw. criteria check detect o Describe compare and contrast conclusions. inconsistencies or fallacies solution methods o Apply understanding in a novel. judge critique o Verify reasonableness of results way provide argument or. justification for the application, Create o Brainstorm ideas concepts or o Generate conjectures or hypotheses o Synthesize information within one o Synthesize information across. Reorganize elements into perspectives related to a topic based on observations or prior data set source or text multiple sources or texts. new patterns structures knowledge and experience o Formulate an original problem given a o Design a mathematical model. generate hypothesize situation to inform and solve a practical. design plan construct o Develop a scientific mathematical or abstract situation. produce model for a complex situation, 2009 Karin K Hess permission to reproduce is given when authorship is fully cited khess nciea org.
SCIENCE ITEM SAMPLER OVERVIEW,ITEM TYPES, The Wisconsin Forward Exam has multiple types of test items However because this item sampler is in a. format that can be printed the majority of its items are multiple choice In the Forward Exam there will be a. more diverse array of item types including the ones described below. Selected Response SR Items, Selected Response SR items are an efficient method for measuring a broad range of content and can. be used to assess a variety of skills Three types of SR items are used on the online assessments. Multiple Choice MC Enhanced Selected Response ESR and Evidence Based Selected Response. EBSR In all cases SR items require that a student determines the correct answer s to the item posed from. a provided list While it is still possible for a student to perform some work directly related to determining. the correct answer the student is not required to generate the content of the answer when responding to. a Selected Response item An exception to this requirement is Mathematics Short Response Gridded. Response items where students will be required to enter a short alphanumeric response. Multiple Choice MC Items, Multiple Choice MC items on Wisconsin s assessments have four answer choices including three distractors. and one correct answer Distractors for Mathematics represent common misconceptions incorrect logic. incorrect application of an algorithm computational errors etc Distractors for English Language Arts ELA. are written to represent a common misinterpretation predisposition unsound reasoning casual reading. etc A correct response to an MC item is worth one raw point The process skills directives and action. statements within an MC item also specifically align with the Wisconsin Academic Standards Multiple Choice. items are present in all grades and are used with all content areas. Multiple Choice items can be further defined by being linked to or independent from a stimulus source. Items that operate independent of a stimulus are also known as stand alone MC Stand alone items may. still have tables graphs or other information used in support of the stem English Language Arts uses a. mixture of MC items linked to a stimulus passage and some that are stand alone For Mathematics all MC. items are considered stand alone,Enhanced Selected Response ESR Items. The Enhanced Selected Response ESR items are multi part autoscored items that may consist of varying. combinations of Multiple Choice Multiple Response Gridded Response Completion or Short Answer and. Technology Enhanced items that explore in greater depth and cognitive complexity the knowledge skills and. abilities specified by the standards of each content area Typically this item type has a common focus and. explores authentic problem solving skills An example of a Statistics and Probability Mathematics ESR item. would utilize a data table stimulus with Part A using a Technology Enhanced TE graphing tool to create a. bar graph of the data presented and Part B asking students to calculate the mean of the data using a. Short Response item, Two Part Evidence Based Selected Response EBSR Items.
The Evidence Based Selected Response EBSR items have two parts and are designed to elicit a response. based on what a student has read from a stimulus passage EBSR items may be linked to a stimulus passage. or to a stimulus passage set There are several variations of two part EBSR items but all two part EBSR. items have an Accuracy piece and an Evidence piece. Grade 4 Science Item Sampler 4,SCIENCE ITEM SAMPLER OVERVIEW. The Accuracy piece of the item is Part A Part A of a typical EBSR item will be similar to a standard MC test. item A student analyzes a passage and chooses a single best correct answer from four answer choices. Part B of a typical EBSR item will elicit evidence from the stimulus passage and will require that the student. as they will appear on the assessment as well as utilize the tools available to them in the online system Note Grade 4 Science Item Sampler 4 SCIENCE ITEM SAMPLER OVERVIEW ITEM TYPES The Wisconsin Forward Exam has multiple types of test items However because this item sampler is in a format that can be printed the majority of its items are multiple choice In the Forward Exam there

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