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You must read this Australia Awards,Pacific Scholarships Policy. Handbook carefully and fully,understand its contents before. signing the Contract with the,Commonwealth of Australia. The handbook is provided to answer any questions you may. have about your scholarship Please also read the other information. in your pre departure pack and follow the instructions carefully. For further assistance please contact DFAT at scholarshipsfiji dfat gov au. This work is copyright Apart from any use as permitted under the Copyrights Act 1968 no part may. be reproduced by any process without prior written permission from the Commonwealth Requests. and inquiries concerning reproduction and rights should be addressed to the Commonwealth. Copyright Administration Attorney General s Department Robert Garran Offices National Circuit. Barton ACT 2600 or posted at www ag gov au,ISBN 1 920861 77 7. Internet www dfat gov au,AUSTRALIA AWARDS PACIFIC SCHOLARSHIP CYCLE vii.
GLOSSARY OF TERMS AND ACRONYMS 8,1 Australia Awards 11. 1 1 Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships 12, 1 2 How to use this scholarships policy handbook 12. 1 3 Management responsibilities 14, 2 Applying for an Australia Awards Pacific Scholarship 16. 2 1 Eligibility criteria 16,2 2 Country and regional profiles 17. 2 3 English language requirements 17, 2 4 Finding an appropriate course and institution 18.
2 5 Types of courses available to applicants 19, 2 6 Types of courses for which Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships are not available 21. 2 7 Application process 21,3 Fraud 23,4 Selection 24. 4 1 Selection process and criteria 24,4 2 Reintegration plans 25. 4 3 Successful and reserve applicants 25,4 4 Advising applicants of selection outcomes 26. 5 Placement 26,5 1 Request for placement and placement offers 26.
5 2 Preparation programs 28,6 Accepting the scholarship and its conditions 29. 6 1 Accepting the scholarship 29,6 2 Scholarship conditions 30. 6 3 Child protection 33,6 4 Deferring an offer 34,7 Pre departure 35. 7 1 Pre departure information 35,7 2 Family 36,8 Visas 37. 8 1 Visa requirements for awardees 37, 8 2 Visa requirements for accompanying dependent family members 37.
8 3 Visa requirements for awardees with disability 37. 8 4 Visa requirements for the carer of an awardee with disability 38. 8 5 Visa obligations 38, 8 6 Applying for a further student visa extension 39. 8 7 Two year exclusion rule 39,8 8 Early completion of the scholarship 39. 8 9 Debt to the Commonwealth 40,9 Awardees with disability 41. 9 1 Support for people with disability 41,9 2 Applicants with disability 41. 9 3 Principles for providing disability support for Australia Awards Scholarship awardees 42. 9 4 Assessing disability support needs 43,9 5 Reasonable adjustments 44.
10 Scholarship fees and entitlements 47, 10 1 Summary of scholarship fees and entitlements 47. 10 2 Establishment allowance 49,10 3 Transition allowance 50. 10 4 Contribution to living expenses 50,10 5 Medical Cover 52. 10 6 Visa costs 52,10 7 Conditions that apply to travel 52. 10 8 Mobilisation travel 53,10 9 Reunion airfare 54.
10 10 Completion travel 55,11 General support services 56. 11 1 Standards for support services 56,11 2 Arrival in the study country 56. 11 3 Accommodation 56,12 Academic support 57,12 1 Introductory Academic Program 57. 12 2 Supplementary academic support 57,12 3 Fieldwork 58. 12 4 Fieldtrips 59,12 5 Work attachments 60,12 6 Work experience 60.
12 7 Academic progress 60,13 Variations to the terms of enrolment 62. 13 1 Scholarship conditions and terms of enrolment 62. 13 2 Withdrawals 63,13 3 Extensions 64,13 4 Suspensions 65. 13 5 Transfers 67,13 6 Upgrades 69,13 7 Reductions 70. 13 8 Entitlement variations 71,13 9 Terminations 71. 14 Welfare Incidents 73,14 1 What is a Welfare Incident 73.
14 2 DFAT Notification and Procedure for Welfare Incidents 73. 14 3 Principles for managing welfare incidents 74,14 4 Welfare Incident General Responsibilities 75. 14 5 Conflict Harassment and Bullying 76, 14 6 Health Issues and Scheduled Hospitalisations 78. 14 7 Death of an awardee s family member 79,14 8 Pregnancy 80. 14 9 Referral to Counselling Services 81,14 10 Victim of Crime Overseas 81. 14 11 Absent awardee 81,15 Critical incidents 82,15 1 What is a critical incident 81.
15 2 Role of Regional Scholarships Team RST 82,15 3 Notification of critical incidents 82. 15 4 Principles for managing critical incidents 84. 15 5 Critical incident response and management 85, 15 6 Awardees who are victims of or charged with a crime while on award 87. 15 7 Unexpected or emergency hospitalisation of an awardee 88. 15 8 Death of an Australia Awards Pacific Scholarship awardee 89. 16 Natural Disasters 91,16 1 Types of natural disasters 91. 16 2 Natural disasters Critical Incidents 91,16 3 Natural disasters Welfare Incidents 91. 16 4 Natural disasters in the study country 91, 16 5 Natural disasters in an awardee s home country 92.
17 Return home 94,17 1 Finalisation of studies 94,17 2 Return home briefing 94. 17 3 Final departure date 95, 17 4 Remaining in Australia after the scholarship end date 95. 17 5 Returning home due to illness or accident 96,17 6 Awardees who are unfit to travel 99. 17 7 Finalisation and completion of a scholarship record in OASIS 100. 17 8 Requests for academic transcripts 100,18 Alumni 101. APPENDIX A Proformas for reunion airfare travel 102. APPENDIX B Critical Incident report 104,APPENDIX C DFAT No Objection Letter 104.
APPENDIX D AAPS institution websites 105,AUSTRALIA AWARDS PACIFIC SCHOLARSHIP CYCLE. PROGRAM AWARDEE ARRIVAL,PROMOTION PRE DEPARTURE,CREATION SELECTION ENROLEMENT. DFAT Suva Post Program Areas Applicant Awardees RP and Institutions provide Program Awardees. Submit application form Areas with pre departure materials Arrive in time to undertake an. Suva Post Applicants learn about Australia DFAT SPs. Short listed applicants are Introductory Academic Program and. Develop policy guidelines Awards through advertisement interviewed Notify applicants of selection. commence their nominated course, Develop and manage scholarship employer newspaper radio media Awardees accept offer outcomes. Arrange in country language training at host institution. online systems releases etc Scholarships and Alumni Branch. Receiving Post Sending Posts SPs Provide on demand assistance to SPs learning support and or other. for selection processes assistance Institutions, Manage contracts with Conduct in country promotion. DFAT SPs Arrange awardees travel assist with Assist awardees to become settled. stakeholders where applicable targeting candidates in fields that. Receive enquiries and applications health checks and liaison with RPs for on arrival in study country. Manage on award students align with the country s development Conduct eligibility checks visa requirements Provide an Introductory Academic. Sending Post objectives shortlisting Work with institutions on Program. Incorporate feedback from alumni Arrange selection processes requirements for awardees with Provide awardees with assistance to. into program creation Check application documents disability special needs select appropriate subjects. Request placements at institutions Provide pre departure briefings. Establish desired program Institutions,Notify institutions of awardees with.
outcomes disability special needs Administer placement offers. Promotional activities,Liaise with partner governments to. MONITORING GRADUATION SUPPLEMENTARY COURSE,EVALUATION RETURN HOME ACTIVITIES OUTCOMES. Awardees Awardees Awardees Awardees Institutions or MC. Awardees participate in on course Participate in alumni associations Upon completion of studies return Participate in further education and Monitor awardee progress including. and post course surveys promotional activities selection to home country for at least 2 years professional development activities formal surveys. DFAT SPs panels and pre departure briefings Identify and address any issues that. Conduct tracer studies to measure for new awardees DFAT SPs may affect awardees ability to. Scholarships and Alumni Branch, effectiveness of scholarships Act as ambassadors to promote the Establish contact with new returnees complete their nominated course. Australia Awards in the wider Assist Program areas with advice and Notify RP of any awardee welfare or. including linkage and leadership and provide reintegration assistance. guidance on reintegration policy, outcomes community Provide access to the Australia critical incidents that may affect an. where possible awardee s capacity to successfully,Program Areas Awards Alumni Network AAAN.
Conduct reviews and evaluations as DFAT SPs Assist partner organisations in complete their scholarship. Provide professional assistance to Institutions or MC Develop variations for SP approval. required implementing reintegration plans, returned awardees through the Provide support services as part of Provide for academic and welfare. where possible, Alumni Associations their international student program support needs of awardees including. Monitoring and evaluation at all, stages of the cycle feed into program Scholarships and Alumni Branch Institutions or MC disability special needs. Provide funding for development of Arrange awardees return travel DFAT SPs. design selection and appointment, Alumni Associations Notify Program Areas of awardees Authorise variations. and provides the basis for reporting to,departure dates.
the Minister and Parliament Provide advice and assistance on. reintegration in home country,GLOSSARY OF TERMS AND ACRONYMS. Academic year Australia s academic year is the same as the calendar year. Alumni Alumni are defined as Australia Awards recipients who have successfully. completed their scholarship and returned home, Applicant A person who has applied for but has not yet received a DFAT funded. scholarship, Arrival date The day on which an awardee arrives in the study country at the. commencement of their scholarship and registers their arrival with their. institution, Articulating course A course of study which progresses to another course of study at a. higher qualification level Also known as a package program e g. Postgraduate Diploma articulating to a Masters, Australia Awards A person in receipt of a DFAT funded scholarship.
Scholarship, Commencement The date the award commences which is the date that the awardee. date departs the home country, Contribution to A fortnightly payment to awardees during the scholarship at a rate. living expenses determined by DFAT sometimes referred to as Stipend. Deferral Where an awardee delays the commencement date of their scholarship. up to 12 months, Dependant Spouse a person you are married to or a de facto partner including. same sex partner or children under 18 years of age. DFAT Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Establishment A one off allowance paid to each new awardee when they commence. allowance their scholarship to contribute to their start up costs. Extension Any increase in the length of an Australia Awards Pacific Scholarship. Field of study The vocational area of specialisation or principal subject matter of an. Australia Awards Pacific Scholarship awardee s course e g agriculture. health etc,Page 8 of 107, Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships Policy Handbook December 2015.
A Applicant Awardee S Sending Post SP I Institution R Receiving Post RP. Fieldtrip A short class based excursion for the purposes of education or research. to provide awardees with experiences outside their everyday course. activities, Fieldwork Research or attachment usually undertaken in the home country as part. of an awardee s study program Fieldwork can also be undertaken in. the study country, Foundation An intensive study program of up to 12 months offered to. program undergraduate awardees who do not meet the required standard for. direct entry into their chosen course, Introductory A program provided by the institution to orient new awardees to the. Academic Program institution and its surroundings before they commence their academic. International An international standardised test of English language proficiency which. English Language is accepted by regional institutions It could also be an eligibility. Testing System requirement for Pacific institutions. In country In the applicant s home country not in the study country. Institution Tertiary education institution providing education services to DFAT. Long term award An award scholarship supporting studies of more than six months. towards a qualification, Managing A person or organisation that is contracted by a DFAT Program Area to. contractor MC manage the implementation of scholarships. OASIS Online Australia Awards Scholarships Information System. Panel Group of people drawn together for the purposes of selecting and or. interviewing awardees, Partner A government that has an agreement relating to Australia Awards.
government Pacific Scholarships with Australia, Pre course English An intensive English program provided to awardees who need additional. English language skills before starting their qualification studies. Placement offer An offer of enrolment made by the institution to the awardee The. Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships Policy Handbook December 2015 A Applicant Awardee S Sending Post SP I Institution R Receiving Post RP Fieldtrip A short class based excursion for the purposes of education or research to provide awardees with experiences outside their everyday course activities Fieldwork Research or attachment usually undertaken in the home country as

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