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ALSO B Y PATRICIA CORNWELL,SCARPETTA SERIES,The Bone Bed. Port Mortuary,The Scarpetta Factor,Book of the Dead. The Last Precinct,Black Notice,Point of Origin,Unnatural Exposure. Cause of Death,From Potter s Field,The Body Farm,Cruel and Unusual. All That Remains,Body of Evidence,Postmortem,NONFICTION.
Portrait of a Killer Jack the Ripper Case Closed,ANDY B RAZIL SERIES. Isle of Dogs,Southern Cross,Hornet s Nest,WIN G ARANO SERIES. B IOG RAPHY,Ruth A Portrait The Story of Ruth Bell Graham. OTHER WORKS, Food to Die For Secrets from Kay Scarpetta s Kitchen. Life s Little Fable,Scarpetta s W inter Table,G P PUTNAM S SONS.
Publishers Since 1838,Published by the Penguin Group. Penguin Group USA LLC,375 Hudson Street,New York New York 10014. USA Canada UK Ireland Australia New Zealand India South Africa China. penguin com,A Penguin Random House Company,Copy right 2013 by Cornwell Entertainment Inc. Penguin supports copy right Copy right fuels creativity encourages diverse voices promotes free. speech and creates a vibrant culture Thank y ou for buy ing an authorized edition of this book and. for comply ing with copy right laws by not reproducing scanning or distributing any part of it in. any form without permission You are supporting writers and allowing Penguin to continue to. publish books for every reader, Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data. Cornwell Patricia Daniels,Dust Patricia Cornwell,ISBN 978 1 101 63642 8.
1 Scarpetta Kay Fictitious character Fiction 2 Medical examiners Law Fiction 3. Forensic pathologists Fiction 4 Murder victims Massachusetts Cambridge Fiction 5 Serial. murders Washington D C Fiction 6 Cambridge Mass Fiction 7 Washington D C. Fiction I Title,PS3553 0692D87 2013 2013030232,813 54 dc23. Endpaper artwork created by Nicole LaRoche Building image by Sue Courtney Helicopter image. by Len Jennings creative director for American Eurocopter Sky image courtesy of istock. This is a work of fiction Names characters places and incidents either are the product of the. author s imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or. dead businesses companies events or locales is entirely coincidental. you are the best of everything,Also by Patricia Cornwell. Title Page,Dedication,Chapter 10,Chapter 11,Chapter 12. Chapter 13,Chapter 14,Chapter 15,Chapter 16,Chapter 17. Chapter 18,Chapter 19,Chapter 20,Chapter 21,Chapter 22.
Chapter 23,Chapter 24,Chapter 25,Chapter 26,Chapter 27. Chapter 28,Chapter 29,Chapter 30,Chapter 31,Chapter 32. Chapter 33,Chapter 34,Chapter 35,Chapter 36,Chapter 37. Chapter 38,Chapter 39,Chapter 40,Chapter 41,Chapter 42. Chapter 43,Chapter 44,Chapter 45,I will show you fear in a handful of dust.
T S E LIOT The W aste Land 1922,CAMB RIDG E M ASSACHUSETTS. WEDNESDAY DECEMB ER 19, The clangor of the phone violates the relentless roll of rain beating. the roof like drumsticks I sit straight up in bed my heart leaping. in my chest like a startled squirrel as I glance at the illuminated. display to see who it is, What s up There is nothing in my voice when I greet Pete. M arino It can t be good at this hour, M y rescued greyhound Sock presses closer to me and I place. my hand on his head to calm him Switching on a lamp I retrieve a. pad of call sheets and a pen from a drawer as M arino starts in. about a dead body discovered several miles from here at the. M assachusetts Institute of Technology M IT, Out in the mud at one end of the athletic fields what s called.
Briggs Field She was found about thirty minutes ago he says. I m on my way to where she probably disappeared from then. heading to the scene It s being secured until you get there. M arino s big voice is the same as if nothing has happened between. I almost can t believe it, I m not sure why you re calling me He shouldn t but I know. his reason Technically I m not back to work Technically I m. still out sick I sound polite enough and calm just a little hoarse. You d be better off calling Luke or, You re going to want to take care of this one Doc It s going. to be a PR nightmare and you sure as hell don t need another one. He s wasted no time alluding to my weekend in Connecticut. that was all over the news and I m not going to discuss it with him. He s calling me because he can and he ll probe where he wants and. do as he wishes to make sure I know that after a decade of taking. orders from me the roles suddenly are reversed He s in charge I m. not That s the world according to Pete M arino,Whose PR nightmare And PR s not my job I add. A dead body on the M IT campus is everybody s nightmare. I ve got a bad feeling about this I would have gone with you if. you d asked You shouldn t have gone by yourself He s talking. about Connecticut again and I pretend I don t hear it Really you. should have asked me, You don t work for me anymore That s why I didn t ask. It s as much as I m going to say to him,I m sorry about what it must have put you through.
I m sorry about what it put the entire world through I cough. several times and reach for water Do we have an ID I rearrange. pillows behind me Sock s narrow head finding my thigh. Possibly a twenty two year old grad student named Gail. A grad student where,M IT computer engineering Reported missing around. midnight last seen at the Psi Bar, M y niece s favorite hangout The thought disconcerts me The. bar is located near M IT and caters to artists physicists and. computer wizards like Lucy Now and then she and her partner. Janet take me there for Sunday brunch, I m familiar with the place is all I offer this man who has. abandoned me and I know I m better off,If only it felt like it. Apparently Gail Shipton was there late yesterday afternoon. with a girlfriend who claims that at around five thirty Gail s phone. rang She went outside so she could hear better and never came. back You shouldn t have gone to Connecticut alone At least I. could have driven you M arino says and he s not going to ask. how I m doing after what he s caused by walking off the job so he. could start over, He s a cop again He sounds happy The hell with how I feel.
about the way he did it All he wants to know about is. Connecticut It s what everyone wants to know about and I didn t. give a single interview and it s not the sort of thing to talk about I. wish to hell he hadn t brought it up It s like something hideous I d. filed in a back drawer and now it s in front of me again. The friend didn t think it was unusual or reason for concern. that this person she was with went out to talk on the phone and. never came back I m on autopilot able to do my job while I try. not to care about M arino anymore, All I know is when Gail quit answering her phone or texts the. girlfriend got worried something bad happened Already he s on a. first name basis with this missing woman who may be dead. Already they ve bonded He s sunk his hooks into the case and. he s not about to let go, Then when it got to be midnight and still no word she started. trying to find her he says The friend s name is Haley. What else do you know about Haley Swanson and what do. you mean by girlfriend, It was a very preliminary call What he s really saying is he. doesn t know much at all because what Haley Swanson reported. likely wasn t taken very seriously at the time, Does it bother you that she wasn t worried earlier I ask If. Gail was last seen at five thirty some six or seven hours passed. before her girlfriend called the police, You know how the students are around here Drinking they.
go off with someone they don t keep track or notice shit. Was Gail the type to go off with someone, I got a lot of questions to ask if it turns out the way I suspect. It sounds like we don t know a whole hell of a lot Even as I. say it I know I shouldn t, I didn t talk to Haley Swanson very long He s starting to. sound defensive We don t officially take missing person reports. Then how is it you talked to her, First she called nine one one and was told to come to the. department and fill out a report and that s standard You come in. and do it in person He s gotten loud enough that I have to turn. the volume down on my phone Then she calls back a little later. and asks for me by name I talked to her for a few minutes but. didn t take her all that seriously If she was so worried come fill. out the report ASAP We re open twenty four seven, M arino s been with the Cambridge police but a few weeks and. it strikes me as almost unbelievable that a stranger would request. him by name Instantly I m suspicious of Haley Swanson but it. won t do any good to say it M arino s not going to listen if he. thinks I m trying to tell him how to do his job,Did she sound upset I ask.
A lot of people sound upset when they call the police but it. doesn t mean what they re saying is true Ninety nine times out of. a hundred missing students aren t missing These types of calls. aren t exactly uncommon around here,Do we have an address for Gail Shipton. Those really nice condos near the Charles Hotel He gives me. ALSO BY PATRICIA CORNWELL SCARPETTA SERIES The Bone Bed Red Mist Port Mortuary The Scarpetta Factor Scarpetta Book of the Dead Predator Trace Blow Fly The Last Precinct Black Notice Point of Origin Unnatural Exposure Cause of Death From Potter s Field The Body Farm Cruel and Unusual All That Remains Body of Evidence Postmortem NONFICTION Portrait of a Killer Jack the Ripper Case Closed

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