Savour the atmosphere and sense of remoteness to be Stone

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WALK 8 Stone in Oxney,Location Stone in Oxney,Distance 3 2 miles 5 1km. Time allow 2 hours,Explorer Map 125,Terrain rough grazing pasture slopes and. some roadway,Parking on road at Stone in Oxney,Stone in Oxney. Refreshments and facilities Public house,in Stone in Oxney and neighbouring. Public transport for information about,local bus and train services in Kent.
contact Traveline tel 0870 6082608,www traveline org uk. Crown copyright 100019238,Step count approx 6 400,explore the Saxon Shore Way. Wide skies and the unusual quality of the light enhance panoramic and dramatic. views over the Rother Levels This is a tranquil and relaxing walk heading over the. cliffs which once marked the edge of the sea and on to classic Romney Marsh sheep. farming pasture, From Stone in Oxney village head to the This walk offers plenty of opportunities to discover. picturesque 15th century St Mary s Church the less familiar plants animals and insects thriving. Continue up Church Hill before branching off onto on this large area of reclaimed land and along the. farmland and the top of Stone Cliff 54m 150ft banks of the canal. above sea level,Few walkers will leave the waterside without 63. Wildlife thrives in the many ditches draining this spotting a mute swan moorhen or grey heron. rich arable land Before crossing the Kent Ditch Kingfishers are regularly seen in summer as are. the boundary between the counties of Kent and dragonflies. East Sussex look back to see hedgerows lining the, ancient cliffs like soldiers on guard However not all the most widespread species to be.
discovered on the marsh are native For example, The route follows along the banks of the Royal the marsh frog frequently called the laughing frog. Military Canal a major fortification designed to because of its rather unusual croak can be found. keep Napoleon s forces at bay The historic canal is right across Romney Marsh Today s population. a Scheduled Monument It now plays an important came from just 12 Hungarian frogs introduced to a. role in keeping the marshes drained and is very garden pond in Stone in Oxney in 1932 The frogs. popular locally for fishing escaped on to the marsh and have flourished ever. Leave the banks of the canal at Stone Bridge and, turn back uphill heading across the fields to return Full details of all the work being done to protect. to St Mary s and preserve the wildlife that thrives on Romney. Marsh can be found at the website of the Romney,Marsh Countryside Project www rmcp co uk. explore the Saxon Shore Way,look out for,WALK 8 Stone in Oxney. 15th century St Mary s Church,Royal Military Canal did you know.
Water voles Ratty from Kenneth Graeme s,Wind in the Willows and marsh frogs. The Roman ragstone altar at St Mary s,Church Stone in Oxney features carvings of. mute swans grey herons moorhens Mithras the Bull,kingfishers damselflies and dragonflies. Wealthy landowners employed lookers to care, Yellow flag iris and fringed water lilies for their flocks of sheep grazing on Romney. World War II pillboxg,Marsh Lookers huts small brick built houses.
with tiled roofs and a single chimney were used,by shepherds across the marsh from the 18th. Laughing frogs have flourished on century,Romney Marsh since they were first. introduced in 1932 The Kent Ditch is the boundary between the. counties of Kent and East Sussex,The Royal Military Canal and the Caledonian. Canal are the only two wholly state funded,canals to have been built in Britain Today the. Royal Military Canal is important for draining,the marshes.
Appledore was originally a port on the,estuary of the River Rother The village now. stands more than eight miles 12 8km from,Romney Marsh provides the setting for author. Russell Thorndyke s popular character Dr Syn,a vicar by day and a hard hearted smuggler. explore the Saxon Shore Way,WALK 8 Stone in Oxney,StMary sChurch. Start Finish,Crown copyright 100019238,Kilometres 0 5 1 Saxon Shore Way Public House.
relax under wide skies Savour the atmosphere and sense of remoteness to be enjoyed on Romney Marsh throughout the year WALK 8 Stone in Oxney explore the Saxon Shore Way 62 explore the Saxon Shore Way 62 WALK 8 Stone in Oxney Location Distance 3 2 miles 5 1km Stone in Oxney Time allow 2 hours Explorer Map 125 Terrain rough grazing pasture slopes and some roadway Stiles 11 Parking on

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