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Dear Book Club Coordinator, Here at Penguin Young Readers Group we are calling Summer 2013 The Summer. of Sarah The beloved bestseller Sarah Dessen will be publishing her 11th book this. summer which takes place in one of her fans favorite settings the fictional beach. town of Colby Dessen s latest novel The Moon and More will be hitting the shelves. this June and she will be touring in schools and bookstores all across the country to. connect with her fans new and old, In anticipation of a local visit or in lieu of meeting the author in person we have. assembled your Summer of Sarah book club kit to welcome readers in your. community into your local book club meetings all summer long With Penguin s. Summer of Sarah book club kit you can hold discussions about specific Dessen titles. or more thematic sessions on a variety of topics such as relationships moving away. loss and letting go and change which everyone can relate to. Since the summer is time for teens to let go of the worries and stress of the school. year this book club kit also includes fun quizzes a recipe from Sarah s favorite. summer treats and playlists handpicked by Sarah herself Tailor your book club in. whatever format best fits your participants and have a fun filled summer with Sarah. Tips for your event, Try to have the event in a quiet area The easier it is to hear one another the. Outline basic etiquette Remind everyone to be polite and nice No one should feel. uncomfortable in a book discussion, Let it be known that it is okay to disagree It s always more interesting to share. and hear different points of view, Use icebreakers to get attendees acquainted with one another Readers might.
be coming from different places and might not know one another What better. way to get them past their initial shyness than finding out interesting bits of. information about each person,TRY USING THESE ICEBREAKERS. Which Sarah Dessen character would you go out to dinner with if you had the chance. Which Sarah Dessen character are you most like, Provide snacks for the event Recipes from Sarah included. Play a game While the focus should be on discussing the book s switching. attention over to a game will prevent the conversation from dropping off and. provide for a different kind of fun Whether it be trivia questions or a board game. it s a good way to close a book discussion, 1 Connect with Sarah online at sarah land com and sarahdessen com. and join the conversation at sarah land ning com,Table of Contents. The Moon and More playlist 3,Quizzes 4 8,Book Club Discussion Topics 9 10.
Magic Cookie Bars, I can t take credit for this recipe It s all over the Internet and used to. be on the back of Eagle Brand Condensed Milk cans But my mom. used to make these and lately I went through a period where I got. into doing it as well Then I got a bit out of control eating them for. breakfast So you ve been warned It s a slippery slope. 1 stick margarine,1 5 graham cracker crumbs, Preheat oven to 350o Melt margarine over medium heat in a. saucepan Mix in the graham cracker crumbs and stir until moist. 1 small bag chocolate chips Grease bottom of a 9x9 pan then pat crumb mixture into the. 14 oz can condensed milk bottom of it using a spatula to pack it down Cook in oven 5. 1 c coconut minutes Remove then spread chocolate chips over bottom. 2 small bags chopped pecans layer followed by nuts and coconut Pour condensed milk over. the top I use less than the whole can but that s my preference. Bake 30 minutes then remove and let set before chilling in. fridge 1 2 hours Enjoy, Connect with Sarah online at sarah land com and sarahdessen com 2. and join the conversation at sarah land ning com,The Moon and More Playlist. Straight from Sarah s iPod, 1 Emaline Ben Folds Five When I start having ideas for a book the name of the.
narrator comes first Sometimes it s instantly perfect but others I have to figure out. the spelling and how I think it would be pronounced I wasn t sure how I wanted to. spell Emaline s name until I found this song by Ben Folds Five And I just knew. 2 Free Girl Now Tom Petty The Heartbreakers A lot of this book is about. breaking free of expectations and other things that might limit what you can and. do end up accomplishing in this life Plus this is a great kiss off song and you can. never have enough of those, 3 Walk Foo Fighters Another great song about starting over and making changes. Plus no one rocks like the Foo Fighters, 4 Shake It Out Florence the Machine I started writing The Moon and More in the. winter of 2011 then had to set it aside to go on tour to promote What Happened. to Goodbye Traveling and meeting my readers is always so fun but it s hard to. be away from my family and there were certain times I was just exhausted and. homesick This song was my therapy for MONTHS when those feelings hit and I still. put it on when I need to remember it s always darkest before the dawn It always. does the trick, 5 The Church of Everybody Else Ben Lee I love all things Ben Lee but the title. of this song is what really got me Like Emaline I ve spent too much time worrying. about what other people think of me and my choices but it s also scary to decide. not to worry about other people s opinions because then no one is accountable but. you It s about a balance between the two and like Emaline I m still trying to find it. 6 Leaving New York R E M A great song about coming to realizations about. what a person can do for you as well as finally getting the things they just won t be. capable of no matter how much you wish things were different. 7 Daughter Loudon Wainwright III Emaline talks a lot in this book about the. difference in her mind between her father and her dad This song sums up. parenthood to me especially that sense of wonder I still feel at times about my own. little girl That s my daughter in the water Who d have ever thought her. 8 Silver Blue Gold Bad Company I listened to so much classic rock when I was. in high school it was the soundtrack to my entire experience I was driving one day. and this song came on I hadn t heard it in years and it just brought back SO much. especially my senior year when I went through a really brutal breakup read I got. dumped My heart was just broken and hearing this song after all those years. Don t forsake me cause I love you brought back all that pain in one big wave I. was dealing with some sad stuff in Emaline s story as well and it just made me get it. that much more Music has that kind of power Thank goodness. 9 Dreaming Blondie The chorus says it all Dreaming is free Emaline s limited by. a lot of things in this story money family people who aren t who she wishes they. could be but in the end I think she still ends up in a good place You can t stop. hoping and wishing and just thinking things will and can happen What s the harm in. it After all it doesn t cost anything, 3 Download The Moon and More playlist at sarah land com. Which Dessen Girl Are You Most Like, Fill out the survey below add your scores 10 16 points Ruby Lock Key.
A Ruby to the core you are independent, together and find out which Sarah Dessen You are a go getter and don t need help from. character you are most like anyone when it comes to meeting your goals. But don t let your independence close you off,A little help from an unlikely place may be just. You are always the first what you need Try letting your guard down. and look for the good in people rather than,to volunteer for the pep rally their motives. no way 1 2 3 4 5 absolutely,17 22 points Remy This Lullaby. Known for being calm cool and collected you, You like to make lists and are pride yourself on being realistic You know that.
always on top of your assignments things don t always work out especially when. it comes to love and some people may even, no way 1 2 3 4 5 absolutely call you cynical But like Remy don t be afraid. to take a chance While the end result may not,come out as you hoped it s the chances you take. Making people happy that make the journey worthwhile. is important to you,23 29 points Halley Someone Like You. no way 1 2 3 4 5 absolutely Don t let your shyness fool them or you Just. like Halley discovers you are a lot stronger,than you give yourself credit for Surround. You catch yourself looking at old yourself by others who build you up instead. Facebook pictures and remember of bring you down Their faith in you may. help restore your confidence and give you the, how happy you were encouragement you need to let your voice.
no way 1 2 3 4 5 absolutely be heard,30 36 points Deb What Happened. Helping people with to Goodbye, their problems makes you happy You are the best friend Kind caring and always. looking out for people You know what it takes, no way 1 2 3 4 5 absolutely to be the support system your friends need But. just like Deb you have a confidence inside that,deserves to be recognized Next time there is a. problem try speaking up There s a leader deep, True love Well it doesn t exist down inside of you so don t be afraid to show.
no way 1 2 3 4 5 absolutely others just how great your ideas really are. 37 42 points Annabel Just Listen, When you have a problem you go Trying to make everyone happy can be. exhausting especially when there is something, to a friend family member right away that is really bothering you But just like. no way 1 2 3 4 5 absolutely Annabel if you start to open up you ll realize. that no one is perfect All it takes is someone,special to give you the confidence to talk about. Your friends are really what is going on in your world and to help you. accept that some things are far from perfect,supportive of what you do. no way 1 2 3 4 5 absolutely 43 50 points Haven That Summer. There was a time in your life when everything,seemed perfect but now it seems like nothing.
You have good ideas makes sense Living in the past is not always. but they aren t always heard the best answer Try using the good memories. to help you deal with whatever obstacles are, no way 1 2 3 4 5 absolutely thrown your way It may seem hard at times. but just like Haven you ll never know until,People are constantly letting you down. no way 1 2 3 4 5 absolutely, Connect with Sarah online at sarah land com and sarahdessen com 4. and join the conversation at sarah land ning com,How well do you know your Dessen. 1 Which one is Sarah s first published book,a Lock Key c Dreamland.
b Along for the Ride d That Summer, 2 In Someone Like You what does Scarlett name her baby. a Anna Kate c Elizabeth Ann,b Grace Halley d Anna Grace. 3 In What Happended to Goodbye which of these was not a name Mclean used to. revinvent herself,a Beth c Eliza,b Lizbeth d Elyse. 4 In Someone Like You who does Halley go to prom with. a Noah c Michael,b Macon d Josh, 5 In Keeping the Moon what is Colie doing when she runs into Norman. a Leaving Isabel s house c Going for a jog,b Reading d On her way to dance practice.
6 In Lock and Key what is Ruby s mother s name,a Michelle c Kristin. b Kerry d Ruby, 7 What is the name of the catering company in The Truth About Forever. a A Serving of Helpful Catering Co c Wish Catering. b Be Our Guest d Here to Serve to Dance Practice, 8 In Just Listen what is the name of Owen s radio show. a Punk d with Owen c Anger Management,b Technically Techno d On Beat with Owen. 5 Connect with Sarah online at sarah land com and sarahdessen com. and join the conversation at sarah land ning com, 9 What is the name of Dexter s dog in This Lullaby.
a Scout c Lucky,b Monkey d Bear, 10 In Dreamland what does everyone forget the day they discover Caitlin s older sister. has run away from home,a To pick her up from school b Her birthday. c That she is supposed to take her driving test that day. d To turn off the coffee pot and a fire starts in the kitchen. 11 In What Happened to Goodbye what is the name of the restaurant that Mcclean. and her friends use as a meeting space to build the model of the town. a Lakeview Tavern c The Shiny Diner,b Luna Blu d The Corner Bistro. 12 In Dreamland what activity does Caitlin hate doing. a cheerleading c swimming,b dancing d basketball, 13 In The Truth About Forever what job does Macy decide to quit because she doesn t. like her co workers,a The Pizza Parlor c The Grocery Store.
b The Catering Company d The Library, 14 In Along for the Ride what is the secret treat sold in the back of the Laundromat. that Eli shares with Auden,a donuts c cake,b pie d pizza. 15 In Along for the Ride what do Eli and Auden have in common. a They both love riding bikes c They both love surfing. b They both are insomniacs d They both are going to the same college. 1 d 2 b 3 d 4 a 5 a 6 d 7 c 8 c 9 b 10 b 11 b 12 a 13 d 14 b 15 b. Connect with Sarah online at sarah land com and sarahdessen com 6. and join the conversation at sarah land ning com,s You r S a ra h Dessen START What. color is your nail,dream polish,Want to know which Dessen guy would be your nk. Prince Charming Answer the questions and le,follow the path to find out just which cutie Pa.
you d end up with if you were the leading lady,you want a. guy who will You run for student,u to go body president. Texts you to ask if da,front o nce in because,you want to hang f all yo. SARAH DESSEN THE SPEND YOUR SUMMER WITH SARAH Connect with Sarah online at sarah land com and sarahdessen com and join the conversation at sarah land ning com Dear Book Club Coordinator Here at Penguin Young Readers Group we are calling Summer 2013 The Summer of Sarah The beloved bestseller Sarah Dessen will be publishing her 11th book this summer which takes place in one of her fans

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