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Dear Reader SAP S 4HANA 3, SAP understands that even in a time of con SAP HANA 4. sumer grade apps business software systems Programming 6. remain complex SAP S 4HANA is no differ, ent You as an SAP customer or implementer Administration 10. need real world guidance on the use and Business Intelligence 14. functionality of the new suite We can help,IT Management 18. This fall we re proud to present you with a comprehensive SAP SAP PRESS Bestsellers 19. S 4HANA list Understand the big picture with our S 4HANA. introduction get the details on Finance and its implementation. SCM Logistics 20, and then see how SAP Solution Manager supports your IT op Financials Controlling 24. erations on the new architecture You ll find these books and. HR Human Resources 28,more on the opposite page,CRM Marketing Sales 30.
But SAP S 4HANA is far from being final Need constant up. dates Want to read everything we ll publish going forward. SAP for Beginners 31, Then consider our subscription with new attractive pricing op. tions for individuals and teams See the back cover for details. With best regards,Florian Zimniak,Publishing Director Rheinwerk Publishing. Contact us The SAP PRESS newsletter, Our customer service team is available Monday Subscribe to our newsletter for special deals coupons. through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST and all the latest SAP news. info rheinwerk publishing com sap press com newsletter subscribe. 1 781 228 5070 ext 200,2 Heritage Drive Suite 305 Join our community. Quincy MA 02171,USA facebook com sappress,twitter com sappress.
www sap press com linkedin com company sap press,Save 10 on your next purchase. To help you grow your SAP PRESS library we are giving you an extra savings to use on your. next purchase Enter this code upon checkout at sap press com to save an additional 10 CATFLL10. Coupon expires January 31 2017 Not applicable to pre orders or annual subscriptions Coupons and offers. cannot be combined or applied to previous purchases Other restrictions apply. SAP S 4HANA, Baumgartl Chaadaev Choi Dudgeon Lahiri Meijerink Worsley Tonks. SAP S 4HANA,An Introduction, Learn what SAP S 4HANA offers from the Universal Journal in SAP S 4HANA Finance to supply. chain management in SAP S 4HANA Materials Management and Operations Understand your. deployment options on premise cloud and hybrid and explore SAP Activate s implementation. approach Understand how SAP HANA architecture supports digital transformation and see what. tools can help extend SAP S 4HANA,approx 500 pp avail 11 2016. E book 59 99 Print 69 95 Bundle 79 99,New www sap press com 4153.
Your first look at the SAP S 4HANA landscape,Jens Kr ger Anup Maheshwari. SAP S 4HANA Finance Implementing SAP S 4HANA,An Introduction Finance. It s time you got to know SAP S 4HANA Finance Get into the nitty gritty with this guide to your. Learn what SAP S 4HANA Finance can do what on premise SAP S 4HANA Finance implemen. it offers your organization and how it fits into tation project Migrate your data from SAP ERP. the SAP S 4HANA landscape Explore critical New Financials to SAP S 4HANA Finance and then. SAP S 4HANA Finance functionality from cash customize its key functionality SAP General Led. 411 pages management to profitability analysis and consider 535 pages ger Asset Accounting Controlling and SAP Cash. 2nd edition your deployment options Now s your chance pub 08 2016. Management Consult expert tips learn transac, pub 02 2016 to lay the groundwork for your SAP S 4HANA tion codes and join the brave new world of SAP. Finance future S 4HANA Finance, E book 59 99 Print 69 95 Bundle 79 99 E book 69 99 Print 79 95 Bundle 89 99. www sap press com 4122 www sap press com 4045, Marc O Sch fer Matthias Melich Sharma Ayuluri Darla Kilaru.
SAP Solution Manager for Introducing SAP BPC for,SAP S 4HANA SAP S 4HANA. Are you moving to SAP S 4HANA Learn how Learn how SAP S 4HANA enhances your busi. SAP Solution Manager 7 2 can smooth your path ness planning and consolidation processes with. Readiness checks Check Custom code manage this E Bite Discover the benefits of planning. ment Check Automated testing Check Explore,with SAP S 4HANA Finance including improved. deployment best practices and the fully sup business process flows and reduced planning. 413 pages approx 100 pp, ported SAP Activate along with other essential cycle times Then explore how the new Universal. pub 05 2016 avail 09 2016, SolMan functionality Whether you re deploying Journal and multiple valuations have impacted. SAP S 4HANA with cloud solutions or as a stand core consolidation processes Take your SAP BPC. alone system you ll get the tools you need processes to the next level. E book 59 99 Print 69 95 Bundle 79 99 E book 19 99. www sap press com 4162 www sap press com 4269,www sap press com 3.
Berg Silvia Frye,An Introduction, What does SAP HANA mean for you This book is your introduction to all the essentials from. implementation options to the basics of data modeling and administration With cutting edge. coverage of SAP HANA smart data access SAP HANA Vora and more this bestseller has every. thing you need to take your first steps with SAP HANA. approx 610 pp 4th edition avail 11 2016,E book 59 99 Print 69 95 Bundle 79 99. www sap press com 4160,Your SAP HANA starting point. Rudi de Louw Bilay Gutsche Stiehl,SAP HANA Certification SAP HANA Cloud. Guide Integration,Application Associate Exam,Learn how to integrate cloud and on premise.
Preparing for the big exam Take the stress out landscapes with SAP HANA Cloud Integration. of the test with this guide to the SAP Certified Find out how to apply predefined integration. Application Associate exam for SAP HANA Walk patterns debug and secure your integration. through the exam structure and important terms projects develop custom adapters and more. 559 pages 420 pages Real life scenarios and helpful roadmaps guide. pub 05 2016 and key concepts mirroring each portion of the pub 04 2016. exam Then test your knowledge with practice you through the integration and development. questions and answers Get the know how you,need to advance your career and make the grade. E book 59 99 Print 69 95 Bundle 79 99, E book 69 99 Print 79 95 Bundle 89 99 www sap press com 3979. www sap press com 3859,James Wood Richard Bremer Lars Breddemann. Getting Started with SAP HANA Administration, SAP HANA Cloud Platform Who says that a leopard can t change its spots. With the advent of SAP HANA database admin,Want to extend SAP SuccessFactors Develop.
istration is evolving and you can evolve along,a native SAP HANA application Code SAPUI5. with it Learn how traditional administration con,Guess what SAP HANA Cloud Platform can do. cepts are applied in SAP HANA and find out about,it all With this book get the basics of SAP HCP. the new concepts relevant to an in memory,and then take the next steps You ll learn how to. 519 pages 722 pages database Novice or expert this book will help. create deploy and secure applications and also,pub 04 2015 pub 08 2014 you sharpen your skills.
explore SAP HANA Cloud Portal and SAP HANA,Cloud Integration There s more to cloud than. fluff find out what it is E book 59 99 Print 69 95 Bundle 79 99. www sap press com 3506,E book 59 99 Print 69 95 Bundle 79 99. www sap press com 3638,www sap press com 4,Haun Hickman Loden Wells Merz H gens Blum. Implementing SAP HANA Implementing SAP BW on, If you re ready to implement SAP HANA as a SAP HANA. data warehouse for analytics you ll want this,Make the leap from SAP BW to SAP HANA with.
book along for the ride Explore the steps in a,this comprehensive guide Offering detailed. complete SAP HANA implementation and then,pre migration and post migration steps as well. play with downloadable sample data that you,as a complete walkthrough of the migration pro. can use to test your skills Become an expert in,cess it s never been easier to HANA ify your SAP. data provisioning with SAP Data Services data 467 pages BW system After the migration learn everything. 2nd edition modeling and connecting to the BOBJ platform pub 04 2015 you ll need to know from data modeling to. pub 12 2014 Take your SAP HANA knowledge to the next. administration as you prepare yourself for the,next generation of SAP BW.
E book 69 99 Print 79 95 Bundle 89 99,E book 69 99 Print 79 95 Bundle 89 99. www sap press com 3703,www sap press com 3609, Michael Pytel Gahm Schneider Swanepoel Westenberger. Implementing SAP Business ABAP Development,Suite on SAP HANA for SAP HANA. Searching for a way to simplify your SAP Business See how SAP HANA has changed ABAP and. Suite migration to SAP HANA Look no further learn how to bring your skills up to par This. This book is your step by step guide Follow comprehensive guide uses detailed programming. in depth instructions on planning and conduct examples to help you design simple and ad. ing the migration testing your live system and vanced applications with ABAP Learn to enable. 597 pages optimizing for SAP HANA Expert advice and 641 pages code pushdown use Open SQL enhancements. pub 11 2015 detailed screenshots make the transition to SAP 2nd edition and CDS views integrate native SAP HANA ob. pub 04 2016, HANA easier than ever jects and more You ll be programming for SAP. HANA in no time,E book 69 99 Print 79 95 Bundle 89 99.
www sap press com 3895 E book 69 99 Print 79 95 Bundle 89 99. www sap press com 3973,Move beyond the SAP HANA basics. Ankisettipalli Chen Wankawala,SAP HANA Advanced Data Modeling. Move past the SAP HANA basics and into some real data model design with this book Dis. cover how to build and design predictive simulation and optimization models straight from the. experts via step by step instructions and screenshots From information views to AFL models. you ll learn to scale for large datasets and performance tune your models to perfection. 392 pages pub 10 2015,E book 69 99 Print 79 95 Bundle 89 99. www sap press com 3863,www sap press com hana 5,Programming. Kiran Bandari Paul Hardy,Complete ABAP ABAP to the Future.
Immerse yourself in the world of ABAP with this all in one guide Offer ABAP never quits Keep up with the latest in ABAP development from. ing instructions for beginners and refreshers for seasoned experts this new features like Core Data Services and ABAP Managed Database Pro. resource covers everything ABAP Get information on basic programming cedures to column editing With this second edition find out what ABAP. concepts and steps for developing interfaces and dynamic programs Find 7 5 can offer and stay on the cutting edge Learn about exception classes. the know how you need to code yourself out of any corner and BOPF objects and jump into the new processes for creating SAPUI5. applications You ll have the SAP programming world at your fingertips. approx 1 325 pp avail 12 2016, E book 79 99 Print 89 95 Bundle 99 99 801 pages 2nd edition pub 09 2016. E book 69 99 Print 79 95 Bundle 89 99,www sap press com 3921. www sap press com 4161,Brian O Neill Puneet Asthana David Haslam. Getting Started with ABAP ABAP 7 4 Certification Guide. ffLearn the basics of ABAP and write your first SAP Certified Development Associate. program ffLearn about the ABAP certification test struc. ffSet up an ABAP trial system and master the ture and how to prepare. integrated development environment IDE ffReview the key topics covered in each portion. ffDevelop an example application using strings of the exam. and text dates and times and more ffTest your knowledge with practice questions and. 451 pages 663 pages,pub 10 2015 pub 05 2015,E book 44 99 Print 49 95 Bundle 59 99. www sap press com 3869 E book 49 99 Print 69 95 Bundle 79 99. www sap press com 3792,James Wood Joseph Rupert Kerem Koseoglu.
Object Oriented Design Patterns in,Programming with ABAP Objects. ABAP Objects ffLearn to use design patterns to write better. code faster,ffMake the move from procedural to object New. oriented programming ffImplement common architectural structural. and behavioral design patterns,ffLearn from conceptual explanations and prac. 470 pages tical examples approx 375 pp ffUse real world SAP applications to see design. 2nd edition avail 10 2016 patterns in action,ffDownload sample code that you can use to put. pub 10 2015, your skills to the test E book 69 99 Print 79 95 Bundle 89 99.
E book 59 99 Print 69 95 Bundle 79 99,www sap press com 4277. www sap press com 3597,www sap press com 6,Programming. Anil Bavaraju Mirolsav Antolovic,SAP Fiori Implementation Getting Started with. and Development SAPUI5, Modernize your user experience with this guide Introduce yourself to SAPUI5 To understand. to developing and implementing SAP Fiori apps the pioneering programming language SAPUI5. Begin by installing and configuring the system first walk through basic programming concepts. for SAP Fiori Then learn to implement transac Then explore the development and runtime. tional analytical and fact sheet apps on an AS environments tools and plugins that you ll use. 569 pages ABAP or SAP HANA database Customize further 462 pages throughout the design process Learn to develop. pub 11 2015 by creating developing and extending your pub 07 2014 your first basic apps using ste. Fall Winter 2016 SAP PRESS Catalog this comprehensive guide ing instructions for beginners and refreshers for seasoned experts

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