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Sage 500 ERP Owner s Manual Copyright 2013 e2b teknologies. Important information about this manual,Document Library. This owner s manual is filled with links to Sage documents and spec sheets All underlined headings and words are hyperlinked for more. information,Safety and business damage warnings, Throughout this manual you will see safety and business damage warnings You must follow these warnings carefully to avoid possible injury or. damage to your business, The types of warnings what they look like and how they are used in this manual are explained as follows. This is a warning against something which may cause injury to your business if the warning is ignored You are informed. about what you must or must not do in order to avoid or reduce the risk to yourself or your business. Don t Do This, When you see this symbol it means Do not Do not do this or Do not let this happen. When you see this symbol it means Do this and represents things you should do for your Sage 500 system. Sage 500 ERP Owner s Manual Copyright 2013 e2b teknologies. Important information about your Sage 500 ERP system. ERP Warranty Accessories spare parts and modification of your. Sage 500 ERP system,Your Sage 500 ERP system may be covered by a Sage.
Software maintenance and support plan The warranty A wide variety of non genuine spare parts and accessories are. entitles the owner to Sage support and product updates available for Sage 500 ERP available in the e2b teknologies Sage 500. Your company may not have an active maintenance and ERP solution marketplace You should know that Sage Software. support plan which prevents you from upgrading to recent does not warrant these products and is not responsible for their. versions with new functionality and bug fixes to ensure performance repair or replacement or for any damage they may. optimal performance You may also have a maintenance and cause to or adverse effect they may have on your Sage 500 ERP. support plan for custom software and third party products business system In other words Sage probably won t support your. developed by e2b teknologies providing extended system even though you have to make modifications and add on. maintenance and support options for your business system third party products to meet your business needs e2b teknologies. provides direct support and maintenance for your Sage 500 ERP. business system to ensure that these modifications and spare parts. are fully supported and maintained,Document Distribution Prohibited. This document is available exclusively from e2b teknologies. Your responsibility for maintenance, No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any. manner whatsoever without written permission except in It is the owner s responsibility to make sure that the specified. the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and maintenance is performed This document gives details of these. reviews This document is intended as a reference guide and maintenance requirements Also included is general maintenance. may not be redistributed or posted online without the. express written consent of e2b teknologies, Sage 500 ERP Owner s Manual Copyright 2013 e2b teknologies. Introduction 8,About e2b teknologies 8,About the Author 10. Sage 500 ERP History 11,Acuity Financials A Replacement for MAS 90 11.
Professional Service Automation PSA 11,Wholesale Distribution 12. Manufacturing ERP 16,Enterprise Resources Planning ERP Definition 16. Mis Steps by Monitor 17,Envision ERP by Haitek Solutions 17. Other Vertical Solutions 20,Casino Gambling 20,Retail Point of Sale Rental Management 21. Non Profit 21,Catalog Sales 21,Fastener Distribution 21.
Grower Software Part 1 22,Service Management 22,Process Manufacturing 22. Grower Software Part 2 22,NET Strategy 23,Sage 500 Product Releases 23. Getting Started with Sage 500 ERP 24,Product Registration 25. Sage 500 ERP Navigation 26,System Shortcut Keys 28. Additional Shortcut Keys 29,Function Keys 30,Look Ups 31.
User Licensing 32,Sage 500 Module Overview 33, Sage 500 ERP Owner s Manual Copyright 2013 e2b teknologies. Sage 500 ERP Solutions 34,Overview of Sage 500 ERP 35. Sage ERP Modules 36,Modules Owned 36,Business Intelligence 38. Pre 7 05 Inquiries 38,Enterprise Content Management 42. Financial Management Modules 43,General Ledger 43,Financial Reporting 44.
Accounts Payable 44,Accounts Receivable 45,Credit Collections 46. Cash Management 47,Multicurrency Management 48,Allocations 48. Advanced Consolidations 49,Sage Budgeting Planning Active Planner 49. Contract Revenue by BHE Consulting 49,Enterprise Asset Management EAM 50. Fixed Asset Depreciation 50,Fixed Asset Tracking 50.
Asset Maintenance 51,Asset Planning 51,Professional Services Automation 52. Project Accounting 53,eTimeSheets 54,Sage TimeSheet 54. Project Resource Planning 54,Supply Chain Management 55. Inventory Management 56,Enhanced Inventory 56,Kanban Replenishment 57. Quality Management 57, Sage 500 ERP Owner s Manual Copyright 2013 e2b teknologies.
Inventory Replenishment 58,Sage Inventory Advisor 58. Warehouse Management 58,Purchase Order 59,Purchase Order Requisitions 60. Sales Order 60,Sales Tax by Avalara 61,Credit Card Processing 62. Shipping Receiving 62,Warehouse Automation 63,Electronic Data Interchange 63. eCommerce Sales 64,Production Management 65,Advanced Kitting 65.
Light Manufacturing 65,Advanced Manufacturing 67,Advanced Planning Scheduling 68. Engineering Change Management 69,Engineering Change Orders 69. Estimating 70,Project Management 71,Sales Forecasting 72. Material Requirements Planning MRP 74,Product Configurator 75. Shop Floor Control 76,Process Manufacturing 77,Automotive Manufacturing 77.
Human Capital Management HCM 79,Sage HRMS 79,Sage HRMS Payroll 79. Sage HRMS Attendance 80,Customer Relationship Management 80. Sage CRM 81,SwiftPage SalesLogix 82, Sage 500 ERP Owner s Manual Copyright 2013 e2b teknologies. SwiftPage ACT 82,SugarCRM 83,Customization Tools 84. Customizer 84,Software Development Kit SDK 85,Source Code 85.
Enterprise Data Management 86,Assisted Company Setup 86. Import Utilities 86,DataPorter 87,Data Migrator 87. Data Import Manager 87,Sage 500 ERP Security 89,Security Groups 89. Database Security 91,SQL Server Roles 92,System Manager 93. Training Customization Resources 94,Help System 94.
Sage University 95,User Communities 95,Certified Consultants 96. Sage 500 Success 97,Sage 500 ERP Optimization 98,Database Maintenance 98. Workstation Performance 98,Evenly Distribute Workload 98. Hardware Considerations 98,Microsoft SQL Server Setup 98. Things to Avoid with Your SQL Server 99,Sage 500 ERP Check Up 99.
Is It Time to Move On 100, Sage 500 ERP Owner s Manual Copyright 2013 e2b teknologies. Introduction, Perhaps you re the new IT director or the new CFO at a company using Sage 500 ERP or you re a consultant trying. to help a Sage 500 ERP customer with their business system Congratulations you re working with a fantastic ERP. business system but you probably don t know how little of the system your company is actually using and your. predecessors may have failed to implement the system properly This guide was developed to help you understand. what you have how to make it better and which additional modules third party products and services are. available to extend your system even further,About e2b teknologies. e2b teknologies traces our roots to Haitek Solutions the original publishers of the Sage 500 ERP. manufacturing modules We ve worked with Sage 500 ERP since it was called Acuity Financials back in the late. 1990s and we ve helped literally hundreds of companies to implement Sage 500 ERP to improve every aspect. of their business In addition to Sage 500 ERP consulting implementation support and development services. we also provide dozens of add on products to extend Sage 500 capabilities Our engineers not only wrote the. manufacturing modules but we also helped develop the RMA system data migration utilities and other. features in the product after we were acquired by Sage It s safe to say that we ve been inside the Sage 500. ERP code more than any other company outside of Sage Software themselves and we know Sage 500 ERP. better than anyone, Sage 500 ERP Owner s Manual Copyright 2013 e2b teknologies. I am writing to tell you how impressed I am,with what e2b teknologies has done for us in.
the last few weeks, They have cleaned up our database issues that were caused by a previous reseller this after we had paid. another reseller to correct what was done, Within an extremely short time they determined the problem with our Short Stock Report It turned out to. be a 30 second fix and I think less than an hour was spent determining the cause of the negative inventory. showing on our Short Stock Report, They have identified and have a fix that is being tested right now on the Integrity Check that runs every. night This utility had failed continuously for almost a year and no one was able to get it working. Upon their initial review of our system they identified issues that we have had for years and fixed them in. record time, I could spend hours telling you all the things that have been corrected and in such a short time and with minimal. business interruption but I don t have the time and don t want to bore you with the details All I can say is to. quote what our IT department said to me today They are fixing things so fast we can t keep track of all they. have done let alone keep up with all the fixes they have made I have had employees tell me how much better. the system is running since these fixes have been made Instead of 6 screens they can do their work using only 2. screens because it is now working the way it should have been all along. Sage 500 ERP Owner s Manual Copyright 2013 e2b teknologies. About the Author, James Mallory is Director of Marketing for e2b teknologies an enterprise business application provider James was.
one of the original employees at Haitek Solutions the original publishers of the Sage 500 manufacturing modules. which Sage acquired in March 2001 While at Sage James worked in product marketing and product management. roles for Sage 100 ERP and Sage 500 ERP then MAS 90 and MAS 500 He has worked with e2b teknologies for the. past eight years with most of the original Haitek Solutions team and former Sage Software employees building and. promoting new products for the Sage 500 ERP product. During his four year employment with Sage following the acquisition James held various positions including a vertical. marketing role as a shared service provider across the organization consulting with channel partners and all of Sage s. internal business units regarding distribution and manufacturing industries He also published dozens of competitive. guides and industry research helping Sage and its channel to fully understand the distribution and manufacturing. industries niche market segments and how to position Sage s diverse product portfolio These responsibilities were. James Mallory, related to Sage s vertical strategy announced in 2011. Career experience includes journalism public relations product marketing product management and channel management with success using. traditional marketing and new inbound marketing strategies such as search engine optimization SEO social media and calls to action James has. authored and published hundreds of articles white papers videos and webinars published in major consumer and business trade media James. specializes in premise and cloud SaaS business applications for supply chain management accounts receivable credit and collections business to. business ecommerce enterprise resource planning ERP and customer relationship management CRM. He is a former board member for the APICS Cleveland Chapter and volunteers with Little League Baseball and the Boy Scouts of America James. enjoys hiking camping bicycling and spending time with his family James is passionate in life and love and believes in doing the right thing to. make the world a better place You can find him on Google or LinkedIn. Additional contributions layout and editing for this document provided by Josh Bailey Don West and Kate Mullen. Sage 500 ERP Owner s Manual Copyright 2013 e2b teknologies. Sage 500 ERP History,Acuity Financials A Replacement for MAS 90. State of the Art Software SOTA developed MAS 90 in the early 1980s as one of the first accounting systems available for personal computers By. the early 1990s the underlying technology in SOTA s flagship product was starting to show its age SOTA realizing the growing importance of. Microsoft s Windows platform and new Microsoft SQL and Visual Basic technologies embarked on a major rewrite and redesign of MAS 90 which. was originally intended to be a replacement for the aging product. However MAS 90 sales never dropped off so State of the Art instead decided to continue developing the new product as a high end solution for. larger MAS 90 customers and prospects Instead of a replacement product this new solution was branded as Acuity Financials and was launched in. 1996 with four main modules General Ledger Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable and Cash Management Additional modules were added. roles for Sage 100 ERP and Sage 500 ERP then MAS 90 and MAS 500 He has worked with e2b teknologies for the past eight years with most of the original Haitek Solutions team and former Sage Software employees building and promoting new products for the Sage 500 ERP product

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