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IAEA SAFETY RELATED PUBLICATIONS,IAEA SAFETY STANDARDS. Under the terms of Article III of its Statute the IAEA is authorized to establish. or adopt standards of safety for protection of health and minimization of danger to life. and property and to provide for the application of these standards. The publications by means of which the IAEA establishes standards are issued in. the IAEA Safety Standards Series This series covers nuclear safety radiation safety. transport safety and waste safety and also general safety i e all these areas of safety. The publication categories in the series are Safety Fundamentals Safety Requirements. and Safety Guides, Safety standards are coded according to their coverage nuclear safety NS. radiation safety RS transport safety TS waste safety WS and general safety GS. Information on the IAEA s safety standards programme is available at the IAEA. Internet site,http www ns iaea org standards, The site provides the texts in English of published and draft safety standards The. texts of safety standards issued in Arabic Chinese French Russian and Spanish the. IAEA Safety Glossary and a status report for safety standards under development are. also available For further information please contact the IAEA at P O Box 100. A 1400 Vienna Austria, All users of IAEA safety standards are invited to inform the IAEA of experience. in their use e g as a basis for national regulations for safety reviews and for training. courses for the purpose of ensuring that they continue to meet users needs. Information may be provided via the IAEA Internet site or by post as above or by. e mail to Official Mail iaea org,OTHER SAFETY RELATED PUBLICATIONS.
The IAEA provides for the application of the standards and under the terms of. Articles III and VIII C of its Statute makes available and fosters the exchange of. information relating to peaceful nuclear activities and serves as an intermediary among. its Member States for this purpose, Reports on safety and protection in nuclear activities are issued in other. publications series in particular the Safety Reports Series Safety Reports provide. practical examples and detailed methods that can be used in support of the safety. standards Other IAEA series of safety related publications are the Provision for the. Application of Safety Standards Series the Radiological Assessment Reports Series and. the International Nuclear Safety Group s INSAG Series The IAEA also issues reports. on radiological accidents and other special publications. Safety related publications are also issued in the Technical Reports Series the. IAEA TECDOC Series the Training Course Series and the IAEA Services Series and. as Practical Radiation Safety Manuals and Practical Radiation Technical Manuals. Security related publications are issued in the IAEA Nuclear Security Series. SAFETY OF TRANSPORT,OF RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL, Permission to reproduce or translate the information contained in this publication may be. obtained by writing to the International Atomic Energy Agency Wagramer Strasse 5 P O Box 100. A 1400 Vienna Austria,Printed by the IAEA in Austria. October 2004,STI PUB 1200,PROCEEDINGS SERIES,SAFETY OF TRANSPORT. OF RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL,PROCEEDINGS OF AN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE.
VIENNA 2004,COPYRIGHT NOTICE, All IAEA scientific and technical publications are protected by the terms. of the Universal Copyright Convention as adopted in 1952 Berne and as. revised in 1972 Paris The copyright has since been extended by the World. Intellectual Property Organization Geneva to include electronic and virtual. intellectual property Permission to use whole or parts of texts contained in. IAEA publications in printed or electronic form must be obtained and is. usually subject to royalty agreements Proposals for non commercial. reproductions and translations are welcomed and will be considered on a. case by case basis Enquiries should be addressed by e mail to the Publishing. Section IAEA at sales publications iaea org or by post to. Sales and Promotion Unit Publishing Section,International Atomic Energy Agency. Wagramer Strasse 5,P O Box 100,A 1400 Vienna,fax 43 1 2600 29302. tel 43 1 2600 22417,http www iaea org Publications index html. IAEA Library Cataloguing in Publication Data, International Conference on the Safety of Transport of Radioactive.
Material 2003 Vienna Austria Safety of transport of radioactive. material proceedings of an International Conference on the Safety. of Transport of Radioactive Material organized by the International. Atomic Energy Agency co sponsored by the International Civil. Aviation Organization et al and held in Vienna 7 11 July 2003. p 24 cm Proceedings series ISSN 0074 1884,STI PUB 1200. ISBN 92 0 108504 4,Includes bibliographical references. 1 Radioactive substances Transportation Congresses. 2 Radiation Safety measures Congresses 3 Radioactivity Safety. measures Congresses I International Atomic Energy Agency. II International Civil Aviation Organization III Series Proceedings. International Atomic Energy Agency,IAEAL 04 00382, Radioactive material is used throughout the world for many applications. that benefit humankind encompassing agriculture industry medicine electric. power generation and research In almost all cases the materials are generated. in locations other than those where used and the resulting radioactive wastes. are usually moved to other locations The transportation of the radioactive. material places it outside of controlled facilities in the public domain and. often entails movement between countries, As the peaceful uses of radioactive material grew the international. community recognized early on that rigid and uniform standards were needed. to ensure the safety of handlers the public and the environment The Interna. tional Atomic Energy Agency was assigned the task within its statutory. mandate of developing maintaining and providing the application of safety. standards for the transport of radioactive material These standards were first. issued almost 50 years ago and have since been updated periodically to. account for the changing environment in which the material is transported. changes in the types of material transported and in the modes by which they. are transported road rail inland waterway sea and air. Many millions of packages of radioactive material are shipped every year. As a result of the development of the transport safety standards by the IAEA. and their application at the international level by other involved United. Nations bodies at the national level by IAEA Member States and by. consignors carriers and consignees an enviable record of safety in the. transport of radioactive material has resulted However the IAEA and its. Member States recognized that efforts to ensure safety must continue To this. end the standards for transport safety are reviewed continually and revised as. need is determined by international experts supportive guidance material is. provided a comprehensive training programme is available from the IAEA to. Member States and research is encouraged as needs dictate. Despite the excellent safety record and efforts to ensure its continuance. the IAEA s General Conference in Resolution GC 45 RES 10 noted. and welcomed the convening by the Secretariat of a Conference on the Safety. of Transport of Radioactive Material in 2003 To accomplish this task the. IAEA arranged for the Government of Austria to host the conference at its. Austria Center Vienna facilities and welcomed co sponsorship by the Interna. tional Civil Aviation Organization ICAO the International Maritime Organ. ization IMO and the Universal Postal Union UPU In addition the. International Air Transport Association IATA and the International Organi. zation for Standardization ISO cooperated in convening the conference. Although many conferences and symposia have been convened in the. past on the topic of the packaging and transport of radioactive material this. one was unique in that it involved detailed planning by a large body of experts. who served as the Technical Programme Committee and focused on technical. and non technical sessions summarizing invited and contributed papers with a. view to maximizing participant opportunities for discussing key issues from the. floor with key experts at the head table, The conference consisted of an opening session a background session an.
explanatory topical session on liability a round table on communication with. the public and between governments seven technical sessions two panel. discussions and a closing session With the exception of contributed papers on. liability the opportunity was given to each author of a contributed paper to. present that paper in a poster session the day before the session on their topic. For contributed papers on liability authors were given the opportunity to. briefly summarize their positions during the session itself which occurred on. the afternoon of the opening day In some cases to provide technical balance. within a session authors of contributed papers were invited to present their. results whereas experts were invited to summarize on behalf of the authors. many of the contributed papers, These proceedings contain the conference summary and findings the. opening speeches invited papers and summaries of the discussions The. contributed papers and presentations as well as the complete text of the. printed volume are provided on a CD ROM that accompanies this volume. The IAEA gratefully acknowledges the support and extensive efforts of. all who contributed to the success of the conference. EDITORIAL NOTE, The Proceedings have been edited to the extent considered necessary for the reader s. assistance The views expressed remain however the responsibility of the named authors. or participants In addition the views are not necessarily those of the governments of the. nominating Member States or of the nominating organizations. Although great care has been taken to maintain the accuracy of information. contained in this publication neither the IAEA nor its Member States assume any. responsibility for consequences which may arise from its use. The use of particular designations of countries or territories does not imply any. judgement by the publisher the IAEA as to the legal status of such countries or territories. of their authorities and institutions or of the delimitation of their boundaries. The mention of names of specific companies or products whether or not indicated. as registered does not imply any intention to infringe proprietary rights nor should it be. construed as an endorsement or recommendation on the part of the IAEA. The authors are responsible for having obtained the necessary permission for the. IAEA to reproduce translate or use material from sources already protected by. copyrights, Material prepared by authors who are in contractual relation with governments is. copyrighted by the IAEA as publisher only to the extent permitted by the appropriate. national regulations,EXECUTIVE SUMMARY i,OPENING SESSION. Welcoming Address 3,M ElBaradei,Welcoming Address 7.
M W Hughes,The role of ICAO in regulating the air transport. of radioactive material 13, Radioactive material transport safety and security. activities at the IMO 21, Radioactive material transport by post The role of the UPU 27. E V Andersen,BACKGROUND SESSION, The role of the airline industry in the safe and efficient carriage. of radioactive material 33,J A Abouchaar, Promoting the safe transport of radioactive material.
Activities of the ISO 41, The IAEA and the safe transport of radioactive material 49. A J Gonz lez,Radioactive Materials Transport A summary of. the Institution of Nuclear Engineers Conference in 2002 59. E J Morgan Warren, Regulations for the safe transport of radioactive material. Content and application 69, History and development of the international system of transport. safety regulatory requirements and legal instruments 77. The role of national competent authorities in facilitating. regulation of the transport of radioactive material 93. Industry commitment to transport safety 103, The role of worker NGOs in ensuring safety in the transport of.
radioactive material A view from IFALPA 109, The development of recommended requirements for security. in the transport of radioactive material A status report 115. R B Pope R E Luna,Statement by the Resident Representative of. New Zealand to the IAEA 131,EXPLANATORY TOPICAL SESSION LIABILITY. The IAEA s role in and status of the international liability regime 135. V Bulanenkov,Discussion 145,Summary by the Chairperson 151. COMMUNICATION WITH THE PUBLIC AND BETWEEN,GOVERNMENTS Round Table.
Discussion 155,Summary by the Chairperson 165, EFFECTIVENESS OF RADIATION PROTECTION IN TRANSPORT. on the safety of transport of radioactive material organized by the international atomic energy agency co sponsored by the international civil aviation organization international maritime organization and universal postal union held in cooperation with the international air transport association and international organization for standardization and held in vienna 7 11 july 2003

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