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Introducing the All New,2013 Lincoln Mkz,Luxury Rewritten. It s not all things to all people It s everything,to a certain few. MKZ s form and structure fuse to create a,singular expression of elegant simplicity. Inside beautiful surfaces combine with,advanced technology to create a sense of. openness and expansive space Designed,and sculpted with the express purpose of.
enhancing the sensation of sound 14,strategically placed speakers and a. 10 inch subwoofer deliver 700 watts,of unadulterated THX II Certified. Audio bliss,MKZ reads the road s every move,with advanced sensors that constantly. monitor the road surface and vehicle,dynamics adjusting in milliseconds to. provide a continual air of confidence over,even the coarsest of surfaces.
The available 3 7L Ti VCT V6 delivers an inspiring. 300 horsepower 6500 rpm more than enough, for responsive passing and merging The Privilege of Partnership. EAA members are eligible for special pricing on Ford Motor Company. THE ALL NEW 2013 LINCOLN MKZ vehicles through Ford s Partner Recognition Program To learn more on. THE fuTurE Of LINCOLN dEsIgN bOrN TOdAy this exclusive opportunity for EAA members to save on a new Ford. Available feature vehicle please visit www eaa org ford. OFFICIAL MAGAZINE of the INTERNATIONAL AEROBATIC CLUB. OFFICIAL MAGAZINE of the INTERNATIONAL AEROBATIC CLUB. Vol 42 No 5 May 2013 A PUBLICATION OF THE INTERNATIONAL AEROBATIC CLUB. OFFICIAL MAGAZINE of the INTERNATIONAL AEROBATIC CLUB. OFFICIAL MAGAZINE of the INTERNATIONAL AEROBATIC CLUB. The starter has many responsibilities Some are spelled. out in the IAC contest rule book,Gary DeBaun,4 Lessons Learned. Smoke Tanks Do Not Make Good,Auxiliary Fuel Tanks,by Gary DeBaun. 6 Regional Safety Coaches and the,Aerobatic Risk Assessment Tool. by Steve Johnson,8 Nomex Needs Care Too,by Allen Silver.
10 The Modern World,Aerobatic Championships,by Gordon and Lorrie Penner. 16 The Starter,by Gary DeBaun,22 When Doing It Inverted. by Lukas von Atzigan,32 Meet a Member Lukas von Atzigan. demonstrates a vertical,downline in a very slick,glider See page 22 for tips. Departments on flying aerobatics safely,in a glider.
2 Letter From the Editor,28 Contest Calendar,31 FlyMart Classifieds. OFFICIAL MAGAZINE of the INTERNATIONAL AEROBATIC CLUB. REGGIE PAULK,COMMENTARY EDITOR S LOG, OFFICIAL MAGAZINE of the INTERNATIONAL AEROBATIC CLUB. Publisher Doug Sowder,IAC Manager Trish Deimer Steineke. Editor Reggie Paulk, OFFICIAL MAGAZINE of the INTERNATIONAL AEROBATIC CLUB. VICE PRESIDENT of Publications J Mac McClellan,SENIOR ART DIRECTOR Olivia P Trabbold.
Contributing Authors Coming with responsibility,Lukas von Atzigan Gordon Penner. Gary DeBaun Lorrie Penner, OFFICIAL MAGAZINE of the INTERNATIONAL AEROBATIC CLUB. Steve Johnson Allen Silver,Reggie Paulk,IAC Correspondence. International Aerobatic Club P O Box 3086 The May issue has traditionally From the moment a person takes. Oshkosh WI 54903 3086, Tel 920 426 6574 Fax 920 426 6579 been the safety issue and this year is on the awesome responsibility of. E mail reggie paulk gmail com no different Aviation almost more becoming a pilot they have chosen. than any other human endeavor is to become part of a community of. ADVERTISING infused with a laser focus on safety individuals who take pride in the fact. Katrina Bradshaw kbradshaw eaa org,Sue Anderson sanderson eaa org.
You can t so much as set foot inside a that they are in charge of their own. Jeff Kaufman jkaufman eaa org flight school without being introduced fates Flight training is geared toward. to the methods that have contributed teaching a person not only to fly but. Mailing Change of address lost or damaged to aviation s excellent record of safety to learn the warning signs and take. magazines back issues But that doesn t mean we ve elimi appropriate action to avoid a mishap. EAA IAC Membership Services, nated accidents Pilots learn not to trust their in. Tel 800 843 3612 Fax 920 426 6761, E mail membership eaa org stincts but to follow the evidence. and their own training This is as true, The International Aerobatic Club is a division of the EAA Flight training is geared in instrument flying as it is in spin. recovery The aviation community has, toward teaching a developed procedures to follow when. EAA and SPORT AVIATION the EAA Logo and Aeronautica are things go pear shaped It minimizes. registered trademarks and service marks of the Experimental Aircraft. Association Inc The use of these trademarks and service marks without. person not only to risk by safely exposing us to the types. the permission of the Experimental Aircraft Association Inc is strictly. of conditions that might prove fatal, prohibited Copyright 2013 by the International Aerobatic Club Inc fly but to learn the if we weren t to practice them before.
All rights reserved hand It prepares us to handle those. The International Aerobatic Club Inc is a division of EAA and of the warning signs and take things we don t anticipate with a clear. NAA head and a steady hand, A STATEMENT OF POLICY The International Aerobatic Club. appropriate action to This is the fifth safety issue I ve had. Inc cannot assume responsibility for the accuracy of the material. the honor of editing but it should be, presented by the authors of the articles in the magazine The pages. of Sport Aerobatics are offered as a clearing house of information. avoid a mishap reiterated over and over again that. the flying community takes safety, and a forum for the exchange of opinions and ideas The individual. reader must evaluate this material for himself and use it as he sees. seriously and practices it as a ritual, fit Every effort is made to present materials of wide interest that will The beauty of aviation is that it before during and after every flight of. be of help to the majority Likewise we cannot guarantee nor endorse places ultimate responsibility upon every day It is a constant effort prac. any product offered through our advertising We invite constructive. criticism and welcome any report of inferior merchandise obtained. the pilot in command PIC but it ticed with a nearly religious dedica. through our advertising so that corrective measures can be taken also places the ultimate authority on tion by those who make it their life s. Sport Aerobatics USPS 953 560 is owned by the International the PIC as well There are few areas in work to ply the skies IAC. Aerobatic Club Inc and is published monthly at EAA Aviation Center. Editorial Department P O Box 3086 3000 Poberezny Rd Oshkosh. today s society that entrust individu, WI 54903 3086 Periodical Postage is paid at Oshkosh Post Office als with so much responsibility but.
Oshkosh Wisconsin 54901 and other post offices Membership rate for the system works. the International Aerobatic Club Inc is 45 00 per 12 month period of. which 18 00 is for the subscription to Sport Aerobatics Manuscripts. submitted for publication become the property of the International. Aerobatic Club Inc Photographs will be returned upon request of. the author High resolution images are requested to assure the best. quality reproduction POSTMASTER Send address changes to Sport. Aerobatics P O Box 3086 Oshkosh WI 54903 3086 CPC 40612608. 2 Sport Aerobatics May 2013 Please submit news comments articles or suggestions to reggie paulk gmail com. NEWS BRIEFS,Two New IAC Titles IAC Open,IAC Needs your help Champion East and West. Lightspeed Foundation announces grant finalists by Doug Lovell. by Julie Summers Walker On Saturday April 6 at the spring. To applause and laughter the Lightspeed Aviation Foundation announced board of directors meeting held at San. the finalists for its annual Pilot s Choice Awards grants program on April 11 Carlos California the board voted to. at the Sun n Fun International Fly In Expo The applause came from the establish two new championship titles. many members of the charitable aviation organizations that attended the an for the IAC The titles establish an IAC. nouncement 10 of the 15 finalists will have the opportunity to win between Open Champion East and West in ev. 2 000 and 10 000 in grant money The laughter was brought on by the ca ery category flown at two selected re. maraderie of the organizations all of whom share the passion for aviation gional contests each year We will fly. We want to lift you up and give you a chance to tell your story said Allan the titles this year. Schrader president of Lightspeed Aviation I m very pleased that over the It has been true for a long time that. past three years we have been able to award more than 300 000 in grants not all great competitors can get to the. Votes are cast online for the deserving organizations Online voting is U S Nationals due to time distance. open through October and award recipients will be announced in November or a combination of factors Some pi. Vote at http www lightspeedaviationfoundation org content cfm lots can get there all of the time Some. Voting Get to Know the 2013 Finalists can get there some of the time Most. The 15 finalists are Air Race Classic Angel Flight East Angel Flight Southeast likely real contenders in Advanced or. Angel Flight West Civil Air Patrol International Aerobatic Club JAARS Inc Unlimited will get to the Nationals. Missionary Aviation Fellowship Missionary Flights and Services New Tribes in team selection years If they think. Mission The Ninety Nines Pilots N Paws Recreational Aviation Foundation they can get to another continent to. RAF Whirly Girls Scholarship Fund and Youth Aviation Adventure compete they get to Texas. Do you know how long it would take us to raise this kind of money said Establishing these new titles ac. Recreational Aviation Foundation Florida Liaison Tim Clifford Grants like complishes many ends We now have. these allow us to take a big sigh of relief and just say thank you and get to the IAC titles beyond the regionals that all. work we need to do pilots within reach of the 48 states can. AOPA President Craig Fuller said It is an honor to help you put a spot more or less conveniently vie for at. light on the good work being done by these organizations We cannot have too least some of the time Any IAC mem. many people recognizing the fine people of general aviation Everybody wins ber can earn them We get more ways. to play More to talk about More ex,citement More fun. Each year one regional contest east,of the Mississippi and one west will host. the IAC Open Championship East or,West title The IAC board will designate. the contests at its fall meeting following,a number of criteria in priority order.
The regional contests express inter,est to host the title. One contest is west of the Missis,sippi and one east. The region has not hosted the title,in the prior year. The two contests selected are not,both in the two central regions. The contest is not too close to the,site of the Nationals.
continued on page 4,www iac org 3,NEWS BRIEFS,continued from page 3. Otherwise by attributes impressing the board to nearly. unanimous favor or consensus,Otherwise by random selection. These criteria will keep the title moving around a bit. No region or regional contest will become owner of the. title You can expect the title to come to your neighbor. hood every few years and to be near enough to your neigh. borhood about twice as often We added a few items to the. host regional that are not mandatory but optional To the. degree the host regional is able to achieve them that con. test will be somewhat more challenging and telling in the. Advanced and Unlimited categories At the contest direc. tor s discretion time and resources permitting Advanced. and Unlimited may fly a second Unknown program con. structed the way Unknown programs are constructed at. the Nationals, Further preference will be given to national judges for. the Advanced and Unlimited categories If the contest can. Last year I bought a, find them they use them This is the same criteria used. for selecting chief judges Now regional judges have one. Pitts S1C for the 2012, more reason to ramp it up a little and become national.
IAC pilot competitors the chapter contests let you vie. contest season As, for local dominance The regional titles let you vie for re. gional dominance You can even dominate multiple regions. an A P and aircraft, with time effort and a healthy amount of piston pumping builder for the last. fuel combustion, Now you can dominate the east or the west or both 45 years I pretty well. by attending the regionals hosting the IAC Open If you re. getting that good and you re a U S citizen run at the knew what to look. Nationals for the distinction of gaining the highest honor. given to a pilot competitor by the IAC the title of U S Na for during the pre. tional Champion, This year the Wildwoods AcroBlast will inaugurate purchase inspection I. the IAC Open East IAC Chapter 58 hosts the contest at. Wildwoods Cape May County Airport KWWD near the did a 20 minute run up. southern tip of New Jersey, The AcroBlast is what it says a blast and fun for all after the inspection.
of the family with scenic and historic places beaches. boardwalks and great family entertainment within,and all was well. miles of the site The site was a strong contender for. head and a steady hand This is the fifth safety issue I ve had the honor of editing but it should be reiterated over and over again that the flying community takes safety seriously and practices it as a ritual before during and after every flight of every day It is a constant effort prac ticed with a nearly religious dedica

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