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RQ 1 Predator MQ 9 Reaper Page 2,Big Safari Program Office. Aeronautical Systems Center,Air Force Materiel Command. Wright Patterson AFB OH, The Tier 1 element of this program was managed by the Central Intelligence Agency. Manufacturer,General Atomics,Aeronautical Systems Div. PO Box 85608,San Diego CA 92186 9784,tel 619 455 4649.
RQ 1A Predator This is the desig MQ 1C Grey Eagle Block 1 This which remained in production. nation for the baseline system in is the baseline Army version of the through 2003 when the FY02 aircraft. cluding the RQ 1K air vehicle Predator and first flew in December shifted to Block 10 configuration. DERF funding from FY02 is being 2007 This Predator variant for the The Block 20 configuration intro. used to reconfigure all RQ 1A sys Army uses the AAI One System as duces wingtip extensions for better. tems into the MQ 1B configuration its GCS Each system includes 12 air hot high operations. vehicles five GCS and associated, RQ 1B Predator This is the Block MQ 9A Reaper Spiral 0 Formerly. 1 system using the improved RQ 1L Predator B this is the enlarged ver. air vehicle MQ 1C Improved Grey Eagle sion of the UAV and the baseline ver. This is the upgraded version first sion of the new type. MQ 1B Predator This is the up,flown in July 2013 with 50 more. graded RQ 1B system which enables MQ 9A Reaper Spiral 1 This is. fuel capacity and powered by a Ly, the air vehicle to employ the Hellfire version integrated the Hellfire mis. coming DEL 120 diesel,missile sile system on the platform. RQ 1K Block 5 Predator This is, MQ 1C Warrior Block 0 This is MQ 9A Reaper Spiral 2 This is.
the baseline version of the UAV used, the Army version of the Predator in the improved version with higher. in the reconnaissance role, troduced as a stop gap in 2007 before gross weight redundant flight avion. the baseline Block 1 was available It MQ 1L Predator Block 10 This is ics digitally controlled engine sen. has many of the same features as the the upgraded version of the RQ 1K sor and stores management com. Block 1 but uses the USAF General Block 5 modified to carry and launch puter MIL STD 1760 data bus and. Atomics GCS rather than the AAI the Hellfire missile in the hunter improved human machine interface. One System GCS uses a C band killer role This was officially ac. data link instead of the faster high cepted for service use in February. data rate Tactical Common Data 2005 several years after having actu. Link lacks the automatic landing ally gone into action The initial pro. system and some other features duction standard was called Block 5. Subsystems,Launch System, Launcher had a mean time between crashes of UAV Common Automatic Recovery. The Gnat 750 uses conventional 1 500 to 1 700 flight hours System U CARS General Atomic. aircraft style launch and landing A study conducted in 1996 by Si completed a three year study of the. Launch uses a conventional under erra Nevada Corp concluded that the electro magnetic aircraft launch sys. carriage Up to 1997 the Predator Predator could be integrated into the tem EMALS for potential use to. World Missiles UAVs Briefing Teal Group Corporation. RQ 1 Predator MQ 9 Reaper Page 3, launch the Predator from aircraft car The Predator Reaper takes off and GCS four air vehicles a Trojan. riers lands from a runway like a conven Sprit II communications suite and. tional aircraft A Predator system in 635 personnel. cludes one Ground Control Station,Electronics, Sensors load includes a 14TS imaging infra in the SEAD role to improve the col.
The Tier 1 Gnat 750 is remotely red camera and daylight camera pro lection of data on enemy SAMs. piloted with several options The vided by Versatron Wescam The RQ 1A system uses a. UAV can be preprogrammed for au The four of the original MQ 1B Northrop Grumman AN ZPQ 1 TE. tonomous operations and can incor Predator hunter killers were fitted SAR tactical endurance synthetic ap. porate a GPS INS option for im with the AN AAS 44 Kosovo Ball erture radar The TESAR operates in. proved accuracy The datalink for an E O sensor package with integral the Ku band with a swath width of. flight control is a C band frequency laser rangefinder in June 1999 Alt 800m a resolution of 0 3 m a range. selectable system with an optional hough some consideration was given of four to 11 km and an MTBF of. digital video channel The data link to fitting the remainder of the RQ 1 700 hours A total of 27 ZPQ 1 were. antenna on the Tier 1 was located in fleet with this instead the plan was funded in FY98 and 24 in FY99 with. a tear drop shaped pod over the fuse to use the Raytheon AN AAS 52 all but six supplied prior to 1 October. lage developed by a team of multi spectral targeting system 2001 In January 2006 it was re. Questech General Atomics and MTS A on all MQ 1B Predators ported that the USAF was removing. GEC Marconi on the basis of a 1 4 and Raytheon has also developed the the TESAR from the MQ 1L Preda. million US Army contract The Army improved MTS B tor A UAVs armed with the Hellfire. as part of the Joint Precision Strike The initial Westinghouse syn The recent systems used Lockheed. program first successfully tested this thetic aperture radar SAR was not Martin wide band satellite link orig. system during a one hour demonstra fitted until 1995 it is nose mounted inally Loral Communication Systems. tion on 2 December 1993 The data and is stabilized in two axes This of Salt Lake City. was passed via a manned relay air SAR has a 10 to 50 degree field of To autonomously launch and des. craft from the El Mirage CA test site view in elevation and 150 degrees in ignate the semi active laser guided. to the Pentagon The uplink antenna azimuth it has a one foot resolution Hellfire missile the Predator is fitted. is housed in a dorsal pod This served and covers an 8 000 foot swath of with a laser target designator LTD. as the basis for the system on the Tier terrain from an altitude of 25 000 manufactured by Raytheon Ft. 2 During operations over Yugosla feet The US Army Night Vision Lab Worth TX The first four add on sys. via in 1994 the CIA used a RG 8 was handling management of the tems were funded out of the FY99. two man powered glider as a data re SAR sensor It was first deployed budget and at a later date the LTD. lay station when the UAV was be during Bosnia operations in March became integral with the UAV. yond line of sight The Predator B 1996 The Predator has been tested with. uses a C band antenna for line of Due to data incompatibilities the a classified SIGINT package code. sight connections to the ground con SAR data was transmitted through a named Bat Fish In 2008 the Air. trol station and a Ku band satellite commercial Unisys Ku band satellite Force selected the Northrop Grum. uplink for over the horizon control link and a Magnavox UHF satellite man ASIP 1C Airborne Signals In. and L 3 Communications of Rancho link The new fuselage configuration telligence Payload for the MQ 1. Bernardo is the supplier of the RQ permits a 30 inch satellite communi Predator which is already in use on. 1W PPSL Predator Primary Satellite cations antenna to be fit inside the fu the U 2C aircraft and RQ 4 Global. Link EMS Technologies provides selage The data link for the system hawk UAV. the Ku band CDL switch network had been sole sourced to Unisys The The MQ 9A Reaper is fitted with. The RQ 1A Predator Tactical air vehicle is also fitted with a line the AN APY 8 Lynx SAR GMTI. Endurance UAV system includes EO of sight downlink with a range of system The MQ 1C Sky Warrior. IR and GFP SAR sensor capabilities about 100 mi was originally planned to be fitted. and UHF and GFP Ku band satellite In 2002 the Air Force funded the with the Lynx II but in April 2008. communications The Predator em Little Weasel ELINT payload for the the Army decided to adopt the. ploys a Litton inertial naviga Predator which consists of a F 16 Northrop Grumman Starlite SAR. tion GPS system for guidance The Harm Targeting System HTS GMTI instead of the General Atom. Predator has a sensor payload of 450 which will link with Rivet Joint air ics Lynx II. lb The Skyball electro optical pay craft and F 16 Block 50 fighters used. World Missiles UAVs Briefing Teal Group Corporation. RQ 1 Predator MQ 9 Reaper Page 4, In 1996 the Air Force began ef Atomics with an intelligence work One System GCS though the first. forts to develop a hyperspectral im station DEMPC provided by Boe Block 0 aircraft use the USAF. aging system for foliage penetration ing To provide non line of sight con GCS The ERMP One System is de. Data dissemination for the Preda trol the first three Predator systems signed with an automatic take off. tor is handled by the Trojan Spirit III employed the AN TSQ 190 V Tro and landing feature that was first. dissemination system with one sys jan Spirit II SATCOM link and in tested in October 2008. tem per unit Boeing supplies the this configuration were designated as In FY99 the Congress provided. Data Exploitation Mission Planning RQ 1U The upgraded Block 1 sys supplemental mod funding to equip. and Communications DEMPC tem is the RQ 1Q The common five Predators with the UAV Auto. workstation In 2003 Boeing and ground station demonstrated the ca matic Recovery System UCARS. General Atomics began work on a pability to control two air vehicles Work has also been undertaken on. system to link the Predator to the E 3 simultaneously during a demonstra a Tactical Control System TCS a. AWACS and AH 64 Apache attack tion in July 1998 There are two con small forward deployed control sta. helicopter General Atomics is also figurations of the GCS deployable tion designed to interface with Pred. examining control of the Predator and fixed site The Trojan Spirit sat ator Pioneer and other UAVs and to. from the P 3 Orion ellite link was replaced by the L 3 provide the forward commander with. In early 2009 the USAF an Communications RQ 1W PPSL immediate video output This system. nounced plans to fit the MQ 9 Reaper Predator Primary Satellite Link has become a bone of contention be. with the Sierra Nevada Gorgon The Block 20 GCS is designated as tween the Air Force and the Army. Stare an electro optical device MD 1A while the LRCS Launch the Army favoring it the Air Force. which permits the air vehicle to ob and Recovery Control Station is the opposing its interference with the. serve 12 different scenes simultane MD 1B The MD 1C is the CDCS GCS In June 1997 the NSWC. ously Containerized Dual Control System awarded Battlespace Inc a sole. and the MD 1D is the Multi Aircraft source contract for engineering ser. Flight Control Control Station In July 2007 Gen vices in support of the TCS A TCS. The Tier 1 system employs a Gen eral Atomics demonstrated the next was successfully tested with the. eral Atomics ground control station generation Advanced Cockpit GCS Predator at San Clemente Island in. mounted in an S280 shelter The sys with development to be completed in January 1998. tem employs a C band tracking an 2009 General Atomics has designed a. tenna In its initial configuration the In 2008 the Air Force planned to variety of optional GCS configura. Gnat 750 depends on a data relay air test a prototype optical sense and tions including a Portable Ground. craft once the UAV is beyond the avoid system on the Predator with an Control Station PGCS and a High. range of the ground station aim to field an operational suite by Mobility GCS HMGCS which. The baseline system uses a GA 2009 mounts two PGCS in a HMMWV S. ASI RQ 1P common ground control The Army s MQ 1C Predator is 788 shelter. station manufactured by General designed to be operated with the AAI. Propulsion, The Gnat 750 Tier 1 is powered General Atomics is also develop cylinder opposed piston 150 hp de. by a 65 hp Rotax 586 piston engine ing another optional powerplant a sign based on a WW2 German Jumo. powering a conventional pusher pro heavy fuel engine using diesel tech design. peller The constant speed reversible nology to enable the engine to burn The MQ 9A Predator B is pow. pitch folding propeller is made of JP 5 and diesel fuel instead of gaso ered by a Honeywell TPE331 10T. carbon or Kevlar composites The line The engine entered prototype turboprop engine though the Predator. 120 hp KH800T a horizontally op testing in 1985 with a demonstrated B002 prototype was scheduled to. posed liquid cooled four cylinder power of 50 hp Power increases to demonstrate a Williams FJ44 2A tur. four stroke turbocharged and after 75 hp are expected with design mat bofan. cooled piston engine is an option and uration and normal aspiration and The Army s Grey Eagle Block 1is. was the type planned for the Tier 2 150 hp is expected to be possible by powered by a Thielart multi fuel. Predator however it was fitted with adding a turbocharger However in Centurion 1 7 135 hp engine The. a Rotax 912 85 hp engine Starting in 1997 98 attention shifted to a three Improved Grey Eagle is powered by. 1998 the air vehicles use a Rotax 914 a Lycoming DEL 120 diesel. 105 hp turbocharged engine, World Missiles UAVs Briefing Teal Group Corporation. RQ 1 Predator MQ 9 Reaper Page 5, The MQ 1B can carry up to four Griffin and Lockheed Martin Scor be fitted with various sensors such as. AGM 114 Hellfire missiles The pion small guided missiles In 2013 a hyper spectral sensor for atmos. MQ 9A Predator B has four weapons there were initial discussions about pheric testing that could be used for. its UAV requirements for a divi sional corps level UAV called the Extended Range Multipurpose UAV ERMP A Predator derivative called MQ 1C Grey Eagle formerly Sky Warrior won the Army ERMP competition in 2005 against the Hunter II a derivative of the Israeli Heron The Army plans to acquire 233 air vehicles through FY20

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