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2 3 MODEL OVERVIEW,READY TO ROLL, Whether you re a part time farmer occasionally baling 20 acres or a custom operator with 20 customers there s a. New Holland Roll Belt baler to suit your needs In fact there are nearly twenty different models for you to choose. from From 4 X 5 to 5 X 6 uniform dense bales are produced in every size and crop condition. EASY OWNERSHIP, Roll Belt 450 460 550 and 560 balers possess the newest design enhancements and smartest technology. to ensure that they remain in the field What does that mean for you 20 increases in belt strength belt driving. force and capacity,STOP THE SQUAT, From the moment the pickup tines touch the windrow Roll Belt balers pick up all of your valuable crop. Curved tine pickups get all your hay and feed crop from edge to edge of the bale chamber for. easy to handle square shouldered bales,Width X Max Bale Weight Min PTO HP. Model Pickup Prior Model Diameter ft lbs kg Requirement. Roll Belt 450 Utility 1 2M SuperSweep N A 4 X 5 1 000 453 40. Roll Belt 450 Dry Hay 1 5M SuperSweep w stuffer BR7060 Auto Wrap 4 X 5 1 200 544 60. Roll Belt 450 Dry Hay 1 8M ActiveSweep BR7060 XtraSweep 4 X 5 1 200 544 60. Roll Belt 450 Silage Special 1 5M SuperSweep w stuffer BR7060 Silage Special 4 X 5 1 800 816 65. Roll Belt 450 Silage Special 1 8M ActiveSweep BR7060 Silage Special 4 X 5 1 800 816 65. Roll Belt 450 Bale Slice 1 8M ActiveSweep BR7060 Bale Slice 4 X 5 1 800 816 72. Roll Belt 450 SuperFeed 1 8M N A 4 X 5 1 800 816 60. Roll Belt 450 CropCutter 2 07M BR7060 CropCutter 4 X 5 1 800 816 100. Roll Belt 460 Dry Hay 1 5M SuperSweep w stuffer BR7070 Auto Wrap 4 X 6 1 650 748 70. Roll Belt 460 Dry Hay 1 8M ActiveSweep BR7070 XtraSweep 4 X 6 1 650 748 70. Roll Belt 460 Silage Special 1 8M ActiveSweep BR7070 Silage Special 4 X 6 2 200 997 70. Roll Belt 460 SuperFeed 1 8M N A 4 X 6 2 300 1043 70. Roll Belt 460 CropCutter 2 07M BR7070 CropCutter 4 X 6 2 300 1043 105. Roll Belt 550 Dry Hay 1 5M SuperSweep w stuffer BR7080 5 X 5 1 550 703 70. Roll Belt 560 Dry Hay 1 5M SuperSweep BR7090 SuperSweep 5 X 6 2 500 1134 80. Roll Belt 560 Bale Slice 2 07M ActiveSweep BR7090 Bale Slice 5 X 6 2 500 1134 80. Roll Belt 560 Specialty Crop 2 07M ActiveSweep BR7090 Specialty Crop 5 X 6 2 500 1134 80. Bale weights with dual density cylinders,BALE LIKE NEVER BEFORE.
Numerous options on Roll Belt round balers are available to provide you with peace of mind and simplify your. baling experience ISOBUS compatibility paired with a 10 color touchscreen IntelliView monitor eliminates the. need to run multiple wires into the cab of your tractor Balers with SuperFeed and CropCutter rotary feeding. systems now feature a drop floor that can easily be operated from the comfort of your cab. HIGHER DENSITY MORE CAPACITY REDUCED STORAGE LOSSES. The industry s densest bales combined with EdgeWrap net wrapping yields weather resistant bales that. reduce storage losses Download the New Holland Bale Wrap App to learn more. SMART MODEL NUMBERING OPEN YOUR HARVEST WINDOW,The newest generation of balers WITH CROPSAVER. has a simplified model numbering Need more hours to get across your fields. system based on the maximum bale All New Holland Roll Belt round balers can. size The first number indicates the be equipped with CropSaver hay preservative. width of the bale and the second to effectively bale at moistures up to 30. reflects bale diameter For example That means you can start earlier work later. the model number 450 represents and get your hay baled even when the sun. a baler that s capable of producing doesn t shine,a 4 X 5 bale. 4 5 A LEGACY OF BALING INNOVATION,HAY IT S IN OUR DNA. Like the sprawling taproots of alfalfa New Holland s presence in. farming runs deep New Holland has grown immensely becoming. a well known and respected manufacturer of agricultural equipment. worldwide But no matter how deep plant outgrowths run the. heartiest roots reside at the stem of the plant At New Holland. haymaking is at the core of our heritage It s in our DNA. Few things remain constant in our ever changing world but in the world of farming 1991. the practice of haymaking remains steadfast For many farmers haying is a life source not only for. their livestock but for their own livelihoods and families as well. At New Holland we understand the demands that are required to help ensure longevity We listen to your needs and. reflect them in our innovative industry leading hay tools After all haying is our heritage too. 1974 New Holland s first round baler 1995 Roll Belt 664 Silage Special with Bale Slice. the 5 x 6 Model 850 2002 Roll Belt BR700 series includes the new BR740. 1976 Model 845 4 x 5 round baler CropCutter model, 1978 Models 851 846 2005 BR A Roll Belt line includes eight balers in five sizes. 1979 Model 852 2006 200 000th New Holland round baler is produced in. 1982 Model 849 New Holland Pennsylvania, 1989 Introduction of Roll Belt round balers with 2007 Roll Belt BR7000 balers introduced with eleven.
the Model 630 models, 1991 Roll Belt 650 660 2014 Latest generation of Roll Belt balers marks the. 40th anniversary AE50 award for Roll Belt 560,1992 Roll Belt 640 Silage Special. STILL ROLLING AFTER 40 YEARS 2006,In 1974 the first New Holland round. baler rolled off the assembly line in,New Holland Pennsylvania Forty 2014. years and over 235 000 round balers,later you ll discover the same assembly.
line still builds the latest generation of,New Holland Roll Belt balers Not many. manufacturers can say that,6 7 ROLL BELT DESIGN,450 FEET THE DISTANCE FROM OUR ENGINEERING. BUILDING TO OUR HAY FIELD, If you ve ever wondered where we capture some of our photos look no further than the company owned fields that. surround our North American headquarters in New Holland Pennsylvania The long term success of New Holland. round balers is owed to the innovative ideas and hands on approach of our employees as well as the feedback. from our dealers and customers Like you we re not afraid to get dusty or sunburned In fact we ve made over. 125 000 bales worldwide while testing these balers After all it s this approach that has produced innovative ideas. for our field tested farmer approved balers,PACKED WITH INNOVATION WHY DOES DENSITY MATTER. YIELDS BALES PACKED WITH HAY From the moment you start baling to the moment. The design of Roll Belt balers utilizes the last bale is unloaded at your storage. heavy duty steel rolls in both the front of location there are numerous benefits to making. the baler as well as in the floor of the bale dense bales Making denser bales in the field. chamber The rolls are combined with reduces compaction and plant damage which. short tough belts in the back to deliver promotes faster regrowth and higher tonnages. fast consistent core formation and tight for the next cutting Making more compact. uniform bales regardless of the crop bales not only reduces your baling time but. you re baling This proven combination handling wrapping and transportation costs. also forms the densest bales in the too Lastly dense bales weather better with less. industry By packing more of your valuable loss because of their ability to shed precipitation. crop into each bale you re able to save and resist absorbing moisture from the ground. both time and money Density always matters,B Floor Roll I.
D Starter Roll,E Fixed Roll H,F Pivot Roll F,G Ribbed Stripper Roll. H Follower Roll,I Belt Tension Arm,J Belt Tension Cylinder. K Belt Tension Spring,HOW IT S MADE, To start the process of making a bale the pickup A gathers crop from the ground. The floor roll B feeds crop from the pickup into the belts C The floor roll also. carries the majority of the bale s weight which reduces stress on the belts and. lacings for longer life and lower maintenance costs Constant action between the. floor roll and the bale provides superior feeding compared to designs that feed. directly from the pickup into the bale Additionally when a bale is being formed its. center of gravity is behind the centerline of the floor roll to allow bales to naturally fall. out of the chamber when ejected unlike competitive designs. Next the starter roll D helps turn the crop and start the core The ribs of the fixed. roll E aid in keeping the bale rotating This roll also transmits power to the remaining. upper rolls the pivot roll F the ribbed stripper roll G and the follower roll H The. function of the three rolls is to assist in rolling material and forming the bale s core. The stripper roll is also ribbed to strip material off the apron belts and direct it back. into the bale, As the bale grows the top rolls G H pivot When the bale reaches full size. 30 forward The belt tension arm I also rotates to the tractor is stopped by the. allow the bale chamber to expand The belt operator The wrapping. tension cylinder J and belt tension spring K mechanism starts automatically. Scale deliver reduced belt tension at the start to en. moisture sure positive core formation even when baling. Moisture levels of a dense well formed bale stored short dry crop. outside for six months,8 9 WRAPPING SYSTEMS,SIMPLIFIED TYING AND WRAPPING.
TRADITIONAL TWINE TYING,For classic baling redesigned twine wrapping. systems are available on all models You can load, six active balls of twine in the front twine carrier. on Roll Belt 450 and 460 balers On Roll Belt 550,and 560 balers you can use eight active balls by. removing the dividers As an option four additional. twine balls two per side can be stored on each,side of the baler. EASY THREADING, Threading twine has never been easier thanks to a simple threading.
bar shown raised After loading the twine balls lower the threading. bar for easy access to the threading guides After tying and threading. three balls to the left and three to the right raise the threading bar to. the operating position Twine is routed from the twine box along the. right side of the baler to the twine tubes,SMART ENHANCEMENTS. The twine mechanism now features dual tubes that, pivot on a single mount to feed twine into the bale. chamber Instead of an actuator a motor is utilized to. lower the amperage draw for the system Additionally. this motor also provides smoother actuation and allows. for dynamic twine spacing changes,HOW MANY MISSISSIPPIS DOES IT TAKE. Six seconds That s the time it takes to net wrap a bale with a Roll Belt round. baler Net wrap is a proven solution that reduces baling time and produces. bales that are easier to handle and more weather resistant The EdgeWrap. system is wider than the bale chamber to provide over the edge net wrapping. when using standard width net Putting net over the edge of a bale not only. protects it but also helps better retain its shape. A simple shorter more efficient net travel path makes the industry s most reliable. system even more dependable The net knife and wrapper duckbill assemblies. are separate eliminating multiple linkages and knife link adjustments The net. knife and wrapper are also controlled by separate motors to reduce amperage draw and eliminate the need for a separate. battery harness Finally the net knife moves up through the net pulling it into the knife for a more positive cutting action. Loading the single active and double non active rolls of net wrap is easy as a result of the front loading net wrap system. and loading supports found on Roll Belt 450 through 560 balers The net tube now pivots down and forward to decrease. the loading angle A support tube has also been added to assist with loading a new active roll of net circled below The. net brake lock is a reverse locking tab which eliminates the need for a separate locking pin A second non active roll can. also be stored in the back of the baler to provide you with more than enough net for day long baling. 2 5 wraps on a 70 diameter bale at PTO speed, One non active roll of net wrap can be One active roll of net wrap is easily A second non active roll of net wrap. stored in the front of the baler above the loaded using the net tube can be stored at the back of the baler. active roll,THE NET WRAP CYCLE, The net wrap cycle The duckbill pivots into the After the desired number of Finally the net knife cuts in an.
begins when the bale bale chamber between the wraps are made the duckbill upward motion to cut the net and. reaches full size fixed roll and pivot roll returns to the home position complete the wrapping cycle. 10 11 MONITORS,INTUITIVE BALE COMMAND MONITORS, Whether you re a part time farmer in need of the basic controls found on. the Auto Wrap II monitor or a professional full time farmer requiring the. fast hookup and advanced capabilities of an IntelliView monitor there s a. monitor that s right for your application,AUTO WRAP II. Available for ROLL BELT 450 UTILITY, A basic simple monitor that s well suited for entry level baling the Auto Wrap II system provides. you with automatic control of the wrapping cycle A buzzer lets you know when it s time to tie. off the bale and when the tailgate is latched Select manual or automatic operation and adjust the. preset number of wraps with the flip of a switch Not ready for net just yet Upgrade to standard. net twine at a later date for fast reliable net wrapping with a dealer installed kit. BALE COMMAND II, Available for ROLL BELT 450 UTILITY 450 460 550 AND 560 DRY HAY BALERS. Twine only balers with standard electronics receive Bale Command II with graphics and simple controls standard The sleek. In 1974 the first New Holland round baler rolled off the assembly line in New Holland Pennsylvania Forty years and over 235 000 round balers later you ll discover the same assembly line still builds the latest generation of New Holland Roll Belt balers Not many manufacturers can say that 1992 1995 2002 2005 2014 2006 2007

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