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Content of the presentation,1 Automation and robotics in current mining. activities,2 European and national programs automation. 3 SPARC program safety first in mining,operations,4 Options for robotics looking for minerals in. other areas,5 Conclusions,Ten technologies with the power. to transform mining 2014,1 Robotics,2 Internet of Things.
3 Advanced airborne gravity gradiometer technology for. mineral exploration,4 3D imaging technologies,5 Automated drilling. 6 Efficient shaft and tunnel boring system,7 Autonomous haulage. 8 Plasma technology for increasing precious metal yields. 9 Copper eating bacteria,10 Remote operating and monitoring centres. Source http www mining technology com features featureten technologies with the. power to transform mining 4211240,Why Robotics is important to Mining. 1 Probably robots will transform almost every industry and. service sector particularly in the area of mining sector. where safety and efficiency are the main issues, 2 The application of robotic technology although very limited in.
current mining operations around the world has far reaching. potential for the mining industry, 3 Robotic devices powered by artificial intelligence can perform a. wide range of mining operations as well as ore sampling and. rescuing trapped miners, Source http www mining technology com features featureten technologies with the. power to transform mining 4211240,Eamples of commercially available systems for LHD. automation, Underground loaders and trucks there have been a number of steps towards automation for. several years including vehicle monitoring systems load weighing systems and several remote. control systems A typical remotedly steered LHD vehicle is equipped in 150 sensors. Automation,AutoMineTM, source Prof H kan Schunnesson LTU Sweden Mine Automation Key Research Development Partners Universities.
Research Institutes and Companies, Main Target increased effciency by mining activities. during 24 hours,70 The effect of autonomous machines. It is not unusual that the face,utilization in underground mines is. The effect of introducing a Mining Operational Centre. 60 typical 25 This usually due to,Today reasons such as. 50 Blast ventilation machine,breakdowns shift changes lunch.
40 breaks and travel time,The complex sequencing of mine. Mine Automation makes it possible to,run a underground mine 24 7 and. enhance the face utilization,Autonomous Machines enables huge. 0 improvements but requires huge,investments and takes time to. Improvement potential Autonomous Machines 40 80 implement. Mining Operational Centre 10 20, Source Hans Wahlquist Director Business Development Mobilaris AB Sweden.
Challenges for future metal mining operations,BASIC PRE CONDITIONS FOR AUTOMATION. Rock Mass Characterisation,Predictive Maintenance,Condition Monitoring of ZEPA vehicle. BASIC TECHNOLOGIES FOR AUTOMATION,Communication,Localisation systems. Road and Traffic Management, REPLACING HUMANS IN ZERO ENTRY PRODUCTION AREAS ZEPA. Human in Automated systems,Augmented Reality,Automated Inspection and Image Analysis.
Autonomous Patrolling Robots,APPLICATIONS,Continuous mining. Automated drilling,Automation of Loading and Transportation. Automation of Charging,Automation of Scaling and Reinforcement. Automation of Media Installation, After Prof H kan Schunnesson Division of Mining and Geotechnical Engineering LTU Sweden. EU and national programs automation in mining,1 Intelligent Mine project Helsinki University of.
Technology Kemi mine Finland 1992 1997,2 RWTH Aachen initiative 2008. Inteligent Deep Mine arranging the consortium and preparing project. in the EU FP7 program, 3 Nordic Rock Tech Centre AB RTC Sweden established a. consortium for the conceptual study to develop a common vision for. future deep mining 2009 2012,4 I2Mine FP7 UE funded project. Innovative solutions for safe extraction of deep laying mineral deposits in. Europe 2011 2015,World RTD centers active in automation and. robotics in mining operations,RPA Australia, source Prof H kan Schunnesson LTU Sweden Mine Automation Key Research and Development Partners Universities.
Research Institutes and Companies,The Robolution in mining the Canadian example. During a couple of last decades the quick process of mechanisation in mining sector. has been followed by implementation of embedded systems board computers and. establishing IT network for mining operations,The first phase has been. accomplished the others,have lagged, source Mining and Robotics Bill Fox Presentation to the Northwest Mining Association Dec 10 2004. New knowledge and mobilization of existing,competence should contribute to. Safer mines through remote control and automation, Productivity improvements which require significant adjustments.
including changes to mine plans reassessment of mining methods. changes to equipment fleet and configuration and increasing. automation, Source EY Report Business risks facing mining and metals 2014 2015 Nov 2014. Optimizing the complete production chain from mine to mill to. customer through integrated process control systems. Place for Robotics in the EU Horizon,2020 innovation programs. HORIZON 2020 WORK PROGRAMME, 5 Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies. i Information and Communication Technologies ICT SPARC. HORIZON 2020 WORK PROGRAMME, 5 Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies. ii Nanotechnologies Advanced Materials Biotechnology and Advanced. Manufacturing and Processing Factory of the Future FoF. HORIZON 2020 WORK PROGRAMME, 12 Climate action environment resource efficiency and raw materials.
EIP on Raw Materials SIP,SPARC EU largest civilian robotics programme. euRobotics was founded on 17 Sep 2012 by 35 organisations By May 2014. euRobotics represented 182 companies universities and research. institutions ranging from traditional industrial robotics manufacturers to. producers of agricultural machinery and innovative hospitals. With 700M in funding from the EC for 2014 2020 and triple that amount. from European industry 2100M SPARC is the largest civilian funded robotics. innovation programme in the world,The robotic market domains place for mining. 1 Manufacturing,2 Healthcare,3 Agriculture,4 Consumer Robots. 5 Civil Robots,6 Commercial Robots,7 Logistics Transportation. 8 Military Robots, It is highly likely that improved equipment and better mining techniques.
will enable extraction of minerals at greater depth and under the sea. Source 2014 2020 Robotics 2020 Strategic Research Agenda for Robotics in Europe. Members of the euRobotics AISBL,SOND J FMAM J J A SOND J FMAM J J A SOND J FMA. robotics in mining operations Australia 1 Surface construction Robotics and automation in mining operations does not

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