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02 OVERVIEW PICKUP AND FEEDING,Modern productivity Proven simplicity. Introducing the NEW RF Series, RF Series balers are simple tough affordable and easy to use ensuring you can create quality bales in a wide range of conditions. These new balers are the perfect choice for owner operators sundowners and rural lifestylers and a great alternative to a more. premium variable chamber silage machine, Wide and hungry pickup to suit your swath needs Four tine bars. New Holland RF Utility balers feature a 2 0 meter pickup while the The pickup is key to baler performance The four tine bar design. RF450 SuperFeed pickup is 2 25 meters wide These extra wide was developed specifically to match the performance of the. pickups easily handle larger swaths and are ideal for consuming baler ensuring a smooth flow of material into the bale chamber. large windrows without the risk of drawing soil and stones into the bale. More tines for a clean sweep Windguard stuffer feeder for smoother flow. Close tine spacing across the full width of the pickup is critical The simple proven windguard feeder helps to both flatten and. to ensuring the swath is lifted and fed evenly into the bale contain the swath as it enters the bale chamber. chamber The 2 25 meter pickup on the RF450 SuperFeed has It s easy to see the windguard stuffer from the tractor so you. 27 tines per bar for a total of 108 pickup tines for a clean sweep can view material as it feeds into the baler. in all working conditions Each pickup is equipped with two stub Select from two operational modes floating or fixed to optimize. augers to create well packed bale edges crop swath flow. Non stop productivity Large feed opening Rubber pickup wheels. On the RF450 SuperFeed baler a radial The bale chamber feed opening is the full Pneumatic rubber pickup wheels provide. pin slip clutch protects the pickup drive bale width with a generous clearance excellent ground following for smooth crop. If a blockage occurs the clutch opens between the front of the bale chamber and gathering. to protect the drive but automatically floor roll to allow for large swaths Taller. resets as additional material is drawn and bulky swaths are first compressed by. into the bale chamber For added the feed rake with the large feed opening. protection a shear bolt is also fitted ensuring bulky material can pass freely. and the PTO intake shaft on all models via the feed rake fingers into the chamber. has slip clutch protection, Robust tine bar bushings Hydraulic coupling Simple pickup suspension. The tine bars are mounted in robust Two hydraulic remotes one for the A single easily adjustable spring is used to. bushings and are designed to have pickup and one for the tailgate are all set the pickup suspension on RF400 Utility. a long service life with no need for that is required RF Utility balers were models. maintenance When the bushings are purposely developed for smaller lower. worn you can quickly and easily replace specification tractors with minimal. them reducing costs and downtime power and hydraulic flow requirements. Easy hookup Rotor feeder Larger swaths No problem, The standard hitch pin with handle The standard 2 25 meter pickup with With its wide standard pickup and powered.
and PTO support makes hookup and rotor feeder actively feeds material into rotor feeder RF450 SuperFeed balers are. unhooking a breeze the bale chamber on RF450 SuperFeed able to tackle larger swaths at higher. models To ensure smooth feeding speed This added productivity makes. the rotor tines are mounted in a spiral these models a good choice for mixed farm. pattern The rotor drive is shearbolt and contract operators particularly where. protected for your peace of mind ease of operation and rugged construction. are important,Photos shown in European paint scheme. 04 BALE CHAMBER AND DRIVE,RF Utility models,Budget price excellent performance. RF440 Utility and RF450 Utility models produce 4x4 and 4x5 bales respectively The RF440 Utility chamber uses one floor roll while the. RF450 Utility has two floor rolls and both models feature a chain and slat system to form the bale You set bale density manually using a. simple color coded system A warning alarm alerts you when the bale is formed and the twine or net wrap process starts automatically. When the completed bale is released power to the baler forming chain automatically disconnects as the tailgate is opened. RF450 SuperFeed models have a different 4x5 bale chamber design with seven rolls and a 29 slat chain The bale width is the same. at four feet but the diameter is increased to five feet RF450 SuperFeed models are designed to produce a more dense heavy bale. including silage bales with moisture up to 80, Sure start bale formation More slats for a consistent bale. The floor rolls on RF Utility models are ribbed to help ensure A key design feature of the RF Utility balers is the close spacing. material passed into the chamber by the stuffer fork is between each slat The RF440 Utility model has 34 slats and the. efficiently drawn into the baler RF450 Utility has 41 More slats ensure efficient compression. The chain and slat system quickly tumbles the material to start of incoming material throughout the formation of the bale for. the baling process consistent density, As the bale forms the chains and slats shape the bale increasing. pressure on incoming material to form a lower density core. ideal for feeding and bedding while applying maximum density. on the outside third of the bale which contains the most hay. forming a dense water repelling shell, Tough conditions Get a positive start Simple driveline with automatic chain lube standard.
As material enters the bale chamber it is forced to tumble and on RF SuperFeed optional on RF Utility models. start to roll by the combined action of the ribbed floor rolls and the Vertically hinged side panels provide easy access to the rugged. revolving slats In tough conditions the design of the bale chamber simple and efficient driveline The six main drive chains on RF Utility. ensures this process operates reliably ensuring consistent bale models have automatic lubrication with an easy to adjust tension. formation even when the swath is uneven or wet sticky or both system so you spend more time baling less time maintaining. Simple bale ejector Mechanical tailgate lock Choose between three density settings. The simple bale ejector provides A pair of mechanical hooks RF balers feature a simple mechanical bale density. a spring loaded guide to ease the lock the tailgate shut The system operated via a lever on the front of the baler. bale to the ground to protect net Auto Wrap system monitors Choose between three settings. wrap from damage the pressure on the hooks Green setting for a less dense bale. and alerts the operator when Yellow setting for an intermediate bale density. the bale is fully formed Red produces the densest bale. RF450 SuperFeed,Designed to handle tough baling conditions. There are more differences between RF450 SuperFeed and Built for hard work dry or wet. RF Utility models than the rotor feed system The bale chamber. There are occasions when a baler is worked in very demanding. is a different design The RF450 SuperFeed uses seven floor rolls. conditions This can include working dry short material and. and a 29 bar chain and slat system Specifically developed to. hard to bale long stalked crops like cornstalks or sudan grass. handle a heavy wet dense bale the chamber ensures the RF450. and brittle straw or at the other extreme wet sticky silage crops. SuperFeed copes with the toughest of working environments. With its combination of seven floor rolls and 29 slat chain a. without sacrificing design simplicity and easy operation. RF450 SuperFeed baler can form a bale from the most uneven. swath Thanks to its rugged build and tough floor roller bearings. these balers have the size and strength to cope with dense and. heavy bales,Easy to check Easy to care for, As with the RF Utility models the driveline on RF450 SuperFeed. balers is easy to get to with vertical hinged shielding To ease. maintenance standard equipment includes seven main drive. chains with automatic lubrication plus a bank of grease points. to ensure all key bearings are easy to lubricate,06 WRAPPPING AND CONTROLS. Net or twine, When preparing a RF baler for work it is the small details that make these machines so easy to use You can specify your model with. both twine and net just twine or just net In all cases the simplified design makes adding new twine or net quick and easy right from. ground level Add up to four spools of twine and two rolls of net wrap under an opening panel at the front of the baler There are no special. clips or fasteners to fiddle with just follow simple installation settings and you are ready for work. Auto Wrap system, When the bale is fully formed the Auto Wrap monitor alerts you with an audible.
signal then initiates the twine or net wrap process automatically The digital. readout displays total and daily bale counts,SPECIFICATIONS 07. Models RF440 Utility RF450 Utility RF450 SuperFeed. Bale diameter in cm 47 120 59 150 59 155,Bale width in cm 47 120 47 120 47 120. Width DIN in m 78 7 2 0 78 7 2 0 88 6 2 25,Number of tines tine bars 92 4 92 4 108 4. Windguard Tine rake Tine rake Tine rake Plate,Number of pickup tines per row 23 23 23. Protection Shearbolt Shearbolt Radial pin slipclutch. 540 rpm PTO l l l,Suspension l l l,Pickup wheels Pneumatic Pneumatic Pneumatic.
Type in mm Stuffer Stuffer 18 5 470 rotor feeder,Number of augers 2 2. Bale formation,Type strokes min 48 48 48,Density system in mm 28 710 28 710 28 710. Number of rollers 1 formation roll 34 bars 2 formation rolls 41 bars 7 rolls 29 bars. Wrap material twine net twine net l O O l O O l O O. Twine ball capacity 4 4 4, Control Auto Wrap bale monitor Auto Wrap bale monitor Auto Wrap bale monitor. Spare roll capacity 1 active 1 stored 1 active 1 stored 1 active 1 stored. Baler dimensions, Length includes bale ejector in mm 141 3590 152 3860 148 3760. Height in mm 79 2000 92 5 2350 96 5 2450, Adjustable Track width Min Max in cm 74 4 80 7 189 205 74 4 80 7 189 205 74 4 80 7 189 205.
Weight lbs kg 939 2070 1 084 2390 1 225 2700,Tires 18L x 16 1 18L x 16 1 18L x 16 1. Minimum PTO power hp 40 50 85,Front access ladder O O O. Bale kicker O O O,Automatic lubrication O O O, l Standard O Optional at extra cost Not available depending on specifications. VALUE SERVICE AND SOLUTIONS, There s a certain way of thinking that comes from living on a farm Quality parts and service Turn to your New Holland dealer after the. Farming takes equal parts brain and brawn Not to mention thick sale for expert factory trained service and genuine New Holland. skin calloused hands and a fair share of know how Seasoned branded parts Your dealer has the very latest service updates and. farmers know it helps to have equipment that s built by farmers training to ensure your equipment keeps working productively season. sold by farmers and used by farmers after season, Support at every step When you place your confidence in Financing solutions Your New Holland dealer can tell you about.
New Holland agricultural equipment you get the finest in local smart ways to turn your financial challenges into opportunities with. support Your New Holland dealer understands the many challenges a portfolio of innovative financial services available through CNH. you face and stands behind you at every step with the equipment Industrial Capital including customized financing leasing insurance. parts service and financial solutions to make your job easier and the purchasing convenience of a Commercial Revolving Account. Look to New Holland for a complete selection of equipment. including a full line of tractors hay forage equipment harvesting For reliable equipment parts and service or just honest advice. crop production and material handling equipment on farming and finance turn to New Holland and your trusted. New Holland dealer We know We re farmers too,Learn more at www newholland com na. Design materials and or specifications are subject to change without notice and Safety begins with a thorough understanding. without liability therefor Specifications are applicable to units sold in Canada the of the equipment Always make sure you and. United States its territories and possessions and may vary outside these areas your operators read the Operator s Manual. before using the equipment Pay close, 2017 CNH Industrial America LLC All rights reserved New Holland is a attention to all safety and operating decals. trademark registered in the United States and many other countries owned by and never operate machinery without. or licensed to CNH Industrial N V its subsidiaries or affiliates Any trademarks all shields protective devices and. referred to herein in association with goods and or services of companies other structures in place. We are proud to support the FFA than owned by or licensed to CNH Industrial N V its subsidiaries or affiliates are. the property of those respective companies NH36145360 031701 OTP PRINTED IN U S A. RF SERIES FIXED CHAMBER ROUND BALERS RF440 Utility I RF450 Utility I RF450 SuperFeed OVERVIEW PICKUP AND FEEDING Modern productivity Proven simplicity Introducing the NEW RF Series 02 RF Series balers are simple tough affordable and easy to use ensuring you can create quality bales in a wide range of conditions These new balers are the perfect choice for owner operators sundowners

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