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Emerging needs,Requirements for LTE 2005,Increased user data rates. Uniformity of service provisioning,Improved spectral efficiency. Greater flexibility of spectrum usage, Reduced delays connection establishment and transmission latency. Low energy consumption at the mobile, Seamless mobility and simplified network architecture. Cellular systems aggregated data rate,Bandwidth Spectral efficiency.
Regulation and licences Technology and standards,ITU R FCC regional regulators. High cost of spectrum,Licences spectrum almost,completely allocated. Standard Evolution,GSM GPRS EDGE TDMA FDMA based designed. for voice extended for data,Standard Evolution,GSM GPRS EDGE TDMA FDMA based designed. for voice extended for data, Specification through consensus in Working Groups part of.
Technical Specification Groups accounting for performance. implementation cost complexity backward compatibility. Standard Evolution,UMTS CDMA based up to high frequency MIMO. multiservice support,Standard Evolution,LTE OFDM based designed from the very beginning. based on a packet switched model complete,realization of the multiservice model. 20MHz bandwidth,Downlink target rate,100Mbps Uplink 50Mbps. Requirements for LTE, Able to operate in a wide range of frequency bands and sizes of spectrum.
allocations from 1 4 up to 20MHz per carrier, Fast connection time less than 100ms at least 200 active state users per cell. supported by control signaling up to 5MHz and at least 400 users per cell for. wider spectrum allocation one way packet latency 5ms in light traffic. Increased peak rate uniform performance requirements on cell edge. performance as 5 percentile of performance, Support of mobility up to 350 500Km h cells radius 5 100Km. Flexible interoperation with other radio access technologies service continuity in. the migration phase in particular earlier 3GPP technologies and non 3GPP. technologies WiFi CDMA 2000 WiMax,Low terminal complexity and power consumption. Cost effective deployment,One type of node the BS named eNodeB. Open interfaces multivendor interoperability,Self optimization and easy management.
Packet switched services, Easy deployment and configuration of home base station. Technologies for LTE,Multicarrier technology,OFDMA for downlink SC FDMA for uplink. Flexible adaptable robust,Low complexity receivers. Multiantenna technology,Packet switching,System architecture evolution. Concept of Evolved packet system bearer to route IP packets. from a gateway of the Packet Data Network to the User. Internet traffic VoIP traffic, Bearer IP packet flow with a given QoS between the gateway.
and the UE set up and released by the radio access and the. evolved packet core together, Multiple bearers can be established for an end user providing different QoS. Network architecture, The high level network architecture of LTE is comprised. of following three main components,The User Equipment UE. The Evolved UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network E. The Evolved Packet Core EPC,Access Network Core network. Network architecture,Mobility Management Entity,PDN Gateway.
Handles radio communication,between the UE and EPC Serving. Comprises only evolved base station,eNB or eNodeB,Network architecture. Mobility Management Entity,PDN Gateway,Handles radio communication. between the UE and EPC,Comprises only evolved base station. eNB or eNodeB,Network architecture,Radio resource control.
Broadcasting of system information,Establishment modification and release of. an RRC connection paging security activation,establishment of signaling and data radio. bearers handover info exchange,Measurement configuration and reporting. Networked controlled inter RAT mobility,Access Network Core network. Network architecture,Radio resource control,Broadcasting of system information.
Establishment modification and release of,an RRC connection paging security activation. establishment of signaling and data radio,bearers handover info exchange. Measurement configuration and reporting,Networked controlled inter RAT mobility. Reti cellulari LTE Reti Avanzate a a 2012 2013 Un of Rome La Sapienza Chiara Petrioli 2 Emerging needs Requirements for LTE 2005 Increased user data rates Uniformity of service provisioning Improved spectral efficiency Greater flexibility of spectrum usage Reduced delays connection establishment and transmission latency Low energy consumption at the

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