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The International Archives of the Photogrammetry Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences Volume XLII 2 W11 2019. GEORES 2019 2nd International Conference of Geomatics and Restoration 8 10 May 2019 Milan Italy. international charters Taiwanese restoration craftsman and General Information Restoration Information. Taiwanese Cultural Heritage Preservation Act the international. charters including The Athens Charter for the Restoration of Property Definition Property Definition. Historic Monuments The Venice Charter for the, Conservation and Restoration of Monuments and Sites The A specific A specific ID. Nara Document on Authenticity and Operational Guidelines ID for the for the. for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention ID ID. documented restoration, Especially in the operational guideline the indexes of component documentation. Authenticity are clearly defined in no 82 as shown in Table 1 Time span of. This research respected the indexes for the important properties Time span of. Time the Time, and took the indexes as the basic concept to integrate with other the restoration. literature review results Apart from these important. international charters there are many researches on HBIM The proper The condition. which are also considered For example Banfi et al 2017 name after of every stage. proposed that linking the information to the parametric models Name resolution from before to. assessment, was the main added value of the models in order to define their of the after the. utility From these sources a data structure for building component restoration. components was defined and become a standard for the next The. Information, step in the research as shown in Table 2 In order to fulfil the construction.
of the Construction, requirement of end users this research also interviewed several Geometry method or. geometry of method, stakeholders included from carpenters to government officials process of the. while defining Table 2 Their advices and suggestions are more restoration. tend to actual repairing work and documentation that is very General. worth reference Those stakeholders also evaluated the final description The tools that. data structure for making sure the content is corresponding to of the were used. Dimension Tool,their concept and request documented during the. dimension restoration,information,For separating,All kinds of the new and. descriptions old part of the,Description Material,about the component it.
component needs to be,recorded again,Material Craftsman name of the. constitute,Any related,Any related,Related info data of Related. info data of the,information the information,restoration. Figure 1 The research flow chart 3 2 Life cycle of built heritage. Table 1 The eight indexes of Authenticity defined in Afterwards discussing the LoI for the life cycle of built heritage. Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World to provide the accurate information for different users The. Heritage Convention scholars Yang et al 2018 have recently adopted the concept. of the life cycle of traditional Chinese built heritage in Taiwan. Based on the previous concept this research sorted and inducted. main user s requirement in every stage of the life cycle of. 1 Form and Design 2 Materials and Substance Chinese built heritage for collecting the information to define. 3 Use and function 4 Traditions Techniques the LoI and establish the ontology model of Chinese built. and Management heritage components and restoration information The main. systems users included government officials IT department staff. craftsmen history preservers architecture academics and so on. 5 Location and Setting 6 Language and other, A table of LoI for the life cycle was determined and the. forms of intangible, required information was recorded within the fields as shown in.
7 Spirit and Feeling 8 Other internal and,external factors. Table 2 The data structure of the built heritage component. This contribution has been peer reviewed, https doi org 10 5194 isprs archives XLII 2 W11 1159 2019 Authors 2019 CC BY 4 0 License 1160. The International Archives of the Photogrammetry Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences Volume XLII 2 W11 2019. GEORES 2019 2nd International Conference of Geomatics and Restoration 8 10 May 2019 Milan Italy. Table 3 LoI of traditional Chinese built heritage life cycle. Life cycle of built heritage Corresponding table,General investigation. Phase 1 Built heritage general,Deliberation,1 information table. Designation,2 Rehabilitation and reuse,project table Figure 2 The Tsai Lineage Temple.
3 Planning and designing,4 Construction table,Phase Rehabilitation 5 Construction supervision. 2 Reuse table,Figure 3 The Huangxi Academy,6 Work report table. 7 Contingency Plans table,8 Dissection investigation. 9 Design modification table,Figure 4 Ontology of restoration information. 10 Management and,3 4 3D BIM models of study cases.
maintenance table, Phase Management The first stage of creating 3D model is to do laser scanning of. 11 Major disaster emergency whole building This research used the FARO laser scanner the. 3 Maintenance type is Faro Focus3D x130 Sphere targets are included into the. incident management scanning for better registration After obtaining 3D point clouds. of both study cases some general post processing of optimizing. table the result of point cloud The final point cloud was imported. into AutoCAD software for depicting the longitudinal section. 3 3 Ontology Model and latitudinal section of the built heritage Figure 5 This step. might need some surveying data of the component of built. Thirdly it had to define an object oriented class diagram and heritage since the scanning can only record open place but not. ontology from the scale of the component to clarify these for the place which is blocked or too small for placing the. concepts and increase the interoperability of information The scanner The longitudinal section and latitudinal section of built. design of the ontology is based on the CIDOC CRM ontology heritage were then be imported to Autodesk Revit for producing. model in order to make the ontology have a robust data 3D model In this step the built in families of Revit is nearly. exchange standard CIDOC CRM 2018 Apart from the impossible for the need of built heritage component Therefore. exchange standard the definition of every component in it is necessary to create families for every complex component. traditional Chinese built heritage is determined by various by using two methods One is to create the component by. architects craftsmen and stakeholders through expert Geomagic software this software can produce 3D mesh and. consultation meetings The correctness of the corresponding then import into Revit It is a better method for creating model. between ontology and component are increased by the aforesaid of component that has very complex surface or decoration. definition Acierno et al 2017 Two traditional Chinese built Another method is to create the model by using the default. heritages the Tsai Lineage Temple and the Huangxi Academy functions within Revit This method is suitable for the. Figure 2 3 were chosen to be studied for the definition of component which has rather simple surface and decoration. components Each component within these two buildings was Figure 6 In the end the 3D models of two study cases were. documented in few tables This research defined three built with new families of building components. ontologies for the component and the models were drawn as. This contribution has been peer reviewed, https doi org 10 5194 isprs archives XLII 2 W11 1159 2019 Authors 2019 CC BY 4 0 License 1161. The International Archives of the Photogrammetry Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences Volume XLII 2 W11 2019. GEORES 2019 2nd International Conference of Geomatics and Restoration 8 10 May 2019 Milan Italy. 4 RESULT CONCLUSION, The result shows that HBIM for built heritage by linking. information can store more important information and take the. LoI of life cycle into consideration simultaneously Information. is based on an ontology concept for the sake of reliable and. credible Ontology also increases the interoperability of the. information since it is defined through the concept of CIDOC. CRM the international exchange standard for cultural. Figure 5 Longitudinal section of study case heritage Although there is no large scope of the investigation to. the users requirements this research can be a prototype of. establishing an information richness HBIM schema As for the. users requirements it should be gradually accumulated by the. follow up investigations and studies in this field. In the process of defining important properties we noticed that. the demand of a restoration data structure of components is. similar between Western and Eastern built heritage The. Figure 6 Example of a building component of the Huangxi prototypical schema of this study may possibly be an upper. academy layer concept for later researches in both Western and Eastern. 3 5 Combing models and information built heritage It is worth to investigate the similarities and. differences of schemata between various built heritage. In the previous step 3D models of Chinese built heritage. components Figure 7 is created for visualization and can be. linked to the component information according to ontologies Acierno M Cursi S Simeone D and Fiorani D 2017. Figure 8 In order to link the component model to the Architectural heritage knowledge modelling An ontology. information it has we recorded every Revit ID of every. based framework for conservation process In Journal of. component in our database To accomplish this we chose to. Cultural Heritage vol 24 pp 124 133, export IFC file from Revit so the ID of every component can be. find within the IFC file For 3D model viewer and database the Banfi F 2017 BIM orientation grades of generation and. database was built according to ontology model we designed a. information for different type of analysis and management. web based page for conducting these functions The website can. connect to both model and database for different information by process In The International Archives of Photogrammetry. searching their Revit ID in the storage of model and the Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Science vol XLII. database 2 W5 pp 57 64 August Ottawa Canada, Banfi F Barazzetti L Previtali M and Roncoroni F 2017.
Historic BIM a new repository for structural health monitoring. In The International Archives of Photogrammetry Remote. Sensing and Spatial Information Science vol XLII 5 W1 pp. 269 274 May Florence Italy,Bonduel M Pauwels P Oraskari J and Vergauwen M. 2018 The IFC to Linked Building Data Converter Current. Status In 6th Linked Data in Architecture and Construction. Workshop LDAC CEUR Workshop Proceedings pp 34 43,June London UK. 1 PDF ECPPM2018 presentation A Novel Workflow to, Combine BIM and Linked Data for Existing Buildings ECPPM. conference 2018 Available from,Figure 7 3D model of Tsai Lineage Temple. https www researchgate net publication 327631674 ECPPM2. 018 presentation A Novel Workflow to Combine BIM and. Linked Data for Existing Buildings ECPPM conference 20. 18 accessed Dec 28 2018,CIDOC CRM What is the CIDOC CRM http www cidoc.
crm org Accessed 04 March 2018, Fai S and Rafeiro J 2014 Establishing an appropriate level of. detail LOD for a building information model BIM west. block parliament hill Ottawa Canada In The International. Archives of Photogrammetry Remote Sensing and Spatial. Information Science vol II 5 pp 123 130 June Riva del. Garda Italy,Figure 8 3D model and its properties,This contribution has been peer reviewed. https doi org 10 5194 isprs archives XLII 2 W11 1159 2019 Authors 2019 CC BY 4 0 License 1162. The International Archives of the Photogrammetry Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences Volume XLII 2 W11 2019. GEORES 2019 2nd International Conference of Geomatics and Restoration 8 10 May 2019 Milan Italy. ICOMOS 1931 The Athens Charter for the restoration of. historic monuments Carta del Restauro 2 general principles. In 1st International Congress of Architects and Technicians of. Historic Monuments Athens, ICOMOS 1964 International charter for the conservation and. restoration of monuments and sites Article 2 In Second. international congress of architects and technicians of historic. monuments Venice, ICOMOS 1994 Nara Document on Authenticity Article 11. Nara Japan,Kuo C L Cheng Y M Lu Y C Lin Y C Yang W B And.
Yen Y N 2018 A framework for semantic Interoperablilty in. 3D tangible cultural heritage in Taiwan In Ioannides M et al. eds Digital Heritage Progress in Cultural Heritage. Documentation Preservation and Protection EuroMed 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science vol 11196 pp 21 29. Springer Cham, Lu Y C Shih T Y and Yen Y N 2018 Research on historic. BIM of built heritage in Taiwan a case study of Huangxi. academy In The International Archives of Photogrammetry. Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Science vol XLII 2. pp 615 622 June Riva del Garda Italy, National Cultural Heritage Database Management System. https nchdb boch gov tw Accessed 23 February 2018,Pauwels P Bod R Di Mascio D and De Meyer. As a witness of history built heritage has many values that is very important to human being Therefore how to conserve this valuable information becomes a common issue for cultural heritage conservation in the world Many researches about conserving the information of within built heritages were done and more issues were raised The

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