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TABLE OF CONTENTS,1 Introduction,2 Objectives,3 Scope of Consulting Services. 4 Scheduling,5 Project Requirements,6 Instructions to Proponents. 7 Proposal Evaluation,8 Submission Instructions,Annex A Airport Operations Manual Checklist. Annex B Emergency Plan Checklist,Annex C Obligations of the Operator Checklist. Annex D SMS Checklist,Annex E TP312 Inspection Checklist.
Annex F Wildlife Management Plan Checklist,Annex G Winter Maintenance Checklist. 1 0 INTRODUCTION,1 1 Purpose, The Terms of Reference defines the scope of work required from the Consultant for the. Development and Implementation of a Quality Assurance Audit Program that encompasses all. activities authorized under the airport certificate including all aspects of the airport s Safety. Management System as required by the Canadian Aviation Regulations. This request for proposal will be for a period required to implement and complete this project. 1 2 Background, 1 In Flight 2005 A Civil Aviation Safety Framework for Canada Transport Canada TC. committed to the implementation of SMS in civil aviation organizations Safety management is a. principal element of a sound aviation management program and a prime factor in the achievement. of the goals set out in Flight 2005 the reduction of accidents and incidents and an increased level. of public confidence in Canada s air transportation system The aim is to improve safety through. proactive management rather than reactive compliance with regulatory requirements. 2 TC through the Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council CARAC has developed a. series of rule changes to introduce the regulatory requirements for SMS in civil aviation. organizations Rules affecting airport certificate holders in Part III Subpart 2 of the CARs came. into force in 2008, 3 A required component of the SMS is a Quality Assurance program including an operational. independent audit function,2 0 OBJECTIVES,2 1 General.
The objectives are to provide professional consulting services to. a Develop a Quality Assurance Audit Plan and conduct a Quality Assurance Audit of all. activities authorized under the airport certificate and. b Ensure the Quality Assurance Program meets the requirements of the Canadian Aviation. Regulations, 2 2 The quality assurance program will need to reflect the size and complexity of the airport. Airports vary in size type of operation number of personnel geography climate and economic. environment These and other factors will influence the scope of an airport s program. To be effective the quality assurance program must be tailored to the size nature and. complexity of the operation and activities The quality assurance program does not need to be. more complex than required, 2 3 These services will be broken down into 3 defined phases which include 7 components identified. in section 2 4,Phase 1 Planning the Audit, The consultant will develop an Audit Planning Schedule for the initial Quality Assurance Audit. covering all components required to be audited,Phase 2 Conducting the Audit. During this phase and no later than June 17 2016 the consultant will complete a Quality. Assurance Audit covering all areas listed in the Quality Assurance Audit Planning Schedule. Phase 3 Audit Reports, Upon completion of the Quality Assurance Audit the consultant will prepare a report.
incorporating audit findings and supporting facts Corrective action plans will be developed by. the airport and not by the consultant,2 4 Components. Table A Quality Assurance Program Areas,1 Airport Operations Manual. 2 Emergency Response Plan,3 Obligations of the operator. 4 Safety Management System,6 Wildlife Management Program. 7 Winter Maintenance, All components are to be reviewed to meet the latest version of Canadian Aviation Regulations.
and related standards affecting aerodrome operations. See Annex A through G for North Bay Jack Garland Airport Audit Checklists. TP312 4th edition is current at this time,3 0 SCOPE OF CONSULTING SERVICES. 3 1 General Requirements, In completing the above noted projects the following is a brief description of the general. requirements of work to be undertaken, Meeting with the airport to review details of the project and establish priorities. Plan and conduct the audit, Prepare a report with findings and recommendations. 4 0 PROJECT SCHEDULING, It is intended that the Consultant retained will enter into a Contract for the provision of services.
The Consultant will work with Airport Staff in establishing priorities and identifying requirements to. meet the following completion schedule for each phase. Full Quality Assurance Audit Completion,No Later Than June 17 2016. 5 0 PROJECT REQUIREMENTS, Proponents are asked to provide services generally referred to as Consulting Services for the. purpose of the RFP The successful proponent will be awarded a Contract and be referred to as. Consultant to the Airport,5 1 Completion deliverables per phase. i At the completion of Phase 1 and Phase 3 provide the Airport two hard copies of the completed. phase of the QA Audit program and an electronic copy. ii Electronic format to be PDF,5 2 Regulation Compliance. Consultant shall review all relevant standards recommended practices regulations and. publications applicable to the development and implementation of an SMS Program and the. quality assurance there within,6 0 INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPONENTS.
6 1 General, Eligible proponents must provide with their proposal. 1 Letter of good standing with the Workplace Safety Insurance Board. 2 Letter from Insurance Company stating availability of Professional Liability Insurance. 3 Proof of General Liability and Comprehensive Automobile Insurance for all owned vehicles. non owned vehicles and leased, The information contained in the proposal must be organized under the same headings and in the. same order as outlined in the following section entitled Mandatory Proposal Components. 6 2 Mandatory Proposal Components,Please order proposal as follows. 1 0 Introduction Including the following, 1 1 Introductory letter describing the proponent s team and indicating the firm s commitment to the. project signed and sealed as outlined above, 1 2 Letter of good standing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.
1 3 Letter from Insurance Company stating availability of an Aviation Professional Liability. Insurance specific to this job the successful Consultant will be required to carry a minimum of. 2 000 000 per occurrence in professional liability insurance and 5 000 000 in general. liability The insurance coverage cannot be modified without written consent of the Owner. Clauses that limit the liability of the Consultant or the insurance company to the value of the. fees paid payable will not be considered, 1 4 Proof of General Liability and Automobile Liability Insurance. 2 0 Corporate Overview Proponent and Sub consultants. 2 1 History of Firm s and experience in general, 2 2 Size of firm Number of full time and part time employees associate. sub consultants, 2 3 Related Experience A summary of relevant experience of the proposed project team. including prime and sub consultants in completing assignments of this type in a similar. size scope and complexity The relevant experience should include work in the following. Safety Management Systems for Aviation Industry and Airports. Familiarity with Transport Canada, Experience and work related to the Canadian Aviation Regulations Standards. Provide details of related projects including names positions and telephone. numbers of client references for at least three 3 relevant projects Consultant. must have completed similar services for a minimum of three 3 projects within. the last three 3 years, 2 4 Statement of ability to handle this work in conjunction with any existing workloads and.
established deadlines,3 0 Project Team Members, 3 1 A description of the experience and capabilities of each team member number of years at the. firm and their role and responsibility during this project limit one page member The. relevant experience should be limited to work in the areas indicated above Team leaders must. be involved in projects completed in last 3 years,4 0 Organization and Methodology. 4 1 Provide a schedule to organize the work and the project. 5 0 Submission of Price and Terms of Payment, The Consultant is to provide a cost proposal excluding travel and accommodations. The Consultant is to provide in the cost proposal a breakdown of the base fee anticipated. disbursements i e travel lodging and cost per hour of any additional requested work. 6 0 Ownership, All documentation or materials produced pursuant to these Terms of Reference or the Contract. Document will become the property of the airport,7 0 PROPOSAL EVALUATION CRITERIA.
The Consultant s proposal shall be evaluated in accordance with the following criteria. Proposals will be evaluated by the airport on the basis of perceived best value as such the lowest. price may not mean award The airport reserves the right to select and award using its sole discretion. and to reject any and all proposals as it sees fit. The Airport Management team will carry out a project assessment and make recommendations The. evaluation will use the criteria set out as outlined below. Review Process Total Value 85 points,Proposal Quality 10 points. overall organization quality of proposal,Understanding of the Assignment 10 points. Demonstrated understanding of the assignment,Project Team 10 points. Qualifications and experience of firm personnel and. Project Manager 10 points, Experience familiarity with issues time commitment. Methodology 15 points,Depth detail clarity of the submission.
Understanding of local issues,Control 10 points,Cost control reporting and quality control. Fee proposal 20 points,8 0 SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS. 8 1 Address for Submission of Proposals, Address for submittal of Proposals North Bay Jack Garland Airport Corporation. 50 Terminal St Suite 1,North Bay Ontario,Email address dan booth northbayairport com. Clearly mark sealed packages, PROPOSAL SUBMISSION FOR North Bay Jack Garland Airport Quality Assurance Program.
8 2 Closing Time for Submission of Proposals,Proposals must be received no later than. 3 00 pm Eastern Standard Time Monday July 13th 2015. 8 3 Form of Submission, Two 2 bound copies of the Proposal are to be sealed in an envelope clearly marked as noted in item. 8 1 above Proposal will also be accepted in an electronic format as noted in item 8 1 above. No late deliveries or fax transmissions will be accepted. 8 4 Enquiries from Consultants, Consultants are to direct enquiries during the proposal call period to. Dan Booth Operations SMS Manager,705 474 3026 ext 226. dan booth northbayairport com, 8 5 Anticipated Respondent Selection Date July 24 2015.
CYYB North Bay Jack Garland Airport Audit Date Month DD YYYY. Safety Management System SMS,Airport Operations Manual Checklist. Name of Airport CYYB North Bay Jack Garland Airport. Airport Manager Mr Jack Santerre,SMS Manager Mr Dan Booth. Date of Audit Month DD YYYY,Lead Auditor Mr Mrs First Name Last Name. Audit Team Company Name,Address Street No Name,City Province. Postal Code,Phone Number,Sections Covered, CYYB North Bay Jack Garland Airport Audit Date Month DD YYYY.
Audit Comply Audit, Regulation Section Yes No N A N C Identifier Comments. Airport Operations Manual,302 08 1 The operator of an airport shall. 1 a on the issuance of an airport certificate provide. the Minister with a copy of the airport operations. manual as approved by the Minister pursuant to,subsection 302 03 2 and distribute copies of the. applicable portions to the persons and institutions. referred to in the airport operations manual,2 b maintain the airport operations manual and. 3 c submit to the Minister for approval any proposed. amendment to the airport operations manual, 302 08 2 The provisions of this Subpart that apply in respect.
of the making of an airport operations manual also. apply in respect of any amendment to an airport,operations manual. 4 302 08 3 An airport operations manual shall set out the. standards to be met and the services to be,provided by an airport operator. 302 08 4 An airport operations manual shall contain. 5 a a table of contents,any information relating to the administration of. the airport including,a record of any amendments to the airport. operations manual, 7 b ii a list of holders of copies of the airport operations.
manual or of portions thereof, 8 b iii a description of the procedure for amendment of. the airport operations manual, 9 b iv a description of the organizational structure and. CYYB North Bay Jack Garland Airport Audit Date Month DD YYYY. Audit Comply Audit, Regulation Section Yes No N A N C Identifier Comments. operational procedures of the airport,management, 10 b v an enumeration of the obligations of the operator. referred to in Section 302 07, 11 b vi an undertaking signed by the operator in respect.
of the operator s obligations under paragraphs,302 07 1 c and d. 12 b vii a statement signed by the operator certifying that. the airport operations manual is complete and,accurate and that the operator agrees. Consultant Services for the Development and Implementation of a Quality Assurance Audit Program June the successful Consultant will be required to carry a

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