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Energy Pyramid, Directions Draw an energy pyramid below Answer the following questions. based on the pyramid,1 Which level in this pyramid would represent. 2 Which level in this pyramid has the least,energy available. 3 Which level in this pyramid has the most,energy available. 4 How are food chains and energy pyramids, The graph below shows changes in the population of predator and prey over.
Which best explains why the population of prey,increased near the end of the timeline shown on. A Fewer prey were reproducing,B More predators moved into the area. C Fewer predators were hunting the prey,D More prey were competing for resources. Biotic and Abiotic Factors in an Ecosystem 8 11B,Define and give an example of the following. Circle the biotic factor that may exist in a forest ecosystem. A The rock formations that make up the forest floor. B The mosses that cover sides of tree trunks,C The average temperature in the winter.
D The amount of sunlight that reaches the forest floor. Which of the following investigations studies how an organism in an aquatic. ecosystem depends on an abiotic factor,A A study of fish eating algae. B A study of fish swimming in water,C A study of fish mating with another fish. D A study of fish seeking shelter behind a plant,Ecological Succession 7 10C. What is meant by the term ecological succession, Look closely at the table that shows the dominant flora at various stages of. ecological succession, Which stage represents the establishment of the pioneer.
Dominant Plant,Stage organisms, 2 Grasses Which stage represents the climax community. Which stage would result if a fire were to destroy the. 4 Loblolly pine trees,climax community,Blackjack oak. In the boxes below sketch out how ecological succession might occur in a garden left. unattended Use an asterisk to mark the most stable stage Why is it the most. Dichotomous Keys 7 11A, Use the dichotomous key provided to identify the following birds. A Key to Identifying Birds,Couplet Description,1a Toes webbed go to 2. 1b Toes not webbed go to 3,2a Four toes webbed together cormorant.
2b Three toes webbed together duck,3a Claws curved go to 4. 3b Claws not curved jacana,4a Claws large eagle,4b Claws small kingfisher. Bird A is a Bird C is a,Bird B is a Bird D is a, A student discovers an arachnid with a segmented abdomen long legs and a tail. with no stinger The student uses the dichotomous key below to identify it Which. arachnid has the student found,a Daddy Long Legs,b Scorpion. c Wind scorpion,d Whip scorpion, A labeled diagram of a fiddler crab is provided Which of the following is an accurate.
observation of the structures of a fiddler crab Fiddler crabs have. a five pairs of walking legs on,b an enlarged propodus on. both front legs,c a pair of eyes on stalks at the,top of the body. d two pairs of chelipeds for a,total of four,Cells 7 12D. Complete the Venn diagram to compare the characteristics of plant and animal. cells by using all of the words in the word bank,cell membrane DNA. cell wall nucleus,chloroplasts round shape,cytoplasm square shape.
How are prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells different. Write the name of the correct organelle in the space provided Use the word bank. Organelle Function Word Bank,Decides what enters and leaves the. cell Cell Wall,Cell Membrane,Gel like substance that all of the. organelles float around in Mitochondria,Contains the genetic material Nucleus. chromosomes that direct all cell,activities Cytoplasm. Chloroplast,Power house of the cell converts,chemical energy in food into energy Vacuole.
the cell can use,Stores materials like water,Protects and supports the cell. found in plant cells only,Converts radiant energy from the. sun into chemical energy glucose,Found in plant cells only. Cells require a structure that regulates the transfer of material in and out of the cell This. structure is the,a Mitochondrion,b Cell membrane,c Chloroplast. Chloroplasts are oval disks containing green chlorophyll in plant cells Animal cells lack. chloroplasts because they,a do not perform photosynthesis.
b have cilia for movement,c use mitochondria for photosynthesis. d do not have cell walls,Body Systems 7 12B, Complete the chart by writing the names of the missing organ systems Use the word. Organ System Function Major Organs Word Bank,Circulatory. Transports Heart blood Digestive,materials vessels. Exchanges O 2,and CO 2 gases Lungs bronchi,Integumentary.
Breaks down Esophagus,food into useable stomach,form intestines Nervous. Removes wastes Kidneys bladder Respiratory,from blood ureters urethra Skeletal. Sends messages Reproductive,throughout body Brain spinal cord. Regulates body,functions Adrenal glands,hormones pituitary gland. Protects and covers Skin sweat glands,internal structures.
Produce offspring Testes ovaries,Allows the body to. move Muscles,Provides shape,support protects,internal organs. stores needed Bones,materials produces,blood cells allows. Environmental Changes in Populations 8 11C, Humans often influence the environment When an oil spill occurs in the Gulf of Mexico. organisms living in that environment are affected Give an example of a short term. effect and a long term effect of water pollution from an oil spill. Short term effect,Long term effect, There are three species of birds on an island Bird A has a sharply pointed bill for eating.
insects Bird B has a heavy bill for eating big seeds Bird C has a sharp bill for eating. insects and small seeds If the insect populations suddenly disappeared one season. which bird or birds would probably be the least affected that season. D Bird A and Bird B, The graph below illustrates the effect of pesticides on mosquitoes Pesticides are applied. to the mosquito population every year How does the introduction of pesticides into the. environment affect the mosquito population,a How did the environment change. b Was this a short term or long term change to the. environment,c How did the mosquitoes respond to these changes. d How would these changes be reflected in the traits. that are passed to future mosquito populations,An illustration of a water lily is provided. If annual rainfall increased and caused ponds in this habitat to. become deeper how after many generations might the traits. of these water lilies change,a Brighter flowers,b Longer stems.
c Wider leaves,d Thicker roots,Human Dependence on Ocean Systems 8 11D. Read the passage below then answer the questions that follow. Runoff and the Ocean, For many years scientists believed that runoff from commercial farms causes large phytoplankton blooms In. 2005 Stanford University scientists were able to finally prove that theory Knowing this we can better protect. oceans from human pollution How does this affect the ocean ecosystem and the human food chain To. answer that we need to understand how humans interact with the ocean. The ocean ecosystem is more sensitive than it looks We can see that plants and fish live in a delicate balance. Schools of fish keep moving through the ocean They do not put too much pressure on any one source of. food Different populations are kept in check by their predators and the amount of food available Scientific. methods are needed to detect tiny molecules like nitrogen and oxygen. The ocean drives Earth s water cycle All but 3 of the water on Earth is in the ocean So much of the Sun s. heat is absorbed by the ocean This means it has a big influence on Earth s climate We get many resources. from the ocean Fish shrimp kelp and blubber are just a few of the resources we get from the ocean The. ocean influences all life on Earth That is why it is very important that we are aware of how we affect ocean. Water that travels over the ground and then into a river or ocean is called runoff Most runoff comes from. rain The pollution in the runoff however often comes from water that has been used for agriculture This is. water that was used to irrigate the plants that farmers grow Sometimes this water can collect pollution from. the ground as it rolls downhill This can include lead nitrogen and phosphorus Nitrogen is a chemical element. that many farmers use to increase their crop yields It is the active ingredient in manure and many other. plant fertilizers Unfortunately it has the same effect on ocean plants Adding plant fertilizer to the ocean. changes the balance of ocean plant growth This can have a serious effect on ocean wildlife. Phytoplankton are microscopic algae that live in the ocean Phytoplankton are the base of the aquatic food. chain Thousands of marine organisms rely on phytoplankton for food Alone they are too small to be seen. with the naked eye When millions of phytoplankton are together they make the water look green The. chlorophyll in their bodies causes the green color When phytoplankton multiply quickly these large groups are. called algal blooms There have always been natural algal blooms They are happening more often now We. now understand the connection between fertilizer in runoff and ocean algal blooms. Continue reading, Algal blooms can lower oxygen levels in the water The algae do not live very long Bacteria take oxygen from. the water to break down their bodies when they die Dead zones are places where the oxygen level is so low. that most marine organisms cannot live Dead zones can kill large numbers ocean wildlife. The scientists at Stanford University were the first to prove the connection between nitrogen in runoff water. and algal blooms They studied photos of the Gulf of California Much of the land surrounding the Gulf of. California is used for agriculture Hundreds of thousands of acres are used as farm land Farmers fertilize. these farms four times per year They spray their crops with a nitrogen based fertilizer The fertilizer collects. in the runoff It drains into the ocean The scientists found that there was always an algal bloom a few days. after this fertilization cycle, Algal blooms can cause major problems for both ocean wildlife and commercial fisheries It is important to. understand how humans can cause and prevent large algal blooms. Which of the following statements about the cause of algal blooms is true. a Algal blooms are caused by fish,b Algal blooms only happen naturally.
c Algal blooms are always human caused, d Algal blooms are sometimes a natural occurrence and sometimes the result of. human activities, How does contaminated runoff affect the delicate balance of ocean life. a Nitrogen and oxygen are in balance in ocean water If more nitrogen is added. oxygen is forced out, b Schools of fish will not travel through areas of polluted water forcing them to. stay in one place overfeeding on one source of food. c The food supply for phytoplankton is greatly increased and they multiply so fast. that their predators cannot control their population. d Poisons in the runoff kill many of the marine organisms which prey on. phytoplankton which allows them to increase their population greatly causing. an algal bloom, Which of the following is the best summary of the article. a Oceans are important part of Earth We get fish shrimp and other natural. resources from the ocean, b When humans interact with the ocean bad things happen We cause pollution.
when contaminants runoff into the ocean, c Algal blooms can cause dead zones in the ocean Humans are the main cause of. algal blooms We should stop runoff because it can cause ocean dead zones We. can stop harmful runoff by not using nitrogen to fertilize plants. d Humans interact with the ocean in many ways We gather food and other. resources from the ocean Runoff is surface water that has traveled over ground. and into a body of water Sometimes runoff which reaches the ocean is. contaminated which we now know can cause deadly algal blooms. Sometimes humans intentionally sink a ship to create an artificial coral reef The creation. of an artificial reef would have which of the following effects on the ocean ecosystem. a Increases the amount of sunlight that reaches the ocean floor. b Raises the average temperature of ocean water in the area. c Provides a habitat for many interdependent organisms. d Speeds the growth of algae that can kill plants and animals. Humans depend on thriving populations of fish for sources of food Which of the following. human activities has the greatest negative impact on the ability to harvest food sources. from the ocean, a Protecting areas where certain species of fish are known to breed. b Setting a limit on the number of fish that can be caught in an area. c Allowing factories to dump their waste products into rivers and streams. d Raising threatened species in fish farms and then releasing them into the ocean. Sewer drains along city streets connect to underground systems which direct rain water. and other substances to the oceans Which of the following human activities can most. negatively affect the oceans via sewer drains, a Collecting and storing rainwater before it reaches drains. b Spraying lawns with chemicals to kill weeds and insects. c Sweeping dead leaves into the gutters along streets. Reporting Category 4 Organisms and Environment Food Chains and Food Webs 8 11A A labeled diagram of a fiddler crab is provided Which of the following is an accurate observation of the structures of a fiddler crab Fiddler crabs have a five pairs of walking legs on each side b an enlarged propodus on both front legs c a pair of eyes on stalks at the top of the body d two pairs

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