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54 ILSE OLLENDORFF, most of these 50 accumulators with additional layers which were added to. the outside of the accumulator thus bringing them up to 2 fold by adding. these layers Then in 1946 the demand for accumulators began to increase. suddenly Fifty six new accumulators were ordered in 1946 bringing the. total up to 106 These 56 accumulators were constructed as 2 fold accumu. lators with the middle layer consisting of a solid sheet of metal The organic. material used at that time was already rock wool or glass fiber In the fall of. 1946 we discovered that the use of steel wool for the 2nd layer rather than. solid metal enhances the strength of the accumulator and beginning with. accumulator No 98 all accumulators were now constructed with an inner. layer of steel wool and rock wool In 1947 the new orders amounted to 65. bringing the total up to 171 In 1948 the total number of accumulators. ordered reached 91 bringing the total to 262, During 1948 we decided to build 3 fold accumulators for general use and. to have special 5 fold accumulators for cases which were under strict medical. supervision where a strong orgonotic effect was desired Sixteen 5 fold. accumulators were constructed and are being used wherever indicated In. 1948 the construction of accumulators was shifted from Maine to New York. where a small carpentry firm in Forest Hills took over the building In. 1949 and the beginning of 1950 100 more accumulators were ordered and. built and the construction was shifted back to Maine where the firm of S A. Collins Son took over manufacturing At the present time we have 322. accumulators in use in the U S Twenty seven of these accumulators are. given out free of charge 11 accumulators built by private people for their. own use and 20 accumulators are used at a reduced rate All of these accumu. lators are still given out on an experimental basis Every user has to sign an. affidavit to that effect and each affidavit has to be signed and the diagnosis. filled in by either the treating medical orgonomist or in cases where the. patient is geographically too far removed the affidavit has to be accompanied. by a statement on the physical status of the patient by his own physician. In the New York area persons who are not in treatment but would like to. use the orgone accumulator are now being referred to the Orgone Energy. Clinic before giving them an accumulator Here I would like to add that we. are naturally willing to let anybody in need of the use of an accumulator. benefit from it however it has become increasingly frequent that people. have asked for an accumulator without wanting to pay for it We have. therefore made it a principle in each such case to get a written statement. From the Orgone Energy Bulletin Vol 3 No 1 January 1951. Full text available from the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust. http www wilhelmreichtrust org,ORGONE ENERGY ACCUMULATORS IN U S A 55. from the attending physician as to the absolute medical necessity of the use. of the accumulator in that case and a detailed explanation of the financial. situation to find out whether the reduced rate or accumulator free of charge. is indicated The fact that up till now through the courtesy of Drs Oscar. and Simeon Tropp the use of an accumulator free of charge was available. to such patients and that in the future the use of accumulators at the Orgone. Energy Clinic will be available to such persons will help to reduce this. Most of the first 50 accumulators have been exchanged by this time for. stronger ones The material is being used over as as possible in the build. ing of new ones Over the past 9 years it can be safely assumed that more. than a thousand people have been using the accumulator more or less regu. larly over periods ranging from 3 months to 9 years since in most cases. family members and friends have availed themselves of the use of the accu. mulator together with the original signer of the affidavit The average use. is approximately 1 year 9 months, I would like to mention how widely known the orgone energy accumulator. has become recently We know the role which the accumulator plays in all. the slander stories It has recently come to our attention that in a current. novel the accumulator is mentioned as the sexone box and last winter a. social and educational group in Greenwich Village announced a lecture and. demonstration of the orgone accumulator They called on us to provide an. accumulator and lecturer which was refused because of the clearly non. scientific character of that organization They insisted that they would be. able to provide an accumulator anyhow whereupon we immediately had. our lawyer intervene and threaten them with removal of the accumulator. through police interference if they showed it against our wishes We learned. that they not only did not show the accumulator or mention any word about. orgonomy but they also hastily had a new announcement of their lecture. made leaving out any mention of Reich his work and the accumulator. Almost the same experience was had with a pseudo scientific radio program. The income from the accumulators has risen in accordance with the rise. in the demand from 4 594 in 1946 to 23 000 in 1950 The cost of the accumu. lators altogether from the beginning until now is 20 400 I would like to. stress at this point the fact that neither Wilhelm Reich nor any of the other. physicians connected with the work on the orgone accumulators has earned. any money in connection with that work The income from the accumulators. From the Orgone Energy Bulletin Vol 3 No 1 January 1951. Full text available from the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust. http www wilhelmreichtrust org,56 ILSE OLLENDORFF, was never sufficient to cover the expenses of the research work The medical.
use of the orgone accumulators has been donated by Reich to the Wilhelm. Reich Foundation and is worth approximately 25 000 a year. Let me first say that the following figures about the income and the. expenses of the Orgone Institute Research Laboratories are taken from the. financial report ending with the fiscal year May 31 1950 There is therefore. a slight difference in the figures between those cited by Dr Baker for the. income from the Orgone Institute Diagnostic Clinic c p 41 this Bulletin. and my figures since they do not include the entire month of June The. expenses for the research work the laboratories maintenance of Orgonon. and the Forest Hills Laboratory including the salaries have likewise risen. from 9 000 in 1946 to 21 800 in 1950 The income of the corporation during. the period 1946 to 1950 aside from the income derived from the accumulators. came from the following sources Wilhelm Reich contributed 29 214 toward. the expenses apart from loans He had also spent 110 565 39 for the work. in the course of 15 years The professional co workers including the regular. contribution from the American Association for Medical Orgonomy con. tributed 19 466 10 General contributions and donations amounted to. 6 898 30 When in 1948 it was decided to construct the Orgone Energy. Observatory a special construction fund was set up and many of the co. workers donated money for this specific purpose The construction fund was. also the recipient of consultation fees which Reich designated for this specific. purpose other physicians did the same with certain of their consultation. fees or monies received for blood tests and examinations Money from the. A S Neill lecture in 1948 likewise went into the construction fund which. by the end of the fiscal year May 31 1950 amounted to 23 947 30 In 1950. there was a net income from the Orgonomic Infant Research Center for fees. of 1839 and clinical consultations at the Orgone Institute Diagnostic Clinic. brought in 696 The assets of the corporation before depreciation included. the following,Orgonon Laboratory and Observatory 75 255 99. Orgone energy accumulators 20 389 13,Apparatus and equipment 4 976 10. Office equipment and furniture 281 17,Total 100 902 39. From the Orgone Energy Bulletin Vol 3 No 1 January 1951. Full text available from the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust. http www wilhelmreichtrust org,ORGONE ENERGY ACCUMULATORS IN U S A 57. This does not include the laboratory equipment which Wilhelm Reich. brought to the U S A in 1939 and which is worth about 20 000 00. The liabilities of the corporation include the following. Loans payable 13 286 79,Accounts payable 3 949 99,Total 17 236 78.
At the present time Wilhelm Reich holds the title for most of the land and. the Orgone Energy Observatory in trust for the Wilhelm Reich Foundation. and these assets will gradually be transferred to the Foundation At the. present time 19 acres of land plus approximately 3Yz acres of land on which. the Students Laboratory is standing have been transferred to the Founda. tion together with the following other assets and liabilities. Liabilities transferred,Loans payable 12 370 12,Accounts payable 3 519 87. Total 15 889 99,Assets transferred, Students Laboratory with adjacent buildings 16 940 44. Depreciation as of May 31 1950 2 473 98,Full value as of June 1 1950 14 466 50. Apparatus located in the Students Laboratory 1 059 54. Includes full laboratory equipment lathe vacuum cleaner etc. Depreciation as of May 31 1950 296 67,Full value as of June 1 1950 762 87. Accumulators 20 389 13,Depreciation as of May 31 1950 4 756 66.
Full value as of June 1 1950 15 632 47,Total assets transferred 30 861 84. The Orgone Research Fund is still in existence as a subsidiary of The. Wilhelm Reich Foundation and is paying all of the overhead expenses while. The Wilhelm Reich Foundation directly pays expenditures in connection. From the Orgone Energy Bulletin Vol 3 No 1 January 1951. Full text available from the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust. http www wilhelmreichtrust org,58 ILSE OLLENDORFF, with the capital assets such as apparatus construction etc Our overhead. according to last year s financial report was approximately 21 000 which. was distributed as follows figures are approximations. Salaries and wages 10 500,Maintenance of Orgonon 2 200. Laboratory expenses 1 400, Great expenses in our work especially with the high rates of electricity in. Maine are the items light heat and telephone which last year amounted to. over 2 500,Hospital Project last year 857,Legal and accounting expenses 1 000.
Insurance 675,Real estate taxes 870,Maintenance of laboratory in Forest Hills 500. Stationery travel postage etc 1 000, We hope that through the planned sale of the accumulators this overhead. will be amply covered and that those research centers which are already. functioning will be able to cover their own expenses thus relieving Wilhelm. Reich from his annual loans and contributions, From the Orgone Energy Bulletin Vol 3 No 1 January 1951. Full text available from the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust. http www wilhelmreichtrust org,The Charter of The Wilhelm Reich Foundation. STATE OF MAINE, CERTIFICATE OF ORGANIZATION OF A CORPORATION UNDER CHAPTER FIFTY.
OF THE REVISED STATUTES AND AMENDMENTS THERETO, The name of said corporation is The Wilhelm Reich Foundation. The purposes of said corporation are, 1 To conduct research and teaching in cosmic orgone energy orgone. physics orgone biophysics and natural science generally its medical tech. nical other and all future applications, 2 To establish operate and maintain laboratories and observatories for. scientific purposes, 3 To establish operate and maintain clinics and hospitals for orgonomic. medical research and medical orgone therapy, 4 To establish operate and maintain educational institutions.
5 To establish operate and maintain bioenergetic research in agriculture. 6 To acquire and preserve the instruments library and archives of Wil. helm Reich, 7 To preserve the discoveries of Wilhelm Reich and secure them for. posterity by the establishment of institutions of learning maintenance of. museums or otherwise, 8 To publish any material concerning the discoveries and work of Wil. helm Reich and all future work of the corporation based on these discoveries. 9 To hold such real and personal property as shall be necessary for its. purposes to raise funds for said purposes and to receive real and personal. property by gift devise or bequest and to give and dedicate such property. to public agencies and purposes and to mortgage or pledge the assets of the. corporation in order to carryon the work and purposes of the corporation. and generally without limitation of the foregoing and in extension thereof. From the Orgone Energy Bulletin Vol 3 No 1 January 1951. Full text available from the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust. http www wilhelmreichtrust org,60 THE WILHELM REICH FOUNDATION. to do all such acts and things as may be necessary to promote the purposes. of this corporation, 10 To conduct its affairs so that no part of the net income of the corpora. tion shall inure to the benefit of any private member or individual and no. member officer or employee of the corporation shall receive or be lawfully. entitled to receive any pecuniary profit of any kind therefrom except reason. able compensation for services in effecting one or more of its purposes or as. a proper beneficiary of its eleemosynary purposes, The members of the Board of Trustees of The Wilhelm Reich Foundation.
Report on Orgone Energy Accumulators in the U s A By ILsE OLLENDORFF Organon Rangeley Me t In giving this report I would like to start with the orgone energy accumu lator production over the past 9 years We had 3 accumulators made in October 1941 for use in the laboratory at Forest Hills Besides the workers in the laboratory the accumulators were used by experimental patients

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