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Summary of Report , Aim of this study This is a personal case study discussing the importance of. providing financial security a stable source of income and access to formal banking. servicesto increase the success of an educational program for underprivileged girls . Method In this paper I draw from my experience with Nischay Girls School in. Jaipur India and describe successful efforts to increase financial independence of. girls going to school as well as provide data to assess the impact of these measures. on relevant metrics The programs aim to enhance the value proposition provided to. parents in sending their daughters to school instead of keeping them at home to do. housework or putting them to work in low paying service jobs . Part I Identifying the Problem under enrollment and high dropout rate from. primary to secondary school, Identifying an un addressed cause Opportunity cost of sending girl child to. school in terms of lost income from engaging in productive activity . The paper first argues that the underlying un addressed issue for the high dropout. rate from primary to secondary school is the high opportunity cost of sending an. able bodied member to school Even though the school is free of cost the lost. income from engaging the child in other work or preferring that they take care of. the housework so that the parents can spend more time being employed offsets the. perceived value of education in the minds of the parents . Part II Solutions to above problem and their results Increasing the skill levels. of students so that they can make higher salaries part time and afford to come to. Solution 1 Expanding an existing program to sell hand made craft kits by . o Optimizing processes to produce kits, o Developing sustainable sales and distribution channels. o Increasing visibility by effective marketing techniques. Results Increased total revenue from selling craft kits number of. students benefiting from the sales of craft kits and income received. from sales of craft kits per student , CRAFT KITS. 2010 2011 2014 2015 Improvement, No of students making Craft kits 16 50 213 .
No of types of kits 30 200 567 , No of craft kits made 1200 5000 317 . Average Price of kits 200 350 75 , No of craft kits sold 700 5000 614 . of craft kits sold 58 100 71 , Revenue from kits 140000 1750000 1150 . Likes on facebook page 4000 20 000 400 , Earnings from craft kits in year 2014 15. Number of craft kits sold 5000, Average Price per kit INR 350.
Revenue from craft kits INR 1 750 000, Cost of materials INR 250 000. Reductions for use as expnses INR 100 000, Profit INR 1 400 000. No of girls working INR 44, Annual Income to each girl INR 31 818. Monthly income INR 2 652, Solution 2 Providing training and employment opportunities for children to. become beauticians , o Partnering with local beauty salons to provide training to girls .
o Developing a pipeline for girls to be employed in these beauty salons. part time , o Providing free lance opportunities for girls to provide these services. to trusted customers for large weddings functions etc . Results Provide an extra source of income to girls so they can work. part time in a higher paying job and come to school . Avg Wages for Part time Jobs Rs month Beautician Income Rs month . Washing Clothes 1100 In parlor 3500, Washing Utensils 800 Free lance peak 4000 5000. Cleaning Homes 1000 Free lance off peak 2000 3000. Low end restaurant cleaner 700 weighted average 2700 3700. Low end restaurant waitress 1000, Average improvement 262 . Behind Shop counter 1200, Solution 3 Providing training employment opportunities and sales. channels for children to make and sell chocolates . o Revisiting the existing program in chocolate making . o Developed a plan to grow operation based on success of sale of craft. Results The next stage of developing the program fully is in progress . Part III Discovering new problems and addressing them Girls had little. access knowledge of banking or savings plans and it often ended up getting spent. unnecessarily , Solution Provide resources and information to encourage long term savings by .
Emphasizing the importance of saving and describing why it is necessary . Providing access and information about opening various types of savings. Having a Bank Day Excursion to actually go and open these accounts for girls . Keeping track with the bank accounts and ensuring that they are being used. and saved , Complete Report,Table of Contents , Part 1 The Problem Under enrollment and high dropout rate from primary to. secondary school, About Nischay , Developing an understanding of the underlying issues at play. Already existing solutions to some of the issues, The un addressed issue opportunity cost of sending a girl child to school. Drop Out Rate Analysis, Part 2 Solutions Increase financial independence of the girl child and enhance the. value proposition for parents to continue sending their daughters to school . Current Sources of Funds and Income, Solution 1 Increasing Sales of Craft Kits and remodeling the use of the finds.
to put money in pockets of the girl, o Seeing potential in the craft kits. o Identifying bottlenecks in the production to sale process. o Tackling the problem, o Next Steps, o Going Beyond Facebook Sales. o Conclusions and results, Solution 2 Help Students Level up to higher paying part time jobs outside of. o Maximizing Value from Part Time Jobs, o Selecting the appropriate Part time job . o Creating opportunities for training and employment as beauticians. The Training Provided, Acquiring Jobs post training.
Conclusions and Results , o Creating Opportunities for training and employment in Chocolate. Description of chocolate making activity, Future direction of Program . Part 3 Increasing Financial Security and Independence over the longer term . The Problem lack of knowledge and acumen in financial planning and a. habit of saving , Solutions To the Problem, o Hold Workshops to emphasize importance of saving and banking as. well as provide information about various types of accounts and. savings structures, o Identifying appropriate accounts and schemes to satisfy the. requirements of the girls, o Providing financial solutions for girls in Grades 1 4.
Talk about SukanyaSamridhi and Postal Savings Account . Conduct excursions to the bank and open these accounts for. Provide Individual Financial Counseling to help parents and. girls portion of parts of their incomes to these accounts . Follow up with parents and students on their usage of the. o Providing financial solutions for girls in grades 5 10. Talk about PPF and Recurring Deposit accounts, Conduct excursions to the bank and open these accounts for. Provide individual financial counseling to help parents and. girls portion of parts of their incomes to these accounts . Follow up with parents and students on their usage of the. o Conclusions and Results,PART 4 Overall Conclusions and Results . PART 5 References, PART 1 THE PROBLEM, Under enrollment for under privileged girls in schooland high. dropout rate from 2 3 grade and 5 6 grade ,About Nischay . Nischay Girls School is a school in Jaipur that provides free education to 500. underprivileged girl students in the local area It teaches different levels of classes in. Hindi English Computer Science Mathematics and Environmental Studies for. regular school throughout the year Additionally it has programs in Physics . Chemistry and Biology as well as workshops in art dancing acting and some. vocational skills over the summer It is affiliated with the Neerja Modi School an. International Baccalaureate school and shares a campus and resources with that. school It was founded on 15th Oct 2003 and had a batch of 50 students and now has. grown to a strength of 500 The vision is to get to a 1000 students in the next three. Developing an understanding of the underlying issues at play. I began volunteering as a mathematics teacher at the Nischay Girls School in Jaipur. in the summer of 2011 The school ran summer programs as extensions of the. normal school program for students who needed to complete the material were. behind on something or had less time during the academic year I spent time in my. summer and winter breaks teaching various topics in mathematics to different. classes from grades 6 10 Going back every year I would often find a lot of girls from. the previous year missing Some of these of course were students who chose not to. enroll in summer school but were still continuing with regular school However. some of them would drop out of school all together Digging into this deeper I found. out the primary to secondary school dropout rate for females in India was about. 56 as compared to 32 for males On talking to numerous social workers at. Nischaywho were responsible for outreach to the community enrollment and other. administrative activities I began to learn much more about the issues preventing a. girl child from pursuing secondary education after completing primary education In. 2010 10 the Primary to secondary school dropout rate was 55 . Many issues plague why girls from underprivileged families do not go to school I. would like to divide these factors into two categories . 1 Cultural Factors , a Patriarchy girls don t need to go to school and rather learn how to do.
b A fear that going to school might encourage indulgence in or exposure. to sexual behaviors , c Lack of faith in such educational institutions and or the government . d Lack of understanding of the value of education especially for women . e Belief that too much education might reduce the girls chances of. finding a husband , 2 Economic Factors , a School too expensive. b Opportunity cost of lost income from engaging the girl child in other. productive work , c Need of an extra hand at home to run errands perform housework . Teaching math to students over the summer and learning about the problems faced by. female students in India and the students at Nischay Girls School and the detriments to. completing their education , Already existing solutions to many of these issues. In many ways Nischay Girls School was setup in a way that attempted to address. these problems which is what contributed to its success as a school for. underprivileged girls For example all social workers hired were women and there. was always a chaperone present in every classroom and field trip Social workers. were trained in persuading parents and assuaging their fears to show them the. value of education and to keep their daughters enrolled in school The material and. training that the social workers possessed were designed to help deal with the. cultural factors mentioned above Additionally the curriculum was tailored to. enable girls to secure stable jobs on graduating as well as pursue further studies To. address the economic factors there was just one solution being implemented a. midday meal was provided free of cost to the children as part of the government. Midday Meal Scheme Although the midday meal scheme in India has been highly. successful in providing nutrition as well as in increasing enrollment and attendance. at schools it still does not completely compensate for the opportunity cost of. sending a child to school for a whole day , The Un addressed Issue Opportunity cost of sending girl child to school.
Table 1 Shows the cost in rupees of a midday meal for an average household vs the expected. wage from engaging in a low skilled service job , Costs of Self Providing Midday Meal person Average Income for a months work. Cost per meal 40 Average Minimum wage of country daily 200. Monthly 1200 Minimum Monthlyexpected wage 6000, Average wages for low skilled service jobs daily 230. Monthly expected wage 6900, Even with Midday Meal a young child was worth more in the work force than in. A simple analysis of the cost of a meal for a four person household in India as. compared with the cost of not having a child at home for the period of 6 8 hours is. shown in Table 1 As it can be seen the midday meal only scratches the surface in. being a real economic incentive to send a girl child to school Even compared with. the minimum wage the midday meal is not enough of an economic incentive to. compete with lost wages from going to school , If not working outside then girl child is required to work at home . In addition to this factor thehousework is something that needs to be done Even. when the girl child is not engaged in labor outside of the house parents prefer that. the housework be taken care of by the girls since the opportunity cost of either. parent staying at home and doing it is even higher since they can command higher. wages in the workforce Therefore there is a strong economic force to keep the girl. child at home or employed Although the hours of the school were designed so that a. student could finish their morning errands and come to school and be home in time. to do the work for the evening this was still a problem . I strongly believe that cultural change can be brought about by both directly. addressing the culture and by providing the correct economic incentives Since so. girls going to school as well as provide data to assess the impact of these measures on relevant metrics The programs aim to enhance the value proposition provided to parents in sending their daughters to school instead of keeping them at home to do housework or putting them to work in low paying service jobs

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