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02 Renting with pets,4 Introduction,5 L ooking for accommodation. with your pet,Top 10 tips for finding accommodation. with your pet,Providing a pet reference,Writing a CV for your pet. 12 Moving with your pet,14 L iving responsibly,with your pet. Health welfare,Being a responsible pet owner,18 Animals and the Law.
Don t leave your house hunting until,the last minute give yourself plenty of. time to find a pet friendly property,Renting with pets 03. Introduction, Dogs Trust understands that finding privately rented accommodation that allows pets can be. very difficult We know from experience that many pet owners are forced to live in unsuitable. properties or keep their pets without consent from their landlord In some extreme cases. owners are even having to give up their pets or else face becoming homeless. In a recent survey by Dogs Trust1, n 8 of pet owners reported that they had experienced difficulties finding. privately rented accommodation that would allow pets. n 54 of pet owners were never able to find a suitable property that accepted pets. n 8 of people had to rehome their pet, Dogs Trust has launched its Lets with Pets campaign to help make the house.
hunting process easier for tenants with pets This booklet contains tips and. advice on how to persuade landlords that you and your pets would make. good tenants It also contains information on moving with your pet and. being a responsible pet owner, As part of our Lets with Pets campaign we have produced a separate. booklet for landlords and lettings agents with information and advice. on renting their properties to pet owners, For further information on Dogs Trust s Lets with Pets campaign. please go to www letswithpets org uk,Dogs Trust survey of 1417 pet owners June 2008. 04 Renting with pets,Looking for accommodation,with your pet. for finding privately rented,accommodation with your pet.
When you are looking for privately rented accommodation. with your pet there are a number of things you can do to make. the house hunting process as simple as possible, on t leave your house hunting until the last minute Give yourself plenty of time to find a. pet friendly property and begin searching at least 6 8 weeks before you need to move out of your. current home, e as flexible as possible The more restrictive your search criteria are the more difficult it will. be for you to find a pet friendly property Try to be flexible on location and property type as this. will increase your chances of finding somewhere for you and your pet to live. rite a CV for your pet Provide your prospective landlord with as much information about. your pet as you can Write a CV and include contact details for your veterinary practice and for. someone who can care for your pet in case of an emergency You could also include details of. your pet s last vaccinations and any flea and worming treatments they have received See pages. 9 and 10 for two sample CVs, et a reference for your pet By providing your landlord with a reference from your previous. landlord or your vet you can show that your pet is both well behaved and capable of living in. rented accommodation without causing problems or damage This will also demonstrate that you. are a responsible pet owner See page 7 for a sample reference letter. 5 I ntroduce your pet to your landlord Meeting your pet in advance may put your landlord s. mind at ease You could invite your landlord to your current home so that they can see that your. pet has caused no problems there This is particularly important for dogs as it s an opportunity to. show that your dog is calm and well behaved, ffer to pay a higher deposit Many landlords are concerned about pets causing damage to. their property or furnishings By offering to pay a higher deposit you will reassure the landlord. that you will cover any damage that your pet may cause. ffer to have the property professionally cleaned Landlords often worry that accepting. pets will lead to flea infestations excess pet hair and dirty carpets and soft furnishings To. put your landlord s mind at ease you might consider offering to pay for the property to be. professionally cleaned when you move out Some landlords and letting agents may ask for a non. refundable payment in advance to cover the cost of cleaning. e honest don t sneak your pet in without permission It s never advisable to keep a pet in. a property without the landlord s consent This will only lead to problems in the future and could. result in the termination of your tenancy It s possible that keeping pets in the property may even. violate the landlord s own leasehold agreement It s advisable to always be honest about your pets. from the start, et written permission If your landlord has given you permission to keep a pet in your.
property make sure you get it in writing You should ask for a clause to be added to your tenancy. agreement to cover the keeping of pets and make sure that any No Pets clauses are removed. This will prevent problems from arising in future, aise awareness of Dogs Trust s Lets With Pets campaign By spreading the word about our. campaign you can help us to encourage more landlords and letting agents to accept pets We. have produced a separate booklet for landlords and letting agents which gives help and advice on. renting properties to pet owners For more information go to www letswithpets org uk. Renting with pets 05,Providing a pet reference, It s a good idea to provide landlords with a reference for your pet so you can show them you. are a responsible owner and that your pet is well behaved. Ideally you should ask a previous landlord to write the reference as they will be in the best. position to recommend you and your pet as tenants, The sample letter of reference on page 7 will give you an idea of the information that should. be included, If you have not rented with your pets before you could ask your vet to write you a. reference Although they will not be able to vouch for you and your pet as tenants they can. reassure prospective landlords that you are a responsible pet owner You should ask your vet. to state in their reference that,n your pets are well behaved.
n you are a responsible pet owner, n y ou provide routine preventive health care such as vaccinations and flea treatments. for your pets when appropriate, n you seek veterinary treatment for your pets when needed. Try to be flexible on location as this,will increase your chances of finding. somewhere for you and your pet to live,06 Renting with pets. Refer ce rn,refer e d to be,ence f able t,or Mr o wri.
s Pam te thi,Mrs S e la Sm s lett,ith an er of,Londo h a s ren e r dog B. n sinc ted m uster,found e April y t wo be,her to 2006 d room. owner be bo Dur flat i,I ha th a r ing th n,v e s p a t t i m. of Bu e exper onsib e I ha,ster l ience le ten ve,iving d no pr a n t and. in the oblem pet,Buste prope s as a,r is a r t y r e sult.
cause frien,a nuis d ly do,ance g who,visite t o does. d the t he nei not b,I hav p roper g hbour ark o,e seen t y he s Whe r. dama n o h a s been n e v e r I ha,evide very,ge to nce o w ve. has a t h e pro f Buste e l l beha,lways perty r hav ved. k e p or fu ing ca,dog o t the rnish used,dours prope ings.
and h rty c Mrs S,airs lean mith,I hav tidy,e no h a n d free o. and B esita f,uster t ion in,to yo recom,t e n ing M. If yo ants rs Sm,pleas l d like t,e call o dis,me on cuss. xxxxx this f,xxxxx urthe,Renting with pets 07,Writing a CV for your pet. Writing a CV for your pet is a good way to persuade landlords that your pet would be a well. behaved tenant, Use it as an opportunity to talk about your pet s behaviour and personality You should.
mention any training your pets have received and how they behave inside of the home. Include details of your pet s last vaccinations and flea and worming treatments You should. also provide your landlord with the contact details of your vet and someone who can care for. your pet in case of an emergency This will help to put their mind at ease. Dogs Trust has produced two examples of pet CVs on pages 9 and 10 which can also be. downloaded from www letswithpets org uk,Provide your landlord with a reference. for your pet from a previous landlord,or your veterinary surgeon. 08 Renting with pets,Species Buster Smith,Sex crossbreed. Colour 6 years old,number brown,Is your pe 12345678912345. t neutered,Date of la yes,st vaccina,Date of la 1 August 2008.
st flea trea,Date of la 31 October 200,y pet 15 October 200. Buster is a ver,rehomed him fr y well behaved and calm do. om an animal re g, Buster has bee scue centre H eHe has lived with me for the. is friendly and p,n toilet trained,s in c e gets on well waitst 5 years since I. As I work tw he was a puppy h everyone, He is not a deso mornings a week Buster w He is also neu.
tered and micr, of toys to occutructive dog so he will caus ill be left in the property ochipped. py him althoug e o, Buster is a hea h he generally no damage to the propertny his own for 4 hours at a tim. prefers to slee o, given a health lthy dog with no existing m p while I am orufurnishings He has plentye. check by the v edical condition t of the house,e t a n d s I r e. When I go on h v accinated annu g ularly flea and,oliday Buster ally worm him and h.
If you would lik will stay with e is,e t friends so he w. see that he is o meet Buster for you ill not be left a. a well behaved rself I would b,dog e happy to arr,ange this so th. details of at you can,pet own er,Daytime te,lephone n Mrs Pamela Sm. Evening te,lephone n xxxxx xxxxx,etails of v,xxxxx xxxxx. Name surgeon,The Veterinar,Contact te,umber 1 The Street T rgery.
Out of ho own County P,urs contac xxxxx xxxxx ostcode. etails of p,xxxxx xxxxx,Name o can ca re for my,pet in cas. Daytime te e of an e,lephone n mergency,umber Mrs Janice Jon. Evening te es,lephone n xxxxx xxxxx,xxxxx xxxxx,Renting with pets 09. Pet CV exam,belonging Smith,lived wit ll behave,h me for d and fri.
from an a more than endly dog,nimal res 5 years s who has. crossbree cue centr ince I reh,d dog He e Buster omed him. of my fam is a very is a 6 ye,ily important ar old. Training loved mem,Behavio ber,Buster is ur,people or lm and fr. other ani iendly do,behaviour mals Bus g He is,classes t ter is ve not aggre.
not bark ogether f ry obedie ssive to,very much or 6 mont nt and we. the doorb althoug hs after attended,ell He i h he will I adopted dog. and does s friendl bark init him He d,not jump y with st i ally when oes. up at peo rangers a anyone ri,Exercise pl e nd vi s it ors to ou ngs. at weeken two long,ds Buste walks a d,lead He r walks w ay and we.
always co e ll on his also go t,property mes back lead and o the par. we have a to me as soo is well b k,to exerci garden so n as I ca ehaved of. se and pl Buster ca ll him I f,ay n also go n our cur. Health outside d rent,dog and l d when I,ess likel adopted h. given a h y to suff im which,ealth che er from h means tha.
major can ck by my ealth prob t he is a,ine disea vet and v lems as a calm. history o ses and I a ccinated result H,f medical regularly annually e is. veterinar problems flea and against a,y surgery He is a r worm him ll the. egistered Buster ha,Hygiene client at s no,Cleanline our local. Buster is ss,our walks ained so,I am a he only t,his poop responsib oilets in.
straight le pet ow the garde,regularly away Bust ne r and wil n or out. so it wil er does s l always on,professio l not be a h e d some do c lean up. nally gro p r oblem I a g ha irs but I,omed ever lso take vacuum. Other inf y 2 month Buster to,ormation s be,week for Buster. 4 hours a will be l,destructi t a time eft at ho,ve or bar Buster is me on his.
to occupy k while I used to t own twice,him while am out I his so he a. come home I am gone leave him will not,but he ge with trea be. nerally j ts and to,While I a ust sleep ys,m on holi s until I. can look day or in,after Bus case of a,xxxxx xxx ter If y n emergen. xxx ou would cy my fr,like to s iend Mrs,pe ak to her Jones.
Reference please,s conta call,If you wo ct detail,uld like s. please ca a referen,ll him on ce from m,phone or xxxxx xxx y previou. provide a xxx He i s landlor,reference s happy t d Mr Davi. in writin o speak t es,g o you ove,10 Renting with pets. Offering to pay a higher deposit will,reassure your landlord that you will pay.
for any damage your pets may cause,Renting with pets 11. moving with your pet, Once you have found a property you will need to think about how you are going to move. your pet and settle him into your new home The following tips will help make the move. as easy and stress free as possible for both you and your pet. Prior to moving day, n F ind out whether a friend or family member could take care of your pet while you. move or look into boarding your cat or dog in a cattery or kennels Moving home can. Renting with pets 03 time to find a pet friendly property 4 introduction 5 Looking for accommodation See page 7 for a sample reference letter

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