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RENEWABLE ENERGY ACTION PLAN,Renewable Affordable Reliable. Together we are generating investment and,supporting thousands of new jobs in renewable. energy right across Victoria,Our plan for a modern energy future will provide. renewable affordable and reliable energy,for all Victorians. CONTENTS CONSULTATION, Minister s foreword 3 In August 2015 the Victorian Government.
Advancing Victoria s released our Renewable Energy Roadmap. renewable energy sector,We sought a wide range of feedback. Our renewable energy 4 on the Roadmap through an extensive. action plan consultation process with public forums. Victoria s energy policy 5 held across our state,environment The response we received was. overwhelming including more than, Our renewable energy sector 60 public submissions from organisations. industry environment and climate,Advancing Victoria s 8. renewable energy sector groups and local government and over. 1 200 from members of the public,Victoria s energy 10.
transformation This level of interest in the Roadmap. showed us that Victorians are ready,Maximising opportunities 12. and willing to engage on initiatives that,encourage and facilitate renewable. Making it happen energy generation in our state This. Victoria s approach 16,feedback has helped shape this. Renewable Energy Action Plan and we, Creating new jobs investment 17 thank all those who have contributed so. and energy sector growth,far to this important piece of work.
Empowering and engaging 23,households businesses,and communities. Strengthening our affordable 29,reliable and resilient. energy system,Implementing our actions,Implementation plan 38. MINISTER S FOREWORD,Advancing Victoria s,renewable energy sector. The energy sector is rapidly transforming Our The Renewable Energy Action Plan along with the Energy. Renewable Energy Action Plan reflects the significant Efficiency and Productivity Strategy sets out what the. transition already underway in Victoria Government has already achieved as well as the steps we. The Independent Review in the Future Security of are taking to help meet our energy goals. the National Energy Market by Dr Finkel has focused The cornerstones of Victoria s Renewable Energy Action. attention on the ability of energy markets to meet the Plan are ensuring that. needs of households businesses and communities At the our supply remains affordable as more consumers and. same time there has been significant investment in new communities gain greater control over the energy they. energy technologies across the country use generate and store. This plan outlines the decisive action that the Andrews our modern energy system remains safe and secure. Labor Government is taking to encourage investment in so Victorians can continue to enjoy current high levels. our energy sector and to ensure Victorians continue to of energy reliability and. benefit from a renewable affordable and reliable energy. the new energy technologies sector creates jobs,system into the future.
attracts investment and grows the economy for the, Affordability reliability and emissions intensity have benefit of all Victorians. become core concerns for households and businesses. Our transition to a modern and renewable energy future. Thankfully solutions to transition our system are, is already well underway Renewable energy is already. available now helping to achieve a modern renewable. the cheapest and cleanest new source of energy supply. energy system to support our economy and way of life. Increasing our electricity generation capacity will help. We recognise the challenges and risks associated with a rapid to reduce power prices This is one important reason. transition We know industry businesses and households are why we have set Victorian renewable energy targets. feeling the pressure of prices and supply uncertainty We of 25 per cent by 2020 and 40 per cent by 2025 We. also know that workers may be feeling pressured as our are continuing to carefully support the transition from. economy transitions It s why we are working with small emissions intensive centralised sources to cleaner and. medium and large Victorian businesses to capitalise on more distributed sources of electricity Victoria can. this transition and create new pipelines of employment benefit economically socially and environmentally from. The Renewable Energy Action Plan is a 146 million this transformation. comprehensive and integrated strategy developed over Together we can put Victoria at the forefront of this. many months incorporating significant stakeholder transition and ensure our energy future is a bright one. engagement Our vision and fully funded actions,recognise global national and local developments. The Hon Lily D Ambrosio MP, Minister for Energy Environment and Climate Change. Minister for Suburban Development,OUR RENEWABLE ENERGY ACTION PLAN.
A renewable affordable and reliable,energy system, The Andrews Labor Government has already set Through the Renewable Energy Action Plan we will. Victoria on the path to a renewable affordable empower and engage households businesses and. and reliable energy system by setting ambitious communities supporting community energy projects. and achievable targets for renewable energy and ensuring affordable energy supply. generation investing in energy storage and ensure our energy system is smart safe and reliable. by advancing energy storage smart grids and,supporting new and emerging technologies. microgrids creating value through data and other, The Renewable Energy Action Plan along with the energy innovations and. Energy Efficiency and Productivity Strategy builds create jobs attract investment and grow our economy. on our work to date across the sector through boosting the new energy technologies sector. Supporting Empowering,sector growth communities and. To deliver the consumers,Creating new jobs,investment and energy.
Renewable Energy,Empowering and engaging,sector growth Action Plan. households businesses,we are investing and communities. 146 million,Modernising our energy system, Strengthening our affordable reliable and resilient energy system. This is coupled with our significant investment in energy efficiency and productivity measures. VICTORIA S ENERGY POLICY ENVIRONMENT, The Renewable Energy Action Plan sets our long term renewable energy policy agenda. and pathway It connects a suite of initiatives that are driving investment and action in. renewable energy, The Andrews Labor Government is taking decisive action to ensure our affordable reliable.
renewable energy future, Victoria s Renewable Investing in energy storage The New Energy Technologies. Energy Target Sector Strategy,We will support commercial. We will increase renewable energy investments that aim to provide We will ensure Victoria is ready for. generation to 25 per cent by 2020 Victoria with at least 40 MW of sector transformation and well. and 40 per cent by 2025 to deliver battery storage and over 100 MWh placed to capture the economic and. a sustained pipeline of investment of capacity by summer 2018 to help environmental benefits including. This will include 20 per cent for security and reliability of supply and creating new jobs and building skills. large scale solar power to develop encourage downward pressure on and capabilities This strategy is. strong industry capability and lead energy bills part of the Government s Future. the nation Industries Initiative and is supported,by the 20 million New Energy Jobs. A suite of other Victorian Government and national policies will also help shape our energy system. Energy Efficiency and Independent Review into the Moving to a clean energy supply. Productivity Strategy Future Security of the National. Electricity Market Victoria s Climate Change Act 2017. The forthcoming Energy Efficiency establishes a target for Victoria. Chaired by Dr Alan Finkel AO the, and Productivity Strategy to have net zero greenhouse gas. independent review has assessed, documented separately and emissions by 2050 Victoria s Climate.
the current security and reliability, backed by 53 million will drive Change Framework makes it clear. of the NEM and provides advice, Victoria s transition to an energy that moving to a clean energy. to governments on a coordinated, efficient economy The actions it supply by increasing renewable. national reform blueprint, contains will cut emissions by more energy generation is a key pillar of. than 34 megatonnes by 2030 the state s approach to emissions. Victoria s electricity and gas retail,save participating businesses and reduction.
markets review,households 6 7 billion and support, over 2 500 jobs per year An independent bipartisan review to. examine whether the operation of,Victoria s electricity and gas retail. markets are operating in the best,interest of the consumer. Middle image Bald Hills wind farm Bottom Image courtesy Mitsui Co Australia Ltd. Our renewable,energy sector,Advancing FIGURE 1,Victoria s current generation profile. Victoria s renewable,energy sector,Energy systems around the world are.
transforming driven by rapid development of,technologies changing consumer behaviour. and global demands for cleaner energy New,sources and methods of supply such as self. generation are emerging at the same time,as demand patterns are changing. Proven technologies are already available to support. modernisation of our energy system These include energy. storage renewable energy generation demand management. and smart grids By acting now we give ourselves the best. opportunity to capitalise on the transformation and transition. smoothly reducing the risk of higher late adoption costs 19 8MW. Victoria has been blessed with rich resources such as wind. Victoria is in a strong position to advance our system given. our extensive renewable resources pivotal positioning within. the National Electricity Market NEM investment in smart 192MW. technologies and strong skills and workforce capabilities. Renewable energy is now the cheapest new power 52MW. generation source 1 The Andrews Labor Government is. increasing the amount of renewable energy generation to 19 5MW. deliver a more resilient system capitalising on our abundant 420MW. natural resources and our skilled workforce,47MW 18 2MW 30MW. 1 Bloomberg New Energy Finance 1H 2017 APAC LCOE Update Australia. CURRENT RENEWABLE FORTHCOMING FUTURE,GENERATION CAPACITY PROJECTS END 2018 PROJECTS.
Wind Wind Wind,1 489 MW 192 MW 2 082 MW,Solar Solar Solar. Our future solar projects,1 001 MW 125 MW will include a commitment. for 20 of VRET auctions,dedicated to solar,Including rooftop solar PV Large scale. Hydro Battery storage,2 296 MW 40 MW,Bio Another Victorian project not yet. under construction but likely to,130 MW be constructed in the next few.
years is the 530 MW Stockyard,Hill wind farm,130MW 1502MW. 4MW 7MW 9 6MW 4MW,131MW 310MW 510MW 10MW,10 8MW 300MW 100MW. 20MW 17MW 1480MW,10MW 2120MW,12MW 953MW,106MW 21MW. Coal Gas Wind Hydro Bio Interconnector, Generation sources greater than 4MW shown locations indicative only. Temp Energy Light, Victoria s energy transformation control use contro.
Victoria s energy transformation,Current Transition. Solar Temp Energy Lig,panels control use con, Centralised fossil fuel production Large scale sustainable production. Centrally located transmission and distribution,Battery Solar Temp Heat Energy Ligh. storage panels control pump use cont, Fossil fuel Transmission Wind Solar PV Storage Hydro Wave Bio. Clean and reliable energy generation,Flexible and decentralised.
Fossil fuel energy gridsWind,Transmission Solar PV Storage Hydro Wave Bio. Consumer and community driven energy services,Maximising opportunities. We are already beginning to see opportunities to introduce more renewable energy in. Victoria with new technologies enabling a more integrated system at lower cost. We will work with key stakeholders to support local FIGURE 3. communities and workers to ensure a smooth transition Victoria s average yearly wind speed. to a more renewable energy system and in the process. we will maximise opportunities through, ensuring a reliable and resilient electricity supply. building skills and capabilities to grow the sector. investing in growing the renewable energy sector,and economy and. helping communities and businesses invest in new,energy solutions and opportunities.
Part of this work will also include supporting impacted. industries and people as our system changes,Investing in growing the renewable energy sector. Wind speed metre sec,and economy,0 3 8 4 6 5 5 6 3 7 1 7 9 8 7. Renewable energy and new energy technology is one Source GeoVic Department of Economic Development. of the world s fastest growing sectors This is why the Jobs Transport and Resources. Andrews Labor Government has identified it as a priority. sector for our economy FIGURE 4, In 2016 we released our New Energy Technologies Sector Victoria s solar radiation data. Strategy outlining our approach to modernising Victoria s. energy sector It foreshadows our priorities and the actions. OUR RENEWABLE ENERGY ACTION PLAN A renewable affordable and reliable energy system The Andrews Labor Government has already set Victoria on the path to a renewable affordable and reliable energy system by setting ambitious and achievable targets for renewable energy generation investing in energy storage and supporting new and emerging technologies The Renewable Energy Action Plan along

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