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Renault Trucks today and tomorrow, Driven by the enthusiasm and experience of its 14 000 strong workforce spanning. 100 countries on 5 continents and represented in 1 500 sales and service outlets. Renault Trucks brings a new dimension to the road haulage sector with its values of. caring innovation and efficiency, One of the sector s founding goods vehicle designers and manufacturers Renault. Trucks now part of the Volvo Group is a major player in the truck building industry. By offering its customers the market s most comprehensive range of vehicles and. services Renault Trucks is pursuing its growth in Europe and internationally having. sold almost 80 000 vehicles in 2007,Renault Trucks today and tomorrow. 01 Renault Trucks the company and its workforce page 4. A pioneering past and the strength a world class Group. A history of values,Values serving a dynamic human resources policy. The power of diversity,02 Renault Trucks heading for 2009 page 12.
Successful integration and consolidated positions,A strategy driven by international ambitions. 2007 a record year, 03 Renault Trucks an expert committed to its customers page 16. A comprehensive range meeting road hauliers demands. A comprehensive service offering for every purpose. 04 Renault Trucks the stamp of innovation page 26, Cutting edge technology a core activity for Renault Trucks. Quality the strategy cornerstone,Renault Trucks design the mark of style. The environment sustainable commitments,Road safety an absolute priority.
05 Renault Trucks a key player in urban environments. and on the world stage page 43, Renault Trucks a signatory of the UN Global Compact. Renault Trucks an enthusiastic partner,Renault Trucks the taste for adventure. Renault Trucks on the track,Renault Trucks a committed corporate sponsor. Appendices page 50,The Renault Trucks Executive Committee. Organisation chart Volvo Group Business Areas and Business Units. 01 Renault Trucks,the company and,its workforce,Renault Trucks today and tomorrow.
A pioneering past and the strength of a world class Group. In 2001 when Renault Trucks joined the Volvo Group Europe s N 1 HGV manufacturer it marked a. turning point in the French company s history Since then as the symbolic heir to more than 100 years. of French expertise Renault Trucks has been asserting its excellence within the Swedish group. Ranked among world leaders in each one of its specialities trucks coaches and buses engines for. marine and industrial applications worksite equipment components for the aeronautics industry etc. the Volvo group had entire confidence in Renault Trucks After a period of integrating and optimising. its internal organisation Renault Trucks provided proof of its excellence and confirmed its strategic. importance in the new grouping, Renault Trucks is now the second largest company in the Volvo Group within which trucks accounted. for 68 of its turnover in 2007 This is based on the development of four international market. benchmark brands Renault Trucks Volvo Trucks Mack Trucks and UD Nissan Diesel. Each brand in the group Business Area 1 benefits from synergies generated by collaboration with. Group wide organisations Business Units 2 which pool major resources engines and mechanical. units research and development purchasing Information Systems spare parts logistics etc These. shared assets provide the basis on which each identity and its protection are established as well as. the products originality and the brands commercial independence. See appendix,See appendix,Renault Trucks today and tomorrow. Renault Trucks is active in more than 100 countries on all 5 continents. Renault Trucks vehicles are designed and assembled in France as well as most of their components. For some foreign destinations the company works with local partners to assemble vehicles dispatched. in the form of a series of parts CKD Completely Knocked Down Meanwhile network dealerships. handle sales aftersales services and the supply of spare parts to their local customers backed by the. sales subsidiaries importers and representative offices that are constantly applying their combined. skills to give Renault Trucks an active and growing presence on its various international markets. The men and women that make up the Renault Trucks teams work with energy enthusiasm and. respect for others With its own pioneering past and the investing power of a world leading Group. behind it Renault Trucks now offers the broadest most diversified and entirely updated range of. vehicles and services on the market,A few figures,14 360 staff. 1 500 sales and service outlets in more than 100 countries. 5 manufacturing sites in Europe,6 assembly plants worldwide. A history of values, All Renault Trucks staff are committed to satisfying the demands of road hauliers The company.
always attentive to its customers needs has set itself the objective of continuing to seek quality. transport solutions by offering products and services that deliver reliability cost effectiveness comfort. and performance By constantly striving to cultivate values of caring efficiency and innovation Renault. Trucks aims to keep its commitment and consolidate its development on world markets. Renault Trucks today and tomorrow,Renault Trucks a world of caring. Throughout its sales network production plants and offices Renault Trucks makes personalised. contact a priority A warm welcome and attentive attitude combined with a comfortable and friendly. environment characterise the atmosphere in which the company builds relationships with all those it. comes into contact with On the sales front customers and prospects know they can always count on. personalised attention to their needs at all times resulting in optimal solutions. Renault Trucks the stamp of efficiency, Renault Trucks implement all the means required to keep its commitments to its customers teams. shareholders and the public The Renault Trucks range of products and services meet hauliers needs. by offering,reduced fuel consumption,ever higher levels of reliability. an extensive offering of flexible services backed by firm commitments. easy to use maintenance products, the operational mobility and safety of its vehicles. Renault Trucks an innovative brand, For Renault Trucks innovation is key to enabling drivers and hauliers efficiency to make real.
progress Being innovative in Renault Trucks view means optimising driving simplifying vehicle. operation and improving the customer s business Renault Trucks undertakes to design and offer. trucks that are constantly improving in terms of reliability lower fuel consumption greater safety. enhanced appearance use of the latest technology respect for the environment comfort and user. friendliness, Renault Trucks is committed to developing its activities in the interests of its teams and its. shareholder As far as broader interests are concerned Renault Trucks makes an active contribution. to a service that is absolutely vital for the national economy transporting goods by road Aware of its. civic responsibility it brings to market products that are constantly meeting higher environmental. standards playing its part in achieving sustainable and responsible industrial growth. Renault Trucks today and tomorrow,Values serving a dynamic human resources policy. Renault Trucks constantly strives to create and improve the conditions which make it an employer of. choice able to develop and retain the best talent,Cooperation teamwork and active dialogue. As a general principle Renault Trucks makes cooperation and working in project mode the foundation. of its operations There are many opportunities for interdepartmental cooperation At production. sites organising work into Basic Work Units BWUs makes it possible to develop operators sense of. responsibility and versatility, Renault Trucks establishes and maintains an active and open approach to dialogue All members of. Renault Trucks staff are given the opportunity of expressing their opinions on the way the company. works the management and their working environment via an annual survey The results are used as. a means of understanding and improving labour relations as well as improving team efficiency. Management and staff also benefit from the Personal Business Plan PBP a process of dialogue and. communication with their immediate superiors This involves a series of annual meetings enabling. them to set jointly agreed objectives obtain help and follow up in reaching them identify and satisfy. personal development needs to succeed in the short term but also achieve longer term advancement. The incentive to work towards shared objectives is cemented by original and practical in house. communications resources which the management find particularly effective for stimulating action. Renault Trucks today and tomorrow,Developing skills and mobility attracting talent.
The Career Paths Skills Parcours comp tences initiative developed by Renault Trucks is. designed to provide managers and staff with the information and resources necessary to manage. career paths Essentially these include identifying key skills required by the company as well as. detecting future needs in terms of activities and abilities In particular the ability to access 300 generic. job descriptions via intranet gives managers and staff the possibility of assessing performance levels. and facilitate mobility, Among other things this open dialogue makes it possible to guide the training efforts which must be. made to assist staff members throughout their career Renault Trucks devoted 4 3 of its payroll to. training in 2007, In terms of recruitment Renault Trucks is seeking staff with a wide range of talents who can be given. the assurance of advancing in a rapidly expanding international group offering a rewarding. multicultural experience By the end of 2008 the company will have recruited 3 000 people in 3 years. The Renault Trucks workforce on 31 12 2007,Manufacturing sites 7 463. Blainville 2 667,Bourg en Bresse 1 673,Limoges 584. V nissieux 2 539,Corporate service sites 2 869,Subsidiaries 4 028.
Total 14 360,Renault Trucks today and tomorrow,Achieving an ongoing realistic social dialogue. Together with the management social partners need to be able to adapt to the challenges of. internationalisation rapidly developing techniques and staff advancement now facing the company. Renault Trucks considered it essential to place new means at their disposal to encourage. development and lay the foundations for a new Labour relationship This was the spirit behind the. signature of a Social Dialogue Agreement with all union representatives in the company on 2 March. 2006 replacing the unionisation rights agreement of 20 May 1983 Among other things it offers the. possibility of using dedicated IT resources to organise debates or consultations as well as access to. specific union training including participation in study trips. The signing of the salary agreements in 2006 2007 and 2008 by all unions representing the workforce. reflects the maturity of the social relations within the company. Developing well being in the workplace, Apart from the regular operations carried out to improve working conditions particularly in the field of. safety and health Renault Trucks aims to devote the same energy to ensuring the well being of its. staff in the workplace This determination is illustrated by the opening of company cr ches and plans. for installing sports equipment or concierge services The recent setting up of a stress observatory is a. further example of how this commitment is being translated into action. The power of diversity, Renault Trucks sees the diversity of its staff as a valuable aspect of its potential for growth The. company is fully aware that this is both a societal challenge and a key factor contributing towards the. achievement of internal cohesion and performance Renault Trucks has opted for a recruitment policy. that favours incorporating profiles from a wide variety of backgrounds and is constantly striving to give. all members of staff equal opportunities in terms of employment and prospects for advancement. according to their skills and abilities irrespective of any other characteristics. Renault Trucks therefore applies its employment policy focused on diversity along four major lines. gender man woman age origins and nationalities and handicaps. Renault Trucks today and tomorrow,Equality between men and women. By the nature of its activity Renault Trucks has always traditionally had a predominantly male. workforce However in 2007 women accounted for 17 4 of the personnel and occupied 17 7 of. management positions a share that is steadily growing at the rate of 1 a year The number of. women recruited has doubled in 10 years Depending on category up to 35 of Renault Trucks. annual staff intake are women Generally speaking no differentiation is made between men and. women in terms of training opportunities career prospects or remuneration. Recognizing handicaps, In 2006 Renault Trucks also signed a 6th agreement concerning handicaps with all staff unions.
illustrating the quality of the relationship during the 17 years both parties have been working together. on this issue The company implements a whole raft of measures to make life more straightforward in. the workplace for these staff members including financial and administrative assistance modifications. Renault Trucks a committed corporate sponsor Appendices page 50 The Renault Trucks Executive Committee Organisation chart Volvo Group Business Areas and Business Units 4 01 Renault Trucks the company and its workforce 5 Notes Renault Trucks today and tomorrow A pioneering past and the strength of a world class Group In 2001 when Renault Trucks joined the Volvo Group Europe

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