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Reinforced Raft Foundation FDR,Application options 4. Basis of calculation 7, Basis of calculation in accordance with Kanya Bautechnik 1969 7. Other parameters to be included 10,Data entry 11,Basic parameters 11. Structural system 11,Foundation 11,Load cases 16,Settings 18. Reinforcement 18,Enhanced reinforcement dialog 19,Soil Engineering 20.
FRILO Software GmbH Page 3,Reinforced Raft Foundation. Application options, The FDR application allows the design of eccentrically loaded boundary foundations that are connected. to a reinforced concrete slab with a rigid joint In the design the centring moment the centring tensile. force and the soil pressure are determined with consideration to deformations. Properties, Selection options concerning the durability requirements. Load definition moments axial forces horizontal loads. Different load cases that apply alternatively or simultaneously according to the user s selection are. automatically superimposed, Determination of the base pressure as well as the design value of the base pressure resistance with. the help of tables in the selected soil engineering standards or of user defined tables taken from a. soil expertise for instance,Examination and consideration of a gaping joint.
Consideration of the accidental design situations BS A and BS E. Interface to the FRILO Building Model GEO, The self weights of the wall the facing masonry and the foundation can be selected independently of. each other, Optional calculation of the connecting reinforcement of the rising wall to the foundation. Bending design of the foundation and verification whether reinforcement could be dispensed with in. the lower layer of the foundation, Centring in the rigidly connected reinforced concrete slab in accordance with J Kanya Bautechnik. Simultaneous restraint in the wall and the slab is optionally selectable. Bending design at the connection between the foundation and the reinforced concrete slab. Calculation of settlement effects,Calculation of the foundation s deformation. Verification of the concrete compression stress and the steel tensile stress at the connection to the. Crack width verification at the connection to the slab. Ground failure verification with consideration of berms and the anchoring depth of the foundation. Simplified verification using the design value of the base pressure resistance as a rule. Reinforcing steel mesh steel bar or user defined As values are the available reinforcement options. Limits of application, The following conditions in accordance with Kanya Bautechnik 05 1969 are to be complied with when.
using the software, The foundation of the building is designed in such a way as to ensure that all foundations are subject. to the same average settlement in the centre of gravity of their surface areas no settlement. variations, The eccentrically loaded border foundation can rotate around the fulcrum D. The adjacent central foundation is torsionally stiff. A pure structural system is assumed i e there are no disturbing connecting devices parallel to the. supporting direction of the centring plate, Page 4 Software for structural calculation and design. The centring plate is appropriately reinforced and softly supported No external influence acts. additionally on the centring plate, The border foundation is infinitely stiff in itself. The self weight of the centring plate is negligibly small compared to the applying load. Note The stiffness modulus should be selected with utmost care. Because the cross section in the connection between the floor slab and the foundation can. tear off widely you can reduce the stiffness of the floor slab with a pre factor You can also. define a factor for the bending stiffness of the wall. Actions and loads, Loads are always defined with characteristic values You can define loads as acting alternatively The.
alternative group numbers are available for this When you assign the alternative group 0 to the defined. load this means that it can participate in all load combinations generated with the combination rules If. two or more loads are members of the same alternative group they never act simultaneously. For the structural components wall facing masonry and foundation you can activate or deactivate the. self weight separately The activated self weight portions which are calculated automatically are. included in the combinatorial analysis,Verifications in the ultimate limit state. You can select different concrete types and reinforcing steels for the wall the foundation and the. connected reinforced concrete slab You can also define masonry for the wall In order to provide for the. required reinforcement you can define woven steel fabric and or rebar If the selected reinforcement. exceeds the required quantity in the ultimate limit state it is included in the verification of the. serviceability limit state instead of the required reinforcement Dialogs for the selection of the exposure. classes and the determination of the shrinkage coefficient and the creep factor are available in. connection with the durability and serviceability requirements The resulting concrete coverage and. reinforcement layers are taken into account The bending design is based on the kh kd method If the. wall is connected to the foundation in a deflection resistant manner the foundation is dimensioned in. the contact face of the wall Otherwise the bending moment centrally underneath the wall is taken into. account in the design The minimum reinforcements of the wall the foundation and the slab can be. selected independently of each other The software checks whether the foundation can be installed. without reinforcement in the lower layer The shear force analysis is performed at the distance from the. wall that is equal to the structurally effective height d The user can select whether the foundation. should be designed as a reinforced concrete slab or a reinforced concrete beam The shear design as a. reinforced concrete beam produces the minimum shear reinforcement in each case. Verifications in the serviceability limit state, The deformation of the foundation is calculated for the quasi permanent and infrequent load. combinations In this calculation the displacement of individual points in the foundation is indicated as. a fraction of the foundation width e g L 500 and torsion is specified in degrees In addition to the. deformation analysis verifications are performed in accordance with the selected reinforced concrete. standard They include verifications of the compressive concrete stress the tensile steel stress as well as. the calculation of the existing crack width and the limit diameter of the reinforcement at the connection. of the reinforced concrete slab and the foundation In these calculations a creep factor that can. optionally either be defined by the user or be calculated by the software is taken into account. FRILO Software GmbH Page 5,Reinforced Raft Foundation. Verifications in the ultimate limit state, Simplified verification normally using the design value of the base pressure resistance. Based on the calculation method by Kanya the software calculates a trapezoidal or if a gaping joint. occurs a triangular base pressure distribution which is compared to the selected design value of the. base pressure resistance Optionally the permissible base pressure can be taken from a table in the. selected foundation engineering standard a table in a soil expertise or the user can enter a user defined. value As far as the gaping joint is concerned the software checks whether a gaping joint occurs when. only permanent loads apply and whether the gaping joint produced by permanent and variable loads is. greater than half of the foundation width,Ground failure analysis.
In addition to the verification of the base pressure the FDR software offers the possibility of. performing a ground failure analysis as per DIN 4017 2006 03 or NORM B 4435 2 1999 10 In this. verification a homogenous soil layer above the foundation base and a homogenous soil layer. underneath the foundation base are assumed These layers are determined by the ground failure. pattern calculated from the individual soil layers A berm adjacent to the foundation can be taken into. consideration The relation of the foundation thickness d to the foundation width b should not exceed 2. in this calculation, Page 6 Software for structural calculation and design. Basis of calculation,Available standards,DIN EN 1992 1 1 NA 2011 2012 2013 2015. NORM B 1992 1 1 2011,NA to BS EN 1992 1 1 A2 2015 2009. EN 1992 1 1 2004 A1 2014,DIN EN 1997 1 A 2010,NORM B 1997 1 2013. NA to BS EN 1997 1 A1 2014,National design standards.
DIN 1054 2005 01,DIN 1054 2010 12,DIN 4017 2006 03. DIN 4019 2014 01,NORM B 4435 2 1999 10 sowie,J Kanya Bautechnik 05 1969. Basis of calculation in accordance with Kanya Bautechnik 1969. Initial values,a foundation height,b foundation width. c load distance from outer edge of the foundation,d slab thickness. l clear distance between two neighbouring strip foundations. Eb modulus of elasticity of the concrete, Ib moment of inertia of a slab cross section with a width of 1 cm.
Ib surface area of a slab cross section with a width of 1 cm. EBo stiffness modulus of the subsoil,CBo subgrade reaction modulus of the subsoil. SBo shear modulus of the subsoil,P resulting vertical load. Initial values foundation restrained in the slab,3 Fb Eb 2 5 l EBo. FRILO Software GmbH Page 7,Reinforced Raft Foundation. Special case foundation restrained in the wall and the slab wall pinned on top. lWall lSlab,MSlab MZ MWall, Special case foundation restrained in the wall and the slab wall restrained on top.
lWall lSlab,4 EWall IWall 4 ESlab ISlab,MSlab MZ MWall. Exterior base pressure,Interior base pressure,Special case gaping joint. c c2 4 d a,s2 2 g 2 P b, Distance of the base pressure resultant from the outer edge of the foundation. Base pressure underneath the calculated equivalent area. Page 8 Software for structural calculation and design. Internal forces inside the centring plate,Hz s2 g d b. Subgrade reaction modulus,Angle rotation due to the centring moment.
Vertical displacement on the interior side,Vertical displacement in the foundation centre. Vertical displacement on the exterior side,Horizontal displacement on the bottom. Horizontal displacement on the top,FRILO Software GmbH Page 9. Reinforced Raft Foundation,Other parameters to be included. Self weights of the foundation the wall and the facing masonry. You can active or deactivate separately the self weights of the wall the foundation and the facing. masonry Permanent loads always act simultaneously The self weight portions of the foundation the. wall and the facing masonry result from the defined values for the volume and the specific weight. The self weight is taken into account by generating a resulting load P which is composed of the vertical. loads of the respective load combination considering the associated combination rule and of the. respective activated self weight portions, In this connection a new resulting load distance C of the load P from the outer edge of the foundation is.
also calculated,P NEd FWall Ffacing FFoundation, NEd FWall ldis tance to axis Wall Ffacing ldis tance to axis Facing FFoundation ldis tance to axis Foundation. NEd FWall FFacing FFoundation,Consideration of horizontal loads. In the calculation horizontal loads are applied to the top of the foundation in the central axis of the. wall In the calculative approach of the software they generate a moment with a lever arm that is as. great as half the height of the connected reinforced concrete slab The horizontal load itself is. transferred through the foundation and considered in the design of the connection of the foundation to. the reinforced concrete slab,Consideration of moments. If moments are defined in addition to vertical loads or if moments result from the horizontal loads at the. base of the wall they influence the position of the resultant of the vertical loads Moments defined as. positive rotate the foundation clockwise towards the inside of the building The resultant of the vertical. loads is displaced by the length e MEd P towards the inside of the building Moments defined as. negative act inversely because of the negative sign of e. Page 10 Software for structural calculation and design. Data entry, You can enter values and define control parameters in the menu on the left. screen section The effect of the entered values is immediately shown in the. graphical representation on the right screen section Before entering any. data you can edit the dimensional units cm m via the options. File Program settings, The definition wizard is automatically launched when you start the software.
You can disable the wizard in the settings menu,Input options in the three dimensional GUI. The data entry via the GUI is described in the,document Basic operating instructions PLUS. Basic parameters,Reinforced Concrete,Select the desired reinforced concrete standard. See Basis of calculation,Foundation engineering and ground failure. According to the selected reinforced concrete standard the software selects. the corresponding standards for foundation engineering and ground failure

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