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National Certification and Re Certification Process for Reimbursement. RN NP submits request to manager Important In order to be reimbursed. using Application for Certification Recertification you must apply before you obtain your. certification or renewal,Located in this packet on page 3. Manager reviews and confirms clinical relevance to. The area of specialty,Enhancement of knowledge skills. Certification is from a recognized reputable organization. Manager pre approves the certification and,communicates approval to RN NP. RN NP may proceed with certification process, RN NP completes all requirements with the certifying. organization including,Many national certification preparation courses.
Application to certifying organization are available for free in HealthStream CE Library. Payment of fees,Completion of any certification requirements. Upon successful completion of certification,RN NP provides their manager a copy of completion. certificate and receipts for fees paid,Job aids for how to use OneLink are. Enters expenses into OneLink for included in this packet starting on page 46. reimbursement submits a copy of receipts,with expense report. Places copies in employee s personnel file,Upload certificate into HealthStream.
Review expense request and approve if all,required documents have been provided. RN NP receive reimbursement via OneLink,payment process. Application for RN NP National Certification Re Certification Reimbursement. Initial National Certification or Recertification Reimbursement. Submit request to manager prior to initiation of the certification process for approval. Facility Department,Manager GL string including Cost Center. Attach supporting information about the initial application and certification you are seeking. in your area of clinical specialty The informational documents need to support your. manager s review and approval that the certification will enhance your knowledge skills in. providing expert patient care,Clinically relevant to RN. Name of Certification Applied for clinical specialty. Anticipated Date of Examination Offered by,Initial application fees Total fees to be paid.
Examination fees,Recertification fees,Manager Approval Denial. Reason for Denial,Manager Signature Date, Upon Successful completion of certification or recertification complete information below. provide copy of national certification certificate and copies of expenses for initial application. and or examination fees,Successful Completion Date. Employee Signature Date,Manager Signature Date, SUBMIT FOR REIMBURSEMENT Attach this document along with your validation of. paid fees to your expense report created in OneLink For assistance with completing. this expense report refer to the supporting job aides. Reimbursement for National Certifications in a Clinical Specialty. Frequently Asked Questions,January 31st 2017, NOTE Nurses and nurse practitioners are responsible for maintaining required certifications.
General FAQ, 1 Who is eligible for a national certification reimbursement. Registered Nurses RN and Nurse Practitioners NP represented by California Nurses. Association CNA,2 What National Certifications are reimbursable. Nationally recognized certifications that are applicable to your current role at Kaiser. Permanente Examples include Certified Diabetic Educator Certified Oncology Nurse. Certified Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse Critical. Care Registered Nurse CCRN and ANCC Board Certification in a specialty RN BC. There are many other certifications that may be applicable to your role Discuss any. potential certification with your manager if you are unsure if it meets the requirements. of this program, 3 What is reimbursable for a National Certifications. The cost of a single certificate is reimbursable including the initial application and exam. fees provided the following, a The certification is clinically relevant to the nurse s area of clinical specialty and. will enhance their knowledge base and skill in providing expert patient care. b The request is made in writing, c The certification is issued by a recognized reputable organization.
d The nurse completes the course successfully, 3 What types of certifications are not reimbursable through this process. If a nurse applies for a new position in which a certification is required it is the. nurse s responsibility to pay for the required certifications The cost for this. certification is not reimbursable, Nurses who accept new positions contingent upon certification are responsible. for all fees and costs incurred for such certification The cost of this certification. is not reimbursable, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan Northern California. For Internal Use Only, Reimbursement for National Certifications in a Clinical Specialty. Frequently Asked Questions,January 31st 2017,Reimbursement Process FAQ.
1 How does a nurse request reimbursement of a national certification. The request for reimbursement must be made in writing using the attached application. and submitted to the manager prior to the certification being obtained. 2 How far in advance should the nurse submit the reimbursement request form to their. Prior to the initiation of the national certification process Ideally the nurse manager. would be given sufficient time to evaluate the request and process the necessary paper. work Failure to do so may result in denial of application for reimbursement. 3 When will the nurse know if the application for reimbursement is approved. Once the application is reviewed and the requirements are met the manager will sign. the reimbursement application and notify the candidate of the approval. 4 How does the nurse get reimbursed for a national certification. Upon successful completion of the course the nurse must provide a copy of the. certificate and validation of fees paid to the manager The nurse can then submit an. expense report via OneLink Reimbursement is made through payroll. 5 What happens if the RN NP does not pass the certification exam. The RN NP will not be reimbursed until they pass all requirements for certification. outlined by the certifying organization,6 When can a request for reimbursement be denied. Some scenarios that may lead to denial include,The RN NP is not a CNA represented staff member. The certification is not professionally relevant to their current role does not. enhance their current knowledge skills and or is not from a reputable organization. Pre approval for the certification was not obtained using the outlined process. 7 A RN NP recently completed their certification without obtaining prior approval Can. the RN NP still apply for reimbursement, The RN NP should discuss this with their manager to determine if they are eligible for. reimbursement, 8 Can an application for reimbursement be denied due to budget limitations. No this program is a negotiated benefit for CNA represented nurses. Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan Northern California. For Internal Use Only, Submitting Certification Reimbursement Using the One Link System.
Open the NCAL Inside KP Webpage from a,KP computer. 1 Click on the Website,2 Click on O,3 Click on the OneLink link. You will go through your Single Sign On,portal same as for My HR. Click on the OneLink hyperlink,1 Click on the Main Menu tab. 2 Click on Travel and Expenses,3 3 Click on employee T and E.
Click Create Modify,If it is not already prepopulated enter. your NUID and search then select your,name Click Add. You will now begin to create your,expense report,Under Business Purpose select General. Reimbursement from the drop down,You will now enter your date of. certification examination and the,amount you paid for the examination or.
your application fees,Under Expenses enter the date of the. examination and then for Expense,Type select Non MD Certification. Fees from the drop down list,It will look like this. Select Non Preferred for the merchant,Next Click on the Magnifying glass by the. Location field to search for the code for,your location.
Enter in CA and then the first letter of,your facility city Locate the city on the. list and click on it In this example to,find San Francisco enter CAS then locate. San Francisco and select,Make sure your location displays. correctly then enter the amount you are,submitting for reimbursement In the. Business Purpose area note this is for,certification application fee and or.
examination cost reimbursement,If you have a second expense receipt for. reimbursement click the to add a line,and follow the previous instructions. Once you are done with the form click,Summary and Submit in upper right. Message will pop up to confirm your,manager approver name Select OK to. Print the displayed cover sheet by clicking,Fax the printed cover sheet and your.
expense receipt s to the number listed,on the cover sheet. Return to the report and click Submit,Expense Report. Review your confirmation and click,That s it you ve submitted your request. Faxing or Emailing Receipts for an Expense Report,1 Once you have clicked on Save For Later. 2 After clicking on the Save for Later button at the bottom of the main screen a. Report ID is automatically assigned to the expense report making receipt. attachment possible, 3 To attach your receipts to this Expense Report there are two choices Fax or.
To fax your receipts click the Fax Receipts link at the top of the screen. Print the fax cover sheet with the barcode You must include this and only. this Fax Coversheet NOT the Kaiser Permanente coversheet and it must. precede all receipts or other pages,Then fax to the phone number on the coversheet. If your receipts are smaller than 8 5 x 11 tape them to a blank sheet. Please note If you do,not use the OneLink,Fax coversheet as the. first page of your fax,none of the faxed,documents will be. attached to the,expense report,resulting in delayed. payment Note the,barcode man not be,covered in any way.
If you prefer to email your receipts scan them and save them on your computer. Click on the Email Receipts link at the top of the screen. Certified Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse Critical Care Registered Nurse CCRN and ANCC Board Certification in a specialty RN BC There are many other certifications that may be applicable to your role Discuss any potential certification with your manager if you are unsure if it meets the requirements

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