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SAGE Publications Ltd Gillie Bolton and Russell Delderfield 2018. 1 Oliver s Yard, 55 City Road First edition published 2000 Reprinted 2003 twice. London EC1Y 1SP 2004,Second edition published 2005 Reprinted 2008. SAGE Publications Inc 2009 twice, 2455 Teller Road Third edition published 2010 Reprinted 2010 2012. Thousand Oaks California 91320 2013 twice, Fourth edition published 2014 Reprinted 2015 2017 twice. SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd, B 1 I 1 Mohan Cooperative Industrial Area Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of research or.
Mathura Road private study or criticism or review as permitted under the. New Delhi 110 044 Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 this publication. may be reproduced stored or transmitted in any form or. SAGE Publications Asia Pacific Pte Ltd by any means only with the prior permission in writing of. 3 Church Street the publishers or in the case of reprographic reproduction. 10 04 Samsung Hub in accordance with the terms of licences issued by. Singapore 049483 the Copyright Licensing Agency Enquiries concerning. reproduction outside those terms should be sent to the. publishers,Library of Congress Control Number 2017952666. Editor James Clark,Assistant editor Robert Patterson. British Library Cataloguing in Publication data,Production editor Tom Bedford. Copyeditor Elaine Leek, A catalogue record for this book is available from. Proofreader Bryan Campbell,the British Library,Indexer Martin Hargreaves.
Marketing manager Lorna Patkai,Cover design Sheila Tong. Typeset by C M Digitals P Ltd Chennai India,Printed in the UK. ISBN 978 1 5264 1169 3,ISBN 978 1 5264 1170 9 pbk, At SAGE we take sustainability seriously Most of our products are printed in the UK using FSC papers and boards. When we print overseas we ensure sustainable papers are used as measured by the PREPS grading system. We undertake an annual audit to monitor our sustainability. 00 Bolton Prelims indd 4 1 18 2018 10 10 01 AM,Dedicated to all who heal care and educate. Knowledge is limited Imagination encircles the world. Albert Einstein, Try to love the questions themselves like locked rooms and like.
books that are written in a very foreign tongue Do not now seek the. answers which cannot be given to you Live the questions now. Rainer Maria Rilke,00 Bolton Prelims indd 5 1 18 2018 10 10 01 AM. 00 Bolton Prelims indd 6 1 18 2018 10 10 01 AM,About the Authors xi. Foreword by Stephen Brookfield xii,Preface to the Fifth Edition xv. Acknowledgements xviii,New to this Edition xx,Key Terms Glossary xxi. Online Resources xxiv,1 Reflective Practice an Introduction 1.
Donald Sch n s Swampy Lowlands 3,Seeking a Route 6. Reflection In and On Practice Our Map for the,Swampy Lowlands 8. Reflection and Reflexivity Demystification 9, Reflective Practice a Political and Social Responsibility 13. Valuing diversity 16,Making Sense of Experience 16. Blocks and Limitations to Reflection 19,Understanding the Name Reflective Practice 21.
2 Values and Principles of Reflective Practice 25,What Are Ethical Values 26. Values and Principles of Reflective Practice 29,00 Bolton Prelims indd 7 1 18 2018 10 10 02 AM. viii Reflective practice, Certain Uncertainty Serious Playfulness Unquestioning. Questioning 29,Ethical Relationships 33,Ethics and Students 33. Ethics and Clients etc 34,Challenging Emotions 35,Reflective Awareness Responsibility Authority.
and Boundaries 39,Mindfulness 40,Forgiveness 41,Risk and Safety 42. Safety Risk and Boundaries on a Master s Course 43. Focus on Reflection 46,3 Theories and Contexts of Reflective Practice 51. Theories Frameworks Models of Reflection Explanations 52. Altering Critical Perception 53,Single and Double Loops 55. Cycles and Spirals 56,Structured Questions 59,Hierarchical and Transformative Models 59. Theories Frameworks Models of Reflection Application 60. Contexts of Reflective Practice 62,Personal Development Plans and Portfolios PDP 62.
E portfolios 63,Action Learning or Research 67,Methods from the Arts and Other Media 68. Developmental Processes Involving Reflective Practice. Supervision 70,Mentoring 71,Co peer Mentoring 73,Paying Attention 75. 4 The Power of Narrative 78,Reflective Practice Narratives 80. Narratives of Practice 83,Autobiographical Reflective Stories 85. Our Storied Nature 88, The Relationship Between Life as Lived and Narrative 91.
From Uncritical Storymaking to Critical Reflective Narratives 92. 00 Bolton Prelims indd 8 1 18 2018 10 10 02 AM,Contents ix. 5 Perspective 97,Perspective and Reflective Practice 97. The Narrator 100,Omniscient Reliable and Unreliable Narrators 101. Ghosts and Shadows from the Past 103,Perspective and Truth Fact and Fiction 104. Clients Confidentiality and Privacy 107,Using Genre to Develop Perspective 108.
Fantasy Folk Tale Fable Myth 109,Writing for Children 111. Parody 113,Poetry 114,6 The Power of Metaphor 121,What Is Metaphor 124. Metaphor at Work 125, Using Metaphor to Develop Reflection and Reflexivity 128. Image and Reflection 133,7 Writing as Reflection 135. Writing to Learn 138,The Discipline of Writing 140.
Finding the Writer s Voice 142,Writing about Events or Abstract Musing 144. Perception and Questioning 147,Reading and Sharing Writing 150. Silence 153,Reflective Writing and Artistry 154,Writing an Ancient Power 154. 8 How to Do Reflective and Reflexive Writing 157, Introduction to Writing First Draft Reflections 157. Trust the Writing Hand 157,Suspend Your Disbelief 158.
How to Start the Five Stages 159,Stage 1 The Six minute Write 159. Stage 2 The Incident Narrative Story 161,Stage 3 Read and Respond 165. Stage 4 Sharing Writing with a Peer s 168,Stage 5 Developing Writing 171. 00 Bolton Prelims indd 9 1 18 2018 10 10 02 AM,x Reflective practice. Reflective Writing for Assignments 174,Developing the Five Stages 176.
Unsent Letters 176,Dialogue to Develop Aspects of Ourselves 177. Internal Mentor 177,Internal Saboteur 179,Writer s Block 180. 9 Reflective Practice Journals 183,Logs Diaries and Journals 186. The Reflective Practice Journal an Explanation 188. Reflective Practice Journals and Ethical Values 190. The Thing 191,Types of Writing 192,How to Write the Four Stages 193. When Where For and with Whom to Write a Journal 198. Journals as a Course Element 200,Modelling Critical Reflexivity 203.
10 Assessment and Evaluation 205,Assessment of Reflective Practice Journals 207. Assessment Queries Problems and Pitfalls 208, Issues with Grading Reflective and Reflexive Writing 210. Assessment Solutions 211,Evaluation 214,11 Reflective Writing and Team Development 219. The Growth of a Team 221,Some Boundaries 222,More Stories Evaluation 223. More Team Building Stories 224,12 Reflection on Reflection 231.
References 240,00 Bolton Prelims indd 10 1 18 2018 10 10 02 AM. Reflective Practice,an Introduction, Reflective practice is introduced and described its social and political. responsibility outlined Donald Sch n s theory that reflection in and. on action are essential to inform us how to work in conditions of. uncertainty is outlined Reflection and reflexivity common blocks to. them and how to discover just what each practitioner needs to reflect. upon are defined and explained, By three methods we may learn wisdom first by reflection which is noblest. second by imitation which is easiest and third by experience which is the. bitterest Confucius quoted in Hinett 2002 p v, There are in our existence spots of time whence our minds. Are nourished and invisibly repaired Such moments, Are scattered everywhere Wordsworth 1880 2004 p 208.
How can we develop the practitioner from the practice GB. How can we know the dancer from the dance Yeats 1962 p 128. Reflective practice is a state of mind an ongoing attitude to life and work. the pearl grit in the oyster of practice and education danger lies in it being. a separate curriculum element with a set of exercises Brookfield calls it. 01 Bolton Ch 01 indd 1 1 18 2018 10 09 57 AM,2 Reflective practice. a reflexive habit second nature 2009 It enables us to make illuminative. sense of where we are in our own practice and our relation to our profes. sion and our institution we don t travel far with it Yet it makes the difference. between 20 years of experience and merely one year of experience repeated. 20 times Beaty 1997 p 8, Reflective practice can enable future professionals to learn from experi. ence about themselves their studies their work the way they relate to. home and work significant others and wider society and culture the way. social and cultural structures e g institutions are formed and control us. Indeed having the ability to reflect is a key element of employability in. today s professions Wharton 2017 Professionals face complex and unpre. dictable situations they need complex and diverse reflective and reflexive. processes Engaging in these critically will be reflected in the quality of their. work or studies see Whelan and Gent 2013 It brings greater unity and. wholeness of experience to the practitioner and greater empathy between. them and their client Job satisfaction will increase and work related stress. decrease Alarcon and Lyons 2011, Perhaps the most accessible form of freedom the most subjectively enjoyed. and the most useful to human society consists of being good at your job and. therefore taking pleasure in doing it I really believe that to live happily you. have to have something to do but it shouldn t be too easy or else something. to wish for but not just any old wish something there s a hope of achieving. Levi 1988 p 139, If it wasn t for reflective practice stuff would undoubtedly go around and. around in my mind, It is much more helpful to get it out of my head and onto the paper and look.
I feel I can genuinely ask my clients unpick unpick unpick cry open up. because I have done it I know what I am asking you to do is really difficult. but I also know that it is a really helpful, You relate the clinical work to the theory in reflective practice and that gives. you that 360 knowing now I understand what the book is talking about. Reflective practitioners quoted in Collins 2013 pp 54 83 84 88. Reflective practice can give strategies to bring things out into the open. and frame appropriate and searching questions never asked before It can. provide relatively safe and confidential ways to explore and express expe. riences otherwise difficult or impossible to communicate It can challenge. assumptions ideological illusions damaging social and cultural biases. inequalities and it questions personal behaviours that perhaps silence the. 01 Bolton Ch 01 indd 2 1 18 2018 10 09 57 AM,Reflective practice an introduction 3. voices of others or otherwise marginalise them This book consistently. enables enquiry into,what we know and wish or need to explore further. what we know but do not know we know,what we do not know and want to know. what we think feel believe value understand about our role and. boundaries,how our actions match up with what we believe.
how to value and take into account personal feelings. Practitioners explore and experiment with difficult areas of experience. how to perceive from others perspective, how to value others perspective however different they are from us. what we can change in our context how to work with what we cannot. how others perceive us and their feelings and thoughts about events. and our actions, why we become stressed and its impact on life and practice. how to counteract seemingly given social cultural and political structures. We know a great deal more than we are aware absorbing information. unwittingly We have challenging material shoved into boxes mentally. labelled do not open We have not celebrated and learned from positive. experiences Ghaye 2011,Donald Sch n s Swampy Lowlands. Sch n 1987 described professional practice as being in a flat place where. we can t see very far Everyone would love to work on a high place from. which all the near valleys and far hills are in view Everyday life work and. learning rarely have signposts definitive maps or friendly police to help. with directions The teacher in the classroom clinician in the consulting. room healthcare professional with a patient social worker in the client s. home lawyer with a tricky issue member of the clergy or the police. officer themselves relies on knowledge skills and experience and what. they can glean quickly from immediate sources Each one is rarely certain. what is needed now We cannot stand outside ourselves and our work. from the cliff in order to be objective and clear We work and learn in. 01 Bolton Ch 01 indd 3 1 18 2018 10 09 57 AM,4 Reflective practice. the swampy lowlands Sch n 1987 by trial and error learning from our. mistakes Everyone gets it wrong sometimes and has to live and work with. the consequences, Reflective practice makes maps Everyone needs thorough methods to.
sort through and learn from muddles uncertainties unclarities mistakes. and anxieties All need to perceive hitherto unnoticed issues which will. Reflective practice can give strategies to bring things out into the open and frame appropriate and searching questions never asked before It can provide relatively safe and confidential ways to explore and express expe riences otherwise difficult or impossible to communicate It can challenge

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