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Plastic waste in the UK,3 million tonnes of waste,plastic are produced a year in. 1 tonne 20 000 plastic bottles,7 of this is recycled at present. An estimated 9 2 billion plastic,bottles are disposed of each. 200 000 tonnes of plastic,rubbish is being sent 8 000 miles. to China each year for recycling,Things to think about.
The basic raw materials for plastic,are petroleum and or natural gas. Although plastics only consume,around 4 of the world s oil. supplies are becoming depleted,Many plastic products are. reaching the end of their lifecycle,forming non biodegradable. mountains of waste plastic,11 of household waste is plastic.
40 of which is plastic bottles,Biologically produced plastics. Energy consumption of Biological PHA PHB and PLA are. versus Crude Oil derived plastics biologically produced. Processing energy is,relatively high,Fossil Fuel Requirement. MJ kg of plastic,More fossil fuel energy is used,in their production than for. 50 both Polyethylene and PET,So renewable plastics are not. 0 necessarily as,environmentally friendly as,they first appear.
Energy Raw Material,Assessing embodied,Assessing energy. embodied and and,energy CO2CO2,of plastics, The energy input during manufacturing is not calculated via. thermodynamics because, Industrial processes have varying efficiencies ranging from a few to. The scrap fraction ranges from a few to 80 or more. Some part of the energy to heat light and maintain the plant must be. In any new enterprise there is an energy mortgage to be paid the. energy it cost to build the plant,Instead it is calculated by input output analysis. Production,Energy in MJ hour Products out n hour,Energy product Energy in Products out.
EXAMPLE primary production of PET bottles,Oil derivatives. with embodied energy,PET PET granules Energy kg PET. Total plant energy production with aggregated total energy in. inc transport heat light,embodied energy kg of PET out. Energy mortgage,blow Total plant energy,molding inc transport heat light. plant Energy mortgage,Energy bottle,total energy in.
number of bottles out,Life Cycle Analysis,In addition to the energy. embodied in the plastic during,production and manufacturing. products also require energy,during use and disposal. An analysis that considers this,whole process is referred to as. life cycle analysis,The next slide shows the results.
of such an analysis of a plastic,drink container,Energy breakdown for PE bottle. Eco impact per unit of function,Function contain 1 litre of fluid. Glass PE PET Alu Steel,Mass The winner is,325 38 25 20 45 steel. The losers are,Mass volume glass and,433 38 62 45 102 aluminium. Energy Mass,14 80 84 200 23,Energy Volume,8 2 3 2 5 4 9 0 2 4.
Recycling changes the picture a little but not simple. Things to think about,Plastics are not necessarily the waste and. energy culprits that some people think they,are Plastics can be very energy efficient. It takes less energy to manufacture a plastic,ketchup bottle than a glass ketchup bottle. And since plastics are lightweight it takes,less energy to transport a truckload of plastic. ketchup bottles than a truckload of glass,ketchup bottles.
Up to 40 less fuel is used to transport,drinks in plastic bottles compared to glass. Why Recycle,In landfill both,synthetic and naturally. occurring polymers,don t get the necessary,exposure to UV and. microbes to degrade,Here they are taking Photo of tip. up space and none of,the energy put into,making them is being.
Why Recycle,Reclaiming the energy stored in the polymers. can be done through incineration but this can,cause environmental damage by release of toxic. gases into the atmosphere,Recycling is a viable alternative in getting back. some of this energy in the case of some,As petroleum prices increase it is becoming more. financially viable to recycle polymers rather than. produce them from raw materials,Recycling of polymers the reality.
In house scrap generated at the source of production is near 100 recycled. Recycling of used plastics here PET bottles few plastic recycling plants make a. profit Many have closed,Why if recycling is energy efficient And is it. Collection is time intensive so expensive, Sorting of mixed plastic waste is difficult contamination. is inevitable, Removing labels print all but impossible at 100 success. Contamination of any sort compromises re use in hi tech. applications a carbonated water bottle is a pressure. vessel a failure is unacceptable to the supermarkets that. The consequence most plastic apart from in house is reused in lower grade applications. PET cheap carpets fleeces,PE and PP block board park benches. Problems with recycling plastics,PET and PVC have many problems with cross.
contamination as the two polymers appear very,similar to the naked eye and share the same. specific gravity so cannot be separated by,conventional float sink techniques used in the. plastic recycling industry,The correct separation of plastics is extremely. important Just one PVC bottle in a batch of 10 000. PET bottles can ruin the entire melt,Energy and use audit of recycling of PET. Used plastic bottles Polymer,inc collection transport energy sorting.
cleaning Recycled PET granules, Total plant energy with aggregated embodied energy. inc transport heat light dicing and contaminates,Energy mortgage. Plant for use of Total plant energy,recycled PET inc transport heat light. Energy mortgage,Energy per kg of fleece,total energy in. Recycling of Plastics ImpEE IMPR O VIN G EN GINEERIN G EDUC A TION PROJECT THE

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