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Rectangle Productions presents,Notre dame A film by Val rie Donzelli. Val rie Donzelli,Pierre Deladonchamps,Thomas Scimeca. Bouli Lanners,Virginie Ledoyenn,France Belgium 1 85 89 min. International Sales PLAYTIME 5 rue Nicolas Flamel 75004 Paris 33 1 53 10 33 99 www playtime group. Maud Crayon a failing architect and single mom of two whose weak ex husband is still in the. picture can only dream of a miracle to shake things up Now the famous winner of the contest to. lead the renovation of the esplanade of Notre Dame de Paris Maud welcomes back in her life her. charming ex boyfriend Bacchus and must reveal her feelings to both her exes if she wants to start. living happily ever after,Notre dame SYNOPSIS 5, After Marguerite Julien my producers Edouard Weil and Alice Girard advised me to return to a project more. closely inspired by my own life in which I would be the main character I wrote the first draft of a screenplay. Wasp Waist which followed a female director s career path It was however too close for comfort as the. distance between fiction and autobiography wasn t right In the end I moved away from her being a filmmaker and. made her an architect These two professions share common aspects seeing a project through to its end within. a given budget running the risk of seeing one s creative work severely criticized With this line of work for my. leading character I was allowing myself to speak about an experience that was familiar to me while not entirely my. own I found her name Maud Crayon and I was good to go. In a certain way it s as though my character is a more grown up and mature version of Ad le from Queen of. Hearts La Reine des pommes a Parisian who now has a job and children Maud is full of energy she takes care. of everything her children and her ex Martial who comes and stays over every time he has a spat with his new. girlfriend she s constantly running all over the place She is tireless never stops for a minute always keeps herself. busy she s a woman on the go although she doesn t really know what she s going after She is utterly unable to. INTERVIEW WITH VAL RIE DONZELLI pause for a second to take a good hard look at things and make the decisions that would need to be made for her. The origins of the film, life to be easier Determined not to give up anything she can t actually gain anything I really wanted to convey this.
sensation of speed and energy in the film because Maud carries this driving force within this neurotic drive that. prevents her from ever stopping Maud Crayon is me to a certain extent but also all women in urban settings who. work and shoulder everything,Notre dame INTERVIEW WITH VAL RIE DONZELLI 7. Isn t Notre dame above all a fantastic declaration of love to Paris You film it beautifully. Paris is my city by adoption and I wanted to rekindle my love for it nurture it It s been going through such a. rough time since the 2015 attacks and it now is as though we were in a permanent state of chaos It even sounds. different Every five minutes we can hear the grating sound of police sirens going off So yes I wanted to bring its. beauty back to the forefront yet without downplaying its violence and poverty including all the people who have to. live and sleep out on the streets, Why did you choose the square in front of Notre Dame as the historical monument that required revamping. I wanted to tackle the story of a failure related to architecture What could possibly cause a scandal in this area. today Realistically this scenario could only concern a really old monument to which one would suggest bringing. an element of modernity The only place that seemed probable while also epitomizing Paris and allowing for an. architectural project of this kind was the square in front of Notre Dame I did extensive research on the countless. INTERVIEW WITH VAL RIE DONZELLI fierce debates surrounding urban installations in Paris the Paul McCarthy anal plug like tree at Place Vend me in. Paris Notre Dame, 2014 Beaubourg The Louvre Pyramid the Bastille Opera House and Buren s Columns in the Palais Royal s main. courtyard in 1986 In the end I was most inspired by the Bastille Opera House competition and the scandal about. Daniel Buren s work,Notre dame INTERVIEW WITH VAL RIE DONZELLI 9. What was your reaction when you saw Notre Dame in flames this year on April 15th. I was devastated I filmed a monument that I love I lived with Notre Dame while writing the film a long process. I regularly went to visit Our Lady I became attached to her I could feel the wound that the fire was causing I had. known that shooting there wasn t going to be easy and that it would take a long time to obtain the authorizations. in short Notre Dame was kind of the star of my film Shooting inside the cathedral and on its front square was a. true challenge Today I wouldn t be able to film there. It s funny but I directed a documentary short for Arte called Le cin ma de maman Mama s Cinema in 2017 which. talks about filming as a deliberate act to leave a trace behind a memento and be eternal I never thought I d find. myself illustrating this very point to such an extent with one of my own films Today it s true that my film embodies. a singular echo of Notre Dame I think I was the last person to film the cathedral as it was both from inside and. outside yet I didn t film it thinking that such a disaster could happen and it isn t a movie about Notre Dame All. this is pure chance and now there s this great debate opposing modernist and conservative approaches which. places the film at the heart of the matter It s somewhat overwhelming. 10 INTERVIEW WITH VAL RIE DONZELLI Notre dame Notre dame INTERVIEW WITH VAL RIE DONZELLI 11. From the very onset we re thrown into absolute burlesque and chaos people slap one another for the slightest. reason apocalyptic news is broadcast on TV by interchangeable journalists and we hear that some monks. have become diabetic from eating the sweet offerings lavished on them by believers An anxiety inducing and. irresistibly funny atmosphere, I wanted to show the world as we experience it today a world that isn t doing well with ecological disasters the.
press and media that have become impersonal people that either turn increasingly to individualistic or segregated. lifestyles And I wanted to laugh about it because it s really rather tragic Benjamin Charbit with whom I co wrote. the screenplay and I had a great deal of fun writing these false news segments However some of them like the. bit about the diabetic monks are true, Even more so than in your previous films fantasy reigns. It s something I m fond of and it s always present in my films including Declaration of War La guerre est d clar e. INTERVIEW WITH VAL RIE DONZELLI I love comedy and I love burlesque cinema I love when things are off beat because it s a way of looking at the world. Burlesque fantasy, that touches me that brings a touch of modesty and poetry. Notre dame INTERVIEW WITH VAL RIE DONZELLI 13, It s a film that belongs to the pervading zeitgeist Not only does the world not stop turning for the heroine. but we can well see her empathy towards other women homeless women forced to camp out in front of the. building where she lives, We re much too accustomed to seeing that We live in a city where on certain days there are people who die on the. street I myself saw the death of a vagrant in my neighborhood It s appalling it s unbearable but what can Maud. do what can we do despite all the empathy that she feels that we feel for them Nothing There s no solution That. is the reason why I was keen on having the scenes where we see the women make their nest for the night where. we see their vulnerability which is only greater when a storm strikes This is also why I have a radio host say that. with the migrant crisis becoming unbearable the mayor of Paris has decided to open the doors of the town hall for. them Migrants and poverty are another realistic element defining Paris as it is today. Pushing things further we can say that her design escapes her and that her project modified by men then. becomes phallic, As she didn t participate in the competitive bid she finds herself de facto in the situation of an imposter As a.
result she doesn t dare say anything and she lets people walk all over her And it is because she doesn t impose. her views among such people that she ll have to make it through the scandal and learn how to become assertive. at last She ll free herself from her professional and sentimental shackles Notre dame is first and foremost a. comedy about reconstruction Maud will lose much with the contest but she ll win something far more precious. in the end her freedom,14 INTERVIEW WITH VAL RIE DONZELLI Notre dame. Val rie Donzelli Portrait, After studying architecture Val rie Donzelli started a career as an actress Her first short film as a director. Il fait beau dans la plus belle ville du monde Fair Weather in the World s Most Beautiful City was selected for. the Cannes Film Festival in 2008 Then she filmed La Reine des pommes Queen of Hearts her first feature. length film Locarno 2009 Her second feature film La Guerre est d clar e Declaration of War opened Cannes. International Critics Week in 2011 and was a great international success Her third Main dans la main Hand in. Hand was released in France in December 2012 In 2013 she directed a television film Que d amour Just Love. in cooperation with the Com die Fran aise and Arte Television which was screened at the Locarno Film Festival. Her fifth full length feature Marguerite et Julien Marguerite Julien premiered in the Cannes Film Festival s. official selection in 2015 Notre dame which is presented at Locarno s Piazza Grande is Val rie Donzelli s 6th. feature film,Notre dame PORTRAIT VAL RIE DONZELLI 17. Val rie Donzelli Maud Crayon Director Val rie Donzelli. Pierre Deladonchamps Bacchus Renard Screenwriters Val rie Donzelli Benjamin Charbit. Thomas Scimeca Martial Production Company Rectangle Productions. Bouli Lanners Didier Producers Alice Girard Edouard Weil Maud Crayon Val rie Donzelli Bacchus Renard Pierre Deladonchamps Martial Thomas Scimeca. Virginie Ledoyen Coco Director of Photography Lazare Pedron. Isabelle Candelier The Mayor of Paris Production Designer Ga lle Usandivaras. Philippe Katerine Martin Gu naud Editor Pauline Gaillard. Claude Perron Monique Delatour Sound Engineer Laurent Gabiot. Samir Guesmi Greg Sound Editor Val rie Le Docte, Pauline Serieys Agathe Sound Mixer Emmanuel Crozet. Swiss Distributor Frenetic Films,French Distributor Ad Vitam.
International Sales Playtime Didier Bouli Lanners Coco Virginie Ledoyen Notre Dame. info playtime group,At Locarno Film Festival,Makna Presse. Chlo Lorenzi 33 6 08 16 60 26 chloe makna presse com. Chlo Marcad 33 6 71 74 98 30 chloem makna presse com. Rectangle Productions presents A film by Val rie Donzelli With Val rie Donzelli Pierre Deladonchamps Thomas Scimeca Bouli Lanners Virginie Ledoyenn France Belgium 1 85 89 min International Sales PLAYTIME 5 rue Nicolas Flamel 75004 Paris 33 1 53 10 33 99 www playtime group Notre dameRectangle Productions presents A film by Val rie Donzelli Synopsis Maud Crayon a failing architect

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