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Memphis is what s happening,Thanks to Jim Stewart,The Mad Lads. Volt 131 I Want Someone,The Mar Keys,Stax 185 Philly Dog. Johnnie Taylor,Stax 186 I Had A Dream,Rufus Carla,Stax 184 Never Let You Go. Stax 180 You Don t Know Like I Know COMFORT ME,Coda Thomas. Carla Thomas,Stax 183 Comfort Me,OTIS BLUE Otis Redding.
new single by special request,Volt 132 SATISFACTION by Otis Redding. from his album OTIS BLUE,Production Jim Stewart and Steve Cropper. Stax Records distributed by Acei Volt Records distributed by. New Waxie Store Stewart Named President Col Announces. WASHINGTON Of UA Records Pubberies,Waxie Maxie Silver. D C Birthday Wins,Columbia Records has an, stein who has two of the top Michael Stewart has been named President of United Artists nounced the winners of the. record stores in the area will Records and Music Publishing Companies it was announced by Lucky Birthday Sweepstakes. open a third in March in a David V Picker First Vice President of United Artists Corpora contest The drawing was held. shopping center featuring a tion in New York on Jan 11 and. special section for blue eyed Stewart who previously held the position of Executive Vice prizes valued at 365 000 will. soul His stores named Qual President of the Music and Record Division joined the company be awarded. ity Music are expected to in the summer of 1962 as Executive Vice President of UA s music 360 Stereo System plus 365. number four by year s end Columbia albums a 23 West. They are primarily R B,publishing subsidiaries,inghouse color television set a.
Picker to Work Closely with Stewart portable Masterwork phonograph. and a Masterwork AM FM tran,Order Precedent Music Publishng relinquishing. Picker while the presidency of the Records and, firms will continue to work closely with Stewart sistor radio. in these areas Present were Columbia execs,Clive Davis Administrative VP. In recent years the UA Records and music companies have William P Gallagher VP Co. moved into a leading position in these highly competitive fields. The UA Records label has become world famous for its albums lumbia Label Leonard Burkat. VP Information and Design, of Never On Sunday the Beatles smash hit A Hard Day s Stanley Kavan VP and General. Night one of the biggest selling albums in the history of the Manager Columbia R e c or d s. record industry and the soundtracks from all of the James Bond Sales Corporation and Joseph. films including Goldfinger and the current Thunderball Lyons Director Sales Columbia. Additionally UA Records has registered impressively with Record Distributors Robert. such popular artists as Ferrante and Teicher Jay And The Blashek VP of the D L Blair. Americans Patty Duke Manfred Mann Shirley Bassey Bobby Corporation an independent. The New Order expected to Goldsboro Lena Horne and Jimmy Roselli Its publishing activi judging organization which of. sign with a major label soon ties also have become international in scope ficiated in the contest and Co. helped set a precedent last lumbia Records vocalists Bdbbe. week when they entertained at Formerly Headed Korwin Dominion. Norris and Bob Morrison also, the opening of Susan Stein s Prior to joining UA Stewart was head of Korwin Music and participated in the drawing.
travel agency in Sak s Fifth Dominion Music and was active in the publishing field for many T he grand prize winner is. Ave the first time the store years He published the Academy Award winning Never On Sun Mrs Mildred Ingrum of Liberty. had been open on a Sunday day title song from the Jules Dassin Melina Mercouri film Ind Second prize winners are. Group is now at Trude Heller s success Richard Boyce of Sharon Hill. in New York Also above Pa and Richard Sardisco of,Decca s Mimi Hines Rosemead Calif Boyce and Sar. Kole Joins Atlantic Alpert Brass, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII disco will each receive a 1966. Receive Citations Ford Mustang hardtop Five,o ge record. Rack Sales Division,Herb Kole has joined At,dignitaries including for. third prize winners will receive,a Suzuki Motorcycle the 10.
world lantic Atco as Coordinator of eign consuls general federal fourth prize winners will each. Rack Sales for the company receive a Columbia 360 Stereo. 200 W 57th St New York N Y 10019, state and civic officials and System plus 100 Columbia al. Kole will work with rack job Hollywood film celebrities. Area Code 212 Cl 7 6250, bers and distributors in bums the 25 fifth prize winners. turned out Feb 7 to see popu will receive a 12 Westinghouse. Publisher strengthening and increasing lar recording stars Herb Al. BOB AUSTIN Atlantic Atco business with television set the 50 sixth prize. pert and the Tijuana Brass re winners will be awarded a. racks ceive citations from the Mexi,Editor in Chief Masterwork portable phonograph. SID PARNES, He will report to Len Sachs can Government and from Los plus 50 Columbia albums and. director of album sales for Angeles Mayor Samuel William 100 Masterwork AM FM tran. Doug McClelland Editor Atlantic Atco Kole will work Yorty in the Grand Trianon. Dave Finkle Associate Editor,sistor radios will be awarded.
out of the company s New York Room of the Beverly Wilshire as seventh prizes. Kal Rudman R88 Editor offices although a large per Hotel. Del Shields Jazz Editor In addition to the 365 000 in. centage of his time will be prizes awarded to the Lucky. Mort Hillman Advertising Manager spent on the road New Sound Praised. Eastern Division Birthday Sweepstakes contest, Ted Williams At the reception hosted by winners a 1966 Ford Mustang. Brenda Ballard Handleman Manager Mr and Mrs Hernando Court hardtop will be awarded to the. Circulation, right Alpert and the Tijuana owners of the Specialty Record. West Coast For the past year and a half Brass were praised for having. Kole has been manager of the Shop in Richmond Ind where. Jack Devaney created a new sound in popu Mrs Ingrum obtained her sweep. West Coast Manager Handleman Company branch lar music A plaque from the. 1610 No Argyle in Camden N J which services stakes entry form. Hollywood Calif Mexican National T our is t, the entire East coast from Council was presented them by. Phone 213 465 6179, Portland Maine to Richmond Manuel Munoz Avina regional Dylan Big 3 Sign. Nashville Va Before that he was Moe director It read In recogni. John Sturdivant Handelman s assistant in Chi Big 3 Music Corporation has. Hamilton Nashville Report tion of their outstanding con concluded a major music exploit. Ed cago at the Handleman Com tributions towards the promo. 814 16th Ave So pany branch in that city for ation agreement with composer. Nashville Tenn 37203 tion of Mexico and our Mexican artist Bob Dylan. two and a half years Kole Folk Music throughout the. Phone 615 255 5794, broke into the record business Pact calls for Big 3 to acquire.
SUBSCRIPTIONS One year 52 issues U S with the King Records distribu. world in concert on television U S and Canadian folio rights. and Canada 8 Air Mail 25 Foreign and with recordings for all new Dylan material and. Air Mail 35 Second class postage paid tion branch in Chicago where More than 5 million of their to publish all future Dylan songs. at New York New York DEADLINE Plates he was branch manager for recordings have been sold in the United Kingdom Agree. and copy must be in New York by 12 noon six and a half years world wide during the past 18 ment was negotiated by Arnold. Published Weekly by The post of Coordinator of months according to Gil Frie Maxin VP and General Man. INTRO PUBLISHING CO INC Rack Sales is a newly created sen Vice President of A M ager of Big 3 and Albert Gross. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII position at Atlantic Atco Records man Dylan s personal manager. RECORD WORLD February 19 1966 3,Record Academy Announces Scepter Appoints. Bowden Proctor,Final Grammy Nominations NEW YORK Mary i. Schlachter Vice President of,Scepter Records has an. A country singer a Mexican Brass and the Beatles also the Best Classical Album of nounced the appointment of. styled instrumental group and qualify as finalists for the Al the Year will be determined John Bowden as Director of. an English instrumental sing bum of the Year Grammy This category pits two veteran A R for Hob Records the. ing quartet top this year s lists Here they are joined by the world famous pianists Vladi gospel division of Scepter and. of candidates for Grammys the sound track album from The mir Horowitz and Artur Rubin also the appointment of Carl. recording field s most coveted Sound of Music singer Eddy stein against one another as Proctor to the national promo. honors awarded annually by Arnold s My World and well as against veteran conduc tion staff of Scepter and Wand. members of the National Acad Frank Sinatra s September of tor Leopold Stokowski famed Records. emy of Recording Arts and My Years The Sinatra selec soprano Leontyne Price and a Bowden was affiliated with. Sciences NARAS according tion appears in four categories German production of the Berg Fury Records from 1945 to. to tabulations released this with another of his recordings opera Wozzeck The Horo 1959 where he traveled with. week It Was a Very Good Year witz recording Horowitz at Frankie Lyman s brother Louis. The singer is Nashville s winding up in contention for Carnegie Hall and the one by Lyman and the Tenn Cords and. Roger Miller whose King of two more awards Stokowski Ives Symphony later was Wilber Harrison s. the Road rendition has popped No 4 also reached the final road manager From 1959 to. up in nine different categories Encompass 47 Categories round in three other cate 1963 he was in charge of Rev. The instrumental outfit is Herb All in all the Grammy gories elation Records which was. Alperts Tijuana Brass which Awards which are based on started by Bobby Robertson of. has drawn enough votes in the quality of performance rather In Pop Field Fury Records Then in 1963. next to final round to place in than quantity of sales encom In the pop field nominations he started his own gospel label. six divisions And the English pass 47 different categories for Best Song of the Year called Ark Records. group of course the Beatles ranging from strict pop and include in addition to The. whose recording of Yester contemporary to jazz folk Shadow of Your Smile Mil Had Interview Show. day has also captured six final country and western rhythm ler s King of the Road Sep Proctor did an interview. spots with its album of Help and blues Broadway shows tember of My Years Yester show on WWRL with Alma. giving it four more chances for spoken word religious chil day and the theme from the John in 1954 and later man. top recording field honors dren s and classical music film Umbrellas of Cher aged the Sarah Vaughan office. with 11 categories devoted to bourg entitled I Will Wait In 1960 he went to Chicago and. Record of Year the serious music field for You started a Public Relations. All three of these artists By the end of this month Interest is also running high Agency called Proctor Gard. have been nominated for Rec Academy members will have re in Best New Artist of the ner Affiliates Subsequently. ord of the Year honors along turned their final ballots to the Year which is generously he did promotion work for. with the Ramsey Lewis Trio s independent accounting firm of sprinkled with young talent Summit Distributors and later. recording of The In Crowd Haskins and Sells for tabula Competing here are the Byrds for Vee Jay Records. and Tony Bennett s rendition tions Winners of the Grammys Herman s Hermits Tom Jones In 1964 he joined Mercury. of The Shadow of Your will be announced on Tuesday Horst Jankowski Marilyn Records to do national promo. Smile The latter selection evening March 15 at star Maye Sonny and Cher and tion for Blue Rock their. also pops up in five additional studded awards ceremonies in Glenn Yarbrough New Talent Rhythm Blues subsidiary. categories including Best New York Los Angeles Chi also abounds in the newly in where he became Product Man. Song of the Year cago and Nashville stituted quartet of Contempo ager He is a member of the. Miller Alpert s Tijuana At that time the winner of rary Music categories Board of Directors of NARA. would be brought to people, SESAC Marks everywhere His ideas and plans Merco Operates 4 Masters Dept s. for a wired music service GARDEN CITY N Y record departments Gross. smoothed the way for the back,Milestones ground music services so fami.
Jack Grossman President of,Merco Enterprises Inc an. man revealed that the licenses,which are effective immedi. SESAC a foremost music liar to the world today nounces that the company has ately bring the number of. licensing organizations marks Realizing the potenial of the concluded a long term licens leased departments currently. its 35th anniversary in Febru broadcasting medium SESAC ing agreement with Masters operated by Merco Enterprises. ary a milestone coinciding has worked closely over the Inc to operate the record de to 28. with the 81st birthday of the years with the radio and tele partments in Masters Flush The addition of these four. firm s founder and president vision industry and today has ing Elmsford Lake Success heavy traffic Masters depart. Paul Heinecke who this year performance licenses in effect and Manhattan stores men. Vol 20 No 976 February 19 1966 WHO IN THE WORLD Michael Stewart Ap pointed Prexy of United Carla Thomas Stax 183 Comfort Me new single

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