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Front Matter horiz 11 3 03 2 39 PM Page 2,Date Purchased. Dealer Phone,Ignition Key Number,Registration Number State. Outboard Motor, The identification numbers are important Keep a copy of these numbers stored in a safe place off the boat In case of. theft damage etc report these numbers to the local authorities your insurance agent and your Skeeter Dealer. Front Matter horiz 11 3 03 2 39 PM Page i,INTRODUCTION. Thank you for choosing a Skeeter boat This Owner s Operator s Manual contains information you will need for. proper operation maintenance and care A thorough understanding of these simple instructions will help you to. obtain maximum enjoyment from your new boat If you have any questions about the operation or maintenance. of your boat please consult a Skeeter Dealer, Because Skeeter has a policy of continuing product improvement this product may not be exactly as described.
in this Owner s Operator s Manual Specifications are subject to change without notice This manual should be. considered a permanent part of this boat and should remain with it even if the boat is subsequently sold. Front Matter horiz 11 3 03 2 39 PM Page ii,INTRODUCTION. BOATING CHECKLIST, For improved safety and enjoyment check each of these items. Front Matter horiz 11 3 03 2 39 PM Page iii,INTRODUCTION. BOATING TERMINOLOGY,LENGTH OVERALL LOA,TRANSOM HELM. AFT FORWARD,STERN GUNWALE BOW,WATERLINE 9343 001, An easy way to remember PORT side from STARBOARD side is PORT and LEFT both have four letters.
Front Matter horiz 11 3 03 2 39 PM Page iv,Front Matter horiz 11 3 03 2 39 PM Page v. TABLE OF CONTENTS, Skeeter Welcome i Accident Reporting 1 19 ST Deck Layout 3 14. Boating Checklist ii Pre operation Checks Equipment 3 15. Boating Terminology iii Checklist 1 20,Checks 1 21 4 Saltwater Boats 4 1. 1 Boating Safety 1 1 Enjoy Your Skeeter Boat Safety Labels 4 1. Important Manual Responsibly 1 24 Helm Layout 4 2,Information 1 1 General Deck Layout 4 4. Safety Information 1 2 2 Basic Rules of the Road 2 1 Equipment 4 5. Limitations On Who May Rules of the Road 2 1, Operate The Boat 1 3 Rules When Encountering 5 Deepwater Boats 5 1.
Boat Setup 1 6 Vessels 2 3 Safety Labels 5 1,Required Equipment 1 10 Helm Layout 5 2. Additional Equipment 3 Bass Boats 3 1 General Deck Layout 5 4. Recommendations 1 11 Safety Labels 3 1 Gauge and Switch Panel 5 5. Operational Helm Layout ZX Performance Equipment 5 6. Requirements 1 12 Series 3 2, Cruising Limitations 1 14 Helm Layout TZX Series 3 4 6 Fish and Ski Boats 6 1. Hazard Information 1 15 ZX TZX Deck Layout 3 6 Safety Labels 6 1. Night Operation 1 15 Helm Layout SX Tournament Helm Layout 6 4. Water Skiing 1 16 Series 3 8 General Deck Layout 6 6. To Get More Boating Safety SX Deck Layout 3 10 Equipment 6 7. Information 1 18 Helm Layout ST Series 3 12,Front Matter horiz 11 3 03 2 39 PM Page vi. TABLE OF CONTENTS, 7 Controls and Indicators 7 1 10 Getting Underway 10 1 Corrosion Protection 12 6. Steering 7 1 Safety Checklist 10 1 General Maintenance 12 8. Outboard Motor Trim 7 2 Safety Equipment 10 2 Fuel System 12 12. Foot Throttle Option 7 4 Boarding 10 2 Steering System 12 12. Pro Trim Option 7 5, Instruments 7 5 11 Running 11 1 13 Troubleshooting 13 1.
Switches 7 8 Maneuvering Trouble Check Chart 13 1,Circuit Breakers Fuses 7 10 Techniques 11 1. Anchoring 11 3 14 Storage 14 1, 8 Boat Systems 8 1 Performance Boating 11 5 Lifting 14 3. Electrical System 8 1 Propellers 11 6 Trailering 14 4. Fuel System 8 1 Post operation Checks 11 7, Livewell Systems 8 3 Trailering 11 9 15 Glossary of Terms 15 1. 12 Care and Maintenance 12 1 Warranty,9 Operation 9 1 Repairs and. Operation 9 1 Modifications 12 1,Driving Your Skeeter Boat 9 3 Electrical 12 2.
Boat Trim 9 9,Section 1 horiz 11 3 03 2 39 PM Page 1 1. BOATING SAFETY,IMPORTANT MANUAL INFORMATION, In this manual information of particular importance is distinguished in the following ways. The Safety Alert Symbol means,ATTENTION BECOME ALERT. YOUR SAFETY IS INVOLVED, Failure to follow WARNING instructions could result in severe injury or. death to the boat operator or passengers a bystander or a person. WARNING inspecting or repairing the boat, A CAUTION indicates special precautions that must be taken to avoid.
CAUTION damage to the boat, NOTE A NOTE provides key information to make procedures easier or clearer. Section 1 horiz 11 3 03 2 39 PM Page 1 2,BOATING SAFETY. SAFETY INFORMATION, The safe use and operation of this boat is dependent upon the use of proper operating techniques as well as. upon the common sense good judgment and expertise of the operator Every operator should know the. following requirements before operating the boat, Before operating the boat read this Skeeter Owner s Operator s Manual the Owner s Operator s Manual for. the outboard motor the literature for all other equipment supplied with your boat or trailer and all warning. and caution labels on the boat motor and trailer These materials should give you an understanding of the. boat and its operation, Never allow anyone to operate this boat until they too have read the Owner s Operator s Manual and all.
warning and caution labels,Section 1 horiz 11 3 03 2 40 PM Page 1 3. BOATING SAFETY,LIMITATIONS ON WHO MAY OPERATE THE BOAT. Skeeter recommends a minimum operator age of 16 years old. Adults must supervise use by minors, Know the operator age and training requirements for your state A boating safety course is recommended and. may be required in your state You can find local rules by contacting the United States Coast Guard USCG. the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators or your local Power Squadron. This Skeeter boat has maximum capacities for number of passengers and weight on board Never exceed. these maximum load limits Weight distribution affects performance Keep weight in the boat low and evenly. distributed from side to side and front to back Remove any unnecessary cargo and store it on shore. Section 1 horiz 11 3 03 2 40 PM Page 1 4,BOATING SAFETY. Overpowering Overloading, DO NOT overpower or overload your boat Your boat is equipped with a required capacity plate indicating the.
maximum acceptable power and load as determined by the manufacturer following certain Federal guidelines In. doubt contact your Skeeter Dealer,Typical Capacity Plate. Figure 1 1,Section 1 horiz 11 3 03 2 40 PM Page 1 5. BOATING SAFETY, Using an outboard motor that exceeds the maximum horsepower limit of a boat can. Cause loss of boat control, Place too much weight at the transom altering the design flotation characteristics of the boat. Cause the boat to break apart, Overpowering a boat can result in serious injury death or boat damage.
WARNING DO NOT overpower or overload your boat,Section 1 horiz 11 3 03 2 40 PM Page 1 6. BOATING SAFETY,BOAT SETUP,STRAIGHT EDGE STRAIGHT EDGE ON KEEL TO. ON KEEL EXTEND PAST LOWER UNIT 9343 050,Boat Setup. Figure 1 2,Section 1 horiz 11 3 03 2 40 PM Page 1 7. BOATING SAFETY, Your Skeeter boat is shipped from Skeeter with almost all of the necessities to operate your boat Not all boats.
will be equipped as others since you have the option on how to accessorize and equip your boat. The installation of your outboard motor is already done by Skeeter The installation height 1 may have to be. adjusted to optimize and maximize its performance The installation height is the distance from the bottom of. the cavitation plate to the top of the straight edge The installation height should never be adjusted by someone. who is not qualified to establish the correct installation height The installed height is based on an average since. Skeeter cannot predetermine your boat s loads or uses The addition of add ons or accessories which can inhibit. performance and safety should never be added as a means of trying to increase performance If you believe you. are experiencing poor performance contact your Skeeter Dealer. RECORD IMPORTANT INFORMATION In addition to this manual your Skeeter boat is supplied with component manufacturer information such as instructions warranties or other important information Read these materials carefully Safeguard information about your Skeeter boat by recording the Hull Identification Number HIN and the model of your boat and the model and serial numbers of your

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