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042 002310 E Recepter Radio HD Manual qxd 11 7 05 3 15 PM Page 2. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus the apparatus. This symbol found on the apparatus indicates hazards has been exposed to rain or moisture does not operate normally. arising from dangerous voltages or has been dropped. 14 Maintain a minimum distance of 2 50mm around the front rear. This symbol found on the apparatus indicates the user and sides of the apparatus for sufficient ventilation The ventilation. should read all safety statements found in the user manual should not be impeded by covering the ventilation openings or. placing on or around the apparatus items such as newspapers. This symbol found on the apparatus indicates,table cloths curtains etc. double insulation, 15 No open flame sources such as lighted candles should be. Warning placed on the apparatus, To reduce the risk of fire or electrical shock do not 16 The apparatus should not be exposed to dripping or splashing. expose this apparatus to rain or moisture No objects filled with liquids such as vases should be placed on. the apparatus,1 Read these instructions,2 Keep these instructions. Note This equipment has been tested and found to comply with. 3 Heed all warnings, the limits for a Class B digital device pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC.
4 Follow all instructions, Rules These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection. 5 Do not use this apparatus near water, against harmful interference in a residential installation This equip. 6 Clean only with dry cloth, ment generates uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and if. 7 Do not block any ventilation openings Install in accordance with. not installed and used in accordance with the instructions may cause. the manufacturer s instructions, harmful interference to radio communications However there is no. 8 Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators heat. guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation If. registers stoves or other apparatus including amplifiers that. this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television. produce heat, reception which can be determined by turning the equipment off and.
9 Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized or grounding. on the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or. type plug A polarized plug has two blades with one wider than the. more of the following measures, other A grounding type plug has two blades and a third grounding. Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna, prong The wide blade or the third prong is provided for your. Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. safety If the provided plug does not fit into your outlet consult an. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from. electrician for replacement of the obsolete outlet. that to which the receiver is connected, 10 Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly. Consult the dealer or an experienced radio TV technician for help. at plugs convenience receptacles and the point where they exit. from the apparatus Caution Unauthorized changes or modifications to the receiver could. 11 Only use attachments accessories specified by the manufacturer void the user s authority to operate the equipment. 12 Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for. long periods of time Canadian Users This Class B digital apparatus complies with. 13 Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel Servicing is Canadian ICES 003. required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way such Cet appareil num rique de la classe B est conforme la norme. as the power supply cord or plug is damaged liquid has been NMB 003 du Canada. 042 002310 E Recepter Radio HD Manual qxd 11 7 05 3 15 PM Page 3. hank you for choosing the Boston Acoustics Recepter Radio HD We have designed this. product to provide rich lifelike musical sound and simple operation in a compact tabletop. stereo radio Across the country AM and FM radio stations are upgrading to digital HD. Radio broadcasting which the Boston Acoustics Recepter Radio HD is specially designed to receive. In addition to greatly enhanced digital quality sound HD Radio stations will soon broadcast multiple. channels and data simultaneously on their same familiar position on the radio dial The Recepter. Radio HD sorts it all out to bring you your favorite current programming or new and expanding. choices with a clarity you ve never experienced before. iBiquity Digital s HD Radio technology will enhance both the AM and FM bands audio fidelity. AM will sound more like FM does today and FM will have CD like audio quality The static hiss. pops and fades heard on today s analog radios will be virtually eliminated thus ensuring crystal clear. reception To learn more about HD Radio technology and find an HD Radio Station On the Air. visit www hdradio com,How HD Radio works,1 Stations bundle both analog and digital audio. signals with text data such as artist and song,information weather traffic and more.
2 The digital signal is compressed using iBiquity s. HD Radio compression technology,3 The combined analog and digital signals are. transmitted,4 The most common form of interference multi. path distortion occurs when part of a signal,bounces off an object and arrives at the receiver. at a different time than the main signal,HD Radio receivers are designed to sort. through the reflected signals and reduce static,hiss pops and fades.
5 The signal will be compatible with both HD,Radio receivers and analog radios. Copyright 2000 2005 iBiquity Digital Corporation, The Recepter Radio HD s surprising performance is made possible by Boston Acoustics many years. of experience in designing and manufacturing high performance audio equipment The key to the. Radio s sound is its Boston designed wide range driver Optimized specifically for the Radio it is. combined with a digitally equalized amplifier that uses proprietary BassTrac circuitry for full satisfying. bass even at low volume, The result is smooth natural response and room filling sound that belies its small size This outstanding. audio performance is coupled with an HD Radio AM FM tuner with a 20 preset station memory for. clear distortion free reception, 042 002310 E Recepter Radio HD Manual qxd 11 7 05 3 15 PM Page 4. The Recepter Radio HD also has two independent wake up alarms Either alarm can be set to music. or tone A large easy to read LCD clearly presents the station clock and alarm sleep status while a. built in sleep function lets the Radio play for up to 60 minutes before turning off automatically. The Radio is fast and easy to use and set since times and stations can be rapidly selected by. spinning a knob rather than repeatedly pressing buttons And once you have stored your favorite. stations in memory the tuning knob can be set to tune in only those stations. The Recepter Radio HD also features an auxiliary input that allows the connection of any device with a. headphone output Simply connect the device to the 1 8 input jack located in the rear of the Radio and. you can listen to your iPod MP3 player CD player or other source through the Recepter Radio HD. The Display,The Control Panel The Remote Control,Owner s Manual.
Please save this owner s manual for future reference If you should need an additional copy it may be. downloaded from the Boston Acoustics website www bostonacoustics com RRHD. 042 002310 E Recepter Radio HD Manual qxd 11 7 05 3 15 PM Page 5. Owner s Manual Legend, Some operations may be accomplished with either the Remote Control. or the Radio Icons will represent where the buttons are located Text in. quotes e g Alarm are indicators shown on the display while bold words. e g Tuning knob refer to buttons and knobs,Unpacking the Recepter Radio HD. Please save all the original packaging It provides the safest way to transport your unit. Connecting the power cord,1 Insert the power supply cord into the. port labeled 12V DC on the rear of,2 Insert the AC cord into the power. supply and insert the AC plug into,the wall outlet.
Be sure to keep the power supply away,from the Radio while in use as it may. cause interference,Note The Recepter Radio HD is not. designed for automotive use,Connecting the FM antenna wire. The FM antenna comes attached If the antenna is disconnected or you wish to attach an external. indoor FM antenna follow these steps, 1 Push the Type F connector plug on the end of the antenna wire on the receptacle on the Radio. marked FM antenna 75, 2 Straighten out the antenna to its full length and orient the wire for the best reception.
Connecting the second speaker,1 Remove the second speaker from the packaging. 2 Insert the speaker plug into the jack labeled 2nd spkr. The Radio s default setting is stereo however if you do not hear stereo sound from the system. please follow this procedure, 1 Press and hold the Dim Setup button for three seconds to bring up the. SETUP MENU, 2 Using the Tuning knob scroll down to 2ND SPKR and push the. knob in to select The selection will flash, 3 Turn the Tuning knob to select YES STEREO Press the Tuning knob. Note If you choose to operate the radio without the second speaker. please set the radio to NO MONO, 042 002310 E Recepter Radio HD Manual qxd 11 7 05 3 15 PM Page 6.
Connecting an auxiliary device iPod MP3 Player CD Player. 1 Turn down the volume level on the device you would like to connect. to the Radio and connect the device to its cable not included. 2 While both units are off insert the plug into the input labeled. Aux on the rear of the Radio, 3 Turn on the Radio and press the Tuning knob to select AUX or. press the Enter button on the remote, 4 Raise the volume of the device to find the best sound without distortion. If the volume is too soft raise the volume on the Recepter Radio HD. Connecting headphones, Insert the headphones plug into the stereo minijack labeled Phones on the rear of the radio When you are. listening to headphones the speakers will be muted except for the alarms Note The headphone jack is also. designed to be used as a stereo line output for connecting to another system Headphones are in stereo mode. even when the second speaker is not attached,Installing the remote battery. Place the remote control face down on a flat surface Using your thumb push the locking. tab to the right and pull the battery compartment open with your finger Insert the. battery with positive side up Carefully close the compartment until it clicks. The Basics Setting the clock, 1 Lift the door of the control panel and push the Clock button to.
bring up the Clock Set display, 2 Turn the Tuning or Volume knob to the desired time and press the. Clock button Tuning or Volume knob to set, Note This radio is equipped with a supercapacitor The supercapacitor will keep the clock time preset alarm settings and. stored presets for up to two days when AC power is interrupted The Radio and alarm will not operate without AC power. Clock display radio operation and alarm functionality will resume when AC power is restored. Turning on off the radio, Press the On off button on the Recepter Radio HD or on the. Remote Control to turn the unit on or off The Radio can also be. turned on by pressing the Volume knob or the or buttons on. the Remote Control,Adjusting the volume, Turn the Volume knob on the Recepter Radio HD or press the or. buttons on the remote to adjust the volume When the Radio is turned on. the volume will return to the previous setting unless it was very loud. in which case it will go to volume level 40, 042 002310 E Recepter Radio HD Manual qxd 11 7 05 3 15 PM Page 7.
Muting the system, Pressing the Mute button on the Remote Control will mute all sound. The Radio will remain silent until the Mute button or a volume control is. used Turning off the Radio will also cancel the mute command. Radio Choosing the AM FM band, Push the Tuning knob or the Enter button on the Remote Control. to select the source AM FM Presets and AUX, The Tuning knob tunes the radio sets the time and controls the Setup Menu. Manually tuning to a station, After choosing either the AM or FM band turn the Tuning knob until. the desired station is selected or press the Select Up or Select Down. buttons on the Remote Control,Entering stations into preset memory.
1 Tune the Radio to a desired station, 2 Press and hold the Store Preset button for 2 seconds. 3 The display will show the preset station number in the upper left corner. of the display Note Stations will store in the order that they were. entered into memory regardless of whether they are FM or AM stations. Listening to preset stations, 1 Push the Tuning knob until the Presets display appears. 2 Turn the Tuning knob or Select Up or Select Down buttons. on the Remote Control to select the preset you wish to listen to. Clearing stations from preset memory, 1 Push the Tuning knob until the Presets display appears. 2 Turn the Tuning knob to the preset you wish to clear. 3 Press and hold the Clear Preset button for 2 seconds until the. Presets Empty display appears When a station is cleared from. memory the Radio will mute until the tuning knob is turned again. Note Holding the clear preset button for 10 seconds will clear ALL. 042 002310 E Recepter Radio HD Manual qxd 11 7 05 3 15 PM Page 2 T hank you for choosing the Boston Acoustics Recepter Radio HD We have designed this product to provide rich lifelike musical sound and simple operation in a compact tabletop stereo radio Across the country AM and FM radio stations are upgrading to digital HD Radio broadcasting which the Boston Acoustics Recepter

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