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Reading for Philosophical Inquiry A Brief Introduction to Philo. sophical Thinking ver 0 21 An Open Source Reader,by Lee Archie. by John G Archie,Version 0 21 Edition,Published January 2004. Copyright 2004 by Lee Archie John G Archie, Comments The current version of this open source textbook in. philosophy is a work in progress and is being released only in draft form. The collaborators would be grateful for corrections or other suggestions to. this preliminary draft Please address comments to,philbook philosophy lander edu. GNU Free Documentation License Lee Archie and John G. Archie Permission is granted to copy distribute and or modify this. document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License. Version 1 1 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation. with no Invariant Sections with no Front Cover Texts and with no. Back Cover Texts A copy of the license is available at the GNU Free. Documentation License http gnu org copyleft Website. Image Credits The following images are either in the public domain or. are open sourced for this publication, Antiquities Project http www ironorchid com antiquity Aristotle John Stuart Mill.
H l ne Brown http philosophy lander edu brown Camus s Graveside Lourmarin. Balestrini Bruno The Erechtheion and Parthenon 420 440 B C Acropolis Acropolis. about 500 B C view from northwest www thais it http www thais it By kind permission. British National Space Centre http www bnsc gov uk Solar System BNSC HMG. Goodrich S G A History of All Nations New York J C Derby N C Miller 1854 A. Greek Galley 710, Guillemin Am d e The Heavens An Illustrated Handbook of Popular Astronomy Ed by J. Norman Lockyer New York G P Putnam Sons 1871 Plate IV The Earth as Viewed from. Hopkins George M Experimental Science New York Munn Co 1902 Detail of Mount of. Newton s Rings for the Microscope, IIHR University of Iowa photographic detail from Pascal s Traitez de l Equilibre des. Liqueurs et de la Pesanteur de la Masse de l Air IIHR Hydroscience and Engineering. History of Hydraulics Collection http www iihr uiowa edu products history hoh. India Post Bertrand Russell stamp commemorating 100 years birth anniversary Oct 16 1972. Library of Congress P P Online Catalog http lcweb2 loc gov Photographs of Road to. Nicholson Hollow Shenandoah National Park Virginia LC USF34 T01 000355 D. Cathedral Marseilles France LC DIG ppmsc 05106 Ullswater and Eamont from Pooley. Bridge River District England Dartford Messrs Burroughs Wellcome s Factory London. and suburbs England LC DIG ppmsc 08610 Socrates standing before seated group. engravings by L P Boitard LC USZ61 1502 and LC USZ61 1502 Trinity College. Cambridge LC DIG ppmsc 08091 L N Tolstoi v kabinetie V IAsnoi polianie. LC DIG prok 01970 Peasants Haying Russian Empire LC P87 5273 Dom L N Tolstogo. V IAsnoi polianie LC DIG prok 01974 Kabinet L N Tolstogo V IAsnoi polianic. LC USZ62 69862 Albert Camus LC USZ62 108028 The Cemetery Algiers Algeria. LC DIG ppmsc 0552 General View from Mustapha I Algiers Algeria. LC DIG ppmsc 00510 The Place Snamjensky St Petersburg Russia. LC DIG ppmsc 03886 Ft Defiance Arizona PAN US GEOG Arizona no 2 Canterbury. Cathedral Norman Staircase Detroit Publishing LC D4 73175 Canterbury Cathedral. Detroit Publishing LC D428 8770 Il Posillipo Naples Italy LC DIG ppmsc 06566 Fish. and Vegetable Market K nisberg Exat Prussia LC DIG ppmsca 00741 University and. Royal Gardens K nigsberg East Prussia LC DIG ppmsca 00738 Siberian Convict Colony. LC USZ62 95043 Four Children in Hay Field Russia LC USZ62 107826 Kasan. Cathedral St Petersburg LC DIG ppmsc 03396 As Auctioner Knocks Down Douglas. Georgia LC USF34 D18709 E Crowds at Squires PAN SUBJECT Sports no 16 Hollis. Hall Harvard College HABS MASS 9 CAMB 3D The Parthenon far view Athens Greece. LC USZ262 44291 Athens Greece 400 BC Book illustration by Theodor Horydczak. LC H814 2654 002x The Parthenon far view Athens Greece LC USZ262 44292 A Tea. Resale Establishment near Lincoln s Inn Fields LC USZ62 77448 E The Royal Gallery. House of Lords London England LC USZ62 77448 High Street Oxford England. LC DIG ppmsc 08764 Houses of Parliment from the River LC DIG ppmsc 08560 The. University of Bonn the Rhine LC DIG ppmsc 00789 Paris France Refugee Camp. LC USW33 042487 Seven Bridges Paris France LC DIG ppmsc 05162 Chemistry. Laboratory at Howard University Washington D C LC USZ62 97168 Merton and Christ s. Church College Oxford England detail LC DIG ppmsc 08766 The Boat Landing Lake. Chautauqua New York Lot 12006 Switchtender on Pennsylvania Railroad. LC USW33 025829 C Three Peasants Walking to Market Hungary LC USZ62 113783. Steelworker with Daughter Ambridge Pennsylvania LC USF34 062196 D Harvard Gate. Harvard College Lot 12003 Harvard Medical College Boston Mass LC D4 34452. Library at Greenhills School Greenhills Ohio LC USF33 T01 OO1183 M3 Scene from. Othello with Paul Robeson and Margaret Webster LC USW33 054945 C College of the. City of New York LC D4 500724, Library of Congress Rare Book Special Collections Division. http www loc gov rr rarebook Isaac Newton Philosophiciae naturalis principia. mathematica London Royal Society 3rd ed 1726 123 1. Metropolitan Museum of Art http www metmuseum org The Death of Socrates 1787. Jacques Louis David French 1748 1825 Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Collection Wolf Fund. 1931 31 45, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory http www jpl nasa gov National Aeronautics and Space. Administration NASA California Institute of Technology Messier 81 Spitzer Space. Telescope JPL SSC2003 06c Gravity Wave Measurements over North America JPL Earth. from Space JPL PIA 00232 Mosaic of Saturn s Rings JPL P 23953C Jupiter s Great Red. Spot and Surrounds JPL P 21151, National Institutes of Health http www nih gov U S National Library of Medicine.
Pragmatic Theory of Truth William James 15230 Harvard Medical School detail. Ernest David Roth A02092, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration http www photolib noaa gov index html. Tabulae Rudolphinae quibus astronomicae by Johannes Kepler 1571 1630 Treasures. Collection libr0312 Louis Agassiz People Collection theb 3381 Chatham Strait Corps. Collection John Bortnaik corp1901 H mulon elegans Drawing by H L Todd NMFS. Collection Plate 145 Island Corps Collection John Bortnaik corp2743 Wheel. Barometer from Edward J Dent A Treatise on the Aneroid Library Collection Title Page to. Edward Saul s A Historical and Philosophical Account of the Barometer1735 Library. Collection Building the John N Cobb Ship Collection ship0049. National Park Service http www nps gov Clock Mechanism detail Jamie L Clapper and. Laura E Schmidt Livingston County Courthouse Amaudville Illinois 4112bxl gif. Fridtjof Nansen Farthest North Harper Row 1897 Engraving of Nansen frontspiece. detail photograph of Fram Nansen s ship, Smith William A History of Greece Boston Hickling Swan and Brown 1855 The Bema of. the Pnyx at Athens xxv Homer Enshrined 38 Coin of Athens 107 The Propyl a of the. Acropolis Restored 255 Centaur from the Metopes of the Parthenon 301 Erechthe um. Restored from Southwest 356 Side View of These um 593. State Museum of Victoria Philosophi Naturalis Principia Mathematics title page pages. State Treyakov Gallery detail from Portrait of Dostoevsky by Vasily Perov State Tretyakov. Gallery http www treyakov ru Russian National Art Gallery. Thoemmes Press History of Ideas http www thoemmes com gallery Socrates Plato. Thomas Aquinas detail William Paley David Hume Blaise Pascal Baruch Spinoza William. James Relief of Plato The Parthenon Aristotle Jeremy Bentham Friedrich Nietzsche Ren. Descartes Immanuel Kant, Centre for Social Philosophy http www unipv it deontica gallering htm University of Pavia. Galleries Jean Paul Sartre, MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive http www gap dcs st and ac uk history. University of St Andrews Plato, Portraits of Well known Economists http www econ duke edu Economists The Warren J.
Samuels Portrait Collection at Duke University Jeremy Bentham August Comte. Non U S Copyright Status Status of text and images in this. publication, All essays and images in this work are believed to be in the public domain or are published here. under the fair use provision of the U S copyright law Responsibility for making an. independent legal assessment of an item and securing any necessary permissions ultimately. rests with anyone desiring to reuse the item under the GFDL The written permission of the. copyright owners and or other rights holders such as publicity and or privacy rights is. required for distribution reproduction or other use of protected items beyond that allowed by. fair use or other statutory exemptions An independent legal assessment has been made after a. search for copyright status of text and images No representation as to copyright status outside. the United States is made If an error occurs in spite of the good faith efforts the offending item. will be removed upon notice to,philbook philosophy lander edu. The U S Copyright Office Circular 22 points out Even if you conclude that a work is in the. public domain in the United States this does not necessarily mean that you are free to use it in. other countries Every nation has its own laws governing the length and scope of copyright. protection and these are applicable to uses of the work within that nation s borders Thus the. expiration or loss of copyright protection in the United States may still leave the work fully. protected against unauthorized use in other countries. DocBook And related topics, This publication is based on Open Source DocBook a system of writing structured documents. using SGML or XML in a presentation neutral form using free programs The functionality of. Docbook is such that the same file can be published on the Web printed as a standalone report. reprinted as part of a journal processed into an audio file changed into Braille or converted to. most other media types More information about DocBook can be found at DocBook Open. Repository http docbook openforge net Information concerning the processing of this book. is in the Colophon,Table of Contents,1 Preface 1,Why Open Source 1. A Note about Selections 2,Part I Personal Uses of Philosophy 1.
2 The Nature of Learning Recognition of Different Perspectives 4. Ideas of Interest From The Nature of Learning 4,The Role of Facts In Understanding 5. In the Laboratory With Agassiz by Samuel H Scudder 7. Facts and Theories 13,Facts Are Often Theory Dependent 14. Related Ideas 18,Topics Worth Investigating 18,3 The Nature of Philosophical Inquiry 19. Ideas of Interest From Nature of Philosophical Inquiry 19. Characterization of Philosophy 20,The Barometer Story by Alexander Calandra 25. Main Divisions of Philosophy 27,Epistemology the Study of Knowledge 29.
Metaphysics Ontology the Study of Reality 31,Axiology the Study of Value 32. Related Ideas 36,Topics Worth Investigating 37,4 Just Do What s Right by Plato 38. Ideas of Interest from the The Apology I 39,Reading Selection from The Apology I 40. Socrates Requests a Just Listening 40,Charges of the Older Accusers 41. Defense Against Older Accusations 42,Delphic Oracle 43.
Socrates Cross examines Others 44,Why Socrates is Wise 46. Prejudice Against Socrates 46,Defense Against Corruption of the Youth 47. Defense Against Atheism 50,Do What s Right Regardless 54. Socrates a Gadfly 56,Socrates Divine Sign 57,Doing What s Right Regardless of Threat 57. The Defense Concluded 61,Related Ideas 61,Topics Worth Investigating 62.
5 Seek Truth Rather Than Escape Death by Plato 64,Ideas of Interest from the The Apology II 65. Reading from The Apology II 66,Response to the Verdict 66. Why Exile Is Not Acceptable 67,Truth More Important Than Life 69. Socrates Advice 70,Argument That Death Is a Good 71. Related Ideas 73,Topics Worth Investigating 74,6 Enlargement of Self by Bertrand Russell 77.
Ideas of Interest From Russell s Problems of Philosophy 78. The Reading Selection from Problems of Philosophy 78. Indirect Values of Philosophy 79,The Practical Person 79. Philosophy and Science 80,Philosophical Questions 81. The Values of Philosophy 82,Enlargement of Self 83. Freedom of Contemplation 85,Related Ideas 86,Topics Worth Investigating 86. 7 Only Faith Can Give Truth by Leo Tolstoy 89,Ideas of Interest from A Confession 90.
The Reading Selection from A Confession 91,Everyday Life 91. Being Undermined 92,Truth of Death 95,Art Is a Decoy 96. Science Renders Life Meaningless 97,Four Common Solutions 99. Rational Knowledge Is Indefinite 101,Faith s Solution 103. Related Ideas 104,Topics Worth Investigating 105, viii Reading For Philosophical Inquiry A Brief Introduction.
8 Le Mythe de Sisyphe by Albert Camus trans by H l ne Brown. Ideas of Interest from Le Mythe de Sisyphe 108, The Reading Selection from Le Mythe de Sisyphe 109. The Myth of Sisyphus 109,Sisyphus The Absurd Hero 110. The Absurd Victory 112,Absurdity and Happiness 113. Sisyphus Fate 114,Related Ideas 114,Topics Worth Investigating 116. Part II Philosophy of Religion 118,9 God and the World 120.
Meaning of Life and God s Existence 120,Natural and Deductive Theology 121. 10 The Ontological Argument by St Anselm 122,Ideas of Interest from the Proslogium 1. philosophy is a work in progress and is being released only in draft form The collaborators would be grateful for corrections or other suggestions to this preliminary draft

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