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Readers Theatre Scripts,http www readerstheatre ecsd net collection htm. This is a large collection of short scripts many of them rhymes for. Kindergarten to Grade 3 students, http bms westport k12 ct us mccormick rt RTHOME htm. This site describes Readers Theatre gives tips on how to adapt scripts and. provides scripts and a list of reference books,http www lisablau com scriptomonth html. This website provides a free script every month It also has an archive of. past scripts of the month, http www surfcitydelux com readerstheater index html. This website has lots of great scripts for all ages. Other on line resources,http www readingonline org electronic carrick.
This website provides general information about Readers Theatre. procedures for implementing it additional classroom applications and. assessment It also provides links to other Readers Theatre websites. http www quesn meq gouv qc ca schools bchs rtheatre sample htm. This website has some simple tips for creating scripts with students. http www literacyconnections com ReadersTheater html. This website gives an extensive list of resources for Readers Theatre. 580 Family Tutoring,Readers Theatre Scripts, Here is a short list of resources to help you implement Readers Theatre. Dixon N Davies A Politano C 1996 Learning with Readers Theatre. Building Connections Winnipeg Canada Peguis, Neill Dixon is the head of Readers Theatre International Anne Davies. used to work for Yellowknife Education District 1, Sloyer S 1982 Readers Theatre Story Dramatization in the Classroom. Urbana Illinois National Council of Teachers of English. Sloyer S 2003 From the Page to the Stage The Educators complete guide to. Readers Theatre Libraries Unlimited, Coger L I White M R 1982 Readers Theatre Handbook A Dramatic. Approach to Literature Glenview Illinois Scott Foresman. Shepard A 1993 Stories on Stage Scripts for Reader s Theater New York. H W Wilson 1993, Bauer C F 1987 Presenting Reader s Theater Plays and Poems to Read.
Aloud New York H W Wilson, Sierra J 1996 Multicultural Folktales for the Feltboard and Readers Theater. Greenwood Publishing Group Inc, Fredericks A D Stoner A A 1993 Frantic Frogs and Other Frankly. Fractured Folktales for Readers Theatre Libraries Unlimited. Fredericks A D Stoner A A 2000 Silly Salamanders and Other Slightly. Stupid Stuff for Readers Theatre Libraries Unlimited. Family Tutoring 581,Readers Theatre Scripts,Roles All Reader 1 Reader 2 Reader 3 Reader 4. All Fire Fire,Reader 1 said Mrs McGuire,All Where Where. Reader 2 said Mrs Bear,All Down Down,Reader 3 said Mrs Brown.
All Help Help,Reader 4 said Mrs Kelp,All Here I come. Reader 1 said Mrs Plumb,All Water Water,Reader 2 said Mrs Votter. 582 Family Tutoring,Readers Theatre Scripts,All Well I declare. Reader 3 said Mrs Wear,All Oh help come and save us. Reader 4 cried Mrs Davis,All As she fell down the stairs.
With a sack of potatoes,Family Tutoring 583,Readers Theatre Scripts. Come Hippopotamus,Roles Reader 1 All Reader 2 Reader 3. Reader 1 Come hippopotamus,All HIP HIP HIP HIP HIP HIP. Reader 2 What an enormous face you have,Reader 3 What an enormous lip. Reader 1 Can t you come and play a bit,All Dance Dance.
Reader 2 And hop,Reader 3 And skip,Reader 1 Come hippopotamus. All HIP HIP HIP HIP HIP HIP,584 Family Tutoring,Readers Theatre Scripts. Count Again,Roles Reader 1 Reader 2,Reader 1 One one. Reader 2 One one,Both This will be fun,Reader 1 Two two. Reader 2 Two two,Both Touch your shoe,Reader 1 Three three.
Reader 2 Three three,Both Bend your knee,Reader 1 Four four. Reader 2 Four four,Both Lie on the floor,Reader 1 Five five. Reader 2 Five five,Both Take a dive,Reader 1 Six six. Family Tutoring 585,Readers Theatre Scripts,Reader 2 Six six. Both I m in a fix,Reader 1 Seven seven,Reader 2 Seven seven.
Both Stretch up to heaven,Reader 1 Eight eight,Reader 2 Eight eight. Both Stand up straight,Reader 1 Nine nine,Reader 2 Nine nine. Both March in a line,Reader 1 Ten ten,Reader 2 Ten ten. Both Try again,586 Family Tutoring,Readers Theatre Scripts. Little Black Bug by Margaret Wise Brown, Roles Reader 1 Reader 2 Reader 3 Black Bug Reader 4.
Green Fly Old Mouse,Reader 1 Little black bug,Reader 2 Little black bug. Reader 3 Where have you been,Black Bug I ve been under the rug. Reader 4 Said little black bug,All Bug ug ug ug,Reader 1 Little green fly. Reader 2 Little green fly,Reader 3 Where have you been. Green Fly I ve been way up high,Reader 4 Said little green fly.
All Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,Reader 1 Little old mouse. Reader 2 Little old mouse,Family Tutoring 587,Readers Theatre Scripts. Reader 3 Where have you been,Old Mouse I ve been all through the house. Reader 4 Said little old mouse,All Squeak eak eak eak eak. 588 Family Tutoring,Readers Theatre Scripts,Five Little Bear Cubs.
Roles Reader 1 Reader 2, Reader 1 Five little bear cubs eating an apple core. Reader 2 One had a sore tummy and then there were four. Reader 1 Four little bear cubs climbing in a tree,Reader 2 One fell out and then there were three. Reader 1 Three little bear cubs playing peek a boo. Reader 2 One was afraid and then there were two,Reader 1 Two little bear cubs sitting in the sun. Reader 2 One ran away and then there was one,Reader 1 One little bear cub sitting all alone. Reader 2 He saw his Mommy and then he ran home,Family Tutoring 589.
Readers Theatre Scripts,Roles Reader 1 Reader 2 Reader 3. Reader 1 Grizzly bear where have you been,Reader 2 Over the mountains. Reader 3 Such things I ve seen,Reader 1 Grizzly bear what have you done. Reader 2 Eaten blueberries,Reader 3 Made ripe by the sun. Reader 1 Grizzly bear what have you found,Reader 2 Ice cold spring water.
Reader 3 Deep from the ground,Reader 1 Grizzly bear what do you dream. Reader 2 Sweet tasting salmon,Reader 3 Swimming upstream. Reader 1 Grizzly bear where do you creep,Reader 2 Into my dark cave. Reader 3 Alone let me sleep,590 Family Tutoring,Readers Theatre Scripts. Honey Bears,Roles reader 1 reader 2, Reader 1 This little honey bear was playing peek a boo.
Reader 2 Here is another Now there are two, Reader 1 Two little honey bears said let s climb a tree. Reader 2 Up came another Now there are three, Reader 1 Three little honey bears said I wish there were. Reader 2 Along came another Now there are four, Reader 1 Four little honey bears said let s find a beehive. Reader 2 Here comes another Now there are five, Reader 1 Five little honey bears climbed up that tree. Reader 2 Two fell down now there are three, Reader 1 Three little honey bears said let s climb some more.
Reader 2 Back came another one Now there are four, Reader 1 Four little honey bears said let s go to the zoo. Family Tutoring 591,Readers Theatre Scripts,Reader 2 Two of them went that left just two. Reader 1 Two little honey bears said we ve had our fun. Reader 2 They both went home and now there are none. 592 Family Tutoring,Readers Theatre Scripts,Polar Bear. Roles Reader 1 Reader 2,Reader 1 Brrr Brrr Polar bear. Living on the ice,Reader 2 Your bright white furry coat.
Keeps you warm and nice,Reader 1 Brrr Brrr Polar bear. Swimming in the sea,Reader 2 In the freezing waters. Readers Theatre Scripts Family Tutoring 579 Readers Theatre Scripts Reader s theater is often defined by what it is not no memorizing no props no costumes no sets All this makes reader s theater easy Readers Theatre is much like storytelling you leave the imagination to the audience

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