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PTO INSTALLATION ALLISON AUTOMATIC, 1 READ WARNING ON INSIDE OF FRONT COVER OF THE PTO INSTALLA. TION AND OWNER S MANUAL INCLUDED WITH THIS PTO, 2 Read PTO installation Manual IN84 03 included with PTO before getting. started Section one of the IN84 03 applies to all PTO installations. including this PTO, 3 Allow Engine and exhaust system to cool before beginning installation. 4 Remove exhaust on gas engine vehicles, 5 Remove full floor board heat shield from under right side of cab. 6 Install partial heat shield Using the factory installation attachment points of. the heat shield you just removed,OEM Shield,Front of Vehicle.
Partial Floor Heat Shield 49T38370, 7 Remove the OEM heat shield attached to the lower portion of the transmis. sion and save for re installation later,PTO Opening OEM Transmission Shield. OEM Full Floorboard Shield,OEM Transmission Shield. Looking Forward,2 Muncie Power Products Inc 2001,Muncie Heat Shield Installed. Looking Rearward, 8 Caution Transmission fluid may be HOT Remove PTO cover and clean.
PTO mounting surface taking care not to let contamination fall into PTO. opening Shop rag can be used for additional protection Remove shop rag. when finished, 9 Install PTO mounting studs provided matching the 10mm thread to the. transmission,12 Point Capscrew,30 35 lbs ft,Whiz Lock Nut 22T37607. 12 Point Capscrew 10mm 17 20 lbs ft,Step Stud 20T37952. Special Metric Stud Special Metric Stud,10mm x 5 16 UNC 10mm x 5 16 UNC. Drive Gear,12 Point Capscrew 10mm, 10 Install GM6B PTO using Gasket Shim and additional mounting capscrews.
11 On the left side opening remove the two PTO cover capscrews shown and. Install solenoid bracket provided,Solenoid Mounting Bracket. Remove These Capscrews and,Re use to Mount Bracket. 12 Install fittings into activation solenoid manifold. Pressure Switch Port 1 8 27NPT,To PTO Exhaust,From Trans 43M68014 4SAE Elbow. Main Press To PTO Activation,43M68014 43M68014 4SAE Elbow. 4SAE Elbow, 13 Mount solenoid to bracket 49T38282 using 1 4 20 x 2 0 bolts.
19T36623 and nuts 22MX2520 install pressure switch into manifold. Pressure Switch,Note That Lines Run,in Front of Filter. Transmission Pressure Port,Remove Filter to Gain Clearance to Insert. Pressure Port Fitting Replace When Finished, 14 Remove the plug from the activation port in the bottom of the transmission. and install fitting 43M68014 4SAE 90 Str Thd to JIC. 15 Install fitting into appropriate ports on the PTO as shown. Return Port EXH,43T36431 4SAE,Straight Adapter,Activation Port CL. 43T36431 4SAE,Straight Adapter, 16 Select the appropriate 1 4 steel lines as shown.
17 Install the steel lines to the activation port exhaust port and main. pressure port,Activation,Solenoid CL Port,PTO Engage line. Connect to CL port on solenoid and cylinder port on PTO end cover. Solenoid EXH Port, PTO Exhaust line Connect to EXH port on solenoid and to return port on. side of PTO housing,Transmission,Pressure Port,Solenoid IN Port. PTO Transmission Pressure line Connect to Transmission Main pressure. port and to IN port on solenoid block,18 Remove the cap plug from the PTO output shaft. 19 Install the pump port fittings in to the PF series pump The inside pump. mounting capscrew may need to be place in pump mounting flange prior to. installing the suction fitting Pump Inlet 43T38323 16SAE Elbow Pump. Pressure 43T38392 10SAE Elbow The automatic transmission requires. a Right Hand rotation pump and uses the side ports. 20 Install the heat shield bracket to the pump by removing the rear pump cap. screw shown at shield bracket below Torque capscrew to 55 lbs ft. 21 Install the PF series hydraulic pump so that pump offset is up. Mount to Pump Body Bolt,Mount to Shield,49T38295 Shield Bracket.
Shield Bracket,to This Bolt,Pump Offset Up, 22 This places the inlet port next to the transmission side for the Automatic. transmission, 23 Install the hydraulic pump line support bracket on the top back of the. transmission using two transmission bolts, 24 Install and connect the appropriate steel hydraulic lines to the pump and. attach them to the support bracket installed at the back of the PTO using. the supplied clamps and 3 8 24 x 5 bolts,Suction Line. Pressure Line,10 JIC 16 JIC,49T38253 49T38268,Pump Pressure Line Pump Suction Line.
25 Install the GM activation switch into the dash by following the instruction. page included,PTO Control,POWER TAKE OFF SWITCH,INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. 30T38371 Power take off switch,34T38335 Wiring harness. SWITCH INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS,1 Apply parking brake to prevent. the vehicle from moving,2 If equipped with an automatic. transmission move the shift,lever all the way down to the.
3 Tilt the steering wheel to the full,down position. 4 Pull gently on the corners of the,instrument panel trim plate trim Figure A. plate to remove it Figure A,5 Find the switch accessory hous. ing cover to the right of the heating,and air controls Figure B. 6 Remove switch accessory housing,and the lower left switch accessory.
cover from the housing The switch,accessory housing is snapped into. the instrument panel retainer,7 Install the Power Take Off switch in. the lower left cavity of switch hous,ing From the front of the housing. push until it clicks into place Figure B,8 Locate the power take off switch harness and. connect it to the Power Take Off switch Figure C, 9 Replace the switch accessory housing into the instrument panel.
10 Attach bezel to the instrument panel assembly by aligning the guide pins and. pushing gently on the bezel until it is in place, 11 Ensure that all instrument panel bezel retaining clips are in place and tilt the. steering wheel to the normal drive position,12 Move the shift lever to the park position. PTO Harness,HARNESS INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS, 1 The supplied harness 34T38335 is assembled according to the specification. chart Figure D The blunt cut wires are for remote functions and are not used. for PTO activation, 2 Raise vehicle with jack or hoist to access Power Take Off and transmission. 3 Locate the power take off harness secured to the transmission by the fuel. feed and evaporative emission and return hose bracket Figure E. 4 Remove the protective plug from the connector, 5 Connect the power take off harness to the supplied wiring harness.
6 Attach wiring harness to the power take off,and secure loose wiring. PIN Circuit Color Description Function, B 494A Light blue Power Take Off switch Used for engine disable. output fault switch output, C 488A Light green Power Take Off switch Remote set speed switch. output enable input,D 550A Black Ground Ground, G 2522A Yellow Power Take Off switch Used for Power Take Off. signal status engaged feedback, H 2561A White Power Take Off replay Used to supply switched.
output N O contact power to Power Take Off, J 84A Dark Blue Cruise Control switch Remote set speed switch. signal set coast output, Required to turn power take off switch request LED from flashing to steady. Also used to disable OBDII diagnostics when the power take off is operating. 26 Locate the 10 pin connector attached to upper left hand side of the. transmission The plug is inserted into a cap for storage. Fuel feed and evaporative emission Connector Protective Cap. and return hose bracket,10 PIN Connector 6 Used, 27 Plug the 10 pin connector on the wire harness supplied into the transmis. sion connector, 28 The other end of the harness has two plugs Match the plug to the pres. sure switch and the plug to the activation solenoid and connect together. Pressure Switch, 29 Check the mounting fasteners of the PTO and the Pump and make sure.
they are tight, 30 Install the heat shield to the front of the PTO using hexhead. capscrews provided,PTO Heat Shield, 31 Slide the U Nut 22T38325 onto the 1 4 hole and mount the shield. 49T38501 at the slot with the 1 4 20 x 5 capscrew 19T37440 Mount. the shield to the PTO housing using the 1 4 20 x 5 capscrews to the. 49T38295 shield bracket,PTO Heat Shield 49T38501,Remove This. Capscrew and Install,Shield Bracket,Mount to Pump Body Bolt. Mount to Shield 22T38325,49T38295 Shield Bracket,Slide U Nut.
onto Bracket,Bolt Bracket,Attached to Pump,Bolt to PTO. Use 1 4 Capscrew to,Install Shield to Bracket, 32 Re install the transmission heat shield removed in step 7. 33 IMPORTANT Before activating the PTO the remainder of the hydraulic. system must be connected including hydraulic reservoir control valves. and hydraulic oil DO NOT operate PTO until the hydraulic system is. completed and hydraulic system is properly filled with oil Complete. installation by placing warning labels as indicated on decal borders. Placement examples are shown in the PTO Owner s Manual IN84 03. 34 After installation of the hydraulic system and filling the reservoir with the. proper hydraulic fluid operate the system and listen for noise It is a common. occurrence that this PTO system will produce a rattling noise Most of this. noise can be attributed to the total drivetrain torsional vibration which is. transmitted through the components and amplified by the heat shield system. installed around and to the PTO When the hydraulic system is energized and. placed under a load this noise should greatly diminish If this is the case then. the noise should not be detrimental to the application If not then double. check that you have used the proper mounting gasket 13M13541 030 to. mount the PTO Then remove PTO for inspection of transmission and PTO. 35 To operate the PTO be sure that the engine is at idle speed Turn the rotary. switch to the On position, 36 Enclosed are operating instructions for the switch and throttle advance. 37 The vehicle is supplied from the Dealer with the preset throttle option If. you desire the variable throttle option the vehicle control module will need. to be changed by the Dealer,PTO OPERATION, Recommended procedure for engaging a PTO Auto Transmission. 1 For stationary use Shift transmission into Park P. 2 Rotate PTO control switch to the on position The. PTO will engage while vehicle is stationary or,mobile if the engage criterion is met.
3 If the engine speed is below the PTO engage, speed limit the PTO will start The blinking LED on. the PTO control switch indicates PTO engage is,requested When the PTO engages the LED on the. PTO control switch changes from blinking to steady state. Using PTO speed control in Preset Mode Factory Default Setting. 1 PTO engaged, 2 Select PARK P or NEUTRAL N Range Recommend applying Park Brake. if Neutral is selected Torque Converter Clutch TCC lockup is not available. in Neutral TCC lockup is available in Park if above 1100 rpm. 3 Foot off brake pedal and off clutch for manual transmission. 4 Select desired engine speed for PTO operation Please read the following. Preset Mode section regarding operation,Preset Mode. PTO speed control mode used for stationary applications. PTO will remain engaged while mobile in the preset mode. however PTO set and resume speed controls will be inop. erative This mode provides a default standby speed of. 800 or 850 rpm depending on the engine transmission. combination and two default PTO control speeds PTO. Set Speed of 1250 rpm and PTO Resume Speed of 1700. rpm Please note that the standby speed 800 850 rpm is. not to be used as a PTO control speed Vehicles not equipped with cruise control. will not have the resume speed capability The graphics on page 15 depict how to. achieve the desired speeds with the set and resume switches. w o Cruise,Variable Mode, PTO speed control mode used for both stationary and.
mobile applications This mode allows PTO to be con. trolled in a fashion similar to which a cruise control con. trols vehicle speed The operator can set to a RPM,between 800 and 2200 with the set switch on the. cruise stalk or with the set position on the PTO,rotary switch The operator is then able to tap up. in 100 rpm increments with the resume switch on,the cruise stalk or tap down with either set. switch on the cruise stalk or the PTO rotary,switch Vehicles not equipped with cruise control. will not have the tap up capability, Using PTO speed control in Variable Mode while Mobile.
1 PTO engaged,2 Vehicle speed greater than 5 mph, 3 Foot off brake pedal and off clutch for manual transmission. 4 Obtain desired engine speed with foot pedal and select set on the PTO. rotary switch or the cruise stock, Using PTO speed control in Variable Mode while Stationary. 1 PTO engaged,2 Vehicle speed less than 5 mph, 3 Foot off brake pedal and off clutch for manual transmission. 4 Obtain desired engine speed with foot pedal and select set on the PTO. rotary switch or the cruise stock, Note All engine speed values listed above are factory default values With the exception of the TCC. lockup speed 1100 rpm and the tap increment 100 rpm all of these values are programmable and. can be adjusted by your GM dealer or body upfitter with a Tech 2 service tool If your vehicle PTO soft. ware settings do not match the settings shown here then they may have already been altered by the. READ OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS INSIDE BEFORE OPERATING PTO GM6B SERIES PTO INSTALLATION FOR GENERAL MOTORS 3600 CAB CHASSIS WITH ALLISON 1000 SERIES AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION Use this manual in conjunction with PTO Manual IN84 03 enclosed with PTO Contact a Muncie customer service representative for PTO application

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