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Index to Kino Flo Lighting Handbook,Introduction to Lighting with Kino Flos 2. Kino Flo Products 4,Lighting Interviews 6,Broadcast Studio Lighting 10. Chromakey and Visual Effects Lighting 16,Tabletop Lighting 21. Introduction to Lighting with Kino Flos, There are two kinds of light in this world The hard. kind and the soft kind We like our light soft And cool. All soft light all the time What s not to like Kinos are. easy on the eyes flattering on the talent low on, power needs and high on versatility and portability.
Lighting techniques for Kino Flos are pretty much like. they are for soft light from sunlight bounced off a. white card or tungsten light through a softbox,except ours comes with this little black book of. lighting to help you out,Lighting Tips, Kino Flo light fixtures offer a lightweight low energy. cool alternative to conventional hot lights such as. incandescent par lights The goal usually is to light a. scene for film or video that looks like what we see in. the real world Light quality can be characterized by. how hard or soft the shadow is,The light you get from one instrument may be hard. and cast dense shadows such you might see when,direct sunlight casts the shadow of a tree on the. ground A softer shadow might be made by sunlight,diffused through some clouds Fixture placement is.
the first step to producing a softer style of lighting with. Kino Flos Where you place the light is important, because the closer the Kino Flo is to the subject the. softer the effect of the light The same Kino Flo,moved farther away from the subject will make the. shadows sharper, Lighting choices differ from job to job and from scene. to scene but the fundamentals stay the same, whether you re lighting a two person interview in a. boardroom or giant monkey on a Hollywood, soundstage Following are three basics for lighting.
Key lighting The main light source for a shot is called. the key light Bringing the Kino Flo in as close as. possible produces a diffused even wrap of,illumination Hard lights such as from a fresnel. source will produce hard shadows Either may be,preferable depending on the final look you want. Fill lighting Filling in the shadow side of the key light. with a smaller Kino Flo is common When turned in a. vertical position a Kino Flo fill will cast a slightly. harder beam than the key source which often is, Separation lighting Also known as a hair light the. separation light keeps the subject from blending into. the background Usually it is positioned above and,behind the subject. Diva Lite Fixtures,For location and studio,Compact dimming.
switching Diva Lites,used for EFP especially,for lighting interviews. 4Bank Systems,For location and studio,4ft and 2ft 4Banks are. versatile production units,key fill chromakey and,set practical lighting. Foto Flo System,For location and studio,The 4 tube softlight has a. removable ballast It is,used for key fill and,chromakey Prefered for.
fashion and portrait,photography,Kamio Ring Lights. A camera mounted,light the dimming,Kamio runs on,12VDC for close ups. and news field,ParaBeams DMX,For studio lighting Bright. broad beam spread for TV,broadcast sets film video. production stages Also,used on film photo video,stages as key fill sources.
Image 85 DMX,For studio lighting Used,for key fill chromakey. and bluescreen visual,effects lighting,Image 45 DMX. For studio lighting Used,for key fill chromakey,and bluescreen visual. effects lighting,True Match T12 Lamps,Full spectrum high output. daylight and tungsten,Used in 4Banks Foto Flos,and Image fixtures.
True Match Compacts,Full spectrum high output,daylight and tungsten. Used in Diva Lite and,ParaBeam fixtures,Lighting Interviews. On location and in the Studio,Professional video productions most often choose. Kino Flo s Diva Lite and 4Bank fixtures for lighting. interview sets on location and in the studio Why,Because these versatile cool sources produce an. award winning quality of soft light with very little. power or set up time Diva Lite and 4Bank kits use,both daylight and tungsten quality lamps CRI 95.
and come with barn doors focusing louvers center, mounts flicker free electronic ballasts and other light. control features,Diva Lites vs 4Bank Systems,Diva Lites are compact portable and have built in. dimming switching ballasts which makes them ideal,for location video shooting A Diva Lite 400 four. lamp delivers the same amount of light as a 1 000, Watt incandescent softlight using only two amps of. power It is most often employed as a key light about. three to eight feet from the subject A kit includes the. fixture plus a diffuser called a Flozier to further soften. the light The smaller two lamp Diva Lite 200 is most. often used as a fill source, The 4Bank is a large four lamp fixture that delivers a.
softer wider spread of light than the Diva Lite, Although longer than a Diva Lite it is more versatile. For example the 4Bank ballast is separate from the. fixture making the fixture very lightweight and easy to. handle It can even be taped to a ceiling Its special. design allows lamps to operate outside the fixture for. use in very tight locations In addition a new style of. 4Bank the Foto Flo 400 has a ballast that can attach. to the fixture like a Diva Lite or be used remote from. the fixture like a 4Bank ballast,White Bounce Card. Interior Interview,Bill Holshevnikoff,Bill Holshevnikoff. Interior Interview,300W Fresnel,Diva Lite 400,Diva Lite 400. Bill Holshevnikoff,Portrait Style Lighting,Diva Lite 200 Black Curtain.
Diva Lite 200,Diva Lite 400,Broadcast Studio Lighting. Lighting designers looking for alternatives to, conventional hot lights often design TV news sets with. Kino Flo s True Match Studio Lighting True Match, systems combine award winning fixture designs with. Kino Flo lamps tuned to the spectral sensitivity curves. of HD and digital studio cameras No matter the size. of the studio Kino Flos display rich balanced color. quality while cutting back power costs ten fold,Key lighting a four person news desk for example. takes between three to six Kino Flo fixtures,depending on the height at which the fixtures are.
hung and the distance from the subjects For side fill. sources only two Kino Flos are needed For, separation lights behind the subjects expect to use. three to six just like the number used for key lighting. The size and spacing of key fill and separation lights. will vary from studio to studio depending on the set. Choosing Lights for the Studio, Smaller studios with eight feet to 12 feet overhead are. best lighted with Kino Flo ParaBeam and ParaZip, fixtures low profile designs that can light a subject 15. feet away ParaBeam and ParaZip 200s fixtures, using just two lamps are the best when lighting tight. spaces with ceilings from eight to nine feet high, Often you are only lighting one or two people at a.
time on a set this small, For mid size studios with ceilings at 10 feet to 14 feet. ParaBeam and ParaZip 400s Image 45s and 85s can, do the job very efficiently in various combinations as. key fill and separation lights, Large area lighting for larger news sets or for lighting. studio audiences generally falls to the larger,ParaBeams and VistaBeams not shown in this. All studios lighted with the Kino Flo True Match, system often combine Kino Flo softlights with small.
energy efficient tungsten focused sources to add a. pleasing balance of color depth and contrast to the. image Lamp life is rated at more than 10 000 hours. resulting in lamp replacement savings compared to,tungsten lamps that last 300 hours Energy savings. include reduced power consumption and lower air,conditioning costs For example a ParaBeam 400. produces the same amount of light as a 2 000 Watt, incandescent softlight using 1 10th less power and. Ken Seagren,Studio Parabeam and Image Fixtures,ParaBeam 200 s. Image 20 s,Elipsoidals,ParaBeam 400 s,Steve Goraum.
Anchor Desk,Image Fixtures,Image 45 s,Image 20 s,Image 85 s. award winning quality of soft light with very little power or set up time Diva Lite and 4Bank kits use both daylight and tungsten quality lamps CRI 95 and come with barn doors focusing louvers center mounts flicker free electronic ballasts and other light control features Diva Lites are compact portable and have built in

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