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L T Wks On,Spins Stations Adds,Artist Song Title Label. 2 1 RANDALL KING She Gone Warner Music Nashville WEA 684 0 42 0 14. 4 2 CASEY DONAHEW Drove Me To The Whiskey Almost Country Records 669 9 42 1 18. 5 3 CURTIS GRIMES River Road Dream Curtis Grimes Music 661 24 42 1 11. 3 4 FLATLAND CAVALRY Come Back Down Flatland Cavalry Music 620 53 38 0 25. 6 5 STONEY LARUE Message In A Bottle One Chord Song 609 26 38 0 25. 1 6 JOSH WARD One More Shot of Whiskey Josh Ward Music 578 111 43 0 19. 9 7 MIKE RYAN Dear Country Music Mike Ryan Music 566 6 43 1 28. 10 8 DARRIN MORRIS BAND Dancing in the Rain DMB Music 547 21 37 1 20. 7 9 KYLE PARK Every Day Kind of Love Kyle Park Music 545 74 40 0 32. 11 10 TURNPIKE TROUBADOURS Unrung Thirty Tigers 496 15 35 0 22. 13 11 CHAD COOKE BAND Four Minutes King Hall Music 454 24 32 0 9. 14 12 RECKLESS KELLY I Only See You With My Eyes Closed No Big Deal Thirty Tigers 453 55 29 2 9. 12 13 ROBERT RAY I Found You Big R I G Country LLC 444 6 27 0 22. 15 14 MARK POWELL Breaking Things Mark Powell Music 419 24 33 1 13. 18 15 DREW FISH BAND Every Damn Time Smith Music Group 397 36 28 1 12. 16 16 RANDY ROGERS BAND You Me and a Bottle Tommy Jackson Thirty Tigers 380 7 30 2 6. 17 17 MICKY THE MOTORCARS Road To You Thirty Tigers 364 6 29 0 29. 20 18 JODY BOOTH Gotta Go Back To Work SOT 363 22 29 0 13. 19 19 WHISKEY MYERS Bury My Bones Wiggy Thump Thirty Tigers 363 5 28 0 8. 22 20 RANDY ROGERS AND WADE BOWEN Rodeo Clown Lil Buddy Toons 338 52 26 3 4. 21 21 ELEVEN HUNDRED SPRINGS This Morning It Was Too Late State Fair Records 328 8 19 1 13. 23 22 PANHANDLERS THE No Handle The Next Waltz 288 5 22 4 13. 24 23 CORY MORROW Always And Forever CM Music 284 3 22 1 7. 27 24 TRISTON MAREZ Far From Good Triston Marez Music 280 45 21 3 11. 25 25 WILL CARTER You Feel Like Home Way Back Records 245 1 20 0 13. 29 26 JON WOLFE Feels Like Country Music Fool Hearted Productions 232 23 19 2 4. 26 27 DONICE MORACE Through The Jukebox Donice Morace Music 229 10 16 0 10. 28 28 HAYDEN HADDOCK Red Dirt Texas Hayden Haddock Music 228 1 19 0 10. 30 29 JON STORK Radio Cowboy Jon Stork Music 202 6 21 2 4. 34 30 CROSS RAGS AND YOUNG Family Name Cross Rags and Young 199 23 21 4 5. WWW TRACTIONTX COM Monitored Radio Airplay April 15th 2020 PAGE 2. L T Wks On,Spins Stations Adds,Artist Song Title Label. 32 31 MARK WINSTON KIRK Cowboy The Gypsy Mark Winston Kirk Music 195 8 16 1 11. 31 32 MARIO FLORES I Only Miss Her When It Rains Schimflo 192 14 15 0 17. 37 33 JOSH GRIDER Country s Comin Back G Ride Music 181 38 17 2 3. 33 34 AUSTIN ENGLISH Heartache in a Small Town Austin English Music 165 25 12 0 12. 35 35 CASEY BAKER We Don t Care Enough To Fight Anymore Casey Baker Music 163 4 13 1 9. 36 36 SAM RIGGS Until My Heart Stops Beating Major Bob Music 158 5 11 0 17. 41 37 STETSON WALKER Down to One Key Stetson Walker Music 152 22 13 1 13. 40 38 PROPHETS AND OUTLAWS Love Like A Love Song Prophets and Outlaws Music 145 12 10 0 5. 38 39 EVAN FELKER Whiskey In Your Water The Next Waltz 126 11 10 0 22. 49 40 STEVE HELMS BAND Imperfection Steve Helms Band Music 125 36 9 2 2. 41 GRANT GILBERT Held On To Grant Gilbert Music 113 31 10 2 1. 45 42 CARSON JEFFREY Ranch Girl Dream Carson Jeffrey Music 107 9 10 1 2. 43 43 TEAGUE BROTHERS BAND Rainbow Bridge Teague Brothers Music 101 11 8 0 8. 46 44 READ SOUTHALL BAND Stickin N Movin Read Southall Band Music 98 1 5 0 3. 45 JUNIOR GORDON Baby Hold On Junior Gordon Music 96 18 10 0 1. 47 46 JAMES COOK Wake The Dead James Cook Music 92 1 8 0 8. 44 47 KENDALL SHAFFER Honky Tonkin Whoever Said It Was Easy Kendall Shaffer Music 91 12 8 0 3. 48 KIN FAUX Locked up in Lubbock Kin Faux Music 90 22 12 4 1. 50 49 KATY MCKENZIE Advice I Didn t Take Katy McKenzie Music 90 3 9 0 9. 50 ISAAC JACOB BAND I Don t Love You Anymore Isaac Jacob Band Music 87 8 6 0 5. Number 1 Most Added Spin Gainer,Rank Surging Emerging Stations On Adds. 1 MORGAN ASHLEY Wild Card Morgan Ashley Music 8 1, 2 BRANDON ALAN Love You The Same Brandon Alan Music 7 3. 3 SUNDANCE HEAD Not Give A Damn Sundance Head Music 6 2. 4 BRANDI BEHLEN Just A Little Crazy Brandi Behlen Music 6 1. 5 SUSAN HICKMAN Rewind Susan Hickman Music 5 2, 6 CODY HIBBARD Just For The Record Cody Hibbard Music 6 2.
7 DAVID JOEL MICKEY GILLEY If I Had It My Way Bou Boy z Entertainment 4 4. 8 MARCY GRACE Like I Do Marcy Grace Music 6 1, 9 CREED FISHER I m Growing Older But I m Not Growing Up Creed Fisher Music 3 3. 10 JAKE FLINT What s You Name Jake Flint Music 3 3. WWW TRACTIONTX COM Monitored Radio Airplay April 15th 2020 PAGE 3. Monitored Stations, KAXA FM Kerrville TX KKCN FM San Angelo TX KRVF FM Kerens TX KYKC FM Ada OK. KBSO FM Corpus Christi TX KMOM FM Aberdeen SD KRVN FM Lexington NE KYKM FM Yoakum TX. KBST FM Big Spring TX KNES FM Fairfield TX KSAM FM Huntsville TX KYKX FM Longview TX. KDLO FM Watertown SD KOKE FM Austin TX KSDR FM Watertown SD KYYK FM Palestine TX. KEOK FM Tahlequah OK KOLI FM Wichita Falls TX KSEL FM Portales NM coyotecountryradio com. KERP FM Dodge City KS KORA FM Bryan TX KTTU FM HD4 K226CH FX Lubbock TX madeintexasradio com. KFLP FM Floydada TX KOXE FM Brownwood TX KTTX FM Brenham TX texasboundradio com. KFTX FM Corpus Christi TX KPAK FM Alva OK KTXM FM Hallettsville TX texashomegrownradio com. KFWR FM Ft Worth TX KPUR FM Canyon TX KUSH AM Cushing OK TexasRedHotRadio com. KFYN FM Paris TX KQSC AM Colorado Springs CO KUSQ FM Worthington MN troubadourcountryradio com. KGFY FM Stillwater OK KQZQ FM Kiowa KS KVMK FM College Station TX TBJS Radio Poteau OK. KHLB FM Mason TX KRBL FM Levelland TX KVST FM Montgomery TX UvaldeRadio net. KHYI FM Howe TX KRMX FM Waco TX KWOX FM Woodward OK. KIKK FM HD2 Houston TX KRRG FM Laredo TX KXKZ FM Ruston LA. KKAJ FM Ardmore OK KRUN AM Ballinger TX KXOX FM Sweetwater TX. Strikethrough Removed Bold Newly Added Underlined Frozen this Week Double Underlined Frozen 2 Weeks. TRACtion only recognizes detections on songs that have been fingerprinted We do our best to obtain and fingerprint all new releases. songs serviced through CDX are encoded automatically Go to https www cdxcd com fingerprinting upload center for fingerprinting. Chart Recurrent Methodology, When does a song move to recurrent on the With this in mind the CDX TRACtion Texas. chart It is one of the more challenging issues we recurrent policy grades each chart position on a. encountered in creating the CDX TRACtion Texas curve using an algorithm that considers the chart. chart system Rather than relying on subjective position and spin history for that song Newly. editorial decisions we ve chosen to automate this serviced singles are allowed 20 weeks to chart. process using the weekly chart data as a marker before being removed from chart consideration. Once a status change is actively being considered, We strive to avoid having singles past their prime by the algorithm the cumulative amount of spin. create a logjam on the chart because that stifles loss from the single s previous peak spin count. upward momentum for up and coming singles is the trigger The allowable spin loss varies as a. But we also try to ensure that singles on the percentage depending on the chart position. bubble are not removed prematurely As long time, chart watchers know singles often take a while In addition to making sure that only singles with.
to establish a solid base among early believers at significant downward movement become recurrent. radio before they truly find their legs Due to any this methodology also benefits slow developing. number of reasons the path to peak chart position singles in several ways For instance the allowable. rarely includes straight line week over week spin spin loss as a percentage is very generous at the. and or chart position growth lower reaches of the chart to accommodate the. lower spin counts Additionally if a single is at, On a monitored airplay chart like CDX TRACtion risk of being moved to recurrent status with two. Texas the reality is that new singles bounce around consecutive weeks of minor spin loss it can still. a bit spin wise and position wise particularly return to positive spin growth the following week. in the lower half of the chart Even small spin which will reset the clock. increases and decreases can be magnified as fairly. significant up or down chart position moves, Sign up for our weekly newsletter which includes the CDX TRACtion Texas Chart at www tractiontx com. WWW TRACTIONTX COM Monitored Radio Airplay April 15th 2020 PAGE 4. Dance Time In Texas with DJ Mike 04 10 20,THIS WEEK S FEATURED ARTIST JUNIOR GORDON. It use to be that when you said your hometown was Alvin Texas everyone thought of a famous baseball player by the name of Nolan Ryan Now there is another. Junior Gordon may have started in Alvin but has become a fan favorite across Texas Oklahoma and Louisiana After opening for Cody Johnson Lee Brice Tracy. Lawrence and Eli Young The band now find themselves headlining the bigger dance halls in Texas After remaking TG Shepards classic I Loved Em Every one They. focused on their latest CD Made in America which found success with hits like Watered Down and Barbed Wire and Roses. Now with their next release off that CD this is Baby Hold On. TOP TEXAS RED DIRT SONGS,1 ONE MORE SHOT OF WHISKEY JOSH WARD. 2 SHE GONE RANDALL KING,3 MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE STONEY LaRUE.
FOOL HEARTED MEMORY GEORGE STRAIT,NEW SONGS OF THE WEEK. RADIO COWBOY JON STORK,RODEO CLOWN RANDY ROGERS WADE BOWEN. TIME CLOCK THE STATELINE BAND,FEELS LIKE COUNTRY MUSIC JON WOLFE. Facebook https www facebook com djmikebilansky,Email mikebilansky gmail com. Phone 936 588 2717,CHART RESEARCH, Song rankings based on the Texas Country Music Chart and Traction TX Chart.
The officially recognized charts of the Texas Country Music Association. DANCE TIME IN TEXAS,Countdown of the Top Texas Red Dirt. Songs Packin the Dancefloors,Mon Fri 8am 106 1fm Conroe TX. DancetimeinTexas com with DJ Mike,936 588 2717, WWW TRACTIONTX COM Monitored Radio Airplay April 15th 2020 PAGE 5. Most Added Adds,PANHANDLERS THE No Handle,The Next Waltz. CROSS RAGS AND YOUNG Family Name,Cross Rags and Young.
KIN FAUX Locked up in Lubbock,Kin Faux Music,DAVID JOEL MICKEY GILLEY If I Had It My Way. Bou Boy z Entertainment,RANDY ROGERS AND WADE BOWEN Rodeo Clown. Lil Buddy Toons,TRISTON MAREZ Far From Good,Triston Marez Music. BRANDON ALAN Love You The Same,Brandon Alan Music,JAKE FLINT What s You Name. Jake Flint Music, CREED FISHER I m Growing Older But I m Not Growing Up.
Creed Fisher Music, 3 Head over to livestreamconcert MUSIC COMES TO YOU Live. Stream Concerts on Facebook to keep up with the latest live stream. RANDY ROGERS BAND You Me and a Bottle,Tommy Jackson Thirty Tigers. 2 events Feel free to share your station band events on the page Like. Follow Post and Share,Greatest Spin Gainers Increase. RECKLESS KELLY I Only See You With My Eyes Closed,No Big Deal Thirty Tigers. RANDY ROGERS AND WADE BOWEN Rodeo Clown,Lil Buddy Toons.
TRISTON MAREZ Far From Good,Triston Marez Music,JOSH GRIDER Country s Comin Back. G Ride Music,STEVE HELMS BAND Imperfection,Steve Helms Band Music. DREW FISH BAND Every Damn Time,Smith Music Group,GRANT GILBERT Held On To. Grant Gilbert Music,WILL BANNISTER Easy To Love,Will Bannister Music. CREED FISHER I m Growing Older But I m Not Growing Up. Creed Fisher Music,CHAD COOKE BAND Four Minutes,King Hall Music.
WWW TRACTIONTX COM Monitored Radio Airplay April 15th 2020 PAGE 6. FLATLAND CAVALRY Sober Heart Of Mine HARRY LUGE Music And Wine POWELL BROTHERS THE Whatever Is Left RAGLAND Love Liquor And A Place To Die SCOTTY ALEXANDER Go Away WILLIAM CLARK GREEN She Loves Horses For those who don t use CDX to distribute their new music but wish to be monitored by TRACtion TX you can now go to our upload center fill out the necessary information and

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