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Page 2 of 8,o Projectile motion,o Work energy and power. o Impulse and momentum,o Electric and gravitational fields. o Newton s laws and applications,o Electric circuits. o Electrodynamics,o Photoelectric effect and spectra. Paper 2 chemistry,o Mechanism of reaction,o Rates of reaction.
o Chemical equilibrium,o Acids and bases,o Organic chemistry. LIFE SCIENCES Population Ecology carrying capacity competition population graphs Mr Nyachowe. Reproduction in flowering plants,Human Reproduction. DNA and RNA Protein Synthesis Meiosis, Mendelian Genetics Autosomal genetic disorders sex linked traits. genetic engineering genetic modification cloning ethical issues. GEOGRAPHY Mid latitude cyclones Mr Nyachowe,General characteristics. Areas where mid latitude cyclones form,Conditions necessary for their formation.
Stages of development and related weather conditions. Weather patterns associated with cold warm and occluded fronts. Reading and interpreting satellite images and synoptic weather maps. Tropical cyclones,General characteristics,Areas where mid latitude cyclones form. Page 3 of 8,Conditions necessary for their formation. Stages of development and related weather conditions. Weather patterns associated with cold warm and occluded fronts. Reading and interpreting satellite images and synoptic weather maps. Case study of a tropical cyclone, Impact of tropical cyclones on human activities and the environment. Strategies that help to prepare for and manage the effects of tropical. Subtropical anticyclones and associated weather conditions. Location of the high pressure cells that affect South Africa. General characteristics of these high pressure cells. Anticyclonic air circulation around Southern Africa and its influence on. weather and climate, Travelling disturbances associated with anticyclonic circulation moisture. front line thunderstorms coastal low pressure systems cut off low. pressure systems and berg winds, Reading and interpreting satellite images and synoptic weather maps that.
illustrate weather associated with subtropical anticyclonic conditions. Valley climates, The micro climate of valleys the effect of the slope aspect. Development of anabatic and katabatic winds inversions frost pockets and. radiation fog, The influence of local climates on human activities such as settlement and. Urban climates, Reasons for differences between rural and urban climates. Urban heat islands causes and effects,Page 4 of 8,Concept of pollution domes causes and effects. Strategies to reduce the heat islands effects,Drainage systems in South Africa.
Important concepts drainage basin catchment area river system. watershed tributary river mouth source confluence water table surface. run off and ground water, Types of rivers permanent periodic episodic and exotic. Drainage patterns dendritic trellis rectangular radial centripetal. deranged and parallel,Drain density, Use of topographic maps to identify stream order and density. Discharge of a river laminar and turbulent flow hydrographs. Fluvial processes, River profiles transverse profile longitudinal profile and their relationship. to different stages of a river, Identification and a description of fluvial landforms meanders oxbow. lakes braided streams floodplain natural levee waterfall rapids and delta. River grading, Rejuvenation of rivers reasons and resultant features such as Knick.
points terraces and incised meanders, River capture stream piracy the concepts of abstraction and river. capture features associated with river capture captor stream captured. stream misfit stream elbow of capture wind gap,Superimposed and antecedent drainage patterns. Catchment and River management, Importance of managing drainage basins and catchment area. Impact of people on drainage basins and catchment area. Page 5 of 8, Case study of one catchment area management strategy in South Africa. AFRIKAANS Paper 1,Comprehension,Summary Ms Eagar,Hoopvol The complete book.
Transactional writing,HISTORY Civil Society Protest Movements. Resistance to apartheid in the 1970 s to 1980 s,The Cold War. The coming of democracy,Globalization New world order. ISIZULU Paper 1 Reading and picture comprehension summary 4 seen poems and 1 unseen Mrs Leta. poem and Language, Paper 2 Writing essays and answering questions on novel Umshado 1short and 1. long Essay,BUSINESS Chapter 1 Conflict Management Mr.
Chapter 2 Professionalism and Ethics Engelbrecht,Chapter 3 CSR and Corporate Governance. Chapter 4 Creative thinking and Problem solving,Chapter 5 The Micro Market and Macro environments. Chapter 6 Entrepreneurship Management and leadership. Chapter 7 Marketing and Branding, Chapter 8 Human Resources Human Capital Management. Page 6 of 8, Also revise the two film studies The informant and the Intern Leaners must be apple. to apply all the theory covered to Mr Price Case study Study the information in your. Mr Price File, ACCOUNTING Chapter 1 Basic concepts and unique transactions Mr.
Chapter 2 GAAP Yearend procedures and Final Accounts Engelbrecht. Chapter 3 Financial Reporting, Chapter 4 Analysis and interpretation of financial statements. Chapter 5 Audit Reports and published annual reports. Chapter 6 Ethics and corporate Governance and the role of Professional Bodies. Chapter 9 Internal controls and internal audit,Chapter 13 Cost Accounting. Also revise all calculations and theory covered,IT PRACTICAL Mr Harris. Learners must know the contents of the entire Gr 11 guide but with the main focus on. Objects of arrays Arrays Object classes and the use of the scanner class to read and. write to files SQL up to and including Gr 12 work and Normalisation to be assessed. Grade 12 Theory Guide Chapter 1 Hardware Chapter 2 Software and Computer. Management,VISUAL ARTS Formal Art Elements Mr De Beer. Conceptual Art circa 1970 s,Installation Art,Page 7 of 8.
Performance Art,Photo documentation, South African Art and Artists from Resistance Art to Contemporary South African. Resistance Art,Feminist and Gender Issues,Socio political Issues. Post Resistance Art Contemporary South African Art. Learners have to study all the artists covered in the Conceptual Art Booklet and the. South African Art Booklet given to them bar the South African Artists pre Resistance. Study all summaries that they have made in the art writing book. Study from Textbook,Jane Alexander and Willie Bester p 122 135. Churchill Madikida p 266 270,Hasan and Husain Essop p 280 286. Penny Siopis,Mary Sibande p318 323,The Examination will consist of.
Visual Literacy 15 marks,Long Essay 3 4 page Essay for 30 marks. Shorter Essay 1 page for 15 marks, Paragraph questions 2 paragraphs totaling 40 marks. 3 hour paper 100 marks, Learners are required to revise all past exam papers given to them such as final. NSC papers and Prelim papers from past years Work through the exam papers. and write the answers when studying,Learners are required to submit. The year work practical which was not fully completed and submitted as. Page 8 of 8, The visual diary containing all research relating to the Year Work which was.
handed to them in October 2016 as well as the Examination practical as. per the IEB Examination which was handed to them in March 2017. Learners are required to have at least completed the Examination Process. drawings Brainstorm and some of the research, LIFE ORIENTATION Learners complete LO CAT Part B on 7 June already Mrs. RAND COLLEGE MID YEAR EXAMINATION DEMARCATIONS 2017 GRADE 12 SUBJECT CONTENT EDUCATOR ENGLISH Paper 1 Comprehension Summary skills Poetry visual literacy and Language Paper 2 Coriolanus Americanah and Transactional writing Ms Cowell MATHEMATICS PAPER 1 o Number Patterns sequences and series o Functions and inverse functions o Exponential and Logarithmic functions o Calculus o

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