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Special Upgrade Offer,Save an extra 15 off new sprinkler timers and. irrigation controllers at the Rain Bird Online Store. Still struggling with your old sprinkler,timer Having a hard time complying. with local watering restrictions,Upgrading to a new Rain Bird sprinkler. timer is easier than you might think,New timers are easier to program than. ever before with powerful features to,help save you time and water while.
keeping your yard healthy and vibrant,There are lots of models to meet your. needs including indoor and outdoor,versions flexible modular timers and. even smart controllers that,automatically adjust themselves. based on the weather,Shop Now at store rainbird com and. enjoy exclusive upgrade savings,Enter discount code.
at checkout to save an extra 15 off, Additional discount not valid on clearance items bundles or store specials. Discount applies to controller products only Cannot be combined with. other store discount codes Valid at the Rain Bird Online Store only. Subject to change without notice,Registered trademark of Rain Bird Corporation. INTRODUCTION 1 Set Schedule Start Time s 21, ISA Timer Features and Benefits 1 Set Station Watering Duration. Timer Stations 2 Run Times 23, ISA Timer Controls and Indicators 3 View Pre Set Schedule Information 24. INSTALL TIMER 4 OPERATING THE TIMER 26,Select Location 4 Turn the Timer On and Off 26.
Mount Timer 5 Run a System Test 27,Install Battery 5 Manually Run a Program or. Connect Field Wiring 7 Single Station 29,Select Proper Wire 7 Run Program s Manually 29. Connect Valve Wires to Timer 7 Run Station s Manually 30. If Using a Master Valve or Pump Adjust Watering Percentage 32. Start Relay 9 WINTERIZING THE SYSTEM 33,Connect Transformer 11 TROUBLESHOOTING 34. PROGRAM TIMER 13,Set Current Time and Day 14,Select a Program 15. Pre Set Watering Schedules 16,Select a Pre Set Schedule 17.
Modify a Pre Set Schedule 19,Set Schedule Watering Days. or Watering Interval 19,INTRODUCTION ISA Timer Features and. Thank you for purchasing a Rain Bird ISA 300 400 Benefits. Series Sprinkler Timer ISA timers provide simple, The ISA Sprinkler Timer is an electronic clock that. programming and flexible watering schedules to,controls when your sprinkler system turns on and. meet almost any landscape s needs These timers,how long the sprinklers run The ISA timers offer.
can be used with any 110 VAC 60 Hz electrical,several advanced features including. outlet 240 VAC 50 Hz for the international, version Large LCD display and easy to use programming. This manual describes how to install program and dial and buttons. operate your timer Read this manual carefully and, keep it in a handy place for future reference Six convenient pre set watering schedules. If you have any problems with your ISA Sprinkler Two independent watering programs ISA 400. Timer please call the Rain Bird Technical models, Assistance hotline at 800 247 3782 before returning. your timer for service You may also be able to find Up to three watering start times per program. information to help solve your problem on the, Rain Bird web site www rainbird com Ability to control four six or eight watering stations.
depending on model,Rain Off feature can suspend watering and retain. all programmed information,ISA Series Sprinkler Timer. Timer Page 1, Timer Stations the first valve which turns on the sprinklers. connected to it When these sprinklers have run for. Most sprinkler systems divide the yard into stations their programmed time the timer closes the first. also called zones You can program each station valve and opens the second valve. to water for a different length of time so the amount. For example the illustration below shows that station. of water fits the different plant types soil conditions. 1 is currently watering When station 1 finishes the. and sunny shady areas in the yard, timer will shut it off and start station 2 When station 2. Each station has an irrigation valve that runs several finishes station 3 begins and so on. sprinklers An electric signal from the timer opens. Page 2 ISA Series Sprinkler Timer,ISA Timer Controls and Indicators.
This illustration shows the programming controls on. the face of the ISA Sprinkler Timer These controls. Manual On button,Advance button,Up Down arrow buttons. LCD display,Programming dial,Program A B button,ISA Series Sprinkler Timer. Timer Page 3,INSTALL TIMER Select Location, Before installing your ISA Sprinkler Timer make sure NOTE The ISA Timer is for INDOOR use. you have the following tools and equipment only If you must install it outdoors use a. water resistant cabinet such as the Rain, Phillips screwdriver Bird Model TC 2 Timer Cabinet The TC 2. is a heavy duty weather resistant plastic, Three 10 screws 1 32mm case that lets you convert any indoor only.
timer to outdoor use,9 volt alkaline battery not included. Select a convenient indoor location within six feet. 18 gauge color coded multi strand direct burial 1 9 m of a 120 volt AC electrical outlet 240 volt. wire for wire runs of less than 800 feet For runs outlet for international 50 Hz models The mounting. longer than 800 feet use 14 gauge color coded location should be completely protected from. multi strand direct burial wire moisture direct sunlight and freezing temperatures. Watertight wire splice connectors,Plastic mounting anchors may be required for. plaster or masonry walls,Page 4 ISA Series Sprinkler Timer. Mount Timer,Screw two 10 screws into the wall 4,120 mm apart Leave 1 8 to 3 2 to 6 4 mm. of each screw head protruding from the wall,Use plastic mounting anchors for plaster or.
Place the two keyhole shaped slots on the back,of the timer over the screw heads Then slide the. timer securely down onto the screws,OPTIONAL To further secure the timer remove. the timer s lower access cover by gently pulling, the cover off using the slots on the left and right. sides of the timer Then drive a third screw,through the lower middle hole. Install Battery, During a power outage the battery preserves your NOTES The battery serves as memory.
programmed watering schedules A newly installed back up only You can program the timer. battery will hold information for up to six hours if on battery power but the system will not. power goes out water without AC power,Replace the battery once a year If power. outages occur frequently you may need,to change the battery more often. ISA Series Sprinkler Timer,Timer Page 5,NOTE When replacing the battery. DO NOT unplug the transformer or you,will lose all programmed information. If the battery fails during a power outage the timer. will revert to its default watering program The default. program waters each station every day for 10,minutes starting eight hours after AC power.
resumes The default program will continue until you. reprogram the timer,To install the battery remove the timer s lower. access cover by gently prying out the cover at, the slots on the left and right sides of the timer. Connect the terminals of a 9 volt alkaline battery. to the timer s two wire battery clip DO NOT,use a rechargeable battery The display flashes. AC OFF and 8 00 AM,Replace the lower access cover or connect field. wiring as described in Connect Field Wiring on,CAUTION DO NOT allow the battery to.
contact the timer s terminal strip,Page 6 ISA Series Sprinkler Timer. Connect Field Wiring,Select Proper Wire Connect Valve Wires to Timer. For wire runs of less than 800 feet use 18 gauge Each valve connects to the timer with two wires a. color coded multi strand direct burial wire For hot wire of its own and a common wire that it. longer runs use 14 gauge wire of the same type shares with the other valves. Choose wire that has one strand for each valve in, your system plus one strand for the common wire NOTE The ISA Series Timers can be. For example use five strand wire if you have four used with most hydroindexing valves. valves seven strand wire for six valves etc Please contact the valve manufacturer for. Tape off spare wire strands for future system use or more information. troubleshooting Wire that is buried underground,must have watertight connections and be code. approved for underground use Avoid placing,underground wire in places where it may be.
damaged by digging or other activities,ISA Series Sprinkler Timer. Timer Page 7,Remove the timer s lower access cover by gently. prying out the cover at the slots on the left and,right sides of the timer. Splice together one wire from each valve usually,the white strand to create a single common. wire Connect the common wire to the terminal,screw labeled COM.
NOTE Make sure all wire connections,are tight and in firm contact with the. terminal screws Use watertight splice,connectors to prevent corrosion and. avoid short circuits,Connect each valve hot wire to a numbered. screw on the timer s terminal strip Connect the,wire from valve number 1 to terminal screw 1. connect the wire from valve 2 to terminal screw,2 and so on.
CAUTION DO NOT connect more,than one valve wire to each terminal. screw Wiring more than one valve to,each terminal will damage the timer Also. if you are using more than one timer do,not share common wires between them. Page 8 ISA Series Sprinkler Timer, After connecting all valve wires replace the ISA 400 Series Timers allow a master valve or pump. timer s lower access cover start relay to operate whenever a valve is operating. Pumps are used in some places to draw water from, NOTE To save water and money you a well or other source.
can also install a rain sensor such as If you are activating a pump from the timer you must. Rain Bird s RS 1 Rain Shut Off The RS 1 also install a Pump Control Relay such as. measures rainfall and prevents Rain Bird s PCR 1 The PCR 1 offers solid state. unnecessary watering reliability and can activate most 120 or 240 volt. pump motors up to two horsepower,If Using a Master Valve or Pump. Start Relay,Optional ISA 400 Series only,NOTE Complete this section only if you. are using a pump start relay or a master,valve an automatic valve installed on the. mainline pipe upstream from the station,valves The timer does not provide the. main power for a pump,ISA Series Sprinkler Timer,Timer Page 9.
Connect the color coded hot wire from the,master valve or pump start relay to the timer. terminal screw marked MV,Connect the common wire from the master. valve pump start relay to the common wire,coming from the station valves This wire. connects to the timer terminal screw marked,NOTE Make sure that the total draw of. the master valve or pump start relay plus,the draw of the valve does not exceed.
0 650 Amps at 24 VAC 60 Hz,To avoid possible pump damage connect a. short jumper wire from any unused station,terminal s to the nearest terminal screw in. use For example if you have an eight station,timer with only four stations in use jumper. stations five through eight to the nearest active,station four. Page 10 ISA Series Sprinkler Timer,Connect Transformer.
After installing the battery and connecting the field. wires you are ready to connect the timer s,transformer. CAUTION DO NOT plug in the,transformer until you have completed and. checked all wiring connections Also do,not attempt to link two or more timers. together with a single transformer,Remove the timer s lower access cover by. gently pulling the lower access cover off using, the slots on the left and right sides of the timer.
Turn the dial to RAIN OFF,Plug the pigtail connector located on the end of. the transformer wire into the two prong,connector to the left of the battery compartment. ISA Series Sprinkler Timer,Timer Page 11, Plug the transformer into an electrical outlet The. display flashes the hour digits and OFF,NOTE If the display does not come on. verify that the battery is new and securely,Turn the dial to AUTO RUN.
This completes the installation and wiring process. You are now ready to program your timer,Page 12 ISA Series Sprinkler Timer. This manual describes how to install program and operate your timer Read this manual carefully and keep it in a handy place for future reference If you have any problems with your ISA Sprinkler Timer please call the Rain Bird Technical Assistance hotline at 800 247 3782 before returning your timer for service You may also be able to find information to help solve your problem on the Rain

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